Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L263A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing their deeds and actions, including killing and reforming homes and false accusations. They also discuss the history of women being "beek" by men and false accusations being made against them. The group eventually destroyed their hometowns and became afraid of their hometowns, leading to chaos and drugs causing.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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salera Sunil Karim Ummah birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah Bish Riley assadi were silly. Embrey melissani of grupo de

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Lima lesson number 263 sutras Mohammed is number one to 19

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and levina those who care for their disbelieved. What do and they stopped, they barred on from Serbia Li Wei, Allah of Allah, Allah Allah, He rendered in vain. Our mother whom their deeds, one Medina, and those who are Manu, they believed what army Lu and they did have solidly heard the righteous deeds, or amanu and they believed Bhima in that which, no Zilla it was gradually sent down, Allah upon Mohammed bin Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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wahoo wahiawa and it is a helpful the truth mirror be him from there cafaro he expiated on home from them, say to him their sins, their evils what else law and he reformed burner home, their state their liquor that be under because indeed and Nadine, those who get follow they disbelieved it turbo they followed Albertville the false hood were under and that Indeed, Allah Dena, those who are Manu, they believed it ever they followed and help the truth. mill rock be him from there. gallica likewise. Yo boo boo, he strikes Allahu Allah lenez for the people, um Salah home. They're examples

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for either so when lucky to you all met, and Medina those who care for who they disbelieved for bourbon, then striking as the hub of the next half until either when, as when to move home. You all have extensively wounded you all have extensively killed many for sure do. Then you all firmly bind and wasa the bond or the tie for ima then either Manan favor, Bardo after war Emma and or feeder ransom had the until toolbar it puts down and help boost the war oza or her its burdens that Lika that wallow and if yes, he wills Allahu Allah Lund De Soto, shortly surely he took revenge men home from them, while lacking but Leah Beluga, so that he trusts barber comb, some of you be burdened

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with others, one levina and those who could do they were killed. fee in Seville in the way of felon, so will never you will he will render in vain. Our mother whom their deeds, say D him soon he will guide them while you sleep. And he will reform burner home their state while you do Hello home and he will admit them agenda the paradise of love for her. He made known law home to them.

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Yeah, Are you her own? alladhina amanu those who believed in if done so do you all help Allah Allah, He answered, come, he will help you while you submit, and he will make firm academic on your feet while levina and those who care for datas believed for tarson so destruction, law home for them were abandoned. And he rendered in vain. Our modular home their deeds, their liquor that be unknown because indeed they carry who they disliked ma that which unzila he sent down Allahu Allah for ash buffer. So he made fruitless our Manor home their deeds. a felon? Did they're not? Yes, zero. They travel fill out in the earth famzoo so they look so they see gay for how Ghana it was occupied to

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end and levina of those who make ugly him from before them. The Mara he destroyed. He ruined Allahu Allah. Are they him upon them? Well, Catherine and for the disbelievers I'm sorry to her. It's likenesses. They're like

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That the unknown because Indeed, Allah Allah, molar is protector and levina of those who knew they believed were unknown, and that indeed, Al khair fearing the disbelievers lair, not molar, any protector, the home for them in Allaha Indeed Allah utku he will admit alladhina amanu those who believed were our middle and they did a foil to hurt the righteous deeds genette in into gardens, that duty it flows men from Dottie, her underneath it, unhealth the rivers, one ladina and those who cafaro they disbelieved, yet amateur owner, they temporarily enjoy way up coluna and they eat gamma just as that kulu eats an arm the grazing livestock one note and the fire must work is an abode law

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home for them. Work in and how many men from body yet in a city? Hear it? I shall do more strong. more intense than in strength. Men then adiabatic yourtown allottee that which legit it expelled you look now home we destroyed them, fella. So not NASA, any helper the home for them. If a man is then who can a he was Allah upon beigene attain a clear proof men from Robbie he his command like who Xena it was adorned Lahu for him so evil, Amelie he have his deed, whatever. And they followed our home their desires,

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methods, method, description and agenda of the paradise of the garden allottee which were either he was promised aleut akun those who adopt

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those who are righteous. Fie her in it unhelpful rivers men from murky water lady other than sin steel what and how on and reverse men from lebon milk lamb not yet over a year it changes Barton Whoo hoo its taste will unhealed wound and rivers men from 100 wine lead that in delicious luxury been for those who drink what unhealed on and rivers men from us honey will suffer one pure while at home and for them. See her in it. Men from Cali every SMR art the fruits or mouthfeel atone and forgiveness middle of the hymn from the Arab C'mon like Who Who was he? Khalid on one who abides eternally sin now in the fire was so cool. And they were made to drink mat and water hammy man

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boiling hot for Katara. So it got it got to pieces. Our home their intestines, woman home and from them man who yesterday or he listens carefully. Elijah Do you have until either when Colorado they went out Minar Indic from near you. Or Lou they said, Linda Dina for those who go to they were given the knowledge Mother, what is that? Allah He said ennifer just now Allah aka those alladhina are those who tober he sealed? Allahu Allah, Allah upon kulu be him their hearts, whatever and they followed by who or whom their desires. When Medina and those who though they obtain guidance, that the home he increased them, who then in guidance or at home and he gave them Dakota Home thereby

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their righteousness for her, then not young Luna they wait except as the hour and that dia when it comes to them, both that and suddenly for God then in fact, it came ashore to her it signs for and then how the home for them, either when

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it came to them, they call home their reminder. farlam So no, I know who that indeed he left not Ella any god in the law except Allah was still fear and seek forgiveness. Leave them big for your sin. Well, meaning and for the believers, one more minute and the believing women will law who and Allah Ya Allah Mu kinos with the caliber come your place of movement. One minute

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Welcome and your place of rest.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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