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Part 3/12 – The Truth Has Come

This episode explains ayahs numbered 7-12 from Surah Ya-Sin in a great detail. The explanation includes how Quran makes mention of different ways of arriving at the truth, the invisible shackles placed in the necks of disbelievers, Allah consolidating Prophet SAW and giving glad tidings of forgiveness and reward to those who follow the truth of unseen.

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local county attorney him for him now you know, the truth has become absolutely manifest. What that means is the truth has become absolutely clear the word has become proven itself to be true to the vast majority of them, they still won't believe

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it and they they're not going to believe a lie saying something just mind boggling here. He's saying most of them are actually already aware that the word you're saying is absolutely what true. And they're still not going to believe

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in the previous IR, they have a long history of having no clue in this ayah they have every clue they know. They know and they still won't believe.

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But the question arises if they're not going to believe, what's the point?

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Why even tell them you go warn these people and they're not going to believe?

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Let's start at the top though. How did the truth become absolutely clear to them, there is an undeniable combination, the perfect word of Allah and the perfect character of the Prophet size for them. That's how guidance happens, right? messenger and message, the both of them are at their peak, the greatest messenger and the greatest message ever, those came together. So even the cafe that denier deep down inside knows there's no way we can respond to him. That is in fact, the word of Allah. And a lot, I could not have known that you could not have known that even the Prophet could not have known that Salah larger than Allah takes a good look inside their hearts, and then does a

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diagnostic analysis and then reveals the ayah the truth has absolutely become clear the word has become absolutely true to them deep inside themselves. And for most of them, that's the case they already know. They're just not going to believe.

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isn't it interesting that the Quran is enough for the prophet SAW Selim as a validation didn't validate the prophet in the beginning. He says it's not just enough validation for you. It's also validation for them. Don't worry, you don't have to think it's not convincing enough or it's not getting across. It got across. I'm telling you, it got across. They're just not letting you see it.

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Now the question then the other beautiful thing about this is scary thing to Allah says they will not believe for whom law you mean, the word you mean is a verb. And when the verb is used, it means it's temporary. Meaning for now they're not going to believe but eventually, something might happen that they will believe that what is that? That's actually an indication in the Quran, a principle that is mentioned several places in the Quran, please pay attention to it. The stubborn disbeliever who rejects the truth, even after knowing the truth, there does come a time when he or she does believe you know, when when they see the punishment.

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When they see the punishment, they decide, in a movie noon, like a lesson sort of

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Rob removed the punishment from us, we're ready to believe. We're ready to believe.

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Episode Number 74.

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We see now some are ready to listen.

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We see now we're ready to listen. A lot here says they don't believe for now almost alluding to the fact that eventually when they see the punishment, what's going to happen? They will believe what he tells us other places. And then

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what's the point now? What so I asked you to believe in the unseen, not believing in something you can see even an animal can do.

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A cat can see a fire and running around. But it's not a accomplishment. It's not called belief for that reason.

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So now here he says they're not going to believe but then the most important part of this I held off till the end. I asked you a really hard question. If they're not going to believe then what's the

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what's the point? Why are you telling me to do an impossible job? There's one word in this one word that answers that question. He says lackadaisical. kolu Allah sorry him the truth has become absolutely clear to most of them.

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And even then they won't believe

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if most of them won't believe

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then who will?

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The least of them will Yes, there's a small minority among them who will believe and I the Prophet is being told some of them you need to warn all of them because you don't know which ones might believe and I'll let you know though most of them won't. It's not called a tough straight path for no reason.

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Just work with the fact that you're only going to get a few and I'm not even going to tell you who they are. If you could just tell me who they are. My job might become easier. I just go after them. Don't waste my time with everybody else. Nope, not gonna tell you just most of them won't believe and by the way, seriously, they're not going to believe like how stubborn are they. The next I will tell you in Najafi anokhi him Avalon. No doubt about it. We have put colors metal colors in there next.

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Okay thick collar made of metal bracelet thingy like this.

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And you got chains on it. When does someone have that?

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No more thing more than punishment.

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This is prison.

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They've got these guys chained next to each other one to the next to the next to the next. Each one of them has a collar. If I hear it and I've gone it goes up to the chin. So this collar is like this. It's up to the chin, and they're walking like this.

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for homework mahone, then they're held next are being held up.

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That's how this is an imagery of prison. I want you to remember this is an image of prison. What does that have to do with this? Ally's not telling you that if you go to the chorus, if you go to Abuja, right now, you're gonna see a collar on his neck? And he's gonna say, can you please take this off? It's really uncomfortable. No, no, no. Is this a visible or invisible color? It's an invisible color. But you know what? I need you to understand the imagery of prison first, these people are chained, which means they're in prison. And if they're in prison, they are cut off from the outside world. Yes. Because when you're in prison, you don't know what's happening. We're in the

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outside world, which means you are unaware clueless, and he list is there that that word already come along? If you don't, why are you coughing, because you're in prison. And if you have a color like this, you can't really look around, which means you can't even know what's going on in your immediate surroundings. You're even more heatless more clueless. And then you have to say that in prison, if somebody gets thrown in prison, you should be able to say, why did they deserve it?

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Why did you go into prison? In order to go to prison, you have to be charged with a crime. Yes.

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But the IRS before already charged him with a crime. The truth already became clear to him, the word was absolutely manifest to him, and to them, and they still didn't believe that's the crime. And when that's the crime, they should go to prison. But then you don't just go to prison, your punishment should fit the crime. You heard this phrase before, the punishment should fit the crime. Now what so far what we know about the punishment is got a collar right here, on his one on his neck, that unless he knows the truth in his heart, that he allude to the fact that he already knows what's the truth, he did. So the truth is in his heart, but he's too arrogant to let it out of his

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mouth, it gets stuck in his neck.

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It never makes his way to his mouth, he holds it in. That's why they're called a caffeine caffeine, someone who buries the truth. Caffeine is also used for a farmer who plants the seed because he buries the seed. So the fact that they keep it under their neck, their neck itself gets locked up. The crime is right here. They could see it, but their pride keeps them. But then you I want you to think also about the fact that

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when you hold your hand up like this, and you don't have a color.

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What is that? That's pride. The image of a prisoner having his neck up like this is a humiliating image. But a lot of compares that head up high with the proud disbeliever who out of his arrogance, and his stubbornness, and his pride refuses to listen to this message. He thinks that he's being proud of luck, calls his pride a prison.

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He calls it a prison. He called he's in prison. He doesn't even know that he's enslaved by his own pride. It's incredible imagery in the ayah.

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The last thing about desire, when you do have this color on your neck, can you see yourself?

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Forget being unaware of what's happening outside of prison or around you. You can't even take a good look at who your own self is at home and fusa home will only come when farcical he made them forget themselves. They can't even see their own selves, either. Raja de hula miaka de la Francaise. If he would take his hand out he almost can't even see his own hand.

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This is how bad their situation is. That's how stubborn they are. But their stubbornness Allah is not I was when I read this, I was like, Okay, I probably was gonna move on to the next subject now, because that's enough of a beating.

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There's another IRA. What do I mean by any ID himself done? And right in front of them? We put a wall. I mean, hopefully him said done. And behind them, we put a wall for China, how many covered them for home loans? They don't then they can see. You're in prison. You're chained to other people. There's a wall in front of you. And there's a wall behind you. Why didn't you mention walls on the sides, because when you're chained, you can only move What?

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And you can't even look around because you have a collar. So all you can see is front and back. That's it. You can get pulled back or pushed forward and said, the image is being completed. They are only headed in this direction. Now what does the law say? There's a wall in front of them and there's a wall behind them. What is the purpose of the wall you can't escape? The another purpose of a wall is you can't see beyond it. Yes. That's what makes you unaware. But there are three blocks wall in front while behind end. Cover on top. This is really, really important. When I say really important two times with saying really, really that means it's really really important. If I just

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say really

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Important, I'm just trying to keep you awake. But if I say really, really important that it's really, really important.

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three blocks, the first block was weird.

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Right in front of them, I need you to understand what that means there's a block right in front of them, you know what's right in front of us. Everything. When I wake up, my house is right in front of me. When I go downstairs, my kids are right in front of me, when I go outside the skies right in front of me, when I get in the car, my car's right in front of me, my friends are right in front of me, but on is right in front of me. All of life, all of us creation is always were right in front of me. And that creation, that life, that sky, that Earth, that tree, that child that spells, they are all reminders of Allah, all of them, but they are blocked from this. So they see all of that stuff,

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but none of it reminds them of Allah. None of it is enough for them to think they are blocked from that path to truth. In other words, the first wall is the wall of creation, I want you to understand what that is, everything about created is right in front of us. It's always there. You're not always reading Koran, you're not always doing it. You're not always doing but you know what, whenever you're awake, what is always in front of you.

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creations always in front of you.

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Something to reflect upon with your eyes is always there. That's the first block. The second block is where

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behind them, what is behind us,

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our history,

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my own history, my peoples history, my the history of other nations, that's all where they don't look at the world around them, because of the wall in front of them. They don't even care to reflect upon what happened to people before them.

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And so they have a block even behind them. Now there's two so far, there's the world around you number one, and there's history number two.

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But then that's not enough. They're blocked somewhere else to wear for our shade. Now we covered them from the top. Now if you block him from the top, there must be something you can learn from the top that may give you the truth. If you pay attention to the world around you, it might lead you to the truth. If you pay attention to history, it might lead you to the truth. And maybe there's something from above that might lead you to the truth. What is that

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revelation of a law. Now that's blocked from their hearts to

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or on will describe no matter where you study in the Quran, there are three ways you can arrive at the truth. You can pay attention to the world around you, you can pay attention to history, and you can pay attention to Revelation that is the constant theory in the Quran.

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When you pay attention to yourself, you're paying attention to your your you are part of the world around you.

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Suddenly, him is enough enough how people feel and to see him.

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The world around you is the first path to truth. Every human being has access to that history. Those who care to think about history will arrive at the truth. And of course, the most powerful way to the truth is the one that comes from above. These people are completely locked. So forget about the revelation, they're not listening to the revelation before the Prophet was told some of the hardest tell them that these people are not going to listen to you even if it's caught on, which is from above. That's not their first crime. They don't even pay attention to the world around them. They don't even care about the ruins. They passed by ruins nations, the Arabs use the past by ruling

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nations and didn't think twice. What would have happened here? How did they end up like this? They never thought about it never occurred to them. For him like therefore, they're just not going to be able to see what an image guys what an image. And at the end of it all other prophets like someone was told, where is he gonna be able to get the majority or the minority? What was he told? And now he's being told the majority is so bad, they are so hopeless whatsoever. When I lay him under Tom lamb to be known, it is the same it won't even matter whether you warned them or not. They're just not gonna believe you're a law. You just told me to warn them. And now you say it doesn't even

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matter if you want them or not. Yes, a huge population among them, it don't even matter. So if this was a crowd this big the Prophet was talking to sallallahu wasallam, the vast majority of them callers and their necks.

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The vast majority of them won't pay attention to anything and he still has to do it. Why though? why most of them are not just not gonna believe not even the Quran, not even the Quran from the voice of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam is enough for them. how stubborn can they be that the Quran from the Prophet himself is not enough for them. That's a pretty hopeless state to be. And when that happens when they're in this hopeless state. The profit is then told Salalah alayhi wasallam. in Mountain View, Manitoba.

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You're only going to be able to follow to warn the one who followed the reminder.

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Before I tell you about this, I need to tell you one more thing. How many ways to the truth that I say? What were they?

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How are they Easy, easy, so super easy. That was really, really important.

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Creation, history. Revelation. Yes. Okay. Creation history revelation is how you use your mind to arrive at the truth. Once you arrive at the truth, you will benefit from warnings.

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There's 123 and what's number four? The warnings. If you give warnings before arriving at the truth, they don't mean anything.

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Sometimes our kids don't know anything about Islam. But in the mosque Hello.

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Why should I pray mom?

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Allah will be very angry, but I will be even more angry I give.

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You love giving warnings, but you don't actually explain the truth. First, you know what happens when you do that? People run away?

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warnings are for those who can actually benefit from the truth first, and what are the ways to the truth? The world around you history and revelation? Yes. Then the warnings you have the warning came?

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The warning is now in it now, am I saying when those three roads are blocked? Doesn't matter how much you aren't? They're just not gonna believe it's not gonna matter? Doesn't that affect the way you talk to people about Islam?

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Does it? Shouldn't it be that we should emphasize right now the proper ways of thinking?

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Instead of just warning? And if you do want to warn people, what should you start with? The right way of thinking, make them reflect on history, make people reflect on revelation. People think about the world around them, and then give them a warning.

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I would argue that most Muslims today didn't have a formal or even a decent halfway decent education in Islam, myself included. We don't it's just a tragic world we live in, it's not our fault. So if you don't have the right foundation, and you come along and give a one hour lecture about the heat of Hellfire,

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there's gonna be a problem.

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Because the right foundation isn't there. The prophets did not begin until he Masato, Sunday did not begin with warnings. They didn't begin like that. This is much later on in the game.

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So now let's talk about this ayah, you're only going to be able to warn the one who followed the reminder. Manitoba decra.

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You know, when he uses the word man, someone, he's suggesting that maybe one z two z again, he doesn't know. And the word man means someone who's unknown if it was unless he like indomethacin, from zero to 10, zero levita dekra, there would have been a known person, but man means an unknown person. In other words, the prophet is talking to a large crowd. So a lot harder to set up under somebody in there somebody that he doesn't even know who it is. And they start following what he's saying. And they're thinking about it. Now there's a difference between following the reminder and following the command. When you follow a command like prayer, you can see me praying. You could say

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this person's following a command of Allah. Yes. But when someone's sitting there following along what you're saying, Can you tell what's going on in their head? Or no? No profit? No, I can't tell. I mean, some of you just do this, because you're staying awake. Or you get really nervous. You think I'm looking at you because you have paranoia?

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You know, that's happened a lot. Like I was talking to that guy. And this guy gets really scared because he thinks I'm looking at him. And yeah,

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it happens. But I don't know what's going on in your head. Maybe you're thinking oh, my god, did I leave the stove open? Or is he dead? Lock the car? You know?

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Some people say what time does the game come on? Or there's different things going on in your head? I don't know. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam has no idea what's going on in people's heads. He's not supposed to know unless as your only job is to, to warn the one who might have something going on in his head.

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Look at the perfection of Allah's words, well hashey out Rockman and he was afraid of a rock man believe in the unseen. He was afraid of rock man in the unseen Why is the of course the rock man is in the unseen.

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So what does that mean in the unseen? Actually, it means that he is he doesn't show his fear of Allah of rock man publicly, he shows it where privately which means you still won't know who he is. Because even when he does peer alliance in the private,

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the province it someone will have no idea that someone in the audience is becoming Muslim. No clue.

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He'll just hear you just has to trust Allah. And now think about the psychological impact of this. He's talking to a vast majority crowd that is aggressive against him. And somewhere in there by his conviction. Allah has told him someone in there is listening to you, and they have accepted even though the whole crowd is against you. So you take that one person, publisher who be mellifera in what I did in Kareem congratulate that one person

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of forgiveness and congratulate them of noble compensation.

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You know, it's so so incredible that Alaska well in this ayah

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what he said the first thing he offered us for

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giveness You know why? Because if you're one of those people, and you listen to the profits, have you lived a good life or a life of sin before?

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You've lived a life of sin before? So as soon as you hear the truth, you start feeling guilty. And you feel like man, I've made so many mistakes in my life. I wasted my whole life. What have I done? This even happens to Muslims. Muslims nowadays, sometimes somebody send somebody a YouTube video, they watch it and go, Oh, my God, I'm so messed up, I need to make changes in my life. What have I done? And this guilt overtakes you, doesn't it?

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And as soon as that happens, the prophet is told to that crowd to the one who does Listen, I'm congratulating you. Forgiveness is yours.

00:20:40--> 00:21:05

You get forgiveness. That's the first thing this person needs. It's done. It's in the past. Now you need to think ahead. But then the next problem comes, if I do move ahead, look at what's happening to this prophet. Everybody makes fun of him. Everybody calls him a liar. Everybody calls him insane. The whole crowd is mad at him. If I follow Him, what's gonna happen to me? The same thing, they're gonna think I'm part of the same cult. They're gonna go after me.

00:21:06--> 00:21:50

So I'll lose all my respect, isn't it? Like that Prophet used to be a respectable man, until he became a prophet, and claimed to be a messenger now has nobody respects him. So if I follow Him, if they didn't spare him, who was the nicest man in the entire city? How are they going to spare me? The genius of the Quran, congratulate him of forgiveness, which I already explained. and congratulate him of noble compensation, respectful compensation, I didn't carry him. Why? Because now you shouldn't be looking for respect with people. Now, you only have to be looking for respect with a law, your definition of where you find dignity and respect changes. You don't care what

00:21:50--> 00:22:14

people think anymore. You're your own man. You're your own woman. Now, the only dignity you want is from Allah. It freed you up from peer pressure. This one statement, that you know what it did? You should have hope. And you should not be afraid of people anymore. That's my COVID-19 was in Canada. It's so beautiful. That's what this person needs more than anything else. For sure. Hope you're not floating. Watching Kenny. We're almost done one last time.

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In No, no.

00:22:20--> 00:22:24

No doubt about it. We were the ones who give life to the dead.

00:22:25--> 00:22:27

Oh my god, what is that doing here?

00:22:28--> 00:22:30

This entire conversation was not about life after death.

00:22:32--> 00:22:46

This conversation was about warning the most of the people who will never listen, how the Quran is so perfect, but that doesn't even matter. Very, very few. Maybe one guy might listen, isn't that the conversation? And all of a sudden, in the concluding commentary, we give life to the dead?

00:22:47--> 00:22:55

Why? The first obvious answer that some commentators have given is that of course, the warning is about life after death.

00:22:56--> 00:23:03

So let's just culminate this passage with the warning itself, we're going to give life to the dead no matter what, here's the warning itself. But I go a step further.

00:23:04--> 00:23:07

I was telling you that the Quraysh they've been, they've been warned.

00:23:09--> 00:23:12

They haven't been worn for many generations, they've been heedless mountains

00:23:14--> 00:23:14

that's established.

00:23:15--> 00:23:19

You could even argue some of them have their hearts are dead, isn't it?

00:23:20--> 00:23:24

And no matter how much the Prophet preaches to them, so Obama doesn't seem to make any difference.

00:23:26--> 00:23:32

Every day he talks to them doesn't make any difference. But a lot tells him I give life to the dead.

00:23:33--> 00:23:47

Don't give up on people. It's not your job, to bring them back to life. To bring them back to Faith. That's mine. Your job is just to warn you don't know whose heart may have been dead for years and one day

00:23:48--> 00:23:49

I'll bring it back to life.

00:23:51--> 00:23:52

You don't know when on my turn.

00:23:54--> 00:23:58

You don't know when Hamza might turn. You don't know when Abu soufiane might turn.

00:23:59--> 00:24:07

It's not gonna happen quickly. You don't know when holiday will lead my turn. It took years it took battles he killed Muslims before he became Muslim.

00:24:10--> 00:24:33

I mean, seriously, that's not up to you. We were the ones who give life to the dead. What is the preacher the messenger and everyone after him the die? What are they being reminded? I and even the messenger they don't change people. People don't change people people don't revive people who does a lot does no video changed your life a lot it

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no speech changed your life a lot it my teacher used to describe this concept with gunfire cool and he used to say he was speaker Island is giving a talk words are coming out of his mouth. They're going into people's ears. Everybody's hearing the same exact words. But for one of those people unless has gone

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and his life changes completely from one sentence within the

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Eight hours of Java.

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And that's not because of this version is because of a law. We're the ones who give life to the dead.

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And those that are not listening, don't worry. It's not like they're getting away with what they're doing when actually Asara home. We are writing down, we continue to write down the investments they've made. Everything you do is an investment into the future. Every time you do something bad is going into your future. Well, I found a home and the the ruins they leave behind the traces they leave behind. You know what this is about. This is about every day, we are making history, the culture making history, they don't even know

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they are leaving a legacy for the future, and allies documenting it. And every day they're leaving a ruin wake behind them, a trail of Ruin behind them, that other people will learn from.

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And so as he concludes this passage, he says what quill quill in Asana, houfy, Moby, and everything, everything they do, the prophet SAW shalom is being told they don't get away with any of it. You know how Muslims get all frustrated? You know what they're doing nowadays? You know, the video, they just made another campaign, they just did use the attack. They just did you know, this, you know that, yeah, wakulla in Asana, who FEMA moving, we're documenting all of it. And everything we have compiled it in perfect record slot actually means counting like ancient counting used to be used to have a bottle, and you put pebbles inside it,

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so that you never lose the count. Because if you count like this, you can mess up. When you put a pebble for every person. This is the perfect count. This is called a flop. He says we've got perfect record of everything. In a book that is wide open, that's going to be put right in front of them. He will be the man comes from a man which means in front, a book that will be put right in front of you on Judgment a will have every last thing perfectly documented. So don't you worry, they got away with nothing. From the beginning of the surah the Prophet was being validated. You remember, the prophet was being validated by someone by the end of this first passage in this first section of how

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many sections? six sections are hamdulillah the first and the longest one is done. hamdulillah. By the end of it. The Prophet Solomon is being given consolidation constellation, rather constellation that their crimes are not going to go forgotten. They are they are recorded. They are being recorded. barakallahu li walakum Let's take a good I'll make it 12 minutes I'll be nice.

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