Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 244D Tafsir Al-Zumar 60-70

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of Islam is discussed, including the use of "has" in relation to deeds and the loss of one's life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of only worshiping Allah and treating it properly, while also discussing the value of understanding the real value of something and treating it properly. The legal dispute between the court and the people involved is also discussed, with confirmation of their obeyiness and potential consequences.
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Well, your milk piano T and on the Day of Judgment, thorough, you will see a Lavina caribou and Allah, those people who had lied about Allah, how?

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By describing Allah with descriptions that he is not deserving off, describing him with what he is not. So for example, saying things like, Oh Allah doesn't forgive, he doesn't forgive. It's a lie about Allah because Allah forgives. Yes, there are conditions. Yes, there is a time for repentance. And we learned about that from Quran and Sunnah. Right? But to say that Allah doesn't forgive. This is a false statement about Allah, ascribing a partner to Allah. This is all lying about Allah and we learned about the different forms of Caliban Allah earlier. So you will see such people would you whom their faces most What the blackened, turned, Black was What does scene while dull,

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this is not dark, as in, their skins will look darker. What this means is literally their faces will be turned black,

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there will be darkness upon them. Because those who do learn, they will be in volume on the Day of Judgment those who do wrong today, they will be in darkness on the Day of Judgment, blackness, no light and on the other hand, we learned some people will be on pillars of light,

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others will be covered in darkness. Why? Why will their faces be misled? Due to punishment due to embarrassment due to gloom, despair, regret fatigue? Allah says La Sufi Jehan Nama is there not in *, mirth WA and abode a residents of fitting aboard little motorcar? Berrien for those who are arrogant, what's the answer? Yes, there is. Where you in Agila who and Allah who will rescue you. He will bring to safety he will deliver He will save a Levina taco those who feared him. Those who were on guard in their lives. When they got themselves doing something wrong, they turned to Allah. They didn't lift the curtain and go in that open door. They were ethical they guarded themselves, Allah

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will serve them Bhima fez letting him be because of Mufasa to him, their attainment. Mufasa, fair while ze foes foes is to acquire something good, or to acquire what a person desires. This is foes and at the same time, to escape evil.

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To escape evil to escape, what a person dislikes and attain acquire what is good, when he likes what he wants, this is foes Mufasa means state of safety, place of security or it can be understood as a master, a noun meaning attainment. So because of what they have attained, Allah will save them because of what they have attained. Allah will save them, meaning he will not let any punishment befall them. He will not let darkness overcome them.

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And what is it that they have attained? It's Jana. What is it that they have attained? Allah's forgiveness? What is it that they have attained? It's Allah's pleasure his approval.

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Such are the people who will be saved Leia Yama, Su Su once they're saved, then no evil shall even touch them.

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Once they're in Jannah

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No evil shall even touch them. There is no pain, no grief, no worry. Wala homea has unknown and they shall not grieve over the past. Not even a whiff of evil will touch them and they will not grieve over the past they will have no regrets.

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Allahu Allah is Hanako Konishi. He is the Creator of all things. All things that exist. Allah is their Creator. There is nothing except that it is Allah's creation, including us. Well who and he is on a collision in over everything will kill a disposer of affairs will kill meaning Hatfield with a bit caretaker protector, disposing of all of their matters as He wills meaning everything is under his eye. Because he's the Holic. He is also the workI He created us and he's also watching us

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Lahu for him, meaning to Him belong, McCauley do the keys of Osama Whitey well out of the skies and the earth, to Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth, meaning he owns those keys. He has authority, and he has power over those McCauley. McCauley, there's a part of the word milk land. And McLaren is used for key from the root letters off Lambdin. Another, another is to wind something around. Also, to twist something, when you're using a key to unlock or to lock, do you have to make you go round? You have to make a go round. You do. So this is Nicollet. Right.

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And it also has the meaning of locking or unlocking because that's what the key does. Okay, from the same root as the word color it we've learned earlier, the Garland had animals meaning that were fixed for sacrifice. So they were marked with a garland. And that those Garland's when they were put on an animal, those animals were known as Allah.

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Because they're fixed, they're locked. You can't use them for anything else. They're supposed to be for sacrifice, all right. So Lahore Macaulay to somehow it will all meaning he owns the keys of the heavens and the earth. What does this mean?

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He is Alpha Theta. He is the one who opens every door in the earth or in the sky whenever he wants for whoever he wants.

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The control is with who it's with Allah and having keys to something what does it mean that you have access to all the treasures within? So everything within the heavens and the earth all of the treasures that belong to who? Allah? This is who Allah is, you think you can run away from him?

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You think you can survive with his disapproval? Low who makalah need to somehow worth he will have one Medina Cafaro and those who deny bat Lehi with the verses of Allah the signs of Allah, Allah eco humble ha Citroen, it is those who are the losers, they're real losers, even if they enjoy a little bit in their lives in this world, they will ultimately be the greatest losers, because real loss is the loss of a Hara

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say se or Prophet sallallahu Sallam say to the people are following Allah He is it then other than Allah, the amaro nee you all order me Abu do I should worship a U haul J alone or you ignorant people? What are you telling me? You're telling me that I should worship someone? besides Allah? What's wrong with you? Are you that ignorant?

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When Allah is the Creator, when he is the Joaquin, and everything is within his control, All authority, All power is with him. And if a person says he cannot survive with that,

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what are you telling me to? Do? You want me to become a loser? Why should I worship other than Allah? Is there anyone besides Allah Who even deserves worship? No, because Allah Allah, He, Dean and Hollis, you see what stops us from going towards Allah? is who? It's all these rate. Allah's right? All of these late Allah, people, whatever, it's the pressure that we feel,

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what have they done? What good have they done to you that you should fear them so much? What control do they have over you that you should fear them so much? When Allah is the harlech, lucky owner of McCauley, why should worship be dedicated to anyone besides him? Who are they? What are they?

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They don't deserve that worship. And if someone does that, he's being ignorant, when are called and certainly will hear ileka It was revealed to you meaning already Oh Prophet sallallahu sallam, you have been informed where he was sent to you, and not just you, but also why Ilan Nalina in public and also to those who came before you meaning the previous prophets were also given the same instruction, the same message that they were to convey to their people. And what was the lead in a Shakta? That surely if you were to do Sheikh, who does you refer to everybody? Whether it's the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or any profit before him, any person, any human being let in a Shakta

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layer by panorama? Look, all your deeds would be wasted. They'd be fruitless, they'd be ineffective. They'd be in vain, they would not bring any benefit while at Akona nominal ha serine. And surely you would definitely be among the losers. Why? Because Shrek is a lie.

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It is a contradiction of reality. It goes against this universe or this reality that Allah

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Countdown has created there is only one Creator and dedicating worship to other than Allah is living a life of falsehood.

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So this falsehood is not going to be accepted. There is no room for it. There's zero tolerance for it. So if any person were to commit Schick, even if he may be the leader of mankind, because of the initial Okta you, primarily referring to the prophets on allows him and after him every listener,

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ship no matter who does it. What's the result? Its loss. The way Toba erases all saints shook erases all good deeds in total Anoma 88 inside Walla Walla, Shaco, Lahab, YUTAN Houma CAN WE ARE Manu if they were to do whatever they did would be wasted, belly Lucha Firebird meaning say that bell rather Allah Allah meaning only Allah forbid you should worship belly Allah far but rather worship only Allah. So this is a command to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that you should worship only Allah. Even if people are calling you to the worship of Allah. You should not listen to them. You should worship only Allah and you should convey this to others also work on and be mean to share Cyrene. Not Mushrikeen but check it in Shakira has applauded laugh shack it notice the letters Shinka fra

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sheen raka Rockoff schicke association with Allah,

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sugar, gratitude to Allah. So don't be of the Mushrikeen be of the shackling like Ibrahim alayhis salam insalata Nahal Iowan 20 Allah says Ibrahima Khanna on mutton carnita Lilla honey fun while I'm here coming on Mr. King, he was not an all of them which the king Shirky run only a Normie he grateful for Allah's blessings. So you should also be of those who are grateful, because though hate what is it, it's gratitude, real gratitude, because though hate is acknowledging that only Allah is deserving of worship why because every good is from Allah, everything I am, whatever I am, whatever there is, is from Allah.

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This is the head and it's sugar also, because you're thanking the giver.

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So welcome Mina shacking and also be grateful that you worship only Him

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one other Allah other other is to know, to understand to fathom the real value of something

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to understand the real real value of something, do we do this generally? I mean,

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think about it, we see something we use it we forget about where it came from, who brought it who spent so much time making it, we just you know, look at the surface value cost $5. But think about the human hours that went into it, we forget the true cost right. So, other is to know the true value of something all right, duck the from the same route is Allah's decree correct? Because that is based on true knowledge. So it is to understand the value the quality of something and then act appropriately. act appropriately. You see if you know if you see two rings, they both look golden. They both look golden. All right. And if you think that they're both fake, how will you treat them?

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How will you treat them? The Dollar Store who cares about it? Alright, but if you know it's made of gold, it's real gold. It's not just gold covered. It's made of gold, will you treat it differently? Oh yes, this is powder. Do you know to understand its true value and then treat it properly also, Allah says the people Mac other Allah haka. Kadri. They have not known Allah as he deserves to be known and therefore they have not done for Allah with respect to the rights of Allah what they should have done. They have not given Allah His Huck. This is a true statement. Indeed it is by Allah it is one marker that Allah haka. Kadri. We truly, we don't value Allah the way he deserves to

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be valued. We don't know him firstly, and secondly, we do know a little bit we forget him. This is why we sin, even though we know that Allah is watching one other room

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Wahaca Kadri he, we have not respected Allah the way he deserves to be respected. We have not appreciated Allah the way he deserves to be appreciated. We have not served Allah. We have not offered gratitude to Allah, the way he deserves it. In fact, if we do a little bit, we think we're doing a favor to Allah.

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Wa Mau cada Rila Hakata He Who is Allah, he is such that we'll all do the entire Earth, Jamia on all of it, the entire earth, all of it will be called go to who will be in his Abba, off the bat is to cease to grasp something in one's hand. So the entire Earth will be in his Abba, his grip yomo piano on the Day of Judgment, this big Earth that we walk upon so arrogantly we get deceived by we're in love with we cling to it will be in Allah's hands on the Day of Judgment all of it was somewhere where to and all of the skies the vast sky that we see above us which is just the first sky and above it six more all of the skies mottley yeah tune rolled up be a meanie he in his hand, monthly

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yet thought well, yeah, by and by, literally is to cover a distance. And from this it is used for folding something or rolling up.

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Like for example, a scroll, rolling it up. Because when it's open, it's difficult to hold it. It's not going to fit in your hand, it's going to fall apart. But when you roll it up, then it stays in your hand.

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All of the skies, there will be rolled up in his right hand bigger meaning super Hana who perfect is Allah exalted he is all glory is for him. What are Allah and he's high above. I'm my Yoshi recon, whatever they associate with him. This is who Allah is. Even Omar Abdullah one who said that once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood on the member and he recited this ayah when Malcador Allahu Akbar Qadri he will do Jamia uncovered who Yom Okayama was summoned to motorway yet and be Yemeni subhanho wa Taala Amma usually Cohn, he recited this ayah and as he was reciting it, he was moving his hand forward and backward. He was moving his hand forward and backward. And he said you

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met didn't rob Boone up so who, when Allah will have the earth and the skies, both in his hands, he will glorify himself. He will say an Al Jabbar, I am Jabaal the Compeller an Al motorcar be. I am the proud, meaning the only one who's deserving of pride and Al Malik, I am the king analyzes I am the mighty and Al Karim. I am the noble Allah will glorify himself and as the Prophet sallallahu sallam was saying this, the Sahaba said the membership so much that we feared that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would fall from the member.

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In another Hadith we learn

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I shall deliver on her she said, O Messenger of Allah SallAllahu Sallam on the Day of Judgment, the whole earth will be grasped in his hand in Allah's hand, and the heavens will be rolled up in his right hand. Where will the believers be?

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Where will the believers be? And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, upon the slit off, or Isha upon the bridge, which were Imin come Illawarra do have, each person has to cross.

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In another Hadith we learned that once a Jewish rabbi came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said, Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we learn meaning in our tradition, that Allah will put all the heavens on one finger, and the Earth's on one finger, and the trees on one finger, and the water and the dust on one finger and all the other creative beings on one finger, and then he will say, I am the King, I am the king, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam smiled at that time. Why? Because of the confirmation, because the rabbi was saying something similar to what Allah has revealed in the Quran, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited the same idea. While naka de la

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Qadri he, in another Hadith in Bukhari, we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the Quran will outdo yarmulke Yamatai hubz Certain Wahida this whole earth you see, on the Day of Judgment, it will be like a piece of bread. A piece of bread, yet a Kaffir oh * Jack bar will be a D. Allah al Jabbar, the compiler the IRS is

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stubble he will topple and turn it in his hand how like any one of you toppling turns a piece of bread with his hands, have you done it? When you're making bread? When you're rolling it out, when you're spreading it out, you pass it from one hand to the other.

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This earth that we are so in love with because of which we forget Allah. It will be like a piece of bread between the hands of Allah

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and it will be new Zulan Leah Liliana

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it will be turned into like a piece of bread, as noozle as entertainment as food for the people of Jamaica, meaning literally it will be turned into bread. And it will be given to the people of Ghana. Here. This is the world you are careful off, all yours.

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This is the world you avoided all yours. Take it, you left it for Allah take it

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it will be given to the people of Ghana.

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So Don't disobey Allah because of this earth. Because of this world. You leave anything of this world out of fear Allah, Allah will give you much better. Allah will give you this very world in a much more palatable in a much more enjoyable form. When Luffy cough is sued, and the trumpet shall be blown, the horn will be blown into for sorry for sorry, so he shall fall dead, he shall faint who man for some our tea woman fill out whoever that is in the skies and whoever that is in the earth in them and sha Allah except whoever Allah wills when the trumpet shall be born the first time all those who are alive shall fall dead. Because Allah says Kulu Manali her fan way of a coward Rebecca

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duel Jalali will come from menoufia Coffee, okra and then it shall be blown into another time. The Trumpet will be blown the second time and what will happen for either than immediately home. All of them be Airmen, ones rising one standing young room, they will be looking on the floor of the word call in and follow him as one who stands on who gets up. So all people will rise out of their graves standing alive, alert, fully conscious, young grown, looking on expectantly, gazing in horror, waiting to see what will happen. The Trumpet will be blown twice. In a hadith we learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said between the two sounds of the trumpet there will be 40

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there will be 40 now 40 What about the low one when he was narrating this hadith somebody asked him 40 days but he refused to reply. He was asked 14 months he refused to reply. He was asked for two years he refused to reply. Why? Because he didn't know all the profits of a lot of them said was 40 that is whatever who ended up below one who remembered he didn't add

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without knowledge.

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Even though he was asked so many times and this is a lesson if we don't know say I don't know.

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For either 1pm We young goon insert yeah scenario 51 one if you cough is solely for either hoomin A death Isla or bohemian see rune What a shocker.

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And it will shine. All people have now been resurrected. Everyone is there looking on. No person is forgotten. No person is left in his grave and resurrected. No everyone is there. Well Ashoka to do and the earth will shine a shadow is used for the rising the shining of the Sun is Shrock is to radiate glow spread light. So a shock to the earth will be shining glowing. Why? How be no Riera Bihar, with the light of its Lord, Allah shall cast his light up on the earth and the whole earth

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will be lit up. It will be Shining.

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Shining literally. In surah Taha I 107 We learned that after resurrection the earth will be such that Latta Rafi hurry wha John wala Anta, you will not see in the earth, any bend nor any curvature flat, completely plain, completely plain, and on top of that, Allah's light upon it, it will shine, where will the URL kita and the book will be placed? Will they are well

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While I set up placed while there is to lay something laid down, so the book will be placed which book is this the record of deeds of each person, it will be placed either in his right or in his left. It will be placed no avoiding

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no avoiding and scrutiny SR io 13 Allah says we're no hurry joola Who yo Malkia Murthy keytab and yellow Humann Shula, we will produce for him on the day of judgment, a book that he will meet, open in front of him open, nothing can be hidden matura everything written in front of him.

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When he and he will be brought, who will be brought Binda begin with the prophets were shahada and the witnesses, the prophets will be brought for testimony and the witnesses other than the prophets such as the angels, or the limbs of a person, or the Oath of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and more will be brought as witnesses. So the book is there. First of all, the Lord is there, then the records are there, then the prophets who delivered the message are there and the witnesses are there. So we're fully obey know whom Bill helped. And it will be judged between them in truth while home lawyers Lamone and they will not be wronged.

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What court could be fairer than this court? Where Allah is the judge where judgment is according to reality, where the proofs are there and the witnesses are their intro to Nyssa 40 Allah says in Hola Hola, yo, Nemo, Miss Carla the rotting. Allah does not wrong, even the weight of an atom he will not do even a little bit of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the people will be assembled on the day of resurrection on a white plane. The earth will be like a white plane with a reddish tinge like the loaf of white bread with no marks set up for anyone plain nobody can hide anywhere and here justice will be established well will fit and it will be compensated with Fiat welfare yeah offer is to give in full 100% compensation. What will Phillip Coleman Upson every person will be fully compensated for what man I mean let whatever it has done, whatever he or she has done, he will be compensated for it or who will our level and he is most knowing Allah knows very well be my afar loon of that which they

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have done. So no lying will work. Facts cannot be concealed. Facts cannot be distorted that day. And with this final judgment, people shall be separated forever. The people of * taken to * and the people of paradise taken to paradise. Recitation

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why a woman

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who had a law who

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very clean

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why you like Jim

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Comey methods at him Why would

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you lie I'm assuming oh, oh.

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Allah ha ha You

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body to send Allah to you one.

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Why one Larry will be

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eco Holman policy Oh

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Moodle. Oh, me.

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Brought up here Eli you go Elan levena Babine Kela in a schlock July of

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Mina Shegerian wanna law ha ha ha

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Nobody really wants

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be a meanie super

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one rupee is so deep so I

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want to

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peel up the

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coffee Oh Kurata either

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be what will the keytab Awaji been Ebina was Shuhada y g GE been nabina was Shuhada you will probably

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be will have a home lie or

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will be at school no LapSim

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be manufactured home

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