Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 089D Tafsir Al-Araf 31-36

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of dressing properly during worship, respecting personal preference, and avoiding disrespectful behavior is emphasized. The need for privacy and changing one's behavior to reflect reality is emphasized, as well as avoiding embarrassment and changing language to reflect reality. The segment ends with a recitation of verses and a brief discussion about a woman named Camilla. It is emphasized that avoiding these activities and dressing up to reflect reality is crucial to achieving Islam's desired results.
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Do you have any Adam or children of Adam? Who do you all take the natal comb, your adornment, your beautification, take your beautification, meaning put it on where? In the near Conley every masjid, Masjid, place of worship, time of worship, meaning every time you go to a place of worship, whether it is the huddled Kaaba or it is a masjid, or you are about to perform an act of worship, for example, you are going to pray sunnah, then what should you do? Who Xena TOCOM take your Xena, meaning put on your Xena, Xena from there let Rezaian and it means adornment beautification. Over here, beautification means two things, first of all clothes. Because clothes like we discussed

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earlier, they beautify a person, right? They complete a person, they cover a person, and they also beautify just like the feathers of a bird. They completed the beautify it and they cover it, right. So put on your clothes, meaning make sure you are dressed properly. When you go to the masjid. Make sure you are dressed properly when you are performing an act of worship who do Xena TOCOM because, again, like I mentioned to you, they used to perform the left naked. So Allah subhanaw taala forbids us from ever doing such a thing.

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So we should be very careful when we go to a masjid. Let's make sure that we're dressed appropriately. Because sometimes what happens is that a woman she goes to a masjid and she's wearing such strong fragrance and perfume that even men can smell that in the men's side. That's not appropriate.

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All right. Likewise, she is you know, walking into the masjid with clothes that are inappropriate. And as a result, she won't be able to focus in prayer herself, and she will be a distraction for other people as well. Secondly, Xena over here means adornment beautification. Like for example, a person wears nice clothes when they're about to persona, not that they're wearing their pajamas

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that are crumpled up

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that smell? No, make sure you are dressed nicely when you are going to worship Allah subhanaw taala

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Would you go

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you know, see a professor or see a friend or see someone whom you respect a lot in clothes that smell that are not ironed. That look dirty, you look horrible. And then would you do that?

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Would you do that? Who am I talking to here?

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Who am I talking to? So answer me. Would you ever go in front of someone whom you really like, dressed up in your pajamas?

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No, somebody was once telling me that they had to drop something off at their friend's house. And they were calling them calling them but they weren't picking up and it was food and they wanted to drop it off quickly. So they just went to their house. And their friend opened the door and she's like, Why didn't you tell me? Because she looked very different from how she used to look otherwise there was no makeup the hair was not done. She looked like a completely different person. And she was mad at her friend that Why didn't you tell me before coming? Why did you come to my house? I'm not ready.

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So when we don't do that in front of other people, how is it that when we're praying for Allah, we haven't even brushed our teeth in the morning. And we smell off sleep. We smell of drool and our clothes. They're not nice and fresh. How is it? When you're meeting Allah beautify yourself, clean yourself. Why do you think Allah has commanded us to do we'll do and we'll do it means you have to rinse your mouth and clean your nose and wipe your ears and wash your feet and wash your arms. Why? To that you are very very clean when you go before Allah.

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So it doesn't make sense that we're standing in front of Allah and we are not dressed properly. Allah says hello Xena taka Marinda Colima so this doesn't mean that you should go to a masjid as if you're going to a fashion show. No. When you're actually going to a masjid then we know that women should not go wearing perfume that so strong that spreads, that even men can smell them. What Kulu and eat wash Rabu and drink what are the three who and don't do a Seraph Don't be excessive. Stay within the limits be moderate. Because in the hula, you have almost riffin indeed he does not like those who are extravagant, if at our best set. Eat what you wish and wear what you wish as long as

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you avoid two things, extravagance and arrogance. Eat what you wish. Were what you wish as long as you avoid extravagance and arrogance.

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Old say man who has Rama he forbade Zenith Allah

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The beauty of Allah in the beauty that Allah has made allottee that which Raja he has produced very badly for His servants, meaning all these beautiful clothes, beautiful fragrances, beautiful things that you can use to make yourself look really nice. Allah subhanaw taala has made them for who for you, for you to enjoy, for you to use for you to benefit from. Allah has not made them forbidden. Because like we discussed earlier, people go to another extreme. They deprive themselves of all good things. I'm never going to wear silk. I'm never going to wear better clothes. I'm never going to wear this. I'm never going to wear that. No, ALLAH says who has forbidden the good things that Allah

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has produced for His servants look like the bad and the good things. Men from a risk provision. It could refer to food as well. Because the good things that Allah has produced for us are many, there are clothes that we wear, that's food that we eat, bed that we sleep on fragrance that we put on could be various things that Allah has produced for our adornment for our beautification who has forbidden it.

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Allah has not forbidden it. So when Allah did not forbid it for you, then why do you deprive yourself from it? Don't deprive yourself from it. Allah says old say here it is. What is the good things? The beauty, it is for who? Little Medina for those people who am I know they believe, who deserves to use these things? Who deserves to eat good food, who deserves to enjoy wearing nice clothes, who those who believe were Philhealth dunya in the life of this world. Why? Because those who believe when they eat something, they thank Allah they praise Allah. And in Hadith we learn that Allah Who loves it, that when a servant, he drinks a sip, one sip and he praises Allah and he eats a

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bite one more so and he praises Allah.

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Allah loves it. Allah loves it, then when he has given something to you, you are enjoying it. This is why he says that the believers, they deserve these good things in the world in the sense that when they use them when they eat them, when they wear them, they're not committing a sin

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because they will be grateful. So we need to check ourselves over here, that if I'm wearing nice clothes, do I even remember to thank Allah?

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Or do I just look at myself in the mirror and say, perfect and move on? No.

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We should remember to thank Allah subhanaw taala because remember, that we should abstain from extravagance and and arrogance, stay away from Pride.

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And Allah says they will be Harley sletten exclusively Yokoyama on the Day of Judgment, meaning in the hereafter these good things will exclusively be for who for the believers. Those who have labasa Taqwa then in the hereafter Allah will adorn them he will beautify them in the Quran, what do we learn about clothes of silk, green, right even the material is mentioned the color is mentioned. Likewise, bracelets are mentioned in the Quran who wears these things, women. So if you want to wear the bracelets of Jana, if you want to wear the beautiful clothes of Jana, than we better beautify our character and our actions today. Because these things will exclusively be for who those who

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believe in the hereafter Gallica thus new PHoslo we explain in detail Elia versus Nicole mean for people yellow moon they know and this is why the people who have knowledge, then they have moderation in their action. They're able to implement these verses. They're able to remain balanced. Otherwise what happens a person goes to extreme either he is beautifying himself without any limits or he is depriving himself completely there is no balance. Balance is necessary and it comes out with knowledge called say in nama indeed not but how am i He has forbidden Robbie my lord Alpha hush the in decencies. Allah has not forbidden good cloths. Allah has not forbidden good food. What is it

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that Allah has forbidden in decent actions, and indecency could also be by nakedness or by wearing very short or tight clothing. It could also be in wearing clothes with pride. Because if a woman is wearing and are baya and hijab and niqab

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But she is proud in the way that she deals with people. She's arrogant, she looks down on others, your hijab is too short sister.

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You don't know covering your faces when was the hub? If she behaves like that, then this is what

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is this pride or is this humility? This is pride. Likewise if a person you know comments and others their hijab is not right, your hijab is bad, you are like this, you are like that does not befit a person, this is what fascia indecency, we are responsible that we correct other people. Because Allah has told us on what have been marked off and nahiN and Monica, you have to tell them, but there is a way to tell people, if we look down on others, and we say, sister, your head looks like a camel hump. That's not appropriate. That's not correct. Allah has forbidden Alpha hush indecency. He's mad that which Vihara it is apparent minha from it warmer and that which batana it is hidden,

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meaning every act of indecency, whether it is done openly or secretly, whether it is done at home, or it is done out in the public, Allah doesn't allow that. It is forbidden. So a person might say, What's the big deal? If I'm, you know, at home, and I'll wear extremely short clothing, which even review my IRA? What's the big deal? No, this is not appropriate. Because once people asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about this matter, that how much are we to cover ourselves when we're alone? The prophets of Allah said him said that Allah is more deserving that you feel shy of him. Because Allah is still watching you. Right? Allah is still watching you. You might say, but nobody's

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here. So I'll just be naked in my house and a walk around in my underpants. No, you can't do that. Allah is still watching you. If it's not appropriate to be like that in front of others. You can't be like that in privacy also. Even when you're alone, unless there is a need for that, if there is a need for that, yes, but after the need is fulfilled, that a person must be concerned about covering themselves, because Allah does not like indecency, whether it is in private, or it is in the open. What else has he forbidden? Well, IFMA and sin well Bolia and rebellion, oppression,

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belated heck without any right

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meaning that you oppress others, you take away their right you deprive them of their share, and you have no right to do that. What else as the forbidden one and that should equal you associate partners beliee with Allah and schicke man that which lung not universally has sent down the with its Athan and any authority.

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Allah has not given you any authority to associate partners with him. So if you do shake now that is something that Allah has forbidden will and that Kulu you will say Allah Allah against Allah mad that witch left on the moon, you don't know. So what is it that Allah has forbidden in this ayah? What do we learn? First of all, read the AI from the beginning. Everybody say? What is it that Allah has forbidden? First of all, alpha Hush, repeat after me, everybody. Alpha hush in decencies which ones? All kinds Malhotra minha one mapathon. Secondly, what else is forbidden? Well isn't sinning. Thirdly, while bully everybody said, well behaved rebellion, oppression. Fourthly,

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shed were untouched equal bIllahi min Amina zerbies, Aparna and fifth what is it that Allah has forbidden everybody said what an Dakolo Allah Allah him Allah Tala moon you say about Allah that which you don't have knowledge of. So if you don't know about something, don't say it. Don't make it up. Don't make it out. Acknowledge your ignorance over there. Allah says well equally and for every omitted nation for every nation for every people there is an agile is specified term. What does that mean? Our time of expiring meaning a time when they have to depart from this world for either than when Jaya it came a genuine their term learn not yesterday Runa they seek to differ from Hamza Hora

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to defer something today something sir than an hour they won't be able to defer even an hour even a moment Wallah and not you're stuck with the moon they seek to advance meaning they cannot even cause that time to come sooner than it is supposed to. Every person their time of death is fixed. They can't go before that time comes and they cannot leave after the time comes. They will go at their set time of expiry. Why is this mentioned all of a sudden

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To remind us that we're not here forever. How long will you beautify your body? How long will you disobey Allah?

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How much can you do that you're here only for some time? One day you have to face your Lord. What do you have to show him? When Allah will ask you about the time about the life that he gave you and what will you tell him? Well, I spend half an hour every day straightening my hair.

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Really, and I had no time to recite the Quran by the way, I was too busy, too busy.

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Will this be acceptable? We're not here forever. We're not here forever. We have to go one day we have to face Allah one day. Allah says, Ye bunny Adam or children of Adam, ima if you do not, they come to you who also don't messengers, men come from among you, meaning human beings like you. And those messengers, Yokozuna? They narrate or lay come upon you, I fit my verses, meaning that tell you about my verses, they tell you about what I have revealed about what I have commanded about what I have forbidden. And what should you do? Ignore those commands, ignore those verses, ignore those teachings as if they don't exist, as if Allah never commanded, you know, remember that Furman. So

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whoever it took, or he feared Allah, and what is mean by fearing Allah over here, that he accepts those commands, those verses, and he acts according to them what Allah has commanded he does it, what he is forbidden from he stays away from it. So from an ethical, well, US law her and he reformed himself, he fixed himself, then such a person fill our hope and our lane with who we are has no fear upon them, nor will they grieve.

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Because you know what it is, many times when we read the Quran, we see our shortcomings, we see where we are making mistakes. One attitude is that a person says, You know what, it's too difficult. Or you know, what, what's the big deal? Everyone does it? So what if I wear my hair too high? So what if my pants are too tight? So what if I go out wearing full makeup in front of non related men? What's the big deal? I pray my salah that's more important. I'm humble. In my heart that's more important. Yes, it's important, but you have to do your Islam as well. You have to correct yourself as well. When we learn something in the Quran, then we have to change ourselves according to it. Not

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that we change the meaning of the Quran, but that we change ourselves and the one who changes himself. Such a person will be successful. You know why? Because it's the hardest thing to do. Changing yourself is extremely difficult.

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It's extremely difficult. Think about the sister who has always worn her hair high up. And you know, when you have a habit of wearing your hair in a certain way that it's as though you don't know how to tie your hair in a different way. Am I right? Do you agree with me? Because it's your habit. Doing something different is so difficult, but the one who will undergo that difficulty and even change their hairstyle in order to please Allah than such a person. Now hold on Arlene Willa Mirza known. And if a person comes up with excuses, whenever not a big deal, everybody does it. The whole world does it. I saw this shift. Their wife was wearing their hair like that. You know, I saw the

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sister she gives her a lot because she was wearing her hair like that. It's only these LDAP people you know they're too strict. Coming up with excuses is not going to help a person in the Quran. What do we learn

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that from Anadarko or Asla? fella? How often are I lay him while at home? Yes, no, and they won't have any regrets. And you won't have any regret either. If you change yourself according to Allah's rules, and you won't have any regret even in this world.

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Even in this world, you won't have regrets. Let me give you an example over here. Once I went to this hairstylist and I was asking her that, you know, many times it happens with sisters that they have a lot of broken hair from the front. Okay, meaning there's like short hair coming out always from the front. So she said the problem is that she was a non Muslim, that many women I've seen who wear hijab, they wear their hair too tight.

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They wear their hair too tight. So what happens is they're constantly being pulled pulled, so they keep near the roots become weak.

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And then they snap off quickly, and then new hair comes in. So this is a problem. So she said, when you wear hijab, make sure that you don't wear your hair too tight.

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And I was thinking that if a person has to wear their hair over a year, a big bun, then obviously they're going to wear their hair really tight.

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isn't it so then you're going to be wearing your hair really tight. You know, if you tie your hair loosely towards the end, then you're comfortable your head is not going to hurt and inshallah your hair will be healthier as well.

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Right? So, this is a small example of how when a person fixes themselves, according to the Quran and Sunnah then they have no regrets in this dunya and obviously in the Hereafter, no regrets, on the other hand when Medina cannibal and those people who deny Biya Tina with our verses, were stuck baru and they become arrogant or unhappy from it. What is the stickball? What is pride? But that will help refusing to accept the truth that No, I'm not going to do it. Whatever I'm not going to do it was stuck about who and how they think themselves too great to do that. They feel as if they will be humiliated, they'll become small, they will become less if they don't dress up in a particular way

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was stuck baru on her cooler. It was horrible. No, they're the Companions of the Fire home via Holly Dune, and they will abide there in eternally. They will stay in there forever. So we see that our clothing the way we carry ourselves, it matters a lot.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Yeah, Benny. The whole Rosina

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Cooley Masjid you Kulu was shabu Allah to sleep in your sheep bull moose reefy

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man how

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long it

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Hi Dounia Hall is

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a woman

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girl you can

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follow me on

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bump on

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Bell we are being held

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to shrink

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units be nice we'll move on

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to Hulu. What

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while equally

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agile by Elijah Giroux is that he own as

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Yeah, Bernie

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Tian Mosul

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Camilla postpone

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it for money dump all

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hopeful gnarling homea.

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Tina was one

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whom fee v 42.

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