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Ash-Shuara 1-68 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 10-26


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of having a clear inner state and being a good person for others, as well as finding one's inner drive and skills to achieve success in Islam. They stress the importance of listening to one's words and expression in protecting against evil behavior, finding one's inner drive, and being a messengers of Islam. They also discuss the use of negative language and the importance of patientity and letting people know of past mistakes. The conversation ends with a former student's struggles with writing great books and the importance of prioritizing one's work.
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What is made out of buka Moosa and mentioned when your Lord called Musa alayhis salaam, when, when musanze Salah was on his way, from Medina to Egypt, when he was traveling from meridian to Egypt. In the night when he saw the fire at a distance, he went to get some fire and to find out the way from the people who had lit that fire. But what happened when he reached there? Allah subhanaw taala called him what it Nether of buka Moosa.

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We learned in sort of the nazjatar iF 15 to 16 Hello attacca howdy samosa is another hoorah boo, beware, the mocha does youtuber has the reach to the story of Musa when his Lord called to him in the sacred valley of dua.

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And what did Allah subhanaw taala say to him? And it didn't mean that go to the unjust people go as a messenger with a mission to who, to the unjust people, who are the unjust people that are own and his nation? How are they unjust, that first of all, they were polytheists. They were unjust, in the right of Allah soprano, that they were committing Schick.

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And on top of that, they were also committing great injustice against you against the Bani Israel, as they had enslaved them, and they were slaughtering the Obama federal owner, the people of your own. Go to them, Elia takuan. Will they not fear Allah? Go to them and tell them so that they can have fear of Allah, and they can believe in him and they can obey Him.

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Carla musala Sam said, Robbie, oh, my Lord in the half way and you get the booni I fear that they're going to deny me I fear that they're not going to listen to me, they're going to call me a liar.

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Obviously, whatever musar Listen, I was going to tell for their own for their own was not going to like it. So the sphere was only natural way a legal solidity, and my rest Dayton's meaning the moment I think about my chest, it feels constricted. And I feel that when I will go and convey the message to fit around, my chest is going to feel very, very constricted. Illegal is from the roof letters. But yeah, cough leaves and leaves is diagnosed constriction of the heart.

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So I fear that my chest is going to tighten, I am going to become nervous, I'm going to become afraid, I'm going to feel very, very uneasy. I cannot go way illegal suddenly, when I am particularly Sunny, and my tongue will not be fluent. I fear that my expression My tongue is not going to be fluent Yun paliku from for lamb cough palico is to set something free to open something up to untie a knot from the same route is a worthwhile Act, which is divorce because it's the opposite of octo nikka

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ethnical what happens a contract is made and FLL that contract is opened up. And in barnacle young paliku is when something is free, when something flows easily. And especially when used for tongue. It is when someone is very fluent in his speech, when he speaks easily without any difficulty, fluently. So what did he say? Well, I am very condescending. My tongue is not eloquent. It does not speak fluently. It stammers there is an odor in it. So I'm afraid I will not be able to convey the message clearly. For obviously Leila her own sent to her own meaning send up send your message to do her own and make him a messenger who was how donor s&m is perfect. So what does he ask for? that

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give the mission to my brother. Why? So that he can be my supporter because I'm afraid I cannot do this job alone.

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In total cost us is 34 we learn what he haruno who upcycle mini lesson and for our sale who Maria did the end user directly in half and you can the bully that moosari Sam said and my brother how old he is more fluent than me in speech. I'm not as fluent as him he is more fluent. So send him with me as a support verifying me instead of haha I 29 to 32 we learn what your only was deelnemen le Haruna he wish to be as ri or Ashley Koofi.

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So massada Sam, first of all, I am afraid they're going to deny him and I feel very uneasy. I feel I'm going to become very nervous. I'm not going to be able to speak properly.

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Whether Houma la

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Give them bone. And they have upon me a claim for a half an hour to loony a claim of sin. So I fear that they will kill me. While I'm home, meaning for their own and his people, they have aleja against me, they have against me them been a sin, meaning an offense, a crime that I have committed, they have a charge of a crime against me.

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And I am guilty of that crime. And what was our crime that he had killed? A Coptic and Egyptian man? Why, in the course of a coral a dispute? So he said, I'm afraid that if I go back to them, and they find me for a half an hour, Tony, I'm afraid that they're going to kill me. What do we see over here that Musan Islam is giving a list of reasons as to why he should not go or why he should not go alone, at least. This is why he was chosen. Because he is giving so many proofs for not going. He was very, very intelligent. He's using convincing arguments that I am afraid that they're going to deny me, I am guilty of a crime, my criminal record is not clear at all. And on top of that, I'm not

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I am unable Think about it. He gives these reasons if anybody gives these reasons to you, what would you say? Fine, you should not go isn't it so but we see that musar the center, he was extremely intelligent. And he was extremely firm. Look at his firmness over here. One reason after the other. This is why Allah selected.

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This is why I chose him that he was so determined he was so convincing. But this is why I love chosen. But we learn a very, very important lesson from this is

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that when Allah chooses someone for his work,

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he looks at the inner state of that person, not the outward state, but the interstate. What do you look at

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the outer state, we look at how eloquent a person is, we look at how many degrees they have. We look at their features. We look at their physical beauty, their physical appearance, which country they come from, what background they have, what kind of accent they have, this is what we look at, isn't it? And if they meet our requirements, our standards, then we say, okay, they're worth something. But if they do not meet our standards, then we undermine people. And we say they're not worth anything.

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But what do we see over here, that massagin ism had something within him, despite the fact that he could not speak fluently, despite the fact that he was guilty of a crime, there was something in him that was necessary to do this job.

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And what is it that was in him? It was determination. And it was well wishing for people.

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When a person has these two qualities, determination, and well wishing for people, then he is selected for the work of Allah.

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How do we know that Musa Islam had determination

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from these evidences that he presents over here? And how do we know that he had well wishing for people?

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If you look at it, why did he kill that man?

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It was a mistake. But he was trying to help someone. He was trying to help someone and in helping him, he hit the other person, and he did not intend to kill him. It was out of his great might and power that you possess that he unintentionally killed him. But the reason why he ended up in that coral was because he wanted to help someone. Similarly, we see that he went to Medina and what happened over there, there's a group of people who are trying to water their animals. And at the same time, there are these two women who have their animals as well. Now, amongst all those people, nobody realizes that these two women, they need help. musasa lamb is exhausted, tired, hungry, he is

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sitting under the shade. What does he do? He gets up and he helps those.

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When a person has well wishing for others, when he wants good for other people. Then Allah chooses him for the work of his team. Even if apparently, we feel that he's not suitable for that work.

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We feel that he's not suitable for that work. Because you see, there are two things that are necessary for a person in order to do some work, especially the work of do. You need the inner drive, and you also need certain skills.

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If you have a lot of skills, you're very good at speaking. You're very good at doing your work.

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But you don't have the inner drive, can you do your work? No. If you have the inner drive and you lack the skills, then what will happen? Allah can compensate for the skilled he will, He will teach you, he will enable you, but you have to bring the inner drive yourself that is necessary.

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Because the desire has to come from the heart, and when that will come, then Allah will fulfill everything that you need every thing that is missing, he will compensate for that. But the inner drive, you have to bring it. So we see that mazarin s&m, although according to worldly standards, he wasn't capable of going over there. But Allah subhanaw taala is still chosen. He's still selected. He said, that I'm not as eloquent. I stammer in my speech, I have this on my record, I have that on my record, I cannot go back over there. But because he had the inner drive, he had well wishing for people. He was a man of determination he was of the orderlies and prophets of Allah. He was chosen

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for this work. So in this is a huge lesson for us as well. That many times we focus too much on external skills, outward skills. I'm not saying they're not necessary. They're very, very important. However, remember, that if you focus on your inner drive, if you focus on your heart, that you have the desire to help people, you have a man in your heart, that Allah will give you the opportunity. And whatever you lack, Allah will give you that ability.

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So many times it happens that when people start to work on the deen, what are they concerned about? Money, finances, or they're concerned about the numbers of the people, they're concerned about? So many things. But we see that if there are even a few people who are sincere, who are dedicated, then the work can still be done, the money will come. But if you have a lot of money, if you have a lot of resources, but you don't have sincere and dedicated people, then nothing will be accomplished. Nothing will be done.

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So what is needed for the work of Dean is sincerity, dedication, inner drive, that you have to bring yourself and Allah will give you everything else that you need.

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So we see that musala sam he was chosen because of his inner drive.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that he said No way, meaning they cannot kill you Masada. Sam said I feared they will kill me. Allah says Kala they will not kill you. Or musala Sam said that I am unable to go I'm afraid we will suddenly rely on political assignees Allah subhanaw taala says gala not at all you have to go. Do not fear. Fun have a BA attina go both of you with our Ayah which is the miracle that medicinal whiskey

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and what were they the staff as well as accounting? firms have NBA Athena both of you go, who does both of you refer to Masada, Salomon, Harlan Ellison and now Luna was not present over here, when this conversation was being taken place. So why is it said feather her back? Because the command was to both of them. And both of you because musallam was the one with the upper hand, he was still of higher authority, because Haruna Islam was his assistant. So first have IV Idina in Morocco indeed we are with you, Muslim, your own ones who listen attentively.

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Wisdom your own from his time on his tomorrow is to listen attentively to something to pay attention to every word, every expression, every sound in America, Muslim, your own. We are listening to what you're going to say. We will listen to what they will say to you. What do we learn from this? that a person who is chosen by Allah, a person who does the work of Allah, that Allah has help us protection, Allah support is with him. So he should be confident he should not feel afraid.

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into Haha, I have 46 we learn in any markoma a smarter way that I am with you. I hear and I see fit to fit our owner. So go to fit our own both of you for cooler than both of you say to him in Rasulullah Villa mean that indeed we are messenger of who are below me the Lord of the words. Instead of saying that we are rasulillah say what Rasulullah Berra mean? Why? Because we are our own had claimed to be God Himself. So say to him, that we are the messengers of wolf, the Lord of the worlds and say to him, and I'll say that send Marana

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With us when he is so ill the children of Israel, allow them to leave. Allow them to go. Were back to their country back to Russia because they have been enslaved since the past 400 years now. So let them go set them free. Our sin Marana Bani Israel you. So both Musa and Harun alayhi wa sallam they went, and they said to Pharaoh, what is mentioned over here?

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And what was the response of his own father, he said, Allah Milla beaker, did we not raise you Faena in us when he then as a child,

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he said this to most artists and that almost, and I'm not big Athena well, either, did we not raise you among us as a child,

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that you were a little child and infant, and you grew up in my household? You grew up in my house amongst us. Now you come and speak against me. Now you come and stand up against me.

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I have bestowed such a huge favor upon you. And I'm not a big Athena leader. You're bigger from the newsletters, bah, bah, well,

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you're a bee Derby. And what does that mean, to nurture?

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And it means to provide physical nourishment as well as mental and emotional nourishment. that a person is not just taught as to what to do, but also how to do his train

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of thought, I'm not a baker, did we not train you? Did we not educate you Faena amongst us in our homes in the royal family. When he then as a newborn child, we're leaders from the youth as well. And while it is a child, but when he is also a child, and will lead in particular is used for a very small child, a newborn child.

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Well, it is the and you remain Faena among us men are Modica of your age see Nina many years. You stayed for so long amongst us, seen as a Florida senate year, you remain amongst us for so many years, how many years? Most artists I'm stay there before going to my Dean, according to some 30 years.

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Because after that, he lived in Madrid for 10 years. And at the age of 40, he was given Prophethood. So what is the foenum and ermotti Cassini so in mozarella, Salah, he went around, and he gave him the message, he told him, that we are the messengers of Allah, Buddha Atomy, and send the money Israel with us, fit our own completely ignored what Messiah?

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He completely disregarded that. And what did he say?

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He started talking about the favors that he had shown to service. Why in order to belittle him,

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that after all, the kindness we show to you, after all that we did to you, you come to us and tell us we are wrong. You stand up against us You dare to speak against us.

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And for their own says, We're far older, and you did far less aka your deed allottee file that which you did what uncommital caffeine and you were of the ungrateful. Notice the words over here, what are the different letter carletti for Alta, that you did your deed which you did, so eloquent, the same letters are being used again and again, that for all the omorosa you did, for Latika for letter, this is a noun farla and farla is a deed and action.

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Farren is an action that is done with or without intention. But farla is an action that is done only once a one time action.

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And what action is he referring to what deed is he referring to? The cutter the murder of the Egyptian man? So almost how you did your deed allottee file to which you did what untamable Kathleen and you are of those who are ungrateful. What does that mean by this? caffeine over here, according to some means those who are ungrateful that we showed you so many favors? And how did you repairs by killing one of us?

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We were so good to you. But what did you do in return? You killed one of us. How ungrateful of you.

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And others have said we're unfamiliar caffeine caffeine means disbelievers, that you are disbeliever them. And now you come and say that we are disbelievers. Well and terminal caffeine.

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What do we see over here?

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That when a person begins to convey the message of Dean to others, sometimes what happens? They remind him of his past.

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It's possible that a person has completely reinvented he has completely changed his lifestyle.

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He's left those habits completely. But people don't leave him. People don't let him forget. And every time he mentioned something about the dean, they will say, Do you remember what you used to do before? Remember, I used to do that. Remember how used to dress up? Remember the kind of words you used to say, the kind of places you used to go? Why do they say this? To make you feel guilty? To make you feel that if we are doing wrong, don't say anything to us? You did it. Now let us do it.

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And how come now you're showing that you're so righteous? You're not that righteous? Look at your past. You've been so bad before you've been so sinful before?

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What did we learn and sort of upon

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that a person no matter what crimes he has committed, once he does deliver, and he believes and he does Arnold solid and Allah changes his sins into good deeds. This is how generous and forgiving Allah is. But people, however, they, they don't let you forget. It's possible that Allah has changed those sins into good deeds for you. But the people will keep on reminding you about what you've done. This is a way of covering up their own faults. This is a way of undermining their own mistakes, so that they don't feel bad. So fit our own he used the same technique, then look at you now you claim that you're a messenger look at all we did do all the favors We bestowed upon you. And

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look at what you did you committed such a great crime will fall out of our lexicon the default. So what was the response of Masada Santa Clara, he said to her I did it. He's openly confessing what happens if people remind us of our past we begin to give excuses I did it because of such and such reason I didn't actually do it was actually that person will say this and I'm says foreign to her. Yes, I did. He admits he then then I did at that time, what enemy Nepali while I was of those Austria, meaning I didn't know any better.

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A Berlin is a plural of a bond.

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And remember that a lot is used for someone who is a stray, but it is also used for someone who is ignorant, who does not know who does not know what to do.

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So, I was unaware of the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has given me now. So even if I did it before, I did it in ignorance, I did not do it intentionally.

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I did not do it intentionally. So musar SNMP accepts his fault. And then he says furfural domain COMM And then I fled from you. For Otto falala Ferraris to run away from someone or something out of fear, to save oneself. So I escaped from you. I fled from you. Lemme have to come when I feared you.

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Will surrealism he fled from Egypt. He went towards madeon when he feared for his life, because he was told when he was in the city,

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in sort of us i a 20. We learned wotja arrojo min XL Medina TSR that a man he came running from the farthest end of the city, and he said Paula yamasa in America, a Tamil lunatic, that almost indeed the chiefs, they are deciding with regards to your affair, Leon Toluca so that they can kill you for courage in Nila kameena, Nasser him. So go, I am to you of those who are well wishers.

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So musasa at that point when he heard that, what did he do? He fled. He fled from Egypt, he left. So Hassan Hassan, he confesses over here for optimum income lemma have to come for her belly Robbie hookman. And then my lord bestowed upon me judgment. Was there any minute mousseline? And he made me out the messengers? Yes, I did not know before. Yes, I was ignorant before. And yes, I committed a huge mistake, but it was unintentional. And now I have changed now I'm a different person. How that for whatever value of b hoekman. My Lord has granted me hokum sound judgment, wisdom, knowledge, and what's your identity mean and most selling and he has made me off the messengers He has sent me with

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a message to what do we see over here? That if people try to remind you of your past, don't get angry? Don't get frustrated? Does musallam show any anger to them? Does he say Oh, look at your mistakes. Look at your sins. Look at your crimes. I killed only one man you have killed so many people have bunnies. Why did you say anything like that? No. Generally, this is what happens. If somebody reminds us of our mistakes, we remind them of their mistakes. If they make us feel bad, we make them feel worse.

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But the fact is that when you have gone

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for a specific purpose, then you should remain focused on that, for almost trying to change the topic, but Musa SNM is focused on that. He doesn't get caught up in the things that fly around says to make musallam angry.

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And you will notice that sometimes you speak to someone and they will say something that makes you very upset, and it completely distracts you from your purpose completely distracts you. So moosari Listen, I'm in a very calm manner. He says, Yes, I did it. However, now I have changed. Similarly, if a person tells you something about your past, what can you say?

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That Yes, I was like that before. However, Alhamdulillah I studied the Quran. So I have changed, I don't do that stuff anymore. I have left that I'm a different person. Now, you can say something like that you don't need to start praising yourself. But you can just tell them, what brought the change. And you can tell them that you don't do what you used to do before. This is very, very important. Instead of defending yourself instead of trying to accuse the other person even more, the benefit only lies in accepting the reality and talking about the reality.

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And we see that there was great wisdom behind what happened in the life of musasa. That how he was brought up in the house of film.

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So that he wasn't just aware of the Bani Israel, but he was aware of our own his weaknesses, he was aware of the Egyptians as well.

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And then he was taken out of that environment. And he was trained as a shepherd. He was made to live amongst common people as well. And this kind of exposure is extremely important for someone who wishes to bring a change in the people,

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that you need to be exposed to different different challenges in life.

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You're comfortable, and then all your comfort is taken away from me, because you learn to deal with people, isn't it. And when you learn to deal with people, only then you can convey the message to them. If you look at the line of use of Edison, he was also made to go through different different stages. He got the love of his father, then he was in the house of disease. And then from there, he went to the prison. And only then he was ready to take that huge responsibility. So Musashi cinemas well when he was made to go and live in the house of her own and then from there all the way to the end. And then back to Egypt. There was great wisdom behind.

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Many times when such things happen in our lives, that something goes against our desires. We start to feel very bad.

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But always remember, Allah is training you for something. Allah is training you for something.

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Many times, you know when people come and complain about they cannot get along with their mother in law, they cannot get along with the other girls whom they're living within the hostel, perhaps I always tell them, this is a training. Allah is training you for something. Whenever difficulties come, whenever things go against our desires, Allah is preparing us for something greater.

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And then busara Sam says to fit around with yoga near metal, and this is a favor, which favor that the one new hair layer that you remind me of which favor that you raised me in your house, because we're our own set to musasa that alumna Robic Athena walidah. So muqarnas Sam says in response to that, was to go near Matan, and this nirma that you raised me in your house? The Manohar. aleja. You are reminding me of it. The monofin man remember lotto Palooza the article bill money well, what does man mean? To remind someone of the favorite that you've shown to them? So you're reminding me of this favor? Why? Why did you have to show this favor to me in the first place, and our bathtub

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and he saw that you had enslaved the children of Islam you

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had you not enslave them. You would never have to bestow this huge favor upon you. Because you had enslaved the Bani Israel and you were killing their children. This is why my mother put me in the basket. And this is why your wife she took me and she raised me had you not enslave the Bani Israel, you would not have to bestow this huge favor upon what will come near Mattoon, tomonaga, Elijah, and are better than Israel. I was not raised in my house. I was raised in your house because you had enslaved in Israel, and you were slaughtering their son. So what kind of a favor is this?

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So now if at our own, he's made speechless, so what does he do? He changes the subject again. So he says all of it our own. What would it mean, for our own said and what is this Lord of the worlds you

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said that you are a soul of Robert, I mean, what is the Lord of the worlds? If you notice Matt has been used. And man, what is it used for?

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those beings that do not have occurred. And when man is used for aka a being that does have alpha, then it is for the purpose of the HANA in order to degrade in order to humiliate. So he says, Why not open it mean and what does this mean? What are you talking about? We're supposed to be your Lord. And you say that there's a Lord of the world's

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will Sarah Sarah, he does not become emotional. He does not say How dare you insult my god? Because people become very emotional at these points as well, isn't it

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was that his name stays calm. And he says Carla, Rob bousema yT will early. He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. One avena, Houma and whatever that is between them in quantum makini. If you should be convinced, McLean is the plural of mukhin. Who is moving?

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One who has yaqeen What is your cane conviction certainty that you have no doubt left at all?

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Look at the response of moose Allison. It's such a simple response. Who is the Lord of the worlds? We're sorry, Sam says, The Lord of the worlds is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between

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as if it's not obvious, Lord of the worlds worlds would include the heavens and the earth, whatever is in between, in quantum opinion, if you really believe in conviction, if you really want to believe then this is the reality and if you don't want to believe again, this is the reality

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intro to assess i a 38 we learn we'll call it our own Oh, yeah, you Hello, Marilyn to the coming election Lady for outside. Oh, eminent once I have not known you to have a god other than me. The only God I know you have is myself. no other God. So he claimed to be God. But look at the responsible citizen. It is so calm, so composed, so clear, so simple. This is what it means by either heart of a woman j Luna kalu Salah. They say peaceful words in return.

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For our own is constantly trying to incite musasa is provoking him.

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But look at how Musashi San remains calm.

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Color fit around, spoke up, he said, lemon holder who for those who were around him, that our own set to those people who are around him and who were they, his chiefs, his elite? So he said to them, and ask them your own? Do you not hear? Did you hear what this man just said? Did you hear what Musa just said? He said that there is a God of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. And that God is other than me? Why does it say that? Wasn't he talking to musasa? wasn't he? All of a sudden he stops talking to Masada Sam and he addresses his courtiers Why? To get them upset and angry against him.

00:33:15--> 00:33:27

Notice this, and you will also experience it sometimes that you're talking to somebody and all of a sudden they stop talking to you and they start inciting other people against you. They start making other people angry over you.

00:33:28--> 00:33:32

So for their own, he used the same technique called alleman. Hello alatus the maroon

00:33:33--> 00:34:15

color of Boca masala Santa, he goes on. Now who is he addressing? The core tiers as well. He says Rob buco. He's the Lord of all of you because you're around he starts talking to the people who say listen, and he also starts talking to the people. Before it was a conversation just between the two of them. As soon as for their own. He started addressing everybody Masada Sam seizes the opportunity. And he addresses everybody as well. Rob buco, your Lord, what are the equal and the Lord of your father's allele, the first ones, that is Florida, and remember, that refers to fathers, grandfathers, however upwards. So he's not just your God, but the God of your ascendance even

00:34:16--> 00:34:30

look at how focused Messiah seems every time for their own tries to distract him, tries to make him angry, tries to make him emotional moosari sam comes back. He does not get derailed at all

00:34:31--> 00:34:32

who can do this?

00:34:34--> 00:34:55

Someone who has patience and someone who is focused on his work, someone was focused on his mission musasa knew that this opportunity that he had gotten to speak to their own was a rare opportunity. Think about it. How often does an ordinary man get to go and speak with the king, a king like Pharaoh

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

and in the court while so many other people are present

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

So at this time, you cannot get distracted by other things. The time is very short, the opportunity is very unique. And it's the first time either win or lose.

00:35:12--> 00:35:32

So this is why Musa SNM he remained so patient and come over here, you'll notice many times people as well, when they are in certain situations, which are very unique, an opportunity that is very unique, very rare. And a very important situation, they will remain very, very patient.

00:35:34--> 00:35:40

Like for example, if you have a major, major exam, no matter how badly you have to go to the washroom, what will you do?

00:35:42--> 00:35:55

What will you do, you will sit there, you won't go. Because in some examinations that happens at once you leave, you cannot come back, and you have a limited amount of time. If you take out even five minutes, that means five marks gone.

00:35:56--> 00:36:14

That means losing out on marks. So what do people do at that point, they do suffer, they stay focused. So only that person can be successful, who remains focused on his work on his mission, who does not get distracted by what other people are saying by what other people are doing.

00:36:15--> 00:36:19

There's so many scholars of the past who remain focused like this.

00:36:20--> 00:36:35

We learn about one of the scholars of Ohio sylphy he was a scholar of the sciences of Hades. And we learned that he traveled extensively. He went to many, many places. And then eventually he went to Alexandria, and that is where he taught.

00:36:36--> 00:36:49

And we learned that once he started teaching over there, he did not even take a single day off, even a few hours off to go and visit the great things, the great monuments in Alexandria.

00:36:51--> 00:37:00

Not even one day, not even a few hours he took off in order to go and see the great monuments that were in Alexandria he stayed focused on his work. And he died at the age of 105.

00:37:02--> 00:37:08

And it is sad that he was teaching almost until the last moment he just got up to pray. And after his Salah, he passed away.

00:37:09--> 00:37:27

What happens to us, we're working, we're doing our work. And all of a sudden, something comes up on the television. There's something that's going on in the city, a new store has opened, a new mall has opened, a new adventure place has come up, a new deal has come up and you can get the past. So what happens everybody's running to it.

00:37:28--> 00:37:30

And because everybody's going, we're also going

00:37:32--> 00:37:45

Why? Because we don't realize the value of our work. If we truly realize the value of our work, we would spend every moment every hour doing and then definitely the effect would be much greater.

00:37:46--> 00:37:57

So the scholars of the past, they weren't able to write such great books, and they weren't able to leave behind themselves such great legacies without the sacrifice without this patience.

00:37:59--> 00:38:31

Shafi probably it was because he went to study for a family that once he went to study and an elephant had been brought into Medina and it was something very, very amazing because no elephants had come there at that point everybody left to go and see the elephants, but he did not go mama Shafi he used to say that lowish the right will best Allah lemma for him told masala, that if I go start buying onions, I will not be able to understand the masala meaning the Messiah, the issues of the the issues of faith, I will not be able to understand

00:38:32--> 00:38:49

that my time is very, very precious, very important. I do not have time to go and spend on buying onions and selling onions. This is an expression that I don't have time for all of his business because if I start spending my time on that, I will not be able to do what I'm supposed to do.

00:38:50--> 00:38:55

So a person is only able to accomplish his work when he values his work.

00:38:56--> 00:39:08

And when he values his work, He will give His 100% he will not get distracted by money, by great things by exciting things. The only thing that excites him is his work.