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Al-Kauthar-An-Nas Tafsir Al-Ikhlas 1-4


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The speaker discusses the surah of Islam, which is the message of the Lord and the foundation of one's life. They stress the importance of reciting the surah for praying and reading, as well as the use of the word "the Lord" to express one's love for the message. The importance of the Prophet sall graduathan's message for praying and reading is also discussed, along with the need for a woman to support children and the physical appearance and relationship between man and woman. The concept of "naught" is also discussed, and the recitation of a woman named R reminded is mentioned.

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Sounds a bit lame in a sheet on your genius Monday.

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Lesson number 313 pseudo class

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certain class was revealed after silicon NASS. It has four verses 15 words, and approximately 50 have.

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This order, as I mentioned earlier is one of the two his last name. It is one of the two sources, which are of his last which teach us about the oneness of Allah soprano data.

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The first of these being super caffeine and the second one pseudo class.

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So the class has many names. It's also known as sort of hate because it teaches us the message of the oneness of Allah. It's also known as LSS the foundation because this is the foundation of the religion. The hate is the foundation of our religion.

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cemetery It's also known as a man why, because the one who follows the message which is in the sutra, he is saved in dystonia and also India.

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Just like sort of refer to her as many names, this surah also has many names.

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This millerhill Ramona Rahim.

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Allah who Allahu Ahad.

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See He is Allah who is one, Allah who format, Allah, the eternal refuge

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lumea that one of you that He neither begets nor is he born?

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One year cola who Khufu and a heart nor is there to him any equivalent.

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Obey even Carl Robledo on who he said that the machine of Makkah, they said to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, O Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Tell us the lineage of your Lord, tell us the lineage of your Lord.

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So Allah subhanaw taala revealed this surah that say Allah is one, he's the eternal refuge, he does not beget nor is he forgotten, and that no one who is comparable to him.

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Then wish to kena Makkah asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the lineage of a loss of power without a Why?

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Because the idols when they worshipped, the gods, when they worshiped were, in fact, two creative beings. They were images that they had made of themselves. And some of the idols were, in fact, images of some righteous people whom they had known in the past.

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So perhaps they also thought that Allah has some lineage naroda villa. So they want you to know about who Allah is. So Allah revealed the surah, informing them, that he is one, informing them, that he does not have any parents, that he does not have any children, and that there is no one who is like him.

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This surah In other words, tells us about who Allah is. It gives us the recognition of our Creator, the one who we worship, the one who has created the heavens and the earth, the one who is above everything, Who is he, the surah tells us

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and this is the reason why we see that some companions they loved the surah so much, that they recited it in every Salah in every prayer.

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We learned that unnecessarily learn who said that a man from the unsought he used to lead the people in prayer in masjidul Koba the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was in must reasonably and mosquito Kaaba was in the area of Koba, and there was a man from the unsought and he would lead the people in Salah.

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And whenever he began a solo in the recitation of the prayer that he was leading them, he would start by reciting Columbo Allahu Ahad

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until he completed the entire surah. So he made sure that he recited the surah in every locker, and after a certain class, he would read some other solar.

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So the people there spoke to him, and they said to him, that you begin the prayer with this aura, you think it is not sufficient for you unless you recite another surah as well meaning Why don't you just recite either this surah or some other solar, why do you have to recite this aura?

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So, he said to them, I will continue to do this. And if you do not like it, then I will leave you meaning I will stop leading you then you can find some other person to lead you in prayer.

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So the people because they liked him, and they liked the way he recited in the fact that he was of the knowledgeable people amongst them. They said okay, fine, you can continue to read the surah in every regard.

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But when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, they complained to him that he reads the surah and every Raka asked him

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Why does he do that he doesn't listen to us. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him, Why do you do that?

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He said, I love it. I love the surah.

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Why? Because this surah tells us about Allah.

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And the one who loves Allah will definitely love this sooner as well.

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So the profits are a lot of them said, your love of it will cause you to enter Paradise.

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Because you love the surah because of that, you will enter Jannah

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in another report, we also learn another as a hobby. He used to read the salon every locker as well. And when he was asked, he said the same thing that I love the sauna. This is why I love to recite it. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, inform him that Allah loves him. He loves this surah so Allah loves him.

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This morning, Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Allahu Ahad say he is a law ahead the one

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meaning say to the people, make this known to the people inform the people, those who ask and those who do not ask those who know Allah and those who don't know him. Tell everybody made this declaration that who Allahu Ahad that He is Allah, Who is one, he is one, he is singular, he is unique. There is no one who is like him, there is no one who shares with him, in his status, in his being in his attributes, in his qualities, it is actions, it has an ability, he is one he is alone.

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And if you see this is the message of the day, this is the message of this book of Allah. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent that letter in a in the law. Why La ilaha illAllah because who Allah had, there is no one who is like if he is alone, he is one unique. No one who was similar to him in any way.

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We learned sort of Ibrahim I have 52 that have a benevolent NASS, this er r is a notification for all people, when a user will be and so that they should be warned by it while you're a normal unima Hua illa Huwa head and so that they may know that He is Allah, the One God.

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The message of the Quran is that Allah is one, there is no one who is like him, no one who is similar to him. This is why we see that the Hadith in Bukhari it tells us that this surah is equivalent to a third of the Quran.

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How is it equivalent to the third of the Quran?

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Because one of the main themes that are in the Quran is the oneness of Allah,

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the power of Allah the uniqueness of a love that how he is unique. And this surah summarizes that

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summarizes this entire belief this entire concept poldhu Allahu Ahad aloha sama, Allah the eternal refuge, he is a solid, who is a solid,

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a solid is from the root letters solid mean then

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and the word solid means to be firm, something that is firm that does not undergo any change. That is strong. That is mighty, and it is also permanent. It is Mr. Phil it does not undergo any change.

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And literally the word solid is used for something that is so solid and so firm, that it's not hollow from inside and what is on the outside is actually on the inside as well.

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Meaning that it's not that a fake image is being presented.

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And on the inside the reality is completely different. No strength lability, perfection inside out. So this is the literal meaning of the word summit.

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So aloha summit Allahu is a format What does it mean by that?

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Meaning he is the one who is eternal.

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The one who does not suffer from any change and hain alpha, you are the one who is ever living, the one who does not die that someone should become his heir. No, he does not have any deficiency, any fault, any inability, no, he is perfect in all of his attributes,

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which is why he does not suffer from any harm, any loss letter who will see Nutan when I know a local farmer

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and the word Samak also means I will cost to intend

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to aim towards something

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to aim towards something so a former meaning he is the one who is Maqsood The one who is most mood, the one who is intended meaning the entire creation turns to him.

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The entire creation relies on him a woman in the betting in Panama he discovered her, there is no creature except that its risk is on who Allah meaning of law provides for it.

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So the entire creation is dependent on who Allah, the entire creation seeks assistance from who Allah, so Allah who Samad Allah, Who is the eternal refuge.

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So if you look at it, there are two meanings in a summit.

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That first of all, the one who is most perfect in his attributes, most perfect in his attributes, which is why he does not suffer from any loss.

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And before him, the entire creation is needy. The entire creation is nothing before him, they are dependent on him.

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This is why even our best will be learn who said about the name of Allah summit, that he is the master who is perfect in his sovereignty.

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He is the master who is perfect in his sovereignty, the most noble who is perfect in his nobility. He is the most magnificent, who is the most perfect in his magnificence, the most forbearing, who is perfect in his forbearance, the all knowing who is perfect in his knowledge and the most wise who is perfect in his wisdom.

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So Allah in every attribute, he is the one who is perfect, and because he is perfect in every attribute of his This is why the entire creation depends on him.

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The entire creation needs him relies on him. He doesn't need anyone, but everyone needs him. Allahu Sana.

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lumea wanna mula He neither bigots nor is he born lamb yanet yearly do what are the yearly do is to give birth to have children,

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salami OLED, he does not have children, he does not procreate, he does not give birth. Why? Because there is no one who is like him and he does not even need children

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lumea lit why, because there is no one who was like him.

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And in order to have children, we see that the creation needs a partner without a partner, children are impossible.

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But the fact is that Allah does not have anyone who is similar to him, when that is not the case that he doesn't even have any children

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inserted an arm i a 101 we learn the DR center where it will Allah He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth and I akula who wondered how could he have a child when intercooler who Sahaba when he does not have any partner when he does not have any wife. So let me on it. Well hello Hakuna Shea and he has created everything. So when he has created everything, when there is no one who is like him, no one who is similar to him, that he does not have any children let me live

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and who needs children by the way, the one who is weak, the one who needs help, the one who wants that his Nestle his progeny should continue and Allah He is about this weakness.

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We learned in sort of medium, I am 92 to 93 that one I am learning a tuxedo wallet. It is not appropriate, it does not fit the Most Merciful that he should have a child. He does not need a child. Why? Because in koloman customer where it will have in

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other the there is no one that isn't the heavens or the earth except that it is a servant to Allah.

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So when everyone is a servant to Allah, does he need a child? He does not need a child. No one needs to inherit from him. He does not have this weakness. Learn Janet. And then when I'm youlet nor is he born. He hasn't been given birth to Why? Because laser opener who shade there was nothing that was before him when there was nothing before him. No one before him. How could he have been given birth to

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solonian it What have you learned? He does not give birth nor is he born? He is above this weakness?

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Well, I'm Nicola who Khufu and I had, nor is there to him any equivalent

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There is no one who is equal to him go for one is from the roof letter skaftfell. Well, and go for one, actually kofu is used for wife, or fear.

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Meaning someone who is similar to you, someone who is equal to you, someone who can be comparable to you why,

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in terms of physical appearance, or in terms of status in terms of ability in terms of likes or dislikes,

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which is why we see that our husband and wife always there's some kind of compatibility within them.

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And even if there isn't some kind of social or other kind of compatibility, at least physically, they're compatible.

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But we see that when I'm Nicola Haku. And I had, there is no one who is equal to Allah, similar to him in any way.

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When it comes to his being, he is above everyone. When it comes to his knowledge, no one shares his knowledge with him, in the sense that the kind of knowledge Allah has no one else has.

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We learn in the Quran Allah says lasercom is cliche. There is nothing that is similar to him. There is nothing that is equal to him.

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In certain procon, I have to be learned, and Nadella who will call center where it will have one amiata one or than one amico, Lucia reconfigurable. ohana, Coco lashay in for Katara, who Taka de la

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that allies the one to whom belongs, the dominion of the heavens and the earth.

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the dominion of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah, and he does not have a child, nor does he have any partner. There is no one who is similar to him that he would be his partner will Hanukkah cola Shea and he has created everything when He is the creator of everything. Then how can there be anyone that is similar to him? Well, I'm the akula, who co for one

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This mill

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a lot.

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This sort of pseudo class was of those forests, which were very liked by the prophet sallallahu sallam, he loved it. Why? Because we see that he recited it in the solar budget, in the center of mercury.

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After the power along with so little caffeine, and it many other occasions he resigned to the soda.

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Why? Because it tells us about who Allah is. It mentions his perfection, his supreme ability, his supreme authority, the fact that there is no one who is like him. And when there's no one who was like him, how can there be anyone who was above him or better than him?

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.