Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L313H

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. A woman named Tina fitGeneration is working at a health center and facing challenges, including a woman named Amana and guidance from her on how to practice reading and study the book. The Day of Judgment video encourages people to read and share the book, highlighting the importance of learning and sharing it to improve chances of achieving success. The speaker also discusses protecting people from evil and offers incentives for those who do not want to share the book, while emphasizing the importance of learning and sharing the book to improve chances of achieving success.
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v v.

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v the

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Aloha Morocco

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Allahu Allah Callaghan

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and tenuissima what you will have the woman for you him

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and America somehow it will only woman fee him

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what are called

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andhaka You must somehow it will all be woman fee him

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or her hand and that'll help

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What? Oh look, I'll have one word to call her while he

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was there to help

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one agenda to help one out or help

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one be you know

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one more hammer down son la la la he was settled Omaha

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Allahumma and how common urbit

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or how common zookeys comerciais. In Harlequin ala watch hook until we're head there Sherry kanak well until Malik lanie della

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was civil colada Nia Turlock walhalla Luma Hello. Well hello Mama.

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What Dino National Art Well, hello Hancock. Well,

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when are overdue or other the

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coalition is the sort of Han Allah He will be handy he or the huddle key. Whatever enough See, he was in a towel she he Amita Kalamata he sobre la he will be handy he under the hierarchy, worry about NFC he was in utter arshi Amita Kalamata he silverhand Allah He will be handy he are the hulky he worry about NFC. He was in a towel she he wanted the Kalamata he

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ilaha illAllah who was the Who? La sharika lahu la huimin koala who were who are Allah Konishi in Cadiz? Allahu Allah.

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Allahu Melaka.

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middle of summer. Woman,

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woman avena Houma woman, de Vinci, Umberto Allahu Mulana near alima.

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Operator Allah maraca Lima monarca what are

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the main cultured

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Allahumma salli ala Mohammed in

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early Mohammed in Gamal for later Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in Naka Javier de Majeed, Ricardo Mohammed in where are the early Mohammed in come about Dr. Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim in naka hamidah Majeed yahaya Are you

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are you bureau of medical studies or birna? Tina fit dunia has an office here at the health center working are there but now robina attina dounia has Anna Warfield de hacer una joaquina either now

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hidden in the scene

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in the scene partner robina wala Tamil Alena is one comma hamata who are an OLED 11 coplanar.

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To hominem and alpha catalana b word for

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Wolfie Lana

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antimo Lana from Sona middle caffeine

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burner burner it had atena

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sobre la

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muslimeen of burner Africa coralina sobre what muslimeen

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robina la katakana y la

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la can mostly opener, Tina Villa del kurama Oh hi, I'm Rena Russia the

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admin learner norrona

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at midlaner norrona warfare learner in Nicaragua Alicia in Cadiz robina Indiana

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fulfilled learner Leonard lubaina joaquina

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What is softener fee a marina was a bit awkward Amana was a bit awkward Amana one sooner a little con will carefree.

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Hope bill has come out of band he saw the law

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as well Gina whether Tina palmata Aryan with john madden with the pina

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colada with the Pina eema

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honey and ash coronaria Metallica, Letty Anantara, they are now early they are an armada fully handled. What are the thinly veiled, Nautica fear iva de casa de hain.

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Oh Allah,

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Oh Allah, all praises to you alone.

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Your weak servants, offer gratitude and thanks.

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You alone have guided us to your book. You alone have enlightened us with its knowledge. You alone have given us its guidance.

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You alone granted a sterile field to study it, that we'll be able to reflect on it and recite it and admire it and love it and be inspired by it and be motivated by it. Yeah, Allah. Keep us with this light. Keep us with your book. Keep us with this light with this guidance until our last breaths

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make it our companion in life.

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Our companion in graves

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and an argument for us on the Day of Judgment, a shade for us on the Day of Judgment.

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here Allah forgive us our shortcomings or neglect our forgetfulness with regards to your book. Forgive us if we made any mistake, any error in reading it and understanding it and learning it. Forgive us and correct us for it. Yeah, although we haven't really given the heck of this book.

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Yet Allah forgive us. Give us the trophy to read it gives us the trophy to study it to recite it in the hours of the night in the hours of the day. Give us a trophy to teach it to share it

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Much better than we have done. So now, they all know me because of those who are told on the Day of Judgment, read and ascend, read and ascend, and do not make us of those who are thrown in the fire because of it. Make us of those who act on it. Make us of those who give it its right. Don't make us of those who forget it. who ignore it, who leave it aside.

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Don't let us forget this book. Yeah.

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Except our efforts, except our reading, except on reciting, except our studying, except our reflecting. You know, Allah, this gift that you have given us. Bless our friends with it. Our families with it, our children, our husbands, our loved ones, all people, everyone, give us the ability to convey to everyone give us a trophy to share it with the rest of the people. So they may also benefit from its blessings and mercy. Yeah, Allah, the way you guided us through it. Also guide them through it. The way you opened our eyes with it, open their eyes with it, the way you removed our doubts, our confusions, our worries, our fears through this book, remove theirs with it as well.

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Yeah, I love the way you have made us love this book. Make them love this book. The way you have made us love to read this book. Make them love to read this book. Yeah, Allah, we are weak. strengthen us. We forget. Remind us. We are forgive us. We are at every step. We fall short at every step. Yeah, Allah forgive us. Don't make us of those who forget the score on Don't make us of those who neglect it. Who, after reading the Quran, become like those who haven't read it. Yet Allah, save us from the evil of our naps. Save us from the evil of Chopin, save us from the evil of our sins. Save us from the evil of all that you have created. Your Allah protect us from the fire of *.

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protect us from the fire of * protect our parents, our children, our families, our husbands. Make them the comfort of our eyes, make them our companions in paradise. Yeah.

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enable us to walk on your path to do what you are pleased with, to do what you want us to do. And make our families our supporters on this back. Make our friends our supporters on this bat. Yeah, Allah reward our parents,

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our teachers,

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our parents,

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for their immense support for their cooperation,

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put their guidance

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in us why Cina with a finger Tina, are you on? What's your subpoena?

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Parents, our teachers, our families, reward them with the best in dystonia and

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raise their daughter make us a sort of culture to

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reward all those who helped us accomplish this task.

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All those who cooperated with us all those who helped us who assisted us in any way our children, our parents, our husbands open up a couple men

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in the semi regularly but to berlina in the web

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but to berlina in the wearable Rahim. Allah Allah, Allah.

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Mohammed in Allah as where do you live at marine medical model? I mean,

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you can make your personal bars as well.

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panicle lahoma liquor, the Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta Let's stop.

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Let's stop. It'll start it'll go. One or two agree. Like I said, I'm already covered.

Al-Kauthar-An-Nas Duaa

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