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At-Tin-Al-Baiyinah Tafsir At-Tin 1-8

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim lesson number 310. So the theme is number one to eight.

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Sort of the theme is a Maki sutra

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and it was revealed after sort of broach the surah has one record eight verses 34 words and approximately 100 have this relaying of our mind over him. What Dini was a tune by the fig, and by the olive waturi see Nene, and by the Mount Sinai, well Heather Bella dill Ameen. And by this secure city, meaning the city of Makkah,

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what's the joke person, that locker the hollow canal in Santa Fe, Sunny the queen, we have certainly created man in the best of forms, in the best statue.

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In these ayat, Allah subhanaw taala swears

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by certain things, and what are the certain things in certain places? That first of all a theme? What is the theme?

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The fig, it's a fruit.

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And remember that whenever Allah subhana wa Tada, swears an oath by something, what does it show? its importance, its importance. So what does it show about this particular fruit? That it's a very beneficial fruit. It's a very important fruit, a fruit that is full of beneficial nutrients for people.

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So many times we stay away from certain foods simply because they look strange. They look different.

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However, we see that when Allah swears an oath by it, there must be something special about this route. So have it for the sake of Allah have it simply because Allah has warned by it, that should be enough of a reason for us to eat of this fruit. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala swears an oath by

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and this shows that a person loves Allah more than he loves his taste buds. You understand? That you're eating something simply because Allah swore an oath by it. That's another reason you don't care about whether you like it or not. But you're having it simply because Allah sworn oath, right? So what Dini

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and the second thing a lot of pantalla swears an oath by over here is was a tune, and they don't the olive. Same thing. That this is also extremely beneficial for people, there has to be something very special about it, that unless worn off by

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because there's so many other fruits, so many other different foods that Allah subhanaw taala has created. However, Allah doesn't swear by them. What does the last whereby attain and as a tune? Now, the question is, why are these fruits mentioned in particular, because first of all, as I mentioned to you, that they must have certain beneficial properties for people full of nutrients extremely, they must have health benefits whether science proves it or not. They must have health benefits for us because Allah subhanaw taala swears and

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secondly, these fruits were also very well known to the Arabs. They were also very well known to the Arabs and sort of minion Ayah 20 we learned while shadow Ratan Tata hajiman Puri Cena tempo to be dooney was civil in in alkylene. With regards to the olive, Allah says and we brought forth a tree issuing forth from Mount Sinai which produces oil and food, what is the food refer to

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the olive and oil, the oil of the other for those who eat isn't sort of what minute is 20 and we see that these to the teeth and as a tune, they also represent certain areas, certain places.

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What are these places, we see that the team and as a tune, they are known to be common where in which area in the area fell asleep in the area of a sham? insert the note is 35 we learned about the olive that you are doing cheddar automobile rocketing zaytuna national TV will ever be so natural to hula Barbie, it has been said that it refers to the area of Palestine and this is where originally it is from and sort of what we know now 20 earlier as I mentioned to you that the whole German tourists aina.

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So this is referring to a specific area which is the area of philosophy

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and the area of industry, the area of a shop is a very, very special place. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala sent many messengers over there, it's the land, it's the home. It's the birthplace, the living place, and also the place where many many messengers of Allah were banned. And this is why we learn in Surah to Israelites,

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Apparently the SRB rd laden with universities around the world must absorb and Lady Baraka Hilda who there is a lot of Barak over there, that Allah has placed.

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So, what Didi was a tune, what do they refer to the actual fruits and also they refer to the places where they are from and what is that particular place Philistine or Russia?

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And then what policy mean and by the Mount Sinai Allah subhanaw taala swears or not by the to the mount which mount in particular see need.

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Now, what is see me see me is the area of cyanide,

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the desert, the peninsula where the food is located, and what is this mountain? What's so special about it?

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What's so special about it that Musab Hassan was spoken to over here by who, unless upon Tanaka, lamola Musa that Lima, so totally seen it. So we see that first of all the area Philistine, many messengers were sent there. Many messengers were originally from there, and the last messenger as well. He started slow. He was also from there, and then tourists Eenie, who was given Prophethood over here.

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Messiah salah

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and moosari salaam is one of the best of the messengers of Bani Israel. Why? Because he was one who was given the Torah. And he was the one who sent the money Israel were also freed from slavery. And it was his teachings that the Bani Israel followed for many many years to come remember after Masada said and many prophets game, but they did not bring any new revelation. The law that was to be followed was the same law that was given to musasa.

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Even the Buddha listener, and Isa listen under scriptures that they were given, they did not contain laws, all the laws that the Bani Israel had to follow, or which ones

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those that were given at the photo. So this is why mozarella salaam is one of the most of ambia, after ministry, so to this evening,

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what hasn't been an amine, and by this city, which city and I mean, the one that is secure,

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and which city is is referring to the city of Mecca, and the city of Makkah, is the one from where the last messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam is from. And this city Allah describes it as a mean, what is I mean? It gives a meaning of meaning one that is safe, one that is secure, and this is the city of Mecca.

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Why, how is it secure? That no fighting is permissible? No fighting is permissible. And this was the case even in the time of Jenny Lee. And even before Islam, the machine even they respected the sanctity of the harem of Makkah.

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So I hadn't belittle me.

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In sort of earlier in one i 97, we learned woman de la Cana, Amina, whoever enters it, then he becomes safe and secure.

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inserted uncovered is 67 hour long euro unnatural. Now hold on a minute, while you're at the hospital for nursing and holding him don't see how we have made this home so peaceful, so secure for them. And the people who live around them, they're snatched away from their houses, from their places,

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we see that the rest of the Arabs in the middle of the night, all of a sudden they would be attacked, and all of a sudden, their lives would be completely turned upside down. But the people of Makkah, were the most secure,

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they were the most secure. So, this is a very special feature, a very special quality of the city of Mecca, we had ability I mean,

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now we see that a lot swears an oath by places and certain things and these things also things they do they represent a particular place. And all of these places which are very noble, very special, very important, very beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. Why? Because what he was sent over there, what does Allah say? What's the dua person that all of these things are made a witness and Allah says la casa de la Canal in Santa Fe santaquin.

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We have certainly created man in the best of forms,

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the human being has been created in the best form compared to the rest of the creatures and our sanita Queen, the queen of well means the Queen has to make something straight and proper as it should be.

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And if you think about it, the human body is such if you compare it to the rest of the creatures, it isn't the best forms, because it is strict. It is most suitable for the human being to perform the various functions with

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like for example, if you look at an ant ant ant is extremely intelligent great engineers. But if you look at their size, can they do much they cannot. Similarly, there are other animals they have certain abilities.

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Which are unique to them. However, given their sizes, given their bodies, they aren't able to do much.

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But the human being is such that Allah soprano data has given him such abilities such qualities, and especially the finger that the human being has been given, because of which is able to do so much

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the kind of hands and arms that we have been given other animals have not been given. Similarly, a lot of panel data has given us such intellect that we can survive in any kind of climate, any kind of temperatures. But we see that certain animals because of the way that their bodies are, they can only live in certain places. So, the cause of Hanako insanity, actually the gleam in the best form.

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And this is a proof that the human being is different from the rest of the creatures, which is why you can't call the human being an animal. Why? Because he's different, very different, very unique.

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The way human beings have survived in this earth, and the way they have prospered, you don't see the rest of the creatures doing that at all in any way.

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Human beings, they have discovered so much, they have so many different languages. Do you see that amongst other animals? Do you see that and other creatures? You don't?

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So this is an evidence that the human being is different. Now, why is the Assam Latina was a doula is anyone other than me? And the dual costs of locker locker insanity are ugly.

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Because if you look at it, all of these places were the places where almost without a cent, why, Revelation,

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Revelation for who, for the guidance of mankind, and the human beings, mankind, they need guidance, they need guidance, they need that special guidance which Allah has sent. And the human being is what that Allah has made him in the best of forms. And with that best of forms, he's only able to do much when he has the guidance that Allah has sent

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somewhere other than me, who is fairly savvy, then we return him to the lowest of the low or dinner, who, what does it mean? To put something back to return something? So we return him as filler to the lowest 70 of those who are no,

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as far as effing lowest of the low, seem fair than what does that mean to be low, to be at the bottom and as far as deepest lowest at the bottom? And safranin, those who are low?

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What does it mean by this, that some more data now, who is philosophically this has been understood in two ways?

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First of all, it is said that this is referring to the human being the person who displease who just believes in the guidance that Allah has sent. Allah said guidance in the best places for the St. Louis Center, the city of Makkah. Why, because a human being needs guidance. But those who disbelieve those who deny what happens to them, they become the lowest of the low, even worse than animals, even worse than who cattle even

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in whom illogical and non balloon, urban, they are worse than an arm even. So as far as I fit in,

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how does he become the lowest of the low, when he does when he is when he does not accept the guidance that Allah has sent? Because the rest of the creatures they're doing, at least whatever Allah has told them to do.

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For example, the honeybee.

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We learned in the Quran o Hara book in a nanny to Allah subhanaw taala gave a certain command to the honeybees. This is how you are to make money. And this is what you're supposed to do. Are they doing that? Are they doing their job? Yes, they are.

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So when a person when someone is fulfilling their duty, their responsibility, their purpose, and that means they have succeeded. That means they are successful.

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But if a person does not fulfill their purpose, and what does it mean, they're useless, they're useless. So when a human being does not follow the guidance, does not accept the guidance that Allah has sent. Then what happens? He becomes, as philosophically the lowest of the law, the worst of all creatures. And literally as well as the lowest of the low Why? Because such people will end up where? In the Hellfire and the Hellfire is what is extremely low. What do we learn about the various descriptions of Hellfire, that it has deep pits holes, in which a person could fall for 40 years? 70 years? It's extremely deep. There are cats they're low levels of hellfire.

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And then sort of what we note I 104 we learn 10 for who would you love home and now we're home to Cali Hoon, Allah subhanaw taala has given to human beings such a beautiful appearance, such a beautiful body. But if a person does not accept the guidance of Allah has said that in the hereafter and Hellfire, what will happen, the fire will hear their faces, and they're in will have out smiles as though their skin is stretched. Imagine their faces will be completely disfigured as far as I believe.

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Then some have said that as far as ethylene, what this is referring to, is that this is basically a metaphor for old age and weakness for old age and weakness, because when a person is young, he has the ability to stand straight, his limbs are straight, his skin is also firm. So it's actually the Queen the best stature the best form. However, as a person becomes old, then what happens, what happens then, his body begins to bend, the limbs also, they begin to bend.

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Similarly the skin, it begins to wrinkle. So somebody other than me who as well as hopefully, this is when he loses his power, he loses his physical beauty, the strength. Similarly, the upright stature, he loses that, instead of the scene is 68 we learn women are middle Luna kids who fill Hulk, FLIR chiune, and he to whom we grant long life, we reverse him in creation, we reverse him in creation, how do we reverse him that he was standing upright, and then he bends again, this is just like when a child is born, initially, the limbs are very soft.

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And they're also kind of bent. If you look at the legs, if you look at the arms are not completely straight, they're kind of bent. And eventually as the child grows older, they become more and more firm and straight. However, as a person becomes older, you're in a case of in Hulk, the body is reversed the form the creation is reversed. Similarly, instead of the metal is 70, we learn where men come in euro dollar out of that, in the Roman old age has been called what out of that in irmo, the most despicable of all ages, why, because then that a person becomes completely dependent on others, he loses his abilities, he loses his strength, even begins to forget many important things.

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So, so more than ever, as far as havoline

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Allah says, a levena Manu, except for those people who believe what armeno slyly had, and they also perform righteous deeds, for whom eduroam vitamine known for they will have a reward that is later mamnoon uninterrupted.

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If we take the first meaning, that this as far as ethylene is referring to those who end up in Hellfire because of their destiny, then the believers are exempted from that.

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So who will not be of the as far as Afridi who will not end up in Hellfire? What's the condition that a person must have Eman And also he must perform outside?

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And with regards to old age, then what happens that even though when a person has a man when a person does righteous deeds in his youth, even when he becomes old, and he's unable to continue performing the good deeds that he used to before, still the good is written for him. Why? Because if he had the strength, if he would remember, he would actually do it. He would actually do it.

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So inland Medina Avenue, where Amina sila had Fela home agilon Ryoma noon. Notice how their award has been described lado mamnoon What does mamnoon mean? From man and man literally means to cut off. So vital No, no, it will never be interrupted. Never will it end. It will never ever fail, but rather it is eternal. It is constant it is perpetual.

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And mamnoon is man also means to show a favor to remind someone of a favorite. So vitamin known mean they will never ever be reminded that a huge favor has been done on them. They will never be hurt in this way. They will never be made to feel embarrassed, rather oola ecoffee Jannati more qalamoun they will be honored in Jannah.

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respected, honored, not that they will be reminded again and again by the way you have consumed as much. By the way you have eaten this much. No. Because think about it, you go somewhere you're enjoying some food in the end. By the way, you've had three drinks already you want another one? And you like Yeah, kind of.

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You feel embarrassed ordering another one, but you like it so much that you want to have. So in general, a person can eat endlessly and he will never be made to feel bad. He will never

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be made to feel embarrassed.

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Indonesia what happens you are hesitant. You want to ask for something but you feel shy. Why? Because you wonder what the other person going to think.

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But in general, no such feeling further home and you don't have a room I'm known

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for my you can be recovered to be Dean. So what yet causes you to deny the recompense for now you can debugger, you can reboot. This is from that leap and that leave is to deny.

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You can reboot means to deny that you can devote a clean, deny, to disbelief to think something as false. And you can also gives the meaning of it causes to disbelieve, it causes to deny meaning, you can dibuka what makes you disbelieve?

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What makes you deny.

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So, a lot of pantallas is familiar with the buka, who this can refer to the disbeliever the person who does not believe

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familia, de Vaca what causes you to disbelief, but I do after, after what, after the mention of this after the mention of the fact that Allah has sent guidance that Allah has created the human being an SME the queen, and that the one who doesn't believe he becomes a spell as f&e and it's only those who believe for whom they will be a Coronavirus, noon. So what makes you disbelieve even after this, what causes you to deny even after knowing this, and cause you to deny what with Dean and Dean can refer to religion that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has brought, and it can also refer to the recompense the year after the Day of Judgment.

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So in other words, when the truth has been made, so clear over here, so evident over here,

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and when you have been made to realize that nothing is in your control, even your body aging is not in your control, then still what makes you deny?

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What gives you the courage to deny what do you have in your hands? In other words, your body is not in your control. Your life is not in your control. If you don't believe eventually you're going to lose his body anyway. So more or less no as well as happening. So for now, you can talk about debating what causes you to disbelieve. And esala who be Ackerman Hakimi? is Allah not the most just of all judges?

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Come? What does a hacker mean? Most hacker meaning the one who is most just in the sense that whenever he makes a token, he makes the best target, he makes a right hook.

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This is a phone. So the best hacking, in other words, so come on, hacking is not the most come of all hacking me, meaning the best judge of all the judges, there are many who make decisions, many who judge in this dunya however, the best judgment, the best decision is

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Allah subhanaw taala. Why? Because it is the one that is most just and also, it is the best in the sense that he's the one who was actually able to implement what he decides he's able to carry out what he judges

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so at least a lot of the accurate hair coming in this is as though a warning that if Allah makes a judgment for you against you, then can you avoid that? No.

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So again, the same message is being reinforced that What do you have in your hands? You have nothing in your hands. So model data now as far as I fill in, so if you don't believe or you causing loss to yourself, Elisa lobi Ackerman, how can we how can you avoid the hokum of Allah? How can you avoid the detriment of a life Allah decides that your body should start drooping? It should start disintegrating can you avoid that? You cannot. Then if Allah decides something unfavorable for you in the year after, can you avoid that? No, you cannot Elisa lo the ultimate How can we? What's the Juma? What's the response? banner? Yes, of course what I mean is shiny, and I have those who are

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witnesses to the fact that Allah is there.

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So when Allah is that, how can we then what does it mean for us that we should also submit to Him?

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miss me Bismillah

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me lapada call upon an

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You see this ayah, that tomorrow dinner who as far as our feeding in alladhina amanu, where our middle side

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that a person in old age when is he able to actually obey, align, continue with his good deeds, when he has been doing it on his life when he has been doing it in his youth.

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So he's been doing it all his life, then even an old age, he will not become as far as I

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know, he will be different, he will continue being beneficial, he will continue being productive, and being busy in useful things. I remember hearing about this individual, he was extremely old. And at the age of about 80, or something, he was running a school, somewhere in Pakistan, for children who are extremely bored. So he was running the school for them not just imagine at the age of 80. Who can do that? Who can do that? Someone who has been doing it in their youth, they can only do something productive even at that old age. But typically what happens at this old age, that people are just retired, they're all complaining to their family members, being completely dependent on

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them demanding so many things from them. So someone other than our who as well as our family, but who is exempt from this. In the Latina ama No.

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They are exempt. They don't become the lowest of the low.

00:27:08--> 00:27:21

We see that even at such an old age. If you try to explain to people about you know the concept of the author or reminding them of doing something good, or making use of their time, sometimes they don't get it Why? Because that's not the way they have lived.

00:27:22--> 00:27:41

So they haven't lived in which ways to remember a loss was to worship a loss was to be busy and doing good things, then even an old age they don't get it. Despite the fact that they see their loved ones dying. All their siblings have perhaps died or their relatives have perhaps, you know, those who were of their generation have passed away. But yet they don't take a lesson from that. Why?

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Because it didn't take a lesson in their youth. So it says oh we learn from these I added the old age of only that person will be good. Which person, the one who has lived his youth in a good way. Only his old age will be good. Only his old age will be useful.

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We listen to the recitation again.

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what he was a to

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the lady