Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 242C Tafsir Al-Zumar 19-23

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the process of rain falling from the sky into the ground and onto the roads, including the use of rocks and cracks, and the flow of water through rocks and cracks, eventually becoming into river water. The success of Islam in shaping crop and the importance of not missing a chance to live by being 16 or 17 years old is also discussed. The best believer in Hong Kong is the Prophet sallali, and the use of words like "good speech" and "take off the brain" is discussed. The title " moral evolution" is introduced, and the use of "has" in various context is also discussed. The transcript provides context and examples for the concept of "the internet" and its impact on people, including people who are scared of their Lord.
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Hello I'm Tara, do you not see an Allah that indeed Allah Anzahl Amina Sana he, he has sent down from the sky water. Notice how it is like from the sky, why not clouds in rain falls down from the clouds, doesn't it?

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Doesn't it? So why Santa?

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By Santa mentioned

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because we are the clouds in the sky, right? Rain comes from the direction of the sky meaning from up above. That's where the clouds are. And if you think about it, have you ever seen clouds up in the sky but there's no rain

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doesn't happen. We just because there are clouds in the sky, that doesn't mean that there will be rain. A lot of things have to happen in the summer, so that rain can fall from the clouds. Correct. So I'm Santa Lena sama II man rain is is a result of what happens in the sky, not just

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from the cloud. So under the mean Astana EMAT and for Seneca who then he makes it flow he makes it enter, meeting the rain water, Seneca from the river scene Lam Catherine Celica is to enter a path and proceed.

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Like for example, you see lots of cars driving, and then there is a particular exit and they take the exit and they carry on on that road. This is Celica understand Seneca, there's a whole lot of water bottles somewhere and then on the side is a stream so what happens the water on the bottle that goes into the stream Celica. So the water comes down from the sky and then Allah makes it enter into Janna via into springs. And I'll be in the earth. You know, beer is a form of Jambu known by Nevada, Nevada is on water gushes out.

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And Jambor is used for spring because what is a spring? It's a crack or a hole or something like that in the ground, or somewhere between the rocks from which water is coming out. And where did the water come from? Where did it come from?

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Somewhere in the ground? Well, where did the water come from? In the ground? It's the rainwater that was absorbed.

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Right? So yeah, beer is a photo of Jambu and Jambor is a spring. So as the water infiltrates the Earth's surface, it becomes part of the area groundwater.

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Right. And the area of groundwater as it increases in volume It then travels through a network of cracks and fissures and eventually emerges in the form of springs. So for Santa coho you're gonna be filled so you freed up and this water I was watching a video about this this water is naturally filtered spring water is naturally filtered water because it goes through layers of soil right

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and then eventually it comes out it's naturally filtered water suddenly you need to be found this water Allah causes to grow because of a Xyron crop. They grow mine look at where the water came from, somewhere from the sky. So much happened in the sky water fell down absorbed by the earth came out as spring water and sometimes springs also form lakes

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and huge lake and then from that what's happening so much crop so much vegetation and theater is specifically used for crop meaning that which people consume which they eat more often and one who different in its colors of varying colors. Who think about it which two leaves are exactly the same color

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and when it comes to crop when it comes to produce that which people eat just go to a grocery store and you'll see a rainbow of colors so amazing. Not only fun and wonderful, but then some of them yeah he do.

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It weathers it dries up yeah Haeju hair yeah Gee. Ha Ha Ha Ha is grass which is dried and withered,

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dried and weathered. He had from the same route is used for that which is agitated and stirred up agitated because when grass is fresh, green it straight as it dries up, even if somebody sat on it. If an animal walked by, you know on it, then it just looks so messy. So yeah, hate you is when plants naturally dry out and wither.

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Why are they weathered? Why have the dried out? Because time's up.

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Understand time's up

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If you got beautiful tulips

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and you put them in a vase you keep them so that they get enough sunlight they get their water you even put that plant food in it, whatever that is, right? What will happen after a week?

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What will happen after a week or two? They'll die. Why? Because time is famous up your time Zara tulips time is up. We still have some time to stay awake. Okay.

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With the weather change what happens to crop does it change color? Yes. The mayor Haeju it dries up Fetta Rahu. So you see it most far run? The whole crop turns yellow. It's amazing in spring in summer you see so many different colors. One tree is purple reddish almost another is green. Now there's light green other is dark green. But what happens in fall in winter, everything turns yellowish brown. That was for one mascara is used for that which has turned yellow. Sooner than yeah Gerardo who he makes it whole Bama how for me broken pieces. debris. How come is to crush Smash, rake and crumble something so so my God will show Palma in Nephi Valley color they call it will

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indeed and that is a reminder for those of understanding. What's the lesson over here, rainfalls down springs freshwater filtered water and then the crop that grows from a different colors, different varieties and then with time in winter, they dry up all of them turn yellowish brown hope Aman at the end crumbled debris. That's the lesson what's the big car in this? Every peak has a

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has a decline has a fall.

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So do I realize this is how this world is. Nothing is permanent in this world.

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The most beautiful tree the most beautiful flower also

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eventually drops and dies. Right youth also it goes away in total calf also we're given this example what Brie Bella who methanol hieratic duniya Cana in and the La Mina summer on an unsightly man came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam? And he said yeah rasool Allah au mini afghan.

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Which of the believers is best? Which believer is the best. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said I sent her home poorly upon the best of them in character, not accent Hong Kong Can we think the best person is the one who has the best looks? No, it's the one who has the best character. And that man asked for a minute. Yes, which person is the most intelligent?

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And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Africa room will know at the Quran.

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Those who remember death most

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those who remember death most and what are sent home Lena Baradei, who is their dad and and those who are best in preparing for what is after that, for afterlife. Hula II can Akia as those are the wises those are the most intelligent. So in Nephi Valley can they call for who will allow? Did you see once on you remember that, when you remember that life is short, it's temporary, and you know that this is the only chance you have, you're not going to have another opportunity to come and try to please Allah subhanaw taala or in his play, this is the chance you have this is the time of youth you have you're not going to 16 again are 17. Again, this is the only time when you will get to live

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as a 16 year old as a 17 year old as a 20 year old as a 25 year old. This is that time, your only time and what happens is obeying Allah Subhan kind of becomes easy. And you don't look at yourself as Oh, I'm only sweet 16 Now you think of it as this is my chance as this is the only one time in life when I can be 16

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This is my only time in life when I can be of this age. So I better make the most of it. I better earn Allah's pleasure through it.

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Because life is not forever.

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If a man is then who shall Hala who Allah has expanded Sodre who his chest lil Islam for Islam. You see in the Surah so many questions. perfect man, a man and so many questions and you will notice the answers are not given because the answers are implied. So I fallen short

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Hello Who said Rahul Islam? Think about it. The person whose chest Allah has expanded for Islam. Remember the word shot? Aha, I showed you a video a long time ago. SHA is to what does it mean? To cut open meat, not as intricate it to pieces, but to cut it open

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meaning it was closed was tight. And then you slit it, cut it open and you spread it so that it expands. It expands. This is Shara

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Shara Hala, who saw the law who his heart his chest was narrow closed.

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Allah opened it expanded it broadened it for Islam. So a person is able to understand it and accept it wholeheartedly and live by.

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This is Chateau seven. There's room for Islam. Because otherwise what happens? The person thinks there's no way I can pray five times a day. There is no way I can wear the hijab. There's no way I could do this. There's no way I could do that. But once a person's art is open for Islam, then everything becomes easy. gradually, gradually, things become easy. So if a man cherohala Who saw the role in Islam, for her so He is Allah, new Emirati upon light from his Lord. What does it mean by this? That because of Islam, now he's upon a light as in guidance, knowledge, clarity, clarity of vision, because where there's light, you can see things as they actually are in darkness. You can't

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tell between things. You cannot even tell the color of the things that are in front of you. So follow Allah nor him there will be ha. He has no fun his Lord. He has guidance. He has knowledge, he has clarity, he can see things for what they really are. He's not deceived by this world anymore.

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This is who the person who's just as opened up for Islam, the person whose wholeheartedly accepted Islam.

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Is he better? Or the one who is otherwise his heart is closed and is in darkness, who's better. And sha Allah Who sutra holding Islam, far away you learn then Whoa, destruction, for who? Little RC at the Kulu boom for those whose hearts are hard. Men, Vickery Allah, against the remembrance of Allah al Cassia have seen while

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a swab of discus one hardness remember some cassette for

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the RCA articolo buvo their hearts are hard mindig Rila against the vicar of Allah

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Springwater also, I mentioned to you earlier that when water infiltrates the surface of the Earth, it's absorbed.

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It should keep going down technically, but it reaches a point where the rock is impermeable.

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It's impermeable, it's not possible for the water to go any deeper. So I happen to begin to collect over there but then obviously water is going to move it's not going to stay in one place. So then it begins to

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come out of

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you know, springs. Alright, so this is ossia him permeable.

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So my name RCFE Kaluga. One nil victory. Now what does it mean? Their hearts don't soften for the vicar of Allah.

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They don't get soft from the vicar of Allah by the Dhikr of Allah. So firstly, they refuse to do the CRO of Allah. And if they were to do the CRO of Allah, they wouldn't benefit from it. What are you

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and what is the Dhikr of Allah? It's the Quran or Allah's remembrance, unaffected, unaffected. Allah ecoffee badali mobian. Those are in manifestor. Two types of people, one is enlightened by the Quran, and the other is hard and do the Quran. One is a person whose heart expands, relaxes with the Quran, the distress and other worries that he has in his life they depart solutions they come to him heart is filled with happiness, joy, contentment, and the other. RC at equilibrium in the heart feels even more distressed by the Quran in surah toga Iowan 25 Allah says we're among Medina if you could be miserable for that religious and elaborate see those in whose heart is a problem is a

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disease. And what happens the more Quran they learn, the more disease they get. Because the heart is hard. It

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is impermeable it doesn't get affected.

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Is there a problem with the Quran? Not at all because Allah who Allah is the One who Nasrallah he has sat down several Hadees the best speech, the best of all speeches is the speech that Allah has sent down. And what is that? The Quran? How is it the best? What is good speech? Good speech is that which is good in its content in its style, its themes, and its relevance in its benefit.

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Any other thing you can think of? What is a good speech?

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A good book? relatable. Alright, so the Quran is accidental Hadith. It's the best speech. And you see,

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there could be, for example, the best, you know, really good lecture, content wise, for example, a really good book content wise, written by a nobody, meaning their name is not well known.

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But then there is a big name,

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a big personality. And they give a talk, which content wise may not be great at that time. I'm not saying they're always like that just at that moment at that time, content wise, not that heavy. Not that great. But what is it that people will be more drawn to?

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The content or the speaker? The author? Is the author the speaker? Isn't it? So good speech meaning a speech is good. Also, when you look at who the author is, when you look at who the speaker is. So Quran is accidental Hadith, because whose speech is it?

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Whose speeches it was Kitab is it

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it's the speech of Allah, it's the book of Allah, so it has to be the best speech. There could be no other speech better than the Quran.

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It haven't. It's a book, a book that is muda shabby hand muda shabby hand. This could be translated in many ways, or one translation or interpretation could be consistent

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with a shoddy one that resembles some sheen. Baha with a shabby has various meanings of the meanings of the word the shabu is when something resembles another

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when something resembles another, so Quran is a book whose one part resembles another part. It resembles another part. What does it mean? There is similarity bears repetition, in the words of the Quran, and also the meanings.

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You see themes being repeated concepts being repeated.

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Right? Or words or phrases being repeated.

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Right, so muda shall be one with a shabby, as in one part resembles the other. If you think about it, once you've learned even one part of the Quran, and you hear recitation of the Quran from another Surah from or from another part that you haven't studied yet, can you recognize it as Quran

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of course you can write because it's Kikkawa moto Shabbiha. So, it is consistent.

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misogyny, meaning in it is reiteration, repetition Watani from the root letters that are known Yeah. And the word Muthoni is said to be the plural of the word Messina and some have said the word Muthoni is not a plural, but others have said that it is plural of the word methanol

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methanol methanol was to laughter What about remember the word must now what does nothing I mean to induce right or two at a time? Like for example, it is a jell o meth now they came in twos, few at a time all right. Likewise, it is said to lately methanol methanol, the night prayer is methanol methanol, what does it mean? You prayed in two to two units meaning in badgered young pray for Raka.

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Right, you do to you and two separately, right? This is the word Messina.

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Now Medina, it signifies doubling something.

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What does it signify? Doubling something. So for example, the knee of a horse. The knee of a horse is also called mathema. Why? Because when a horse will sit, the leg will be divided in two parts understand, straight leg, but from the point of the knee. It's divided into two parts together. So Martha gives meaning of folding something.

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Bethany I wonder Stephanie, I mean

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apnea means three no

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to right. And from this the word is also used for the Crown repetition. Because you say something once you say it a second time, why are you saying it a second time? Or repetition? Right? So all this detail to tell you have the word Mei Thani, what does it mean that in the Quran the concepts are mentioned in pairs,

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where reward is mentioned, punishment is mentioned.

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Right? Where Halal is mentioned how Ana's mentioned where the do's are mentioned, the don'ts are mentioned. So that's one meaning of Mitanni.

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Another meaning of Muthoni is simply that in the Quran, there is repetition. And this is true.

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You don't just find, for example, the command to worship Allah alone only once in the Quran, you will find it over and over again in

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the measure of halal and haram. It's not just mentioned in one place, it's mentioned over and over to look at the verses of hijab or dimensionally once or twice, here's repetition, Salah, how often is it mentioned so many times, so many times. Alright, repetition.

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And then thirdly, another meaning of my fanny is this Kitab is a guitar that is Muthoni, meaning it is meant to be repeated meaning it's recitation is meant to be repeated. The goal is not just to do one Hotman Quran and Hutton know, what is it? You do have double Quran and you've started again, and you start again. But what do we think? Start the recitation of the Quran when you're three years old, when you're seven years old? You have a big army.

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And that's it. At the age of 15. Somebody asks you have you read the Quran? Yes, I had my army and at the age of seven, well, after that I didn't

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know the Quran is meant to be

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is meant to be a tiny meaning it's recitation is to be repeated.

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He tell them muda shabby hand my Thani and this kita. Because it is consistent, it is coherent. And because its concepts are mentioned repeatedly. And because there's beautiful balance in the Quran, what happens? It becomes easy to understand

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is it it becomes easy to understand because the concepts are repeated. It's almost like you're reading something and you know what to expect next. For instance, if there's punishment mentioned, you know that there's verses of reward coming is

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where where core ambitions are mentioned, you know, you begin to expect some commands also.

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So, my Thani structure is you talk Sherry rue. It shivers it contracts men who, because of it, meaning because of its recitation, what shivers julu skins of who and leadin is shown out of the home those people who fear their Lord, not everybody.

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Only those who fear their Lord, when they hear the Quran. What happens to their julu The shiver Giroud is a clone of jeans and what is

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your skin

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and McSherry Lulu that is thought she nine Bashara Pasha is to contract to tighten.

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To tighten to contract. Your Chihuahua is also used for skin when it dries up. You know what I'm talking about? Winter, your skin dries up. Does it feel tight?

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Very tight on your lips are dry. Do they feel tight? Yes, they feel very tight. This is a shower when skin becomes dried up or earth becomes dried up so that it becomes very dusty.

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shall let the Sunnah year of drought.

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Alright, so found this. Akshay roo what does it mean? That their skins contract? Shiver shutter? Why? Because they're called

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No, because of our because of fear. Fuck Sherry lumen who julu The lady nya Shona of the home. Those who fear their Lord, when they hear the Quran. Their skins feel it, they feel it all over their skin. As if they get shivers they get chills. You get chills, knowing this is how my Lord is. This is how forgiving he is. This is what he has promised. This is how well he knows me. Duck Sharia Rumina jerudong Medina Shona, a bomb, some Madang Falleen or julu home their skins that mean

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And relax not just their skins but also walk lube on and their hearts also relaxed a little lamb yeah known Lean is softness tenderness.

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Yeah decree law at the remembrance of Allah. They got chills, they get afraid

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and then their hearts out to become soft.

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Why at the remembrance of Allah, meaning at the mention of His mercy,

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because there's this beautiful balance in the Quran, when you hear verses of punishment frightens you they're like, are you how if Allah who will be here, Eva.

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But then as you read on, there's verses that give so much hope that your heart relaxes.

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You know the thriller, because Allah vinicola He felt in Kulu Danika hood Allah, that is the guidance of Allah. Yeah, DBT mania shot, he guides through it whomever he wills, while my yoke linen Allah and the one who Allah sends a stray person who is not affected by the Quran, from Allah whom in that there is no guide for him.

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What do we see in this ayah the effect of the Quran on who on people have knowledge on people who have fear of Allah, their hearts are gripped with all their skins shiver, and when the verses of mercy are mentioned, there, relax. There is calm and tranquility. What do you see the Quran instills fear and hope.

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Because structure refers to fear. And kalila refers to hope. When is it that you become all tight? Or you're scared? And what is it that you become relaxed? You're happy, you're hopeful. And this is what Quran does. It instills fear and hope

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with other he said about this idea he recited this iron. He said this is the characteristic of the Olia of Allah.

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Allah make us amongst them this is the characteristic of all the friends of Allah. Allah has described them in this manner, saying that their skin shivers their eyes weep and their hearts find rest at the remembrance of Allah. In total unfurl ayah to Allah says in normal movement known and Larina ADA Luca Allah, what do you not call their hearts tremble into Turkana is 73 one Medina either the killer will be it or be him lamea Valley has so much fun

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when they hear the verses of their Lord they do not fall as deaf and blind know they're affected they understand they're affected their mood and they feel it on their skin and this is what brings true change in their actions also, let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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man help body

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to be

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lurking in

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wow all your playful long me

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me often

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be pleased

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to be here is one that is

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a huge

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in the field

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shall How long before the

00:29:19 --> 00:29:21

Islami for more on

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the Korean

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Mubi along as Bella Hadid Nikita

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moto shabby

00:29:49 --> 00:29:55

Ernie Topo Cheyenne Wyoming modulo levena Yaksha owner of

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methylene blue more photo

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then he come along in Divi me

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wanting to lean in

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eBay Jay he

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walked in on the lawn he mean

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to taxi

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00:30:41 --> 00:30:41

on the

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wall Walla

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let's go

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boy here are the

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barbell along

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the shoulder aka

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you're joining

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and handling

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if we want to see if we're truly afraid of a lot and let's observe ourselves when we listen to the recitation of the Quran because the sign of Alladhina you're shown or the home is that they're affected by the recitation of the Quran. Shallow will conclude here so panicle level the hemlock shadow Allah Allah Allah Anta

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