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One detail in the epic story of Prophet Moussa gives timeless lessons to women on how they must conduct themselves in public. Allah describes that despite her shyness, the young woman in Madian, recognizing the impact of her presence as a female, engages with Moussa with an amazing balance of confidence and modesty.

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Salam Alaikum everyone welcome to amaze by the Quran a series in which I try sharing with you things I find amazing about the Quran and today inshallah I'll share something with you about how Allah gives us universal lessons in the course of just telling the story, I happen to believe and I think that is a universal belief for Muslims, that everything in the Quran is of timeless value. And when Allah is telling us even, you know, the account of something that happened long ago, every detail he mentioned, is actually very selective. In other words, you know, there's lots of things that happen in a story, especially in historical account, and there, you can't have enough, you can't, there's

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no such thing as too many details, you know, but Allah is very selective in telling a story. And he only tells us bits that are the most relevant for our guidance, right? So Allah will skip lots and lots of details about the life of Abraham and tell us the parts that are the most essential for our permanent guidance. Similarly, the story of Musashi said, I'm so much repeated in the Quran, and yet, he only highlights a few things that are of key value. So one thing that really stuck out to me, and I've been thinking about it for some time, is, you know, when Moses and Moses had fled, and he was in Meridian, and he helped these two girls, you know, get water for their animals, and then

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they left and their father asked, How did you get water so early, and he sent one of them back. And a lot actually, of all these details like you would imagine a lot would highlight details about like, judgment day or the battle between the Pharaoh and Moses or, you know, like when he when he was able to come back and challenge or how he escaped big details. But in the middle of all of that, in the final revelation of Allah, Allah takes the time out to mention this little, what seems like a minor detail will jot it down. She wants to hear one of them came file came all the way walking. Now there's two ways to translate this, she came walking shyly, like in a shy way. And she came walking

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over to him despite being shy, there's two ways of anestesiol origami minister here. There's two ways of looking at it. Okay. I was fascinated that a lot would actually go out of his way to his final revelation to humanity until the day of judgment, to highlight the way a woman walked. Like, what benefit could that have? Why Why is that important? And I realized that Allah azza wa jal, he highlights things in in, in his book that are so pertinent to human guidance. The way a female walks is a powerful thing. It has an impact in society. As a matter of fact, the female has a presence that has been talked about across cultures, across cultures, just her presence has a power has an

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all it inspires something, at the very least it catches the attention of the male, but there's more to it than that there is actually a psychological, you know, even a spiritual effect. When there's the presence of a woman and when she's walking by this is something societies were so aware of, that in many cultures, the elite, women of a society were actually kept hidden away. They were kept like in Korean society, old Korean society, for example, they wouldn't go out until the nighttime the elite women, it has nothing to do with Islam. It's just they were aware of the power of the presence of women. And so Allah azza wa jal describes, and he's highlighting to women and to men, the the the

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effect, that the the the the role of a woman in public can have and yet at the same time, as long as that saying, keep women indoors, because they have too much of an effect, they have too much of an impact. guys know the ones that are watching this video, they're sitting in an auditorium classroom and a girl walks into the class, right, she doesn't have to be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. But so long as he's a female, you're gonna be like,

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everybody in the room is gonna, at least for a second look, and, and Okay, you know, it has an effect. It has a guy walks in, you know, that's what happens. So now Allah is highlighting a couple of things, one of the most beautiful things that's being highlighted here is, despite her shyness, in other words, she has to engage in society, she has to go out. And yes, there will be people that stare. And sometimes if you have a vulgar society, people comment and whistle and make, you know, make passes at the more worse. You know, there are societies where even harassing women on the street has become common, you know, sometimes verbally and sometimes even physically, it's become

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common, but yet she has to engage in that society. So she has to find a way of engaging in it that can she can protect herself, and yet at the same time, be a part as a participant in society. The second thing that's really beautiful here is she walked shyly. In other words, she walked guarding her modesty, she realized that she has a presence. And she realized that this is something that has an impact on others, whether she it's not about just about her, it's actually about recognizing the presence that she carries. And so she walked in a way that is shy, she walked in a way that is not showing off, or is not provocative as to get the attention and she's walking over to a young man. As

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a matter of fact, in this case, Alistair

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You know, a female must recognize the power that she has. And so even the way in which a woman walks is highlighted in such a subtle, beautiful way, you know? And it's not like this girl was shy. It's not. She walked over by herself to this strange man and said in Abuja DeLuca Leah geocache Allah subhanaw taala my dad's calling you okay? He wants to pay you for the services you provided. And if she was all that shy and scared, she would have called her sister, at least two of them would have come. But she came by herself, and her dad was confident enough in her to send her by herself. So there's this amazing balance between confidence and engagement, even when you're on your own and at

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the same time holding on to your modesty. All of it captured in just the way that she walked. It's incredible. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa

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