Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 12 Futility Of Shirk Argumentation

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses verses 52 to 59 where he touches base on the topics of futility of shirk and the threat of punishment for the Mushrikeen and also about man’s argumentative nature.

The disbelievers used to apply the Qur’an, the Resurrection, and the Fire of Hell as a means of mockery. Allah has warned us in explicit words about how the worshippers of idols and anything besides Allah will not be able to seek help from their deities and also they would not be able to save themselves from Hell. Also, we are made aware of the fact that these sinners will not be able to escape from the punishment in the Hereafter.

We also see in the following verses how Allah SWT comforts the Prophet ﷺ against the arrogance and obstinacy of the opposition by reminding him that his duty is only to give good tidings and to warn.


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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. And we were talking about the interlude between the story of the two caves. The men that started man in the two gardens and the story of Musa alayhis salam. And we have a few items before we begin the story of Musa so we move on to verse 52. Now and Allah subhana wa tada says that while Morocco Luna, do you remember yesterday we're talking about the Day of Judgment, so we're still the context is still the Day of Judgment. So Allah says on that day, Allah subhana wa tada will tell the disbelievers now do Shoraka exam, go ahead and call those false gods that you presumed were gods besides me, go ahead and make dua to them. So

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further our home in front of Mr. g Buddha home, they will call their false gods on the Day of Judgment, as they used to call their gods in this world they will call them on the day of judgment and there will not be any response. Would you be in a home mobile car? And how can there be a response when Allah is saying we have made a big barrier of destruction between these false gods and between those who used to worship them? So Allah subhana wa tada in this verse emphasizes the futility of Schick and he threatens and he mocks those who commit Schick, you used to call them in this world. Now in the Day of Judgment, go ahead and call see if they will respond to you. And Allah

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subhana wa tada says water elementary moon and now after they called out to their false gods, their gods will not respond. Now those people will see the fire of health for one new unknown moussaka. They know that they will fall into it what I'm here to do an Hamas reefer and they will not find any way to save themselves from the fire of hell. And this is a threat to the Quraysh and to all of those who worshipped others besides Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah says, Well, I'm here to do an Hamas leafa they will not find a way out from the fire of hell. Then Allah says what are called Sol Ruffner the same verb and here there's an eloquence called tejanos where similar verbs are used,

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Allah says they will not find a Muslim far away from jahannam and here in the Quran, we have made seraphina It is as if Allah is saying if you want to be protected from jahannam You had better follow the Quran. There is no Muslim far from jahannam other than what are the seraphina from Koran we have made the way out through the Quran there is an implicit to john was over here using the same verb Allah says we have clarified we have sought after means shown through a variety of means Salafi any beginner with many different ways wonder for the softness he had the Quran in us even cooler method, we have clarified elucidated in this Quran for all of mankind through so many different

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parables every method. So Allah is saying, we have told you through stories we have told you through science, we have told you through facts, when will you believe what will cause you to believe Allah uses multiple methods to get the message across and Allah is saying, what where is it that you have rejected me? What can an insomniac throw shade in Jeddah? The problem is most of mankind all they know how to do is to dispute and to argue gender is simply argumentation What if and why not and this and that it's not a matter of submitting our altana and if you notice in the Quran, argumentation, generally speaking has been discouraged. argumentation is discouraged. Why? Because

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truth is clear from error and argumentation, philosophizing too much why this and why not that and what about this? It's simply a waste of time. And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that mu Giada or Catherine de la mujer de la or a lot of argumentation is not of the sign of the believer, the believer he hears and he obeys when he knows it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala he hears and he obeys. And in fact, there is a hadith in which the Prophet says he quoted this ayah what kind of insanity fellowship in Jeddah to show that sometimes even a little bit of what if and why not to simply not, not are not gonna say permitted but it is not, if you like encouraged. The

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Hadith goes as follows that one time the prophet SAW some visited the house of his daughter, Fatima, late at night, and he knocked on their door. And lo and behold, Fatima and Adi were sleeping they were not awake. So he said, Why haven't you been praying to Allah Subhana Allah He assumed that his daughter and his son in law would be praying to Hudson had a look at this. He assumed that why aren't you doing okay, I'm Elaine. And this was not the nights of Ramadan. These were the regular nights, but he had a high standard for his daughter. He had a high standard for his son in law. So he said Why aren't you praying

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Korea Malaysia right now. And so are the rhodiola. Juan, perhaps he was sleepy, perhaps he wanted to he felt embarrassed. He said, you know, sudo Allah, our souls are with Allah at night when we sleep. And if Allah had wanted us to pray, he could send our souls back. Right? If I mean, it's not my fault, I'm asleep, basically. Right? And so the Prophet system began hitting his hand on his, on his thighs, and saying what counted in Santa Fe in Jeddah, Allah, that how argumentative is man, I'm just saying, Why didn't you pray to God? And instead you say, Allah has our souls and he could have sent. So the point being that and this is not something how long that it said, right? It's not Why'd

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you have to separate the hedges, but still to make an excuse and then to say, Allah has our souls and if Allah had will, so this is a type of majorda that our Prophet system he did not approve of. And the point being, that, as we said, too much philosophizing, too much thinking about why this and why that this is not of the characteristic of the believers. alladhina You mean owner belhaj they believe in what Allah has said, semi now what are the ones that Allah say that Alinea Tiburon own, they listen to what Allah has to say, and they follow it? center? Who in the best way possible? And if you want to philosophize and say, why this and why that for every why there is a why not. And for

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every if there is a but and every time you want to keep on going deeper, you will find ways to block the truth. And this is not of the ways of the believers. And here this verse is particularly pertinent. Why? Because the chorus came to challenge the profitsystem tell us the truth. And Allah has told them the truth. Now what will they say? Now? How will they reject, they will begin to judge Allah, they will begin to invent things, what kind of insanity accurately in cedella? And what has prevented mankind from believing? What is the problem with mankind that they do not believe when the guidance has come to them? And ask Allah for forgiveness, ask the Lord for forgiveness. But the

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problem is, they will not believe until one of two things happen until the sooner till early and what has happened to the previous nations will happen to them. What happened to the previous nations destruction, one nation was destroyed by earthquakes another by flooding another by the by the wind, another by this and that? Oh, yeah, to whom on either Buddha, or the punishment will come to them directly face to face. And this means the death or the Day of Judgment. So Allah is saying, why don't you believe? Are you waiting for one of two things? Are you waiting for the punishments of the people of old? Or are you waiting for your milk am and death, and some have interpreted that either

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here being the Battle of budget, and this is not too far from the truth. Because when this first came down, it was in the McCarthy era. And their first major punishment was the Battle of butter. So some of the early scholars have said, Oh, yeah, to one other will Kula This is a, a warning for them that there will be a battle and you will face it overall means face to face, you will see the eyes up, and it will come and it will get you and this was the Battle of butter. And this is not too far from the truth. And if one were to say that this is a generic punishment, if they don't believe you have one of two options, either a punishment will come right here and now, or a punishment will come

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to your face through the angel of death. And both of these are valid interpretations and allows the widget and also by the way, in the previous verse, we see over here, the blessings of is still far. Why because Allah says, Why didn't they turn and ask Allah for forgiveness, you stole food or bone, which means the worst of the worst will be forgiven. If they turn to Allah and ask for his forgiveness, those whom Allah has just threatened with the either of those who Allah has just said, there's going to be nothing preventing you from janam then a law says, Why didn't they ask me for forgiveness? Why don't they say it's still federal law to their Lord? And this shows us when a

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person turns to a law, then no matter what his sin is, Allah subhana wa tada will forgive this sin, and Allah gives them another chance. One minute sudo modesetting illa MOBA Sheena Momo zerion. We're sending you profits. And these profits are meant to be Warner's and to be givers of glad tidings. And this is a constant theme of the Quran, good and bad punishment and mercy. Johanna and Jenna are always paired together. The profits come with a message of mercy and tolerance and the message of threat and warnings. And if you think about it, this is the logical religion, some of the religions there, they claim that they're all about mercy and all about compassion. This is their claim. But

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the fact of the matter is a mercy that is a religion that only says love and compassion can never live up to its own values. Because we cannot just be all the time loving and compassionate. There must be a time of strictness. Nobody can live this type of lifestyle. And this is the reality that even those countries that claim to be following such religions, they are the furthest in their actions from implementing that the religion of truth, the religion of common sense the religion of logic, it is a religion of love and mercy, but there's also a side that is strict. If you obey Allah and if you are righteous, he are the agenda.

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But if you're so arrogant as to disobey, then that is the punishment waiting for you. And this is common sense and logic. And this is the religion of Islam and the prophets have come MOBA shooting woman didn't they give glad tidings, and they're also warning against impending evil if you reject and what is the response of those whom the profits come to while you judge you don't get in a car for one second mucho de la Jaden, once again argumentation, those who reject they have nothing to do other than argue, what if this? And how could he be this and they're making this argument with Barton with no foundation, there's not a shred of reason. There's not a shred of logic to reject the

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message of the Prophet sallallahu it he was setting up everything about him is screaming the truth, his message, his lifestyle, his miracles, the Koran, everything tells you this is the true religion. How can you reject it, except by inventing false logic by philosophizing, through battle, and by rejecting the truth through invented rhetoric, the youth to be helped so that the truth can be destroyed or wiped out? What the hell do I do now? And they have taken my verses and my signs and all that I have warned about, they have taken this as something of ridicule. And this shows us ridiculing Allah and His messengers can never come from the heart of the believer, when the people

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reject the Koran, they have to end up making fun of it, they have to end up mocking the religion. And this is not of the characteristics of a noble opponent. This is not of the characteristics of a noble heart. And Allah says any who end up rejecting my signs, they end up mocking it What if I do it woman who's a woman of Nemo memento, Kira big Robbie, so who does more wrong, who can be more sinful, who can be more arrogant than the one who was reminded of the verses of a law and all that he did was he turned around in arrogance.

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And this shows us that the one who has been exposed to the message has no excuse, but the one who has not heard of Islam. And he has not been exposed to the message. This person might have an excuse, because Allah says, Who does more wrong than the one who has shown my signs and then turns around. So then if he wasn't showing the signs, and he didn't know of Islam, and he was ignorant of the religion, this person might have an excuse in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we leave his affair to Allah. But the one who heard the Quran, who learned the message of Islam who was exposed to the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then his response was to turn his

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back to it for our Oba. anha wanna see Mr. Padilla tada and he forgot his own lifestyle what evil he did, he forgot all of his sins, who does more wrong than this person in Jannah and aku obey Him. Once he has shown this arrogance. What does Allah do? We will put a seal on their hearts, we will cover up their ears and they will not be able to understand their message the message of Allah subhana wa tada and once again we have this point of cadet here. When you show evil Allah azza wa jal will be strict with you. When you show good Allah azza wa jal will be gentle with you. These people were arrogant. So what does Allah do? We made them even more blind, we made them even more

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depth, we covered up their hearts How can they possibly be see guidance will enter the room in the final year to do that? If that is the case, when you call them to guidance, how do they expect ever to be guided yet Allah says What are bucola furuta Rama despite all of this Allah is saying but your Lord ever will remain aloha for he will always continue to forgive and he will always have mercy. And if Allah were to deal with you as you deserve what oh you are you don't be my Casa boo if Allah were to treat you as you deserve that I jetted at home when the punishment would have come right now. If really you want to be fair, if allow her to be fair with you, you would deserve punishment

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right now. Bella humoured but they will have a time so they have some laps, they have some time to think about, they have some time to seek forgiveness to be guided if they want, but if they don't take advantage of that time, then yet you do mean dooney hemo ila they will never find an escape from the time that Allah subhana wa tada has placed for them and Allah subhana wa tada then and this is a threat to the process and and even it's a constellation to the Prophet, sorry, a threat to the police excuse me, in the end, a consolation to the profits of the law. Why do we send them and to us? Sometimes we question sometimes the Muslims questioned the law question. Others question Yasuda

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law, where is a loss upon these people? Why does the law take them into account now? Why are we suffering in this manner? We as well we ask when we see the situation of the globe when we see what is happening in Syria and here and there ain't no sort of law matter, no sort of law when will either come upon these thoughts upon these evil people?

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says what tickle Cora Hakuna hula Movado watch the Maliki Merida. This is the point Allah has everything written down. Allah is seeing what they're doing. When these cities and towns one day disobeyed and transgress, we took them to account. But What do y'all know the Maliki Merida. There is a time and that time will not be precipitated. It won't be made hasty. Just because you don't understand Allah's wisdom. The Orosz have a time I'd had a time so moved at a time that I won't have the time. Every fall here on the face of this earth has a time Allah is watching what they're doing. And Allah knows what is the reality. And when that time comes, they

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will not be able to be saved from the punishment as it comes down. So this is a constellation to the process of the Muslims, that the orange will face what they have to face. It is a threat to those who reject Islam, that the time will come until that time, what are bucola furuta, Rama and anyone who repents before that comes? Allah is always forgiving, and this is of the greatest mercies of Allah, that no matter how evil a person has been, if they repent before that comes before the moat comes Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept that repentance but when the adapt or wonder mode comes, that is the point where jannetty Maliki him Merida there is a mode that will never be able to be

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changed for them and inshallah tomorrow we will begin the story of Musa and credit and the many wisdoms that we can derive what's going on while you can warhammers a lot