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Al-Kauthar-An-Nas Reflections


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The speakers discuss their past experiences with mental health issues and the benefits of learning the Quran and embracing their own successes. They share their personal experiences with learning, working, and living in Rwanda, Canada, and the importance of staying connected with their principles of life. They also discuss their struggles with success and their desire to become a successful person. They share their personal experiences with learning and working in different situations, including their journey to work in a car and their desire to become a student at the University of Canada. They also discuss the importance of learning from the Quran and bringing back lost pride of their identity. They end by praying for everyone to come to LA and be connected to Islam.

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would like to call Krishna

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just aquaclear for joining us for our community, but Alhamdulillah my experience of who there has been a memorable one. Many people they think that Oh, there's just about learning and teaching the Quran and it is there's a very big part of it for them. But just by being here for the past 18 months has given students like myself many other opportunities and has opened a lot of other doors, such as doing double work, helping with the food drive, popular teachers and all with the same purpose in mind. I would also my classmates that one of my classes was right here on campus, and the other one was on the fourth one, the highway for 100. My rides my long rides from Markham, with my

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carpooling sisters has taught me so much more than just the word tour translation, they've taught me how to actually implement this knowledge into my everyday life. If I could just take away one thing from these past 18 months and it's kind of hard to take away just one thing, it would be that my purpose in life has changed and also the way to attain this purpose has also changed. I've always wanted to assist women with psychological disorders, especially depression, anxiety, this is very common even amongst Muslim women. However, the Book of Allah has taught me that first I do have myself recently recovered from everything, and I have 14 Lenovo raanana of the hearts which is

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soiling or rusting of the hearts. So I kind of learned the book of Allah has taught me that first and to diagnose myself diagnose my own diseases of the hearts and minds, and then instill this knowledge and instill positive thoughts in the hearts and minds of other Muslim women. I thought that I would be a psychologist, a counselor to other woman insha Allah and working towards that as well. But however, after learning the Quran, I realized that what could be a more sincere advisor and a more effective behavioral therapy even than the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala is accurate for for listening Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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So you can see the sisters that did this course, they had their own challenges every single one of them. Krishna, Allah used to come from a very dark place, and sister Malia, a young mother with a little baby, she also completed the course from

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school, university, graduate school work, baby, life goes on, one day after another one week after another year after year. This was my life before studying the Quran. I came to Hooda after more than half the course was over. Other students already seem to know their words, Mashallah. And I thought it would be impossible for me to understand the Quran in Arabic, which was my goal 100 with time alone enabled me to understand patterns, and even understand the word torah translation.

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Knowing that I would be back at work after maternity leave back to the same old routine, except for the addition of a baby and busier than ever before. I knew I had to try and stop and learn the Quran. Between these phases of life.

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I had never stayed at home before. And the task of being a stay at home mom, even if for only a year seems daunting at first. I had always been at school or at work trying to do something or the other to enhance my career. My career was my ultimate love, and the only thing that had pulled me away was the baby. I knew that I'd never stick around at home. If I wasn't at a playgroup, I probably end up at the mall wasting my time. This brings me to time. A lot gave me so much time before I had a baby. But one thing came after another undergrad than grad school than work and finally a baby. The Quran has made me realize the importance of time, if we aren't grateful for our blessings of luck and take

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them away. But those of us who are young, have more time, responsibilities grow as we grow. It's easier to take a break from your life to learn the Quran when you're young. Once you took a break from life to learn the Quran, the benefits were immense. Knowing how to react in different situations was really helpful. Allah says in Surah, one ayah 11 no disaster strikes except by permission of Allah. And whoever believes in Allah, He will guide his heart and Allah is Knowing of all things. Allah guides our hearts, not only matters of beam, but also in your daily affairs and in your dealings with people.

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Knowledge the Quran helped me understand how to respond to people and their questions about Islam. And it gave me the confidence to put things into practice, despite what people may think. So it made me less people conscious.

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It puts things into perspective. I feel that learning the Quran will help me when I go out into the world again, to resume my career and to raise a young family inshallah. In order for the Quran to guide me, I've realized the importance of staying connected with it every day of my life. I can never be too busy for the Quran. I can, however, be too busy for other distractions because my focus

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is still put on Colossus and serum was a male, higher 20 Europe knows that you stand in prayers, nearly two thirds of the night, sometimes one half or one third of it. And so to others among your companions, Allah has the measures of the night and the day, he knows that you will not be able to keep it up. So he has turned to you and mercy. Therefore read from the Quran as much as you easily can. When the Quran reciting it, learning it, implementing it becomes your goal. Other things can and do fall into place. I pray that Allah keeps us all connected to the Quran, and to those who learn, teach and implemented and that he gives us the pharma steadfastness. When we go out and face

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the world, amin

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Kumara mokuba Baraka

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and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen I think Omar subhanho wa Taala for this day, I thank him for all of my teachers and my fellow students. Allah says in the Quran, called Holly so we live in Ala Moana we live in Allah Allah Subhana Allah whenever a remember this ayah I see myself before the knowledge of crime. I grew up in Rwanda, where I grew up with just a basic knowledge of Islam, fasting Ramadan, praying Juma to Juma and I believe this was okay. Alhamdulillah I moved in the US and when I lived there, I worked well running after dunya every day, making money, I came to realize one day that this was not enough. So I made door to Allah as a well over please guide me 2005 I moved in Canada.

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And then hamdulillah I was going to displacer for halakhah my teacher at the time she mentioned about an Huda and in deep in my heart, I thought I know enough already. I don't need to go to Buddha, you know, and it's so sad when you think you know, yet you don't know, to have Allah. So I came here just you know, let me go so that my teacher can she can be happy. She actually did go to the CES, I went to Alberta. So I came here as a listener into Panama, and love it so much. So that I made dua to Allah, Allah, please help me, help me to go to a hotel. And I realized that I didn't know anything that I didn't know anything. So Panama, and hamdulillah 2010 and hamdulillah Al

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Hamdulillah. Allah gave me an opportunity to be a student here. You may think maybe it's not easy, you cannot do it. But and hamdulillah have, I had me, as a single mother with two children, one of my children has a special need. And every day I used to come here every time and get a lesson at the Tafseer I hold on that Listen, I hold on to Allah. And they went home, day by day, step by step. And today and hamdulillah so my dear sister, you can make it and hamdulillah now I know the purpose of life. I know who I am. I know I am insignificant human being. So I have to humble myself. I have to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala I know the purpose of life. The best thing when I stand for Salah, I

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know what I'm reciting and of the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala not only just walking, even like when I'm driving now I'm not going to look at this. The BMW SUV has a beautiful car. I'm gonna look at this case. Quran has taught me how to use my intellect to see the power of a verse of Hana Horta. Even like when I'm walking, I see the trees, they're dry. I know one day I'm gonna die and I'm going to Allah subhana wa Taala. So with Quran, you're going to have complete knowledge regardless of any degrees you have a PhD, but without Korra you don't have knowledge and hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala and I pray for all of you that you get the knowledge of Quran. A Salam

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aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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inshallah, we will have another reflection from our dear students, Xena pup and inshallah she will be giving a reflection about how this course was for her.

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cinematical Muhammad Allah Hubert

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I remember our first day of school when they told us that Allah subhanaw taala has chosen us out of everyone in the world to be here and study the Quran. I know understand the weight of that statement. We are all honored to have been able to study Allah's words. After having gone through the Quran, I realized how ignorant I am and how merciful Allah subhanaw taala has been to me. I feel as though I had been walking in darkness and didn't even know it until someone turned on the light. The light of guidance that we find in this miraculous book, I recall a quote that one of my teachers had once written on the blackboard. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

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But what is success? The way I had thought of success was in terms of worldly achievement only, meaning I should work hard. Get a good education.

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Have a job that I excelled at, and have confidence in my abilities. But now I realized that my definition of success was flawed, because it was incomplete. I wasn't working at all for my hereafter. I was thinking of success in the near terms only. I only learned that to success includes accepting your circumstances and submitting to our Lord. And our ultimate goal needs to be doing those actions which pleases him the most. And this is the purpose of my life, not running after worldly pleasure and praise. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, and indeed, that he may admit to believing men and believing women to gardens beneath which rivers flow to abide there and

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eternally and remove from them their misdeeds, and ever is that in the sight of Allah, a great attainment?

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May Allah subhanaw taala help us all to stay connected with his book, perform righteous deeds, and do not return to our habits that we have left behind? And gravitas to success and tranquility.

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Santa Monica, What

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are y'all doing?

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Okay, just to tell you guys a little bit about myself. I began this course in July of 2010, right after I graduated from middle school. So two weeks after I graduated from middle school, I started the course. I had a lot of people telling me we feel bad for you. But today, I feel bad for them.

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Because we all got to feel to come and learn. And and yeah, so this journey through the Qur'an was just breathtaking. It's not something I can just explain in words. I encourage every person here who wants to learn the words of the Most Merciful to come in the locker and I remember when we finished wrestle Baccarat. I thought we covered everything in the Quran, like what are we going to cover now? Like soprano love. It's amazing how the Quran teaches like everything from embryology, psychology, from math, to family life, everything 100. And just an incident I wanted to share with you guys that really like changed me I

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was I remember when we learned that a law or sometimes put you in such a situation that you can do anything except that you accept and then you think, Okay, what can I learn from this. And so my family left the country for approximately four months. And it was just me, my younger sister and my father. And at that time, I didn't know how to cook. I wasn't good at cleaning wangi and all that but hamdulillah that time, at first, it was a little tough to accept straight. But

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after some time, I thought, What can I learn from this? So when I was 100, I was able to learn all of these things as well. So when you start learning, when you see your difficulties from different perspectives, I used to wonder how is this now a way of life? When we learn even the etiquettes of knocking on someone's door, and there's a pile of that's what I knew is that really is a way of life.

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So my dear sisters, any one of you wants the comfort of their hearts coolness of their eyes and success in the hereafter. Then

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Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato, wabarakatuh.

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Rubbish. I had a surgery where suddenly an MRI, or a little letter melissani of all these are busy near an alarm of a bayonet indeed. I mean,

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if you see the reaction of people towards the origin, there's three kinds of people nowadays, some people, they don't know anything about it. For example, if you see some people, they never see an ocean. They don't know what it looks like. Maybe they heard about it. Somebody might tell them like, Okay, it looks like green. They don't know it's blue. And some people they probably see OSHA, they know what it looks like. And they know is that in these seats, beautiful, but they never dive in inside. And this could be the example of those some of us that we never had the chance before. Or we never had the chance to study the origin for Wordsworth, this translation or steps here. And for

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those of us who study the origin, 18 months hamdulillah when you dive in inside the ocean, you see how beautiful it is. You see how vast it is, when you pick one pearl or when you pick one jam, you see its beauty, you get mesmerized, and you get shocked, and then you think like, Oh, this is one job, and I got so much you just pick it up and then you get so mesmerized by one job, and then you realize there's deep The ocean is not just one job. And and this is could be the example of one that you learn in the origin. And you get so mesmerized if this is one that is that has what not only one meaning

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But I don't know how many sometimes six different interpretation and you were like, wow, I don't know nothing. So what did I pick up for myself? One thing that I pick up for myself was the importance of Allah. Before I let up on I used to think that okay, Islam is 45 times a day, I go to Hajj, I get up, and I hamdulillah I'm a perfect Muslim. I don't know anything about Allah. I don't even know what it is. And but I have the love when I exposed to the Quran, I realized, whoa, not only praying, but I should be really concerned about the other fellow Muslim, I should really help my mom, I should really respect the other people, I should be really concerned like, Am I taking

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their space? Am I offending them? Watching my word, looking? Make sure that I fulfill my responsibility. Now the words, I remember it was, as I was saying, in the beginning of the course, or on is the mirror for your action for your personality? I don't know, like, what does it mean? I don't understand. But now it hamdulillah like learning the origin of Allah subhanaw taala that I know what it means that Oran is shapes you, you learn how to walk even you learn how to talk, you learn how to see somebody. And just if you see your house, how many mirrors Do you have,

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you have in your washroom you have in your living room you have in your bedroom, even you have inside your purse. And then every time you want to make sure you look good, you take it out and you sleep, right. And then similarly, if you want to make sure you have a perfect a lot, go back to orange and see what is missing. Sometimes we put foundation, okay, this is something missing in here, something messed out, you just fix it. All right. And as similarly, if you want to make sure you have good luck, go back to Oregon. Another thing that I found in Oregon was my purpose in life, I'm not created just like that The sun has a purpose. The river has a purpose, everything has a

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purpose. So do I, I am created to worship My Lord. And this gives me purpose in life that I have a reason that I am here to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And the last but not the least, I have learned who is almost

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I learned who is my Creator, he created all the water cycle spatola just for me to have a glass of water. He tilled the earth so that I would have a piece of bread in front of me. And not only that, he just provide food, shelter, clothes, everything. Not only that, but you also send a book for my guidance. And then for example, if you say I have mentioned about example, about ocean, if you see those people who study about the ocean, they will just go once diving, and then we know everything. No, if you see their life, they spill all their life studying, researching, either they just go there to have fun, or they go there to research to search something. And similarly our life has to

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be like that. For those of us who learned that one once is not enough, because there's a lot of strangers to find. And for those of us who never had a chance, ask Allah subhanaw taala He will guide you, and then inshallah you're going to find treasures, and the treasures and treasure is my friend listening in America.

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When I try to write a reflection on the Quran, it was extremely, extremely overwhelming. I sat and I stared at this blank piece of paper for days before I could think of even a single thing to write. And it's not for lack of words, no, every single day that we were learning the Quran in school, every single day was filled with reflection. The problem is there's just too much to say, how can you summarize the entire Quran into five minutes? It's too overwhelming to even think about. But I thought about it. And I thought about it and I thought some more. And finally I think I came up with something. So if there's one thing that I've learned from the Quran, it's that the Quran teaches us

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our identity. It teaches us our roots, our origins, our ancestry. It teaches us what has afflicted us what has corrupted our hearts and made us lose the way in teaches us how to be who we were meant to be how to reclaim that honor and the dignity that was lost from us. And I want to give a personal example from my own life to help explain this. I can read it to Islam about seven years ago, and I was lost before I accepted Islam. But I didn't realize how lost I was until that day that I said those words. And I felt that this feeling of welcome like I finally belong somewhere. I felt perfectly fine before. But after accepting Islam, I felt like I no longer had to suppress myself. I

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felt like I was freed in a way my identity was released. It was as if all alone in my heart I was crying out to be a Muslim. In my heart. There was something trying to speak but I kept on suppressing

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It, I kept on giving in to what society expected of me. And when I said those words, it was like a weight was lifted off of my heart in a way, like you can think of your fitrah. You keep burying it with different things like shark and cofra. And as soon as I sat there, I was like both things disappeared, like I was so much later. So for 19 years, all of this was lying deep inside of me, and I had absolutely no idea. But for six years afterwards, there was still another weight on my heart. And I only came to realize that when I opened the door and started reading it in Arabic, I got rid of the shark in the corner that was burying my throat down deep inside, but there was still all this

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other stuff, all this other junk garbage that was there from society that was not shaken, not Cofer. But it was still a huge weight on my shoulders. And I didn't know about it until that day that it disappeared, learning the word for word meaning of the Quran, and the tafsir. Each and every Ayah has shown me that my journey to find myself, it didn't end with just accepting Islam know from the first day up till the moment and back in July 18 months ago, not a day has gone by that I hadn't changed. Over the last 18 months, I learned how to read the Quran in a way that it speaks to me how to have a conversation with a law through the Quran. And when you read the Quran this way, it's not

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possible that it doesn't change you through the Quran, we learn not only about Allah, the day of judgment, stories and laws, we learn all these things, of course, but each of them teach us about who we are, each of us teach them about who we are and who we were meant to be. Throughout the grant from beginning to end, Allah teaches us gradually who a true believer is and who he wants us to be, where we came from, and where we're going, what behavior suits us and what behavior doesn't. So the main point that I want to make here is twofold. Firstly, to our wonderful guests who are not yet enrolled until the end, I pray that Allah gives you all the tofik to read the Quran in its original

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language, and to be connected to Allah through it, and the tofik to discover who you were truly meant to be. And I want to leave you with the message that not everyone is here today. You are hand chosen by Allah to come here. So ask your heart if maybe he's sending you a message, that maybe this is exactly what's missing from your life, the solution to all your problems, that maybe your heart is also crying out to be close to a lot. And although you don't know it, yet, Allah knows it. And he's answering that call. Secondly, to all my classmates who are finishing the Quran with me, I pray that Allah gives us all the trophies to implement what we've learned, and to continue being

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connected to the Quran And to Allah throughout our lives as we go our separate ways. Don't let this be the end of the road. Let this be the beginning of a journey. Okay, that was cheesy, but I had to say.

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And remember the great quote from Thomas Shafi that all humans are dead, except those who has knowledge. And all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds. And all those who do good deeds are deceived, except those who are sincere. And all those who are sincere are constantly in a state of worry Zakah

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subhanak Allahumma vmdk nashotah La Ilaha. illa Anta, nostril fuuka wanted to LA a Salaam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh