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Fussilat 25-36 Tafsir 33-36

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Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions the ways of becoming firm on

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that how does a person have is the karma? How can a person develop is the karma? How can you remain firm?

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Woman, so no colon and who is better in speech? May Mandara Illa Allah He, then the one who invites to Allah, wa Armida, saleha, and he does righteous deeds as well. We'll call in any minute muslimeen. And he says, indeed, I am of the Muslims, woman arson, a question is being asked, and this is, in a way to show that no one is better in speech than such and such. No one speaks better words than this person. Just as much as a number. What does it mean? No one is more unjust than him. This is the height of injustice, the similarity woman as I know, Colin, whose speech is best, Whose call is best in the sight of Allah, the One who named Mandara Illa, the one who calls to Allah.

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People call too many things. People call too many others. They're inviting to a particular goal or particular person, different things. But we see that the one who calls to Allah, his speech is the best. And what does it mean by calling to Allah, calling to his oneness, calling to history, calling to his ibadah that, oh, people, Devote yourself purely to Allah, who can do this? Who can call people to Allah,

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the One who practices himself,

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who can call people to have faith in Allah to pray to Allah, the One who himself has been the one who himself prays, this is why we're Amit assigned to her. And he also does righteous deeds.

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Because a person's speech can only be good when he acts upon it himself.

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For example, if you offer some food to someone, and you don't eat it yourself, will the other person be hesitant in taking that food from you? Of course, they will wonder How come he's telling me to eat and he's not eating himself? What's the reason? What's the problem?

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So your speech will only be good when you follow it when you act upon it yourself. When you lead by example, that is the best way, only then people will follow.

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So women, so Nicola memoranda in a law where Amina sonica any author does righteous deeds or color in any middle muslimeen. And he says, indeed, I am of the Muslims, meaning he does not shy away from saying that he's a Muslim, but rather he's confident, he's not shy about his faith, he's confident about it, he does not conceal his identity, in any mean, mostly me, and he doesn't consider himself to be superior, but rather he considers himself to be of the Muslims meaning was seeming.

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Now some scholars, they have said that the one who calls to Allah, Who is even manda in Allah, some have said that it refers to the Prophet sallallahu.

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Because he called people to the worship of Allah.

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Others have said that it doesn't just refer to the profits on a lot of setup, but any person who calls people to the worship of Allah

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and some have said that it even refers to the admin,

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the admin, who is

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the one who gives them

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and the one who gives a damn what is he calling people to

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worship of Allah. Many times, children, boys, especially they love to be heard, many times they want to sing. So this is something that they should be taught. When a person pronounces the event, it's the best beach women that are in Allah. And then while I'm in asylee, have any also does righteous detail or this is general. These are just examples that I've mentioned to you. What are the the person who calls people to Allah, so the person who calls people to Allah, whether he is a hottie been a member or he's calling people in a conversation during our in a conversation, or he is a teacher in any way, a person who calls people to Allah, that is the best speech, the best words that

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you can utter? The best words, women da Allah.

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And then what Amina suddenly her any altar does righteous deeds, he also follows his Dharma with action. It's not that he's only preaching, but not practicing himself. No, both come together.

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We'll call it in any minute muslimeen and very confidently, he says, I'm of the Muslims. He doesn't shy away from his identity. He doesn't conceal it at all. Because sometimes we're afraid we're shy. We don't want people to find out. But a person who is confident about his faith only he can call people to Allah.

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Isn't it? Only he can do Amazon?

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What are the things that will happen to LSA and not equal are the good and the evil, good and evil, they're not the same in and of themselves, in their result, in their effect, they're not the same.

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If you think about it, a good deed, there's a loss of penalty reward differently, compared to a year, doesn't he? When it comes to a good deed, Allah multiplies the reward many times 10 times to 700 times two even more.

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And when it comes to a Sega, what's the recompense for that? Once a year? So are they the same? Good Deed and evil are the same? No way.

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Similarly, in their result, in their consequence, in their effect, are they the same? Not at all?

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So good and evil, they are not the same, whether it is good and evil in faith in our data, or it is in one's behavior, or it is in one's actions, patience, and impatience, they're not the same hope and despair. They're not the same, though hate and they're not the same. Right? There's a huge difference. So whenever that still will happen, or to last a year, they are not equal.

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You see, when a person invites to Allah, some people accept, and other people do not. Right. Some people they ignore, and other people they oppose, people react differently. Some people are indifferent. Other people, they become hostile. People react differently. So when you don't get the reaction that you were expecting, do you become upset, you become hurt? Yes. If you're talking to someone very nicely, and they start raising objections, they start saying things very sarcastically, what do you want to do? What do you want to do?

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The same in return? If they're being sarcastic, you want to be sarcastic as well. If they say something harsh, you want to be harsh as well. But what does Allah say? Whenever that's the will has an attitude. When I say good and evil, they are not the same.

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So if somebody throws evil at you, if somebody deals with you in a harsh way, in an evil way, how should you respond? Allah says, a defensibility. He doesn't respond in a way that is a sun. What does it mean by arson? That in the best possible way,

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or essence, meaning better than how you were treated? But what do we want to do? It felt really good to hear as well. That's what we think is intelligence. That's what we think is smartness. But it's not like that. It is our ability here are some repel the evil how, in a good way, in the best possible way. So if someone opposes you, be patient, if someone behaves ignorantly be tolerant, if someone hurts you, be forgiving.

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We learned that avocado the nine who once he was accused by someone of something wrong.

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Imagine obachan of dinner, being accused falsely accused. And he said in response, if what you say is true, then May Allah forgive me. And if what you say is false, then May Allah forgive.

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This is a different reality here.

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How do we typically react if somebody accuses us, we accuse them in return?

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If somebody says something negative to us, we say 10 negative things to them in return. We start looking for their faults. We start wondering how can I get back at them? Similarly, we see or model Denard, who he said, there is no better punishment for one who has disobeyed a law with regard to you, then you're obeying a law with regard to him.

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Do you understand it's a very deep statement.

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There is no better punishment for the one who has disobeyed a lot with regard to you. A person who has disobeyed a law with regard to you, how can you take revenge for him? How can you punish him? What's the best way of punishing him?

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That you obey Allah with regard to?

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Because when you have a law with regards to him, then who will punish him?

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Allah who will?

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Who will take revenge from him? Allah will?

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What do we like to do take things in our control? If somebody is being back to us, we want to be worse. If somebody is not giving us our right, we want to deprive them of their rights. But the fact is that you are weak. You are a human being, you are limited in your ability, and it's quite possible that the one who is oppressing you is stronger than you, isn't it so? So if they're stronger than you, can you fight them yourself? You cannot. And if you try to fight fire with fire, what will that lead to more fire

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So what do you have to do? Hold on to someone who can take revenge for you.

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Hold on to someone who will establish justice for you who will get you You're right. So what is the way of doing that? That edify ability to rebel in a way that is best, avoid arguments, be tolerant, be patient, just ignore the situation. Calm down, don't fight. Don't argue, don't do anything that will worsen the situation. But rather, be careful if our ability here.

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And then what's the result?

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When you will rebel with that, which is a son, fight either Lady beynac avena, who I dealt with, and then the one between you and between him was enmity, that person who was an enemy to you just a few moments ago, throwing evil at you saying harsh words to you, he will be the who will lead Hamid, he will be as if he is a wily, a friend, Hamid, a close, intimate friend, someone who will become very close to you. What do we see over here that you can completely change the situation around depending on how you react?

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We think that if somebody is being harsh to us, we should be harsh to them. But the fact is that when we are harsh to people in return, we lose them. When we are forgiving. When we are gentle when we overlook their faults, then, in a way we are winning their hearts. We think we are being defeated. But this is not defeat. This is victory. Because victory is what that you have won over the other person, you have won his art.

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I'll give you an example. When we went for dinner, at a particular place, we had to rent a particular service. And we hired a particular person and he said that, Okay, give me this much money, and I'll take the money first. We said okay. And he took a lot of money. My husband and I, we didn't know how to deal with him. So we said, okay, fine, this, take this money and do whatever we've asked you to do.

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And this person, he's being very rude, yelling at us, ignoring what's supposed to be done. And completely disregarding us. All of a sudden, from the love. We met our father. And my father, he spoke to this man in Arabic, and he's like, what are you doing? This is not great. This is against the sun, man, this is incorrect. And he started yelling at my father, you are Jay, you are ignorant ntj. He's saying that repeatedly. And my father very calmly he's saying, This is what the Prophet did. This is what the prophet said, very calmly. And this man is yelling, yelling, yelling. And I said, Okay, let's just go to the police. And let's figure this out. Because in your home, you're not

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supposed to be are you inviting. So we go there. And the policeman, he came, and he solved the problem, and everything was resolved.

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I was very furious at that time. And I wish I could speak Arabic fluently. So I could just say whatever I want to do that. But Alhamdulillah Allah didn't give me delfy.

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So my father, he dealt very gently with him. And anyway, with this man, he continued with his work, and he was better now in the way that he dealt with us. And he listened to my father, he did everything properly. And then at the end, my father greeted him and he got up and he kissed his forehead. That man, he got up and he kissed my father's forehead. And I was amazed.

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The same man who was so harsh, so harsh, in how long is calling my dad, a giant, I was so furious, I could not tolerate that. But my father took everything very calmly. He gently spoke to him nicely. And this man gets up and kisses him on his forehead.

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You see, it's about how you change the situation. You could just take him to police and say fire this man. And this is how he's treating us. And this is what he said to me. Give my money back. He should be fired. This was one way. And the other is that you remain calm interoperability here.

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And when you do that, then what happens for either Lady vainikolo? avena? Who? Adele I don't know what do you mean? He will be like a close friend to you. He will respect you, the same person who was abusing you. He will be respecting you. But what do you need? Patience.

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at these times, what happens? our ego comes in the middle, isn't it? We want to satisfy our ego How dare they insult us? How dare they rebuke us? Don't they know who I am? Don't they know what I do? And if they don't, I'll tell them. This is what we think. But this is not the right way. When we react based on our emotions, our ego, then we end up losing people. We end up

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Losing reward. But when we deal with the situation commonly, and sometimes it means forfeiture, right? Sometimes it means take the humiliation. Sometimes it means wait. When you do that, Allah will take justice for you he will establish justice for you.

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So for either Lady beynac avena who don't know who Leon hammy, what are we taught, otherwise, that standard for yourself? People should not have the ability to take advantage from you. Don't be a pushover. This is what we're taught right? But being patient does not mean that you're becoming a pushover. being patient means that you are relying on Allah and you are trusting upon Him that He will take revenge for you.

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But Allah says women you love inland Latina sabado, but none is granted it except those who are patient. You locka nan is made to receive it, what does it refer to? This allottee here accent responding in the best possible way, responding in a better way, in a forgiving way, in a patient way in a tolerant way who can do this? Who can do this? A little Edina Savile Row, it's only those people who are patient. Woman, you will call her a lady when I leave and none is given it except to the possessor of a huge portion, a great chair, what does this huge portion refer to the portion of reward, huge share of reward?

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And also how lean or lean refers to sub. So when may you love her? Ellen Latina, sobre, la la caja in LA.

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And we think of a person is being patient if a person is being forgiven, he's losing out. No. He in fact is getting what Helen alim, huge reward, huge reward. So none will have this ability to repel evil with good except for those who have patience. No one but those who have patience. And will may you'll have a lot who have been early and none can do in the best way except for those who will have a huge portion a portion of reward.

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But what happens at this time shaitaan comes in the middle.

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He makes you feel that Oh, how dare this person say that and how dare they do that? Allah says we're in my hands on a communist shaped line in Islam. And if there comes to you from shape on an evil suggestion, yen's avant Naka, Nunes, eyeliners. And asthma is to create facades between people how, through your words through a person's words through his dance negative words, and not from that is also to provoke evil. So what in my Enza Hanukkah, mina shaytani, number one, if there comes to you from shaylen, and he will suggestion he provokes you say this, the other person is calling you Jaya, you say you are more J. say this. This is NASA from shavon. At this time for stereo,

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seek protection with Allah.

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Because if you don't seek protection with him, you could say very nasty things. You could do very nasty things and you could lose out on a lot of reward. Faster, it will immediately seek protection with Allah. When a person is being ignorant towards you, and you want to behave ignorantly with them as well immediately say I want to be law. Because if shavon comes at that point, and he is victorious, and he leads you, he tells you what to do, and you start following his footsteps, then you're going to suffer a lot faster it will seek refuge with Allah. And remember that in the who who has submitted earlier, indeed, he is the hearing the knowing he has heard what the other person has

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said, and he knows the situation that you're in. So seek protection with him. Don't fight fire with fire. Don't be evil in response, but it far below it here and do it for the sake of Allah. And when you will do it for the sake of Allah Allah will also help you

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to listen to the recitation.

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You are me no phone

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Larry lane aka

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kameena shavon Enos

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patience is remembering Allah seeking His protection at these moments. Because if we start following our knifes, if we start following the shape on, then we will not be able to have any solid whatsoever. And if there's no silver, then you can't do a viability here. You cannot have Mr. Comma you cannot continue to call people to Allah. And you see how these either mentioned with Manasa Nicola manga it Allah, calling people to Allah because many times we face these problems when calling people to Allah,

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that when we are in an environment where the main goal is to call people to Allah, than what happens discords arguments, little arguments, and they lead to such bad feelings within people and holding grudges. And when we hold grudges than what happens we repel evil with evil, instead of repelling evil with goodness. So, in these situations, a person should constantly seek refuge with ALLAH against strengthen against the evil of his own knifes as well let the kidney LFC porphyrin.

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Because if we're left to our souls, then we're doomed.

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Anything else?

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Same, we should not be slaves to people's money sometime we just acting bad because that person is acting by I was working with someone who was very rude to me. And many times was saying to myself, today I'm going to tell her to them. I'm going to tell her and they kill someone else. Keep saying Be patient, ignore, ignore, ignore. And I'm like, no, it's over. I know my content is full, I can help more patient. So one day, I want to pray in the NSF tabular, I'm going to tell her this and this and this, I made this. And then I'm like before, why was I ever good to this person? Was it just because she was good to me? Then if I was good, because she's good to me, that is not a sign

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saying that I have to be good, even if she's bad to me. And I was listening to share from her mother if he was giving lecture, but it's very good lecture and one who can access it, I should listen to it. It was saying that the Sahaba come to the professor luxilon and say our profit for LA salon advice me the professor lessem said Don't get angry and Chef mama daddy for saying that. Maybe this is I have become to the professor the salon thinking that Professor les lamb is going to advise him with a lot of salad a lot of Zakat, but the profits or losses on he knew this person maybe he gets angry he's possible he can kill person. It's possible he can disobey Allah subhanaw taala so he

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advised him first three times. I've seen a lot of the LC nulato that wala collegian, and you will get agenda. So he was saying that when the prophets of Allah got angry, it was never because of something to do with themselves. It was because the law of Allah subhanaw taala was being obeyed. So we have to ask ourselves, why am I angry? The someone missing this ally, someone disobeyed Allah, someone walked through the eyes of Allah, or to just to my ego

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to listen to the recitation

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses from number 30

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Are you army lasagna

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh