Reading Surah al-Kahf on Fridays

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Nothing really the most a hadith about the virtues of surah and where to read, most of them are fabricated, they are not true. They are lying basically there lies. So this is not right with Quran it should be read from the beginning to the end, you start whatever date it doesn't matter really just keep reading until you finish, then you start again, it doesn't matter what today is, that typically about a certain day there are very very few hobbies in life Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the father prayer on Friday, generally read this surah does something like that, but generally that these things will occur on Friday, this is there, but a very requries actually had

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this which is a bit more sound, it will listen if people read so to come or maybe tenemos different so they will say for a fitna the job done, that's our Friday, it could be any day because though the Versa if you understand them, they are very powerful. They teach you something people are reading itself. When it says read, reading means reading, understanding and following it. reader that means ellefson putting I read something, Baraka will come the no Baraka in just reading Baraka is reading and understanding and doing it otherwise initialized if you don't understand why should occur initially same thing no magic should occur person instruction to people need to learn than to follow

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that But anyway, there's no proof that fried Suzuka fell for it, there's no proof for that the Hadith is weak, but then the nurse anything to that no sound are these two simple matter. We'll read the Quran from beginning what an honor Friday, I'm sorry, but whatever your portion is, you don't need to make any specific surah This is not right or am I don't like people to make specific surah just keep reading when you finish. I started