Reflections #15 there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve

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assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back surah

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chapter number 46

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There are two consecutive verses 13 and 14, the deliverer, such glad tiding in the 13th verse of Surah, Allah

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the Almighty Allah says, in a Latina call or a boon along with whom Mr. Ko co founder fonality Him whom Nia

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Indeed, those who said Our Lord is Allah and the remain steadfast on the street path.

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fella who often highlight him well, Amir has unknown, there should not be any fear upon them, nor shall they grieve

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ill health or fear, which Allah subhanaw taala negated from such people

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is concerning the future, like when you apply for a new job,

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when you move to another town, and you you're not certain what is going to happen, whether it will be successful or not, so you're kind of afraid of the future.

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And I'll host sorrow or grieve. Grief normally is concerning what you leave behind the past. So these two terrible feelings, they cause anxiety, they make the person always alert, worried, maybe depressed, having anxiety, why he's afraid of the future. And he is worried and grieved with the past, which keeps haunting him. He's worried if you were to die right now what is going to happen to his young children. So Allah Almighty give assurance to those who would worship Allah as it should be? And they maintain steadfastness on the straight path, no worry about it. Whether the future because it is secure, or the past because Allah will take care and what you leave behind because

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Allah will take care of them. All

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ICA ELLs have done it for the Dean if he

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that is the following idea

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because he didn't tell them not to be afraid or not to grieve for nothing. He said such people are gonna be the dwellers of Jana Hadid ENFP where they will love and abide and heaven eternally non stop forever. They will be immortal as a word and as a compensation for the good that they used to do. I know you remember that in Surah facilite chapter number 41 Correct.

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In verse number 30 That Almighty Allah also said in Alladhina call or a boon Allahu zone, calm that and as I lay him will equal to the half dozen whatever schewe

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Wherever she will will Jeanette Atleti.

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To our to our so this idea answers us? How would such believers who said Our Lord is Allah and they maintained steadfastness and doing good deeds and they kept on the straight path would receive the glad tidings, the good news, don't worry about the future. Don't worry about death and what will come after death, because it is secured.

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And do not be grieved concerning your family members and loved ones Allah will take care of them, who will tell them that? So I am number 30, or suited for Silla, chapter number 41 Answer this question. Those believers who maintain steadfastness on the straight path, the angels of Mercy will descend upon them at the time of death to assure them

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the half who will say Zan wherever she will, so there is an extra information here which is the glad tidings Do not be afraid concerning what you're approaching. It's much better than what you live in. It is Jana

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Lanta, Zan who do not feel sad and do not be grieved concerning what you're leaving behind a lot of take care of home. Wherever you rather rejoice rejoice with what the glad tiding which is Janna which you have been promised. The angels would share with them we are you supporters we supported you in the life of this world will support you here at the time of death. I will support you in the grave and in the hereafter. No, no, I will Yeah, I will hire the dunya or Phil ACARA. Well, I can feel her matters to him and for SOCOM, Allah configure her matter down there in sha Allah when you enter Jannah you will get whatever you desire and what ever you claim, Ma sha Allah. This moment,

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brothers and sisters, is the prize for all your hard work and maintaining steadfastness on the straight path since you reached puberty and you're trying your best to do what is good, and you're trying your best to abstain from what is evil, and what upsets the Almighty Allah. May the Almighty Allah grant us is the karma steadfastness on his state path. MB was Saramonic