Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #30 The Humility of Prophet

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah?

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Come closer inshallah. So we can feel the Harar of Amen Shala

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similar hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah la mala Linda main found out when finally Mount Olympus Anna was in the Inman Yahama Rahimi

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alumni Pamela him in Harlem had the little jewel Harlan now. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect all these beautiful faces from the Hellfire inshallah along with our banana mean

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better 10 If you had a Jamal Kareem era blood I mean put Baraka in it and make us from the people at the end of the gathering. They will be told como MacFarlane look at Bucha let's say article Hassan it may Allah make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told get up all your sins have been switched into Hassan atom Sharma I mean

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we have reached the o'clock

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in our book of the Shama IL,

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by the Imam at Tirmidhi, Rama Allah.

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We have reached the chapter pertaining the

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the humility of Rasulullah Salallahu. Salam, Allah when every time you read this beautiful Hadith about his, his man was Ali salatu salam,

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you really want to

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dedicate your life and your efforts just to emulate and duplicate these kinds of beautiful manners Subhanallah I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who try their best to imitate the manners of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam I mean, Brandon,

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listen to this hadith which really touched my heart and I was comparing

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the first chef ever the first Imam ever Imam Al Mursaleen. To our Imams right now has definitely you know, hedger had definitely you know, Haji Khan had death in a suede bin Abdulaziz and homemade

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and innocent nomadic and Nimrod Jha Elon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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for color clean for Color Club in Li la kaha for college Lucy fee a year Tariq Medina *ty Azureus la que

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sure item

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What is this man's Subhan Allah and as the Malik or the Allah azza wa jal reported it when a woman came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and she said you had a sort of Lot. I would like to speak to you in private

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so as I said, I've said choose any street of the medina that is convenient to you and I would meet you there

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you need four weeks to see an imam now.

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To see a scholar or if he answers your phone call or he answers your text, you're lucky

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Rasul Allah

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from Allah Allah, Allah, Allah woman came so loud, let's choose any place you want anytime you want convenient for you, for you.

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For you

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and I will meet you.

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First we learned, of course, how you want to be a leader,

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be available, be accessible to the people

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sometimes might

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affect effect your comfort zone might have to, you know, go out of your way. But somehow these are the Aflac

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that we should imitate. Second lesson is, he's teaching us not to be alone with a woman. Right?

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When he asks her Ali salatu salam to meet him on the street, that means it's a public place, people walking,

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people can see, but at the same time,

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he will make it private enough

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to make the woman feel that her concern is any for herself. Maybe something is, you know, she doesn't want anybody to know about. That's why you want

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it if it happens that you are in, for example, I could give you an example of myself. When a sister would like to ask me a question, or she come to visit for any kind of inquiry. I always leave the door open no matter what happens. If the woman come by herself, you cannot be alone with her in an office, even if the office is in the masjid. Especially if the office is in diversity.

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So you cannot be alone in with a woman. Or soon as I said and the Hadith. We all know by heart straightforward. Anytime there's a man and a woman alone. Third is the Masha Allah.

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We all know the Hadith. Third is the shaytaan SubhanAllah. If there are two women, then you can no problem.

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Okay, if there are two women, there's no problem if the woman has Muhammad he has she has a child who was 15 and up. No problem. You know, you can close the door.

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My brother, dear brother called me and he's a psychiatrist.

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And he said, sister came to me want to

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she was asking for counseling. And then she refused to close the door, even though she's discussing something very private.

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So I'm surprised check is this okay? I thought Yes, she's right. So Subhanallah look, there are some people who complain what is the big deal we are America, this and that. You know what the brother did Subhanallah he said his uncle Lafayette yet, I'm going to put a camera of what's going on outside and I put a screen so people outside can see what's happening, but I have to close the door.

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So he put a big screen outside, and he put a camera inside. So everybody's passing by which is in a hallway. So everybody can see what's happening. So as if it's publicly okay Subhan Allah, when there are some people when you tell them something, immediately they follow. And some people their nature is to complain.

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And they cannot complain. You could complain but but to complain about a ruling of Rasul Allah Islam that is very clear. And this is very dangerous, very dangerous. So remember no. Commenting on this hadith, he said.

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The hadith shows the closeness of Rasulullah sallallahu his people and his desire to help people have the rights fulfilled and guide those who need guidance, guidance so that people can see his actions and follow his example. This hadith does not condone sitting with woman and privacy as a process and have made it a point to meet her in public. They met on the road and though people were passing by, no one could hear her question as she wanted to ask it in private. So the point here one is almost I seldom made everybody feel that they are very, very special.

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He made them feel that they are very special. We all know the hadith of AMRAAM, the loss of the Allah Han, right, you know the Hadith of the loss.

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After a suicide Salam assigned him, the leader of the general of an army

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and there was a bucket of normal in the army. So I

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felt very proud and very happy.

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He felt that he's very special to him. So when he got that assignment,

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he sat down after

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asking the question, that the answer to Amro was already guaranteed. Rasulillah who's the most been?

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Other to

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me the leader. Of course, it's me. He said that

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not only

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I mean the men

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talking about women here talking about men said

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her father.

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Okay. So the first Muslim, understand. Okay, so next. So he's waiting. He's very interested. So say I will enter

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a pub, but maybe the third or next year. So

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he said I will say I stopped asking. I said, I hope I'm not asked I wish I did.

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But the point is that he made him feel that he is so special. He made him feel that he is the most beloved to him that what made him asked that question And subhanAllah when, when we say these beautiful stories, similarly, we have to do the same thing. I have to make Salahuddin feel that I love him the most. The be Hama, same. I will have a use of everybody. I want to make them feel that I love them so much. And I do

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Subhanallah so this is the this is the clock for Sula, Sai Salam. And when he speaks to somebody, he turns completely give them full attention. He holds their hands and when he sees the children

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there was no hallway, but in our hallway, no screaming and yelling at the children. He said salam to them. He put his hand his blessing hand on their heads. He speaks to them. He jokes around lightly with them. This is to encourage them to come to the massage and

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Subhan Allah this is the flap of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had that

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same same Narrator Carla had definitely you know Miss Hill and Muslim in our analysis of nomadic Subhanallah a lot of this hadith are narrated by Anis called can Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yeah oh dual married. Well yes heddle Jana is while you're on Capitol Hill, where you live.

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What can I do move any other human Maktoum? behandling min leaf, where are they he Karafun min leaf.

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And as narrated are the Allah Han that Rasul Allah says seldom would visit the sick, attend funerals, ride donkeys and accepted the invitation of slaves. On the day of the Battle of Bonnaroo Kuroda, he rode upon a donkey, the trains of which were made of date palm leaves, and the Saddam was also made of date upon leaves, Abdullah Saeed said, Some people prefer solitude and that made them lose the immense reward of these good deeds. Subhanallah Yeah, when you hear a brother, many times our Imam or shiksa they announced that the brother is sick, he's in the hospital or or someone who

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passed away and then Janessa is that certain date at certain time, Allah when the Holocaust rasool Allah is seldom whether you know the brother, whether you know the sister or not, do your best to attend these geneticists.

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This is the HELOC of Rasul Allah cisilion Khanna, Yahoo, dual Marine. When we hear about the visiting the sick, he used to rush Shalini salatu salam, can you imagine? Let's just pause for a second.

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I remember brother Juma or some other brother also they told me that, you know, subhanAllah they went and visited the brother.

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And after maybe a week or so in the hospital, they told he he told them you are the first people who visited me.

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And they were so he was so happy. He was so happy and they took him and he walked they you know they made him walk a little bit because he had a surgery that the joy that he had Subhan Allah is priceless. Put yourself in that place. May Allah give us your for all of us in sha Allah will never see the hospital. But let's assume things happen and you have to go to the hospital. How happy would you be?

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How happy would you be that one brother leaving one brother coming and that always keeping your company and making you forget and resource SLM from his Adam of visiting the sick he used to sit down by the head of the marine and he used to make him feel Masha Allah here looking good.

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He makes the art for him. And he asked him you asked the marine people usually feel ask him the marine. Yeah. Ask the marine to make the art for you too. He's in a very good position that the millennial because they're saying I mean Shala especially if he was very, very sick and so Hammam so and don't make the visit very long, five, six minutes. You

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Make the DUA Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah of human yes FIAC

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maybe a manga bananas, they haven't been especially into chef that she felt that she felt like Shiva and there you heard it. And he kind of beautiful throughout the whole in sha Allah, the shortest and most comprehensive, the whole Insha Allah, the whole in sha Allah what does it mean? Yeah Allah, I hope from Allah that this sickness is purification for your sins to hold in sha Allah subhanaw taala that's it very simple, five, six minutes and you leave

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the reward. Listen to this hadith.

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Of course, we all know the Hadith of the 70,000 Angels right? They make dua for you to finish we all know this one. But listen to this one Rasul, as I said and said, whomsoever visit a sick person,

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he is immersed,

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Yanni immersed in the Rama of Allah till he leaves.

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He is immersed in the Rama of Allah, till he leaves till he finished the visit. What does that mean?

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That means, if Allah took your soul at that time, Allahu Akbar, straight

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Rama because the only way to enter Jannah is through the Rama of Allah, you're immersed in the Rama in that desert. The why so much emphasis, if you noticed, there is a lot of reward plus was assigned and told us about the AMA that is so rewarding, and most of them are, when you do things to others. When you visit this guy, when you smell a smile to this guy, when you help this brother, when you help that sister when you pay the debt of that brother, Allahu Akbar, these are the most rewarding Amen, when the hunk when the a bad are dealing with one another Subhan Allah.

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When I when I'm studying the Hadith, I noticed that most rewarding is when you do something to someone else.

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Allahu Akbar, a humble and early in Allah so rule to the hero who will be Muslim happiness that you put in the heart of another Muslim and that happiness could be that visit that you just made.

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So one of our dear brothers mentioned his name, I just want to get his permission first. He he's in the hospital and he just finished surgery as a matter of fact that his wife just texted me hamdulillah it was very successful. But if I get the permission from him for a visit, I will inform you in sha Allah Tada you all know him and you love him also. So let me just wait for him to come down to the big operation and Charlotte Allah will let you know

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more Hadith insha Allah now with a shot it's late so I'm going to make it I don't want to keep you long. I want you to go to spend some time with your with your spouses in sha Allah.

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Last Hadith at death, Abdullah Abdullah Abdul Rahman kala had death in Abu Dhabi kinda M burner Yeah. Ben ebill Hey, Femina Atholl call Samir to use have been Abdullah bin Salam call some Manny some nanny Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam use of what occurred and if he he were Masada ROTC low

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use of bin Abdullah Abdul Salam Salam reported that are the Allah Han bus almost I Salam named me Yosef anybody named Joseph here

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so many use of he named me use of and he put me in his lap and he wiped his hand over my head.

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Even harder life me narrated set about this hadith it is recommended for a person of high esteem whose example is followed in the community to name the children of his companions

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it is recommended

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to ask someone who is very highly respected in the community to help you name your child number one welcome number two How come is

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was other hakomi that we could take from this hadith

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excellent. It's a very good to name your children after the prophets to many use of And subhanAllah look at the this hadith really touched my heart.

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Someone said yes Allah assalamu alayka Yeah, how you will bury

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someone said Ross was assalamu alayka Yanni the best of mankind. You know what also salam answered.

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That was Ibrahim.

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Allah, that was Rahim Allah Islam well

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Oh Subhanallah look at the Tada Jaquan so hang on, somebody's gonna get the best of mankind. Very happy. And I know that was a Brahim Subhan Allah Annie, and we all know any so many Hadith about how can a butcher a middle version? If Lisa were yeah lo Bucha Shatta Wale Yakubu Manasa he used to be

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a man among the rest of the men. He himself removed anything that was attached to his clothing, milk his goat and did all of his work of his work himself.

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Subhanallah bad mojo measure if you have Okay, next chapter we'll discuss in sha Allah if Allah kept us alive the next Monday, the character continuing the character that was specifically about the humility, but shall not Allah will continue the character in general of Rasulillah Salam, and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who will will emulate that lack of Rasulullah cisilion to abide by this clock and portray them in their life. I mean, Rabbil Alameen Baraka Allah, Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah, Allah and the staff yoka Overlake Salam Alikum lager get so that you have