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So I want a Kumara to lie about a cattle. I'd like to welcome your dear viewers to another in our series, the best in Islam. And in this series, as you know, we look at what Allah and His Messenger have described as being the best.

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What is good, but it's better with regards to our actions,

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objects, instructions,

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all from the Islamic perspective, especially with things concerning Islam, what is the best, what is best, so, align His Messenger, have defined so many of these things for us.

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being aware of them,

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can no doubt improve our lives because this is the whole purpose of looking at all of this,

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not merely to have heard, to have a piece of knowledge.

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So we can say Yes, I know. But

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to have internalized that knowledge, and acted upon it. In our previous episode, we spoke about faith, being the best deed, faith in a law in particular, because you can have faith in many different things. But faith in the law is the best possible deed, deed of the heart.

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And we said, jihad in the path of Allah is the best external deed, putting one's life on the line for God. In this session,

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we are now going on to look at another characteristic of what is best with regard to faith. Talk about a number

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quoted Allah's Messenger as saying,

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of the little momineen, Eman oxenholme colocar.

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The best believers, according to their faith, are those with the best character, the best believers, according to their faith. If we're talking about matters of faith,

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and faith is best. But amongst those who have faith, who are the best, it is those who have the best character. And this is in keeping with and consistent with

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the importance of moral character in Islam. We have said on more than one occasion that the transformation which should take place from practicing Islam, which should be expressed in one's behavior. It makes the issues of good moral character, the most important issues that we

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should consider and should focus on when we're teaching Islam to children, young people, etc. Rather than focusing on the details, memorizing lists of things,

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we should focus more on the principles. What is the goal of this? What are we supposed to get out of it, so that people don't look at Islam and its principles

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as merely rituals, something which God wants from us. So we're doing it because God wants it from us, and it's better that we teach

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The principles behind

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the various acts that were instructed to do or not to do, so that we understand that these principles are all for our benefit.

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Because, of course, we all know that a lot does need

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our acts, when he instructs us to praise is not because it needs to be worshipped.

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But because we need to worship Him. So that concept needs to be clear, because when people think of it, as a law needing our worship, and they go, why does the law need our worship? anyway? The ripples, raised that question, because he doesn't, he doesn't need our worship, the prescription of worship is for us, we are the ones who need to worship. So when

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Islam stresses,

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that the best of faith

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in good moral character, it is focusing on the essence, focusing on the goals,

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as opposed to talking about the external

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the rights and the rituals, and is focusing on the essence, good character. It is the goal of Islam, to create

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good human beings,

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righteous human being honest, just human being the best of humankind. That is the goal, the goal of Islamic teachings just to create the best human being possible. And being the best, it will mean that individual would have the best character, we judge people as good

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by how they deal with us. If they deal with us well, nicely, properly, then we say something such as a good person, or they deal with us badly, unfairly, unjustly, etc, we said this person is a bad person. That's how we judge people according to their behavior, how they deal with us. So if Islam

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is the right religion, the right way, then those who profess it should be of the best character. But that can only take place

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if they have knowledge, of the goals of Islam, and not merely

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ritual knowledge, of the customs and traditions,

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rites and rituals. So,

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when Allah tells us through His Messenger,

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that those who are best in faith

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are those with the best character, he is connecting the two,

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connecting the concept with the consequence of that concept, reminding us of what the goals of worshiping him are. Because faith is about

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believing in God and living in accordance with that belief. When we live in accordance with that belief, we worship God in all of the aspects of our lives. We worship God whether we at work and play with family, with friends, neighbors, all of it becomes worship of God. So we should be very wary and very conscious of our character,

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how we treat people, because ultimately,

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that is what determines who really is best in faith. Not how many hedges you make, or how many Ramadan's you fasted, or how much Zakat you have given,

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or how many prayers you have made Salah, but how you have treated those around you justly fairly, honestly, kindly, mercifully, have you treated them in this way?

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Or have you been unjust, unkind, evil, merciless length, then

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what you had wasn't faith, but only knowledge of faith. With that their viewers are coming

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to an end of this segment of the best in Islam,

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and in this segment, we have been looking at the best of faith, what constitutes the best of faith, it's best if it is

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in Allah or not in other than a law, and it's best if it is applied faith and not merely theory. So we'll see you in sha Allah in the next segment, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Welcome back from the break. And we were looking at, in the early part of the episode on the best in Islam, we're looking at faith in action. And that was expressed in good character. We said, as the prophet SAW Selim had related to us, the best believers, according to their faith are those with the best character. Now we're going to look at another statement of the Prophet Muhammad wa Salaam, which is an expression of it in another area, but it's still talking about belief in action. Martin, had been ESR and omair, Eben Alessi most quoted the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him and saying, of the little Imani a suburu was some Aha, the best aspect of faith is patience, and

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tolerance. So here again,

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the focus is on the consequence of faith, that it should produce in the individual patience, and tolerance. Why? Because

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if one believes

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sincerely, if one believes that a law, a law is in control of everything,

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and that whatever happens, happens in accordance with his will. And his watch he is permitted, and that he wants the best for us.

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So whatever occurs, no matter how bad it might seem, there is good in it for us, though we can't grasp it. If we have that, understanding that faith,

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then naturally we would be patient, when calamity strikes, we would be able to be patient

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would have that problem, no doubt. But because of the fact that our faith is weak, the trust in the law is in shambles. Then when calamity strikes, we ask why? Why does this happen? Why should this happen? Why is it happening to me? I don't deserve this all kinds of statements, we end up saying because of our weakness of faith. So true faith will produce patient,

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a patient believer who is able to handle the trials of life. He or she understands when a law said

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you may love something and it's not good for you. You may hate something and it's good for you. Allah knows and you don't know, a believer in knowledgeable believer internalizes that. So when you love things, you want them. You pray to God at night, and

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day after day, every day. You do that for a month, you say, God's not hearing my prayers. I'm praying, why isn't he listening?

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Why isn't he answering my prayers? Again, you are assuming that what you're praying for is good for you. That's what you're assuming. But do you really know that it's good for you? So the fact that a lot didn't give you is not in fact, the better thing rather than giving it to you? Do you know that? Of course you don't.

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But when you have correct faith, you trust in Allah, God, just trust that whatever he has decided for you is what is best. And you can be patient, you pray. You see, it's not coming. You understand from that? Allah that this is not really good for me. So let me seek something else. You look elsewhere. And it's just a smooth transition. You just shift from one thing to another

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You're trying to do that. You see it's not working out, except allows decision and move on try something else. Your life is much more peaceful, much more calm. You're not constantly going from one frustration to another frustration from depression to, you know,

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crazy happiness. You're just bipolar. one end to the other. This is not a true believer.

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