Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 022A Translation Al-Baqarah 163-171

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

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Nick mother who will suddenly Allah Saleh al Karim and my bad for Earth bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish trochlea Saudi UAE Sidley Emery working under appdata melissani Yakubu Kohli Robinson are in lesson number 22 sootel Bacara is number 163 to 171. TRANSLATION what Allah Who calm and your God? Isla Han God? What a hidden one? Love not ILAHA any god INLA except Hua he over man, the Entirely Merciful of Rahim the Especially Merciful, in indeed fee in colicky creation, a summer worth the heavens will Earth and the Earth. Wha and if the love alternation, a lelee of the night, when a hurry and off the day, will fall key and the chips

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allottee that which, the jewelry it flows, fee in a robbery, the C Bhima with what young Pharaoh It benefits, a NASA the people warmer and whatever unzila He sent down, Allahu Allah, men from a summer ie the sky, men from man in water for a year, then he gave life be with it a larva to the earth brother after multi her its death. Wha and Bertha he spread fee her in it men from goodly every day. But in crawling creature, wall and the sleeve changing a year of the winds were and a Sahabi the clouds, Alamosa hurry, the one subjected Boehner between a summer the sky while Earth and the Earth yet surely signs Lika women for people your clone they understand why and men from a NASCI the

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people man who yet does he do he takes he adopts men from Duni besides Allah He Allah and then equals rivals, your hipbone are home, they love them, got her be like love Allah He of Allah. When Medina and those who are new they believed a should do are more intense, have been in love LilLah he for Allah. wallow and if only Yara he would see Alladhina those who run a mu they did wrong is when your honor, they see either the punishment under that indeed a local water the power Lilla he for Allah Jamia run all together. Well Anna, and that indeed Allah Allah should eat most severe Allah either in the punishment. If when the borrower he disowned a Levina those who are to be rude, they

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were followed men from a Latina those who it terbaru they followed war and rah Whoo, they saw either but the punishment were and the cut part it got cut off. Be him for them. A superb the means what and Allah He said a Lavina those who it tuber they followed low. If only Anna that indeed Lana for us, come rotten, another chance. Fun at Ebola. Then we would disown men home from them. Coma just as the Ebola oh they disowned me now from us. Gallica thus URI him he will show them Allahu Allah or Marilla Han their deeds have Salatin as regrets or lay him upon them. Well and MA Not home the Bihari Jena in the least ones who go out men from a now the fire. Yeah, are you hurt or are you a

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nurse the people Kulu you are eat mimma from what fee is a

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In a way the earth Hello Alan lawful by uban clean pure wala and do not the who you all follow? Who do it footsteps a Shavon of the shaytaan in who indeed he left home for you or do one an enemy movie known clear in nama indeed not but yet Morrow calm he orders you be su e with the evil while fascia II and the indecency while and on that, the Kulu you all say Allah upon against Allah He Allah ma what La Notte Darla moon you all know

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what either and when peeler it was said la whom do them it Toby Rue you all follow me now what unzila He sent down? Allahu Allah. I know they said Bell rather not Toby Rue we will follow ma what and finer we found our lay he upon it, Abba Anna our forefathers Oh, what do well and low even if Ghana he was about home therefore Father's love not Europe Luna they understand che and anything wala and nor yet don't they obtain guidance.

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What and Matthew example Alladhina of those who care from the disbelieved karma family, like example, a levy of the one who, Yun Rico he yells, he shouts Bhima at what do what? lair not Yes, Maru he hears Illa except Duran, a call WA and NIDA and a cry someone wants death Bookman once dumb or immune once blind, for whom so they laugh not yaki loon they understand

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let's listen to these verses

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well he loves

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wash man or walking in a field

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of view of

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God if you

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will full kill he

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said a long one

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and a long Amina Surma

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up Bob

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Well, I bet that he bullied

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what was 350 Yeah, he was having the most up for eBay

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anymore want

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to follow me

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while I'm Elan

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Duffy Domian

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old lady

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I should go home

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while we

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eat your own

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the law has your deed

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if one lady next to me Oh Nina lady in a terrible

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Part B he will

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walk on

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Gary Gary

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facade walking out at

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the party gene

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so follow me Murphy of the HANA

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wallet who would love to show you on in hola Komodo

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mobi in.

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In Moodle

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Be sue you

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were either Ilana Debbie

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Debbie owner

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lady will be my name is

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