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Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © A woman discusses a flyer she created for an upcoming demonstration on the town of West town, which is pushing people to pray there and do other activities. She emphasizes the importance of the message to symbolize Islam's presence on earth and mentions the need for people to promote it. She also mentions the upcoming demonstration in front of East ham town hall and encourages people to attend.
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I am sure my dear respected brothers and sisters that you have seen this flyer for this important demonstration. Okay, I I know that I have mentioned it a few times, but I need to mention it now and again and again until this problem is solved. You know, the big Masjid the Marquez and West town. It has permanent sorry, a temporary planning permission and that planning permission will expire on 27th of May. And they refuse to it seems allow them that they refuse to give extension for the planning permission for the people to pray there and to do some other activities in that Masjid. And it is an our favor. It is in the favor of this land. It is in the favor of heavens it is in the

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favor of Earth. It is in the favor of gin and ends and birds and all creation to see more masajid in which the name of Allah Allah Allah is what is recited in which Allah Allah is a glorified a hug bull American Illa Allah is what the most beloved places on this earth is what

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the masajid okay what another massage, delila massages belong to Allah, Allah Allah, they are the houses of Allah, Allah Allah. So, whether you are getting it with the people or behind this message or you disagree with them, this is at the end of the day, I missed it in which the five daily prayers are established, in which Allah Allah Allah is glorified in which though he is established, so we should support this Masjid My dear respected brothers and sisters and the brothers in NPA, newenham. People Alliance organization organizing made the demonstration they wanted to be a big massive demonstration on next Saturday in sha Allah in front of East ham town hall from two o'clock

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to four o'clock, unfortunately, I will be in Norway, otherwise, I will not miss that opportunity. And I will attend that because I believe that doing that is part of our responsibility. Part of my responsibility is to support msgid for the sake of Allah, Allah Allah so I asked all of you, my dear respected brothers and sisters, not just to go, but to promote this, okay, and to consider it really a challenge for you Are we going to allow this message to be demolished and the planning permission to stop or it is a challenging issue for us because I have mentioned it a number of times that the population of the Muslim population of the new home is around 90,000 people 85,000 Muslims are

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living in new home more than one third, we are not rubbish. So they just can cancel anything or can stop any planning permission just like this. And maybe maybe this will be a start for all of us, really to wake up and to be more involved and to ascertain certain rights for Muslims. Let us make a new harm that has a large population of Muslims. Let us make it a good place for Muslims to live in. Okay, yesterday brothers, I am so sorry to say this, but in the green is straight at around 11 o'clock at night. Unfortunately in Greene street next to the traffic light. The prostitutes were standing there.

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By yesterday night 11 o'clock around 11 o'clock, prostitutes were standing there in front of everyone, shame on us as Muslims to accept this behavior. And when our brothers our younger children, our daughters, they will pass and they will so said they will see these prostitutes, okay, well in a Muslim area, in the middle of Muslim area, the Muslim area should be the best areas, okay, in terms of our flock in terms of cleanliness in terms of everything, but unfortunately because we are really very passive people. We are not doing enough. So really, this is Yani may be a thought for us to be more involved. So I advise all of you to promote this and to go for this demonstration

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last time and hamdulillah in front of the town hall in Israel.

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the number hamdulillah reach around, maybe eight to 10,000 people this time we want more insha Allah if we can have 20,000 people to go and it is Saturday there is no excuse to say that we have work or we have some other commitments, okay. So remember this inshallah

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