Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #25

Sulaiman Moola
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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your Ragini business Bismillah Ar Rahman your wafi alamelu albinoni Zina Tula. Hyah dunya. Well battiato Swami had to hire on nine Dada because our

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mela Sadat Allah who love him. Yesterday we barely introduced this verse at a cursory level in which we did a brief translation of it. And today we look into it with a deeper eye. So continuing on the point that the Quran says this world is temporary short, and it's a passing phase and don't be consumed overwhelmed, blown away by it, Elmira will be known wealth and sun Xena tool highlighted dunya is the beauty, the adornment, the embellishment of this world. What about the to Sally heart and the everlasting good deeds hiren. bring that up because awaba are best in the eyes of your Lord, meaning in our setup, in terms of reward, we're hired on MLR and is best in terms of hope and

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expectations. And we concluded on that note that invest your hopes in Arthur, how many times you invest, you know your things in this world and how often you get disappointed. I know of a person I know of a person and it's a very painful story that he was living abroad, he left his native country he went abroad in the sea in the search of sustenance, and he found employment and he would send money monthly to his native country to his family. And years had passed by and he toiled and he worked and he labored and it was difficult. And he would be in touch with his spouse and keep on asking her how she's doing, etc, etc. And he would send money and send money. And you know, he kept

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on thinking assuming that he's building this hope and this home and you know what, doing so much for his family. And years later, when he came only to discover that his wife had eloped and she left her a family house she had ended up and she she married someone else and she was living another life. And this man innocently was feeding her evil. And when he came there his entire life crumbled. That I toiled I labor I went through so much invested, you know, thinking that that my home and my house and my family is taking shape back in my native country, only to realize that you know what his bubble was burst and the homes that he had had had collapse and had fallen because of the betrayal

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of his spouse, but life as a whole life as a whole how many times

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an employee would say I gave so many years of service. And the day my service ended after 20 or 30 years. I wasn't given any additional package. I wasn't given any bonus, I wasn't given any compliments. I wasn't even afforded a decent farewell banquet or dinner. Or on the other hand, the employer will say I did so much for my employee, I gave him a job got him a house, send him for holidays, empowered him made him climb the economic ladder, gave him experience and everything. And now when he parted ways it is in bad taste and bad spirit. So this is the nature of this world. And that is why I keep on saying that

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don't have high hopes in an underperforming world don't have high hopes in an underperforming world don't have high hopes in a selfish world because you are predisposing yourself to disappointment. You are predisposing yourself to disappointment. You're Allah will never disappoint you whether your prayer is answered now or later by Allah, He will reward you. I often say sometimes your prayer is answered 10 years later, but 10 times better. Sometimes your prayer is answered 10 years later, but 10 times better. So the best for you to invest your hopes is in good deeds. Now what is meant by bhartiya to sign the heart literally meaning everlasting good deeds right but the art remaining

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forever sadly, hard noble deeds. The scholars say it refers to every act of worship or in reverse to Subhana Allah will hamdulillah Wella ilaha IL Allah Allahu Akbar, or the quotation of obeyed Rahim Allah it refers to pious daughters by his daughters.

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And it kind of contrast the first portion a portion of the verse

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That sons and wealth are the embellishments of this world. Of course, if those children and those sons are obedient, then that is an asset for you in the latter one I then saw the high near the ruler who the messenger sallallahu wasallam says that when a person passes away, then his good deeds and but charity that continuous coming to him in the form of a well that you dug our element waratah who are knowledge that you had passed on? Or it is by his children who pray for you? So according to the interpretation of obeyed Rahim Allah, it refers to pi his daughter's giving them a bringing those who will, you know, uphold the pristine teachings of Islam that is bhartiya to suddenly hard.

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So your hopes that you invest in like I always say, well law here and I can tear and there's a crack in my voice when I think of this year. My beloved parents always pray for me and pray that Allah must forgive me in Africa and I hope and I wish and that's my biggest hope that I have is that my my mum says that Allah will forgive you when you come before a lion. That's my my dog for you. That alarm will grant you prosperity and ease and forgiveness in Africa. And I know for a fact that I have nothing tangible that I can present I have nothing tangible. That's the reality. And this is not superficial claim of humility. I know for a fact what my inner reality is. But I I invest my

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hopes in the prayers of my parents of forgiveness and pardoning, after that, hopefully Allah subhanho wa Taala through His grace and His kindness, His mercy and His clemency will forgive us. So the message is in verse 46, one bhartiya to Sally hard to hide on rinda Rebecca taba. don't invest your hopes in this world, we need to transact. But you can see how how volatile the economic climate is.

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You could be in the aviation industry. And probably that was like an anchored position that I'm here forever. You know why? Because flights will never be grounded, or this will never happen, and how things can change and how the world can turn around. And you could have the best of professions in the best of ways, but things can be reversed at any time in any way. So when it comes to investing in hopes, invest in hopes, invest your hope in reward, invest your hopes with the Almighty will bhartiya to sunny high to hydro nine Darby katha Ben. Well, hi Ron am Allah, Allah, in verse 47, Allah subhanho wa Taala then reminds us when will this happen? When will tiama occur? We you know

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those who deny it the consider it to be remote, distant, impossible, inconceivable. unimaginable. In omiana who buried ah one Allahu kyriba in omiana who buried

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rebar they perceive it to be remote, both literally and figuratively. literally and metaphorically remote it's not possible remote it's far fetched remote. I don't know if and when it will ever happen when urawa Reba and we know it will happen soon. Yo my taco no sama Oh can move la when the sky will be like the residue of oil water Kunal zhiban, who can originate and mountains will be like flakes of cotton wool so the marriage the 29th jewels of the Quran, yo mata kuno sama okell Mohali water Cooney Jaipur new calorie honey or Elias ello Jaime mana Jaime Ma, and a close friend will not even inquire from his close friend. How do you mean Arabic can mean extremely hot water was so Palma

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and habima or it refers to your bosom friend, you won't even ask your bosom friend and not because you won't see him you bust sorrow now whom you bas ser una home? La ilaha IL Allah they will see each other YAHWAH majorem What are your What do to desire to wish to hope and Muslim the criminal low if you have Teddy he can give ransom Minh from either punishment. Yo may even that day Benny his sons, Oh Allah, take my children and accept them as a ransom on my behalf and you can hurt them into * but save me La ilaha illa Allah, the greater the desperation, the more the price you offer.

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That's its simple analogy and I can tell you in traveling that

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Feeling to eat something Are you thirsty? You're at the airport you find out the price now that is quite steep. I think I can stay without it. I'll get into the lounge. And then from the lounge because of my status, I can you know what access the beverages and food etc. But now you're at an airport and there's no access to a lounge or there's no loan facility and the flight has been delayed and the hunger is becoming severe. And now you go and buy and the hunger is intense and the thirst is unbearable. You will offer any prize if you have a huge like yeah, it's fine, sir. It's fine. It's fine. Fine. Okay, I just need something halaal I need something tasty. And I know I was

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traveling in South America with my family. And we were flying to Panama and from there to Bahamas and that's precisely what happened. And now you look in and there is no real halaal options. And whatever is available you you you don't even you know what? wink your eye or tweet your eye because you need to eat something the greater the desperation, the more the offer, you'll offer any prize when it's a regular flu and it's something easy and not too bad and you can do home remedy it's okay I don't need to go to a specialist. But as you realize that the grip of life is slipping away. And you know what it's getting more scary and you lose in Now you're ready to employ the expertise of a

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top surgeon and physician and any amount of prize or money you will arrange it can you possibly begin to comprehend the gravity the enormity the intensity of the day that a man would say to Allah Allah accept my children as ransom burn them and save me?

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Yo we're doing emoji ramola we have 30 min either be yo may even be Benny wasa Hey buddy, he were Benny wasa Hey Betty, he will he take my spouse take my sibling? Well, firstly let the lady to take my whole family and do with them alive accept them that's my ransom. Why men feel are the Jimmy whoever's on the earth you can take them I love it. Save it Kela No. In lava leza I tell shower. That flame of * will remove your skin from your head. Netzer, I tell a shower that the room and at the bar ah What?

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What Gemma? Oh wow.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says here in verse 47. When will Tiamat happen while young men will say he rolled a bell on that day when we will move the mountains and they will first Allah says that you will see the moving light clouds what Taraji bilotta Sabu ha Jami Da Ye Tamar Roma rasa hub, a verse of the 20th Jew surah to Nirmal Allah says

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that, what Taraji Bella jameelah you will see the mountains to be fixed. Wen Jiabao, tada we've made the mountains like pegs holding the earth.

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So on that day, the moral morass Aha, they will be moving like how clouds are moving. Yes, that's the verse of the Quran. And in another place, as I mentioned, and also in Surah tokara. yo maya coonan. So Cal fara shil mmabatho. Allah says humans will be like scattered moths. And on the day of the Yama Allah says they will be like scattered Lucas, and the scholars have given the whole explanation why in Tiana Allah said Yama, Jaco Nasser, Khalil Faraj al Masud, that there they will be like scattered mods. And on the day of the yarmulke Anna whom Gerardo monta said like scattered locusts, what's the difference between mods and load locus? And why did Allah use this analogy?

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Yeah, it's just amazing.

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What a cool no ej ban Oh Cal IE nil men fools. And the mountains will be like colored cotton wool, right?

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Why? Because the colors of mountain the shades of mountains are different. So it would be moving around appearing to be like calorie Needleman foods right in the 22nd jewels in Surah 3040 where Allah speaks about the different shades of the mountains. One main energy burly Judah dome be born wahama brahma telefoon Alwan wa Wahhabi Massoud in the 16 Jews in chapter 20 in Surah, Baja Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, yes, I do like an energy bar. And they ask you regarding the mountains for poleon sifu ha Robbie, NASA, tell them tell them that we will reduce it to smithereens. Right? The mountains is one of the huge creations of a lot

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In 15 Jews in chapter 17 Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the proud person and Allah says in Nagaland

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Arruda Whelan, w g Bella coola that you know what when you are stretching your shoulders and raising your head and trying to show your pride and your arrogance you cannot even reach the height of mountains ever mind clouds while antithetical are the and you won't able to destroy or split the earth in any way on the reverse or like an order the earth to split and swallow you like the hadith of Buhari where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said by enamorado lon yam shaved a person was once walk in the hadith of Buhari and he had a tie it himself well

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enough so he was proud and arrogant. He felt great about himself. Wow, look at me. I'm looking cool. I'm looking great. I'm looking gorgeous. I'm looking awesome. I'm looking amazing. The Hadith says Allah ordered the earth to split and solo human that's it. So anyway, Allah subhanaw taala says where Yama on that day verse 47, no say you rosabelle so you say you notice he will make the mountains move. What are all are the bad Raisa, and you will found find that the land will be a playing field, playing field lateral.

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There's no impressions or depressions there's no incline or decline. There's no elevated sport or there is nothing else. It's completely leveled in the 13 Joe's in the 13 Joe's in Surah two Ibrahim and Sora Ibrahim Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention Yamato bad Del Oro, those are of the West somewhat when the earth will be changed into a different earth and the skies into a different sky. For a young man in the y here the sky will be weak and feeble because Allah will dismantle it. So Allah says that what are the barriers are and you'll find the land will be playing while Hashanah home and we will assemble them or we will gather them. So how shall we use the word Masha Masha is

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mu is Mubarak zarafa McCann, the plains of resurrection where we will be assembled. One of the names of the Yama is yo Matala where we will meet yo Mata Garbo and the day of victory and defeat the Omar Gemma and the day of assembly. Yo mallozzi for the fast approaching day. Yo Malhotra the day of regret. Yes, these are different names yo Mel firstly the day of decision.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says what Hashanah whom we will gather them Phelim Nova, they remain home our hideout. We will not leave anyone behind. We will not leave anyone behind. He didn't bought the flight. He missed the boat literally and figuratively. He didn't hop into the train. He missed it. He didn't attend jamoma even Dorado law firm Minh GM fear that they you will be presented before Allah nobody can hide and escape. I'm not coming I'm staying in my graves you people carry on no no Phelim no harden, Lada Yadira, magara departure, right metal mojarra. As they say from Nevada, we will not leave anyone behind. While I'm no longer they remain home if I doubt. Furthermore, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says in verse 48, while early do a baker serve, now again, I just have a flesh now,

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when Allah is speaking about this diorama, then Allah is not saying we will do this. I'm translating it as this which is implied and understood. Allah literally says we've done it. This is the verse of the Quran. So Hashanah whom doesn't mean we will assemble them, I shall now who means we have assembled them. What Rudy do doesn't mean that they will be gathered and they will be lined up what Rudy Lu means they have been presented like you've already been presented. What newfie have is so doesn't mean the Trumpet will be blown. It means that trumpet has been blown while older female Davina Manu, I mean Oh, Sally had it doesn't mean the pious will enter Paradise it means they have

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entered paradise. Allah has used a past tense to denote a future happening to impress the point to reiterate the message that its occurrence is so certain as though it has happened. Yes, well Wolfie yet pologne f Seema Mila, every soul not will be compensated. The adoption of the expression of the Quran is every soul has been compensated. In other words, you've got your records. You've got your compensation and your attribution. Let's move on verse 48. We're already though Baker Safar and they will be presented before the Lord's before the Lord.

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According to the Hadith, that rose will be formed rose let go minha sama loon at rose forming of this onma Allahu Akbar. Can you imagine where billions will converge, converge and congregate and what does Allah say?

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But Steffi Harmon colada Ba, Allah has scattered on this earth, every type of creation. Well who are Allied jumhooree him? Either yourself aka the reverse of the 25 jos Surah Surah. And he has the ability to assemble them all when he decides, yo man, you know del Moana de mcgahn in curry, yo man, you know, dill Muna de when a proclaim I will proclaim from a close place Okay, so we're already Lou they will be presented Allah Robic before your Lord suffer. Suffer is in the meaning of so full of meaning in rows upon rows. Lotta DJ to Muna gamma holla purna Kumbh Mela

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surely you will have arrived here you have returned lapad there's double emphasis law is emphasis parties emphasis la DJ tuna surely you will have arrivers 48 j to Muna you have come to us. Comma hi Latina Kuma as we created you the first time and we know from the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a combat Sharona Yama Yama for fatten or rotten hula that you will stand out from your graves bare feet and bare headed and no covering and uncircumcised her fatten without any shoes ruritan * and hola uncircumcised in other words as you were sent in this world that's how you will return an eyeshadow the Alanna says oh maybe of Allah. Would it be that we would look at

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the private areas of each other because people will stand up in *. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Oh, he shot the intensity of the moment is such that nobody will ever have, nobody will will will will glance at themselves or leave alone anyone else. If you arrive at at at an accident scene, Allah forbid, or a plane crash. And there's nothing but wreckage and deputies, and now you're trying to look around for bodies or for body parts. Nobody looks at the person being cleared or uncovered or or scantily dressed or in *. The moment is too intense, the horror is too severe. I enjoy the moment will be too intense, too severe, and nobody would be looking

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anywhere. So Allah Subhana the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that remember on the day of the Yama you will be resurrected. For young guru Amen. Amina Allah Allah martyrdom, you look to your right you'll only see your actions while young men who fall in love martyrdom, you look to your left you'll only see your actions while you're under obey in a day and you will look ahead of your fellow Euro in Leonardo da Vinci and you will see the flames of * fire for taco now. Well obesity Tamara Sofia that fire even if it is by discharge in one date in charity for my lumea Jade Furby Kelly met in by Eva, and if that's not possible, and you're unable to then say a kind word, gamma

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holla Tanaka, I will Amara as we created you the first time bones arm dumbbell belly bra belly bra in terms of network bells. I'm Tom Allen nyjah Ireland locum Merida, may you thought we will never arrange an honor this appointment you thought yeah, we heard they were saying Prophet said I don't know like really? And you know, I used to hear my teacher sent me Allah preserving what goodness repeat I mean, you're blind I mean repeatedly in the Quran, Allah says in the LA City, Allah herself in the last 30 or so that Allah will take accountability quickly, swiftly. So he used to ask us why does Allah repeatedly say this that resolve accountability will be quick and swift? to refute the

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notion that you think okay, perhaps even if they ease we know with certainty, but I'm saying how the devil can whisper like there will be accountability, but then billions of people will converge and congregate. Can you imagine when my chance will come? Or the queue is long? You say oh, no, you know what, I can go home. The flight is delayed for so long. I can go take a shower, go in the lounge relax, pray my Salah I have a bite and then come back and there's still enough time we'll go out do a tour of the city and come back. Well when hisab will start from the first nation generations. No, no, in Allah has said he only haisa

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Allah is one who will take accountability quickly because

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Allah knows everything. Allah knows everything and and instantly and quickly and swiftly hisab will take place. Byzantium Allah nirjala la comunidad de you thought that we will not arrange an appointment and honor this day. But here it is. We're not radiallahu Yama, Yama, we move on, and that is verse 49. My word Allah Akbar, May Allah give us the ability to prepare.

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What will the idol Kitab again the same thing, Allah is not saying and the book will be placed meaning your records my records your book of deeds, right which I have authored in you have authored but I haven't read I'll read it on the day of the Yama one no hurry Jolla who Yama Yama Chiquita and we will produce a book for him. Yellow cow human shoe run he will find it open it Rokita buck it will be said to him read your book, you decide for yourself you decide for yourself you know before the results are released, what you can anticipate probably you're not too sure about one or two things but overall you have an idea that you know what I've scored this mark or I have done so well

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or I have fallen short and in the world it's always you know what subject to you know, interpretation etc or not because people are not always fair people are not always just etc. But when it comes to the almighty it is absolutely accurate for that total amount of sunshine knows soul will be oppressed in the lease. So let's go directly into that verse here. What will the allocate our verse 49 the book the records will be placed.

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Further almajiri mean a machete in me Murphy.

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For then Tara, you will see almajiri mean the criminals much facing afraid mimma from that fee, which is inside the book, you will see them nervous, you will see them anxious, you will see them uneasy, you will see them wrestlers, you know everybody can relate and identify with the days in school madressa at a tertiary institution, when it's time for awards, when it times for results when it's time of announcement of positions, etc. Those who would be excelling, would be excited, elated waiting, no, it's congratulations. It's an award given etc. And those who unfortunately had performed dismally. They know exactly that they dread in that document they dread in that

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certificate, they dread in the release of the mouth, fat almajiri mean can you imagine the embarrassment in front of the entire world by word, Fatah almajiri mean you will see the criminal machete in afraid Mima from that fee which is inside and what what would the criminal say why Apolo Nyah ye Latina and they will see whoa be to us. Whoa be to us were yaku Luna Yahweh Isla Tana May we be destroyed will be to us show this is bad. This is embarrassing. This is humiliating. Yeah. When you let it away in a tone in Arabic is an expression of whoa of destruction of pain of of anguish of distress. Yahweh Isla Tana Maliha Al Kitab what's wrong with this book? What's wrong with this book

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Maliha delicata Bella yoga de Rosa, the writer novella cabbie rotten in

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this book has not left behind any small or major action, but that it has recorded it whatever wrong I have committed sorry, who said that Selena would refer to making contact in any form, shape or size with a strange male or female, while Kabira major would refer to the act of Xena illa afsa ha but that it has recorded it, captured it and documented it. When when you not pleased with the results, then you blame the document. When you're not pleased with the results. You blame the document. When you don't like the message then you despise the messenger, but the messenger is only conveying the message. So the kuffaar mcca did not like the message that jabril alehissalaam

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brought, they said no no, we're not comfortable with him. We want somebody else and he's an enemy to us. Allah said Pullman Can I do only gibreel efa in hoonah zela. Allah tala gibreel has come by the command of Allah. So what will the criminal say Manny has Al Kitab what's wrong with this book? La Johan de Rosada Ratan wala Kabira it has not left behind any good or bad but that it has recorded it. And you know how Allah concludes the verse 49 while we're Jadoo marami Lu ha Veera, whatever is recorded is what you have done. Whatever is recorded is what you have

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done you know why, when your bilimora buka Aveda, because your Lord does not oppress in the least. And what did the messenger sallallahu Sallam say and I leave you with this man what are the hi Ron familia, my de la when you open up that book and they say so and so with the son of so and so has been forgiven and pardon and paradise has been declared for you then celebrate and praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for the medela woman wotja who Dallek and Allah for bed and Allah for bed. If there is failure declared in that report, fella yellow men ill nafsa then he has none to blame for that evil fate, but himself was only Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad was early he was happy he

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emmalin will hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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