Mohammad Elshinawy – Tawakkul – Supreme Trust In Allah

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the challenges of life and trusting in Allah for growth. deep knowledge of Allah's abilities and faith in his will to grow are emphasized, as it is crucial for building faith and faith in one's life. The importance of belief in Allah's ability to shoot a cow and destroy the world is emphasized, along with the need for deep conviction to avoid wasting one's life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding tragic deaths and not accepting advice from others.
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My brothers and sisters, there's a authentic hadith in Sahih al Bukhari we're in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is marveling from different angles at the amazing trust the prophets all had in Allah azza wa jal. So he says in this hadith

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No, no, I have to be Shakyamuni Ibrahim. We would doubt God before Ibrahim. And of course he would never doubt God, which means Ibrahim alayhi salam always trusted God never doubted him. In other words, don't miss read that idea about oh Allah show me how you give life to the dead. He tells them take a burden, chop it up, put it on separate mountains. He wanted to increase his trust, but he had great trust. He wanted another level that people don't have. It's beyond human reach for the most part. And so he's saying he never doubted he always had supreme trust. If he would have doubted we would have doubted first. Then in that same Hadith he goes on to say, Why are hamdulillah who Luton

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lucha de cana yet we Illa Rokinon Chedid and may Allah have mercy meaning special mercy special prestige set aside for Luth profit locked for he used to certainly seek strength in the strongest corner

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with the strongest supports pillar, which is Allah azza wa jal meaning don't miss read that story of Prophet lot in the Quran. And he said, I wish I had a bigger family.

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In other words, yes, he wished he had in front of his eyes, people that could help him from his guests being abducted by those criminals that wanted to practice indecency with them, right against their will. He's saying he said that, but his heart never saw but Allah, he used to always keep his trust in Allah firm. He didn't lose hope and Allah and wishes families could sort of compensate No. Then the third statement, he said in the same Hadith, he says, While I will have to flee Sydney to La, la vida, Yusuf la jab today. And me if I would have remained in prison for as long as Joseph remained in prison, I would have responded to the caller. You know, when when Joseph was framed and

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thrown in prison, and then they said to him, the king wants to meet you, you you're really good at this dream interpretation thing. He said, No, he had such trust in Allah, that Allah would not just give him his freedom, but he would restore for him his reputation with the people clear my name first. And so all these three are trust and these are so important because we all need it. Whether it's like Ibraheem Alehissalaam trusting God and not giving into the whispers that could be doubts later on not to the Brahim Alehissalaam or whether it's like loop on A salaam use, your security is under threat. But you never waver your IC Allah and you trust Him throughout whatever security

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threat surfaces in your life, your safety, or whether your like use of your your reputation, your respectability, people's opinion of you is threatened, you put your trust in Allah, and we all need to grow that trust because these things are unavoidable. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that there is no uncertainty about it. Adversity challenges in life are certain that part you can be certain about its uncertainty in terms of is it going to be in my job? Or is it going to be in terms of my children? Or is it going to be in terms of like a marital challenge? Or is it going to be an income challenge? We don't know. But you need to know that it will be there. And

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hence we all are in deep need of growing and regrowing our trust in Allah. You see the believer is different. He does not think that life will get easier.

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But he believes that through trusting Allah He can get stronger through true and proper telecon reliance on him. Supreme trust in God. You can armor up for whatever life throws at you, whatever tomorrow brings per se for life's blows you can handle them. Because you know that Allah said women yes I would kill Allah Allah He for her husband. Whoever puts their true trust in Allah truly trusts him. Allah will be enough. You know that you can be that person that when the world around you has become so fragile that they have a meltdown for being pricked by a thorn. You can have an avalanche of hardships in your life and you can just take it in stride.

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The great scholar of no claim Rahim Allah though, he says you need to keep something in mind to grow your toilet could you will never have

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Have an airtight system, you know, like, true telecoil that doesn't fail you true trust and God doesn't fail you without four components and I want you to remember them today. He says the first of them is to have deep knowledge of Allah, His names, his attributes, His perfection arose, how was he going to trust him? You know, I would trust the child, you know, with my pen.

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I would need an adult to trust them with my car. How do I trust someone with my existence? Unless I know them deeply, their credibility is clear to me.

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That's why Allah azza wa jal says, well, Illa he was similar to a lot of you gotta remember that only belonging to Allah is the unseen, don't have misplaced confidence in yourself even or in others excessive confidence. Nobody knows the Unseen. Nobody can tell you what's going to happen five seconds from now. So don't trust anybody. The way you trust him. belonging to Allah is the unseen in the skies and the earth, when he lay here to Gerald Emeril Kulu, and all matters go back to him. He's the ultimate decider for a Buddha who whatever can I like, since that's the case, then devote your life to him and put your trust in Him subhanho wa taala. Notice how because he's the Knower of

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the unseen because he is the one that says to a thing be and it is then we devote and we trust what's our can ally.

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You know, speaking of V and it is, this is of what feeds your your knowledge of God. He is a Hadith about him, we have so much. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there used to be a man among the people before you who on his deathbed, he gathers his children and says, Listen, what kind of father was it? They said, Hey, Rob, you are the best that ever. He said, I need to admit something to you. I've never done any good in my life,

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for either and so once I die, you need to take my body, and you need to burn it.

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And when it is a coal, I want you to shatter it cremate me, turned me into ashes. And then once I'm ashes, you wait until it is a windy day. And then take me out to the shore and throw some of me to the wind and some of me in the ocean. Because if Allah is Able look even down to Allah's ability, but he will still get forgiven.

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If Allah is able to grab a hold of me, He will punish me in a way that he's never punished anyone. He knows he deserves it.

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And he made each of his children promise or else he would disown them that they will do this and they did.

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And after they did this whole long thing, right? Obviously the hadith is fast forwarding for us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to us meaning about the day of judgment, and then Allah says be Cohen.

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For either who original part in all of a sudden he is a man standing again, just like that. And then Allah says to him, Oh My servant, Muhammad Allah Allah ma SWANA. What drove you to do all this? So long story? Why? He said Hachette took a job. I was afraid of your law.

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Firm I lebih the law illa Anta muda hula, I'll tell akahi rahmati the Hadith continues to say and it wasn't long before Allah enveloped Him in His mercy. Other reports of this hadith indicate that this is actually the first chapter of that story. We know from the hereafter in the other a hadith about the last man to exit the hellfire, the last man to enter paradise. But look, Be and it is. So that is someone that I can trust. I can relegate I can submit to regarding the unknowns of life. But I need to say it is not just knowledge about him in the theoretical. The other way you cultivate this first pillar, deep knowledge of Allah is by devoting yourself to Him, or else all the facts in the

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world won't matter. A part of not, you know, deactivating, not rendering pointless for you. That knowledge of Allah is you closing the gap between your knowledge and your actions, it's not fully possible, but exerting yourself, the more you devote yourself to Him, the more alive these realities that you read about in the Quran and Sunnah. So that's the first pillar, deep knowledge of Allah through revelation and through devotion. The second pillar of proper reliance in Allah is to have solid conviction in Destiny, in other as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, while Anna had Deku and fucka Mithila Oshodi in the harbor, if any one of you were to spend mount Osho

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Have you ever seen mountain

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no one has ever done this. If you were to say

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Bend mount or holding gold, it would not be accepted of you until you believe in other until you believe in destiny to the degree that you are sure that what hit you wasn't gonna miss you and what missed you was not going to hit you when our neck amygdala Haley vaniqa led Haleakala Hoon now, and if you are to die believing anything else, Allah who will admit you to the fire. Think about that. Allah is obligating you even with this heavy language, to armor yourself up with the reality that it's all in Allah's hands. I'm making it a must on you to not believe a lie. You must believe that everything is in his hands subhanho wa Taala believe in destiny, be sure about it. This is the

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foundation of our faith. And you need to also know that shaytaan targets this foundation. This is sort of what he strikes at. The Quran tells you this that

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a che Tanuja I do come with Fackler Moroccan Bill fascia shaytaan threatens you with poverty you're gonna go broke. And so then he instructs you with indecency because you're afraid of going broke, then he's going to tell you now cut corners now be unethical. Or the other is says that he said to Adam Alayhis Salam, * do look Allah shall hold shy directly to a tree of what have everlasting life, the tree of eternity, and a kingdom that never perishes. So he's constantly telling you you need this, you're gonna be in trouble. You're going to die soon, you're gonna go broke soon and showed shaytaan he targets these things on purpose. And so Allah's revelation comes targeting these

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things, to restore your conviction that your life was in his hands, don't panic, that your provisions are in his hands, no one can be able to take them away from you.

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You know, as Allah azza wa jal says, in the eye about sort of low quantum feeble ut comme la raza, Latina, quotevalet, HeMan Petronila, mobile Algerian, you need to know that if you would have stayed home, those who are destined to die and that battle would have went out to meet their death anyway, they would have went out to use the bathroom went out for trade or business, it was destined to die here. So don't say oh man, I don't want to do the right thing or else my life will be shortened or my finances will be restricted. Don't ever accept that. Be sure of what Allah is telling you, or the other ions within Hadith on this point, when Allah says No calamity befalls you on earth or in the

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heavens, except that it's recorded in a book before it happens. Li kala Tet so LMFAO attack, why is Allah telling you this? He says so you don't grieve too much on what you miss because of what you missed out on. While at the Hobbema attack home and you don't get to delusional about the good things that come your way. It's all written it's all a test comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, but it's all just predestined. All predetermined. This is ABCs Islam.

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You know that that is why Sorry, didn't Jubail that famous Imam. I often recall when the ruler of his time said to him, your life is in my hands, fear me Shut your mouth. He said to him level Aleem to their Lika MetroHealth to era and if I actually believe that my destiny in my life was in your hands, it wouldn't have worshipped anybody but you. Right? And so when you fold, it is a sign that your knowledge of God is not deep enough. Our belief in Destiny has wavered

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when you cut corners and try to get married the Haram way, when you cut corners and tried to get a raise or a promotion or more income, the Haram way. That means you believe you can circumvent the system, right? The trust of Allah needs to be grown regrown at that point. So we said deep knowledge of Allah and we said firm conviction in his destiny subhanho wa taala. And that is reflected by us beautifying our requests for Jamila Tala, as the Hadith says, the third and fourth are very simple.

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The third of them is that you seek the means that are available to you.

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Meaning everything is destined, everything is Allah's Will, but he gave you enough of agency enough of a will a choice enough of it at least to be held responsible for your actions. And you see this the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he went to war he wore armored didn t when he was fasting and it became too hot. He spilled cold water on his head, didn't he? When he got sick, he sought out doctors and medicine didn t and Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah one time, they told him that a bunch of men were sitting in the masjid saying, we put our full trust in God. He said these people have never opened the Quran in their life.

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I'm paraphrasing. He says they have never smelled knowledge. Forget touch it they've never smelled knowledge. He said

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Didn't they hear Allah saying to Maria Malaika salaam,

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our Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him? Well, who's the lake EBGP inocula. Sheikh towards you the trunk of the palm tree. Ripe edible dates will fall on you. You know men can't bring dates from a palm tree like this. You got to go up, climb and get it. So how can a woman right after the pain of labor do it? Why did I well tell her that to show us that you still got to do your part. You still got to try, you still have to reach.

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That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, If you were to trust Allah, the way he deserves to be trusted, trust Allah fully and properly. He would provide for you the way he provides for the birds.

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The birds are trying, but they're not experts. They're sort of trying randomly, but they come home every day with a full stomach for the most part. Likewise, you want to try but don't be overconfident in your effort in your energy in your expertise in your attempt. Seek the means though a cooler only has our stuff Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika wa shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abdullah who want to be you who are sort of

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deep knowledge of Allah solid conviction, unwavering faith about destiny seeking the available means number fourth, as we just said, The fourth one is not relying on those means those means are effective by Allah's permission. You know, when they ask the Prophet SAW Selim, should we use medicine one time he said he I mean further Allah medicine is from what Allah distance, meaning if he does things for you to find that available, you find that and if he does things for you to hit the spot for you, it will work right you still gotta go for it, but know that it's from the culture of Allah when you go for it. I was once told about a man and I may have shared this with you before

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they used to throw his pill on the ground before taking it.

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He wasn't crazy. He was just trying to remind himself with the doctors are lying. The doctors are short sighted. The doctors that don't believe in Allah are telling Him your life depends on this. He's saying it can't even help itself right? I throw it on the ground. It's powerless. So if it's gonna help me it's gonna help me by Allah's permission. The same way a knife cuts you're supposed to use knives to cut something right? But he can stop it from cutting the way he stopped it with Ibraheem Alehissalaam a fire burns it can burn it has the quality of burning, but it can cause it to not burn the same way he did with Ibraheem Alehissalaam

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Yeah, now to Cooney bottle, then wa salam and Allah Ibrahim, and so that is that heart never wavering. True reliance on Allah means reliance of the heart while still engaging the reality. And I'll share with you two things in this next in this last minute that those four components means that you have proper Telecom, once proper telecom is accomplished. It doesn't mean you're going to get the outcome you want all the time, sometimes Allah who will withhold it from you for a better outcome. Right or wrong. That's important to remember.

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Secondly, in the claim says, Don't you dare get cheated for your telecoil? He said, What does it mean? Some people do tell it could wrong we've already discussed that. Some people do it right. But they sell themselves short. Like I'm going to trust Allah correctly. For a job and a wife and a child and some respect and he goes use telecoil in your deen above all else, Allah can get you past that that luck can get you to grow beyond everyone your generation can get you to be a reason for the direction of the Ummah to accelerate in positive ways at positive rates as well. You sell a cold for your deen and Allah Who will take care of your worldly stay and your religious commitment. May

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we be people who supremely trust in Allah properly and for the most important objectives of our lives? May Allah azza wa jal make us of those who trust before and after the outcome. May we be of those confident in him stepping into tomorrow on the unseen and may we be of those who assume the best of him if he decides other than what we wish for and what we dream about Allahumma Amin

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