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Ash-Shuara 141-191 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 153-159

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They said the response of the people was that in them and that indeed your only mineral Musa hurryin of those who are affected by magic,

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meaning you're going crazy. You're not using your mind What's wrong with you? We are such great engineers. We are so powerful. And our leaders they tell us to do things which lead us to our prosperity. And you're telling us not to abeyta What's wrong with you? You've been affected by magic. Mr. headin Musa Helene is a Florida Musa have won his most rude and was rude is someone who has been affected by magic. And the other is Musa how one who is terribly affected by magic. One on One great magic has been great magic, very strong magic. So called intimate and we know Musa Hari.

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And there are many people who even today have somebody speaking with some common sense. What do they say to him?

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What do they say to him? Are you okay? Are you sure? Everything's okay? everything's normal with you. You've gone crazy. And these people, what do they say to him? That you are under the effect of magic?

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Matt and elaborate shadow myth, Luna, you're only a human being just like us. There's nothing special about you. Then why should you have the right to tell us not to do certain things and do certain things when you are only a human being just like us.

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And if you're really a prophet of Allah, if there's really something special about you, than fat DBI, then then bring a sign. in condemning aside again, if you are really of those who are truthful, if you are supposed to be truthful, in your claim of prophethood, then bring a miracle. Show some miracle show as a sign. What do we see over here, a conflict between truth and falsity. That when the Prophet of Allah told them about what they were supposed to do, what they were not supposed to do, immediately the people became hostile, isn't it? Instead of accepting, instead of paying attention to what he was saying, immediately, they became hostile towards him. And the same thing

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happened at the time of the Prophet subtle notice, as well.

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That instead of paying attention to what the prophets was telling them, they became very hostile. And immediately a conflict arose. They called him a magician, they called him a liar. They said, You have been affected by magic. And they said, You're only a human being show us a miracle. The same thing happened at that time as well.

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intraoral camera is 24 to 26. We learn for corlew asharam, in our hidden not available in either Luffy Berlin was

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that the people said Is it one human being amongst us that we should follow? They couldn't accept it. Just like the people of Salah had Islam, even they couldn't understand that why should we be following a human being?

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That if we follow Indeed, We will then be in error and madness, we will be in error and we will go mad. We will be very mad to follow a human being just like us. If you think about it, who are the leaders?

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Were the human beings or something else? human beings, but there was no problem in following them. When it came to a Muslim, when it came to the Messenger of Allah, they said Why should we follow a human being?

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Why should we listen to a human being? What's so special about him? Nothing.

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So ultimately, what were they following

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their desires.

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If somebody told them that which they liked, they accepted and followed. And if somebody told them that which they disliked that which went against their desires, they refuse to follow.

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So what happened they demanded a miracle. And so I had a salon owner, he said, How do you know this is a chic mo here you ask for a miracle. Here's a chic mo

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lashio boon for it is a drinking turn should from the root letter Shinoda and should have is the time the turn or portion of water that is set for someone for their drinking.

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Now, for us, it's not a big deal. But for example, certain classes, they have their break at a certain time, isn't it? They can go to the cafeteria at a particular time, not any other time outside of that.

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So each class, each group has its own turn. cemetery shed his drinking turn.

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Because if you think about it, earlier, people would get their water from where, let's say a well, or a spring or some kind of water source, but obviously that would be small and limited. And if everyone came at the same time, then what would happen?

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It would lead to a lot of trouble, isn't it? Oh, this is why the Bani Israel when they were in the desert, how many springs were they given? 12, right? because water is something especially when you're thirsty and you have so many to feed. If you don't get returned immediately you get very frustrated and it could lead to fights.

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So the people were told that this chic ammo, since it is so huge, since its requirement is very great as well. Therefore,

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it has its own drinking turn one day is exclusively for this camel.

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Welcome and for you is should we Oh, Mr. loom, is a drinking turn of a well known day. And which one is that the next day?

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Now these people, they demanded that sila Harrison, if you're really a messenger, then you have to bring a sheikh ammo out of a mountain,

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that this mountain it should open up and a huge camel should walk out of it.

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Now Sally, her listen him he made the right to Allah. And this miracle actually happened, that the she camel, it walked out of the mountain right before the people in front of their very eyes.

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They saw this miracle. But still they refuse to believe the truth was evident. But still they refuse to accept Sila hadiza.

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Remember, we learned that Eman includes several things. It's not just about acknowledging, right? It's not just about saying that something is true. But it's also about accepting it.

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So yes, these people they saw the miracle with their own eyes. They acknowledged it with their eyes. But because they didn't accept it, they didn't submit. This is why their email, obviously, it was not acceptable. It was not considered a man even.

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So this was a miracle that they demanded. And the miracle was fulfilled it was shown to them.

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And because the scammer was very huge, obviously they demanded such a sign. It was very huge. Therefore it required a lot of water.

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It needed a lot of water to drink.

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And typically camels once they drink water, they can survive for a few days.

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But because they demanded this miracle, it became a test for them as well. How that every other day, the sheik Emma would have to drink. And when she would drink she would drink a lot.

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So this she cannot became a huge test for them.

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And the nation, the people they could not remain patient with this division of days, and also with the amount of water that she can drink.

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So what did they do?

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They decided to harm her. They decided to kill her.

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society had Islam he warned them

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that well atom is too heavy so in and do not touch her with evil. Meaning to not true with the intention to kill her. You're not allowed to touch her. You're not allowed to kill her. You're not allowed to slaughter her. Well, Adam is too heavy to ensue over here means

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killing her. Right? The intention to hamstring the camel. Because if you do soulfire holder calm. Consequently, it will seize you what we'll see is you are there boo, Yeoman or lean the punishment of a great day.

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If you don't respect this miracle, then what's going to happen?

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You're going to suffer a punishment on a great day.

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Now what makes a day great.

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The event that happens in that day, isn't it?

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So over here basically, are there were Yeoman or lean What this means is a great punishment,

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a great punishment on a particular day, because that great punishment is going to make that day very great.

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So he warned them of the punishment of Allah if they should harm the she camel in any way. But did they pay heed at all? Did they care at all? No.

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So what happened then for aka ruha so they have stronger arcaro from newsletters.

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They have stronger and what does it mean by hamstringing a camel camel cannot be laid down and slaughtered easily. So the back legs they have to be cut before

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so behind the knee you have to cripple the camera basically so that it falls to the ground and immediately you start with the camera.

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So for our camera, and then what happened for us bahonar demean and they became ones or regretful now the mean is the plural of Nadeem. One who has the Dharma, one who has regret.

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Remember that regret is of several types. One is that a person realizes his mistake

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He has regret over it. And then what does he do? He apologizes. He seeks forgiveness. he fixes his ways. This kind of regret this kind of feeling bad and sorry about something. Does it help a person?

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Does it? Think about it?

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Yes, it does. Why? He realized his mistake. He felt sorry about it. He apologized, he sought forgiveness. And he fixed his ways. He tried his best never ever to commit that mistake again.

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This kind of regret is something that benefits a person.

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And this kind of regret when a person has it. Other people also believe him,

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isn't it?

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Because if a person just keeps saying, sorry, I didn't do it. Sorry, I didn't do it every time you speak to them. The next time they say sorry, I didn't do it to you. What are you going to do?

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You know, they accept it. You're not going to listen to it. You're not going to believe them for it.

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So this is one type of modality. The other type of Nadella is that a person just feels bad, but he doesn't do anything about it.

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Now over here, when these people for us bahonar demean they became regretful, what kind of regret was this? Does it mean Toba? No, because these people did not repent.

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What happened was that when they killed the Sheikh Hamad, Sally had Islam told them that you have only three days left. And after these three days, the punishment of Allah will descend upon you,

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then you will what's going to happen, but in arrogance in stubbornness, they did not accept.

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And when they realize that the punishment is right here, right before us,

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then they became concerned for us by hoonah, demean that we shouldn't have done it. But even at that point, they did not repent. Even at that point, they did not return to Allah seeking forgiveness.

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You understand? Like, for example, when the person is in trouble, and he's in trouble. He's being reprimanded, he's caught at that time, he feels Why did I do this? What was I thinking?

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But even then he doesn't have the audacity to apologize. This was a state of these people.

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In their minds in their hearts, they were like, We shouldn't have done it. But on the outward, even on the inward, they were not really seeking forgiveness.

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So for us by hoonah, demean this kind of Nadella does not help a person at all.

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It is not a system at all. For kuruva for us, but who know the mean, which is why for the homeowner adapt to the punishment, it sees them. The punishment sees them, which punishment, the punishment that was promised to them

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in a fee that is, indeed in that there's surely a sign there surely a lesson or reason to believe that if these people were punished, if another person does not believe, will not be punished, of course.

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So for the homeowner that in the feed Erica, in this incident is a reason to believe

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what American mean, but still, most of the people do not believe.

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Now the details of the punishment that came upon this nation, they're not mentioned over here in detail, but we have learned about them elsewhere. And we also learn about them from various other resources.

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From the Quran, we learned intro to chimps and number 11 to 15 that kept the bat similar to before where her even Bharata Ashkar her for call Allahumma basura la Hinako de la he was so clear here that some more data denied their profit, by reason of their transgression, when the most wretched of them was sent for and the Messenger of Allah said to them do not harm the she camel, or prevent her from drink.

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But what happened there Whoo hoo hoo ha fadem de la hombre boom bdmv him for so were her when I hover over her, but they denied him and hamstrung her. So their Lord brought down upon them destruction for their sin and made it equal upon all of them.

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It was only a few of them who got up to kill the sheikh mo but because the rest of them did not stop them What happened?

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The punishment was equal for all of them. And he does not fear the consequences they're off.

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So what do we see? infidelity Can I What am I kind of? Meaning? We're in Arabic Allahu Allah Aziza, Rahim and indeed your Lord He is Exalted in Might, the Merciful. What lessons do we learn from this incident?

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That if a person is doing good himself and other people are doing

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Right in front of him, but he does not stop them. You understand? Other people are doing Islam? They're doing facade in front of him, but he does not stop them. At the end both become equal, isn't it?

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Like, over here? What do we learn that it was only a few individuals who got up to kill the sheikh ammo, but the entire nation was punished? Why? Because they did not stop.

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Similarly, we see that there are only some Muslim theme. There are only some of CDN. But the rest of the people when they do not stop them, what happens? others even they suffer the consequences. What else do we learn

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in the feed ellika the importance of reforming yourself the importance of improving yourself.

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Because these people, they only got stuck, where, at Nadella. That's it. They didn't move forward beyond that. They didn't go ahead beyond that.

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That they felt bad about what they had done. But they did not do anything to improve themselves.

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And if a person does not improve himself, then he's heading towards what loss and destruction. He's heading towards failure.

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Maybe for now, he will get by, but in the long run, what is he heading towards failure.

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So we must realize the importance of reforming ourselves because each person he has shortcomings he has certain mistakes.

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Every son of Adam is sinful, but the best of the sinful people are Who? Those who turn to Allah, those who repent those who reformed themselves. What else do we learn?

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In this year, the process of them we learned that the process of them he was so angry when he saw someone spit in the masjid. This was also his I think he cleaned it up. He was so angry. And I was thinking that this is also like a mischief. This is our classroom. And sometimes what do we end up doing? We eat here even though it says nothing. We clip our nails here, we comb our hair here. We do other things here, which likes vanilla, you wonder, you know, maybe it's out of heedlessness, maybe you don't realize that this is a place where you're not supposed to be doing these things. Because we really have to be very cautious. This is not like any other place. This is not your washroom,

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this is not your cafeteria, you have to take care of this. Even in the cafeteria. Now they have these bins and Mashallah, you guys have all been doing an amazing job. But similarly here, sometimes I come in, I see coffee mugs, or whatever it is. And I wonder, okay, they've been told so many times, I even told them specifically other people have told them they see the sign. But what's the problem? Why can't we act upon them? Why don't we realize it? Do we not see this as a sacred place? Look at how angry the process of God when he saw that split in the machines just split. But he was so angry. So imagine other things we do here we comb my hair, who's going to touch it's not proper?

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Exactly. If you think about when the Bedouin man came, and he urinated the profits or loss and did not become angry at that point, why?

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He didn't know any better.

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But when he saw the phlegm on the wall, he got very upset. Why? Because it was done by one of the people who came regularly.

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One of those people who knew better.

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So there is a difference between people who know, and people who don't know,

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people who know, expectations are higher from them.

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And people who don't know, expectations are lesser. So we have to be very, very careful that when we know about the rules, when we know about the limits, then we have to observe them. And if we don't observe them, then what are we doing? is off facade. And what does it lead to failure loss in this dunya and also in the

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What else do we do?

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Many times just because of our selfish desires, we think it's all about me. We want everything to benefit us. This is why we're only concerned about ourselves. And we don't care about the limits that Allah set and we don't care about how other people are willing to suffer.

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So we should get out of the shell and be more concerned about others. You know, what is that a person is only thinking about himself, what do I want? What do I like to do? My hair My this my that. And the other is that you're concerned about everyone, that this action of mine good this harm someone good. This disturbs someone. If it could disturb someone, I should stay away from it.

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We see that these people demanded a miracle. And when they were given the exact miracle that they demanded, still they did not believe. And sometimes what happens? We ask questions, just for the sake of asking just for the purpose of argument and we know that we're not going to accept from before this kind of attitude is not correct.

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These people demanded a miracle without realizing the consequences. It's possible that we also ask for things that actually go against

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It's not that the punishment, the failure, the destruction, the harmful consequences, they come immediately. No,

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Allah subhanaw taala gives us multiple chances, and then we get caught.

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Do you understand? This is something very important?

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Because sometimes when we get caught for our wrong actions, what do we think? This is the first time I did it, and here I get caught? No, it's not the first time. It's impossible. You've done it many times before. And now you have been caught now you have been exposed. Because when a person does something wrong for the very first time, Allah subhanaw, taala gives him chances. One chance, another chance, another chance. And when he keeps on doing the same thing, without taking a lesson, then he is caught.

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It's like when a person he was caught for theft, or something like that. And he said, It's the first time I've done it, and he was told it's not possible. You've done it before. Because Allah does not expose the sin of the perpetrator the first time? No, he's given multiple chances.

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Let her share one while I can share with you Shibuya, Mr. Lu. What does it show that when people have to share certain things, then each person should be given their turn. If you look at it, the camel was given its particular day and the rest of the people they were given their particular day,

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so that everybody gets to have their turn.

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So when we're sharing something with other people, then we should give other people their turn as well. Sometimes when we're using the laundry machine, what happens, we leave our clothes inside for a very long time. And other people that keep coming opening the laundry machine checking while they're still here, they're still here, they're still here. And they don't know what to do.

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So unless there is a genuine excuse, unless there is a genuine reason. Other than that, we should try our best to use our turn within its time.

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When we don't care about other people, and we keep on doing whatever we want. And remember that whatever comes around goes around as well, we'll get affected

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every person in some way or the other, he gets a position of authority. And in that position of authority, you should be very careful not to commit any facade or not to commit any assault, because you will be held accountable.

00:22:23--> 00:22:30

every blessing if a person does not use it properly, could be a source of punishment as well. If he does not use it properly,

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that she can when they asked for it. They did not give the heck of it. And what happened. They were punished. And if you look at it, these people they were given so many blessings. Jeanette or Yun Laughlin follow her Helene so many blessings that were given.

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But because they did not use them properly. They were killed in those very homes.

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Let's listen to the recitation that will continue

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Boo Minami

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if a person has a certain skill, he's very good at it. How does he know he's proud of it?

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Think about it.

00:25:48--> 00:26:06

When you boost when you keep telling other people about it when you keep showing to other people, and you keep in mind your stuff, and he keeps thinking, Oh, how lovely. And you keep comparing your stuff with other people, the work of other people, and you keep telling yourself or your work is much better. And when you don't thank Allah for it.

00:26:07--> 00:26:21

If you think about it, these people they had so many things, perfect houses, great skills, a lot of wealth, but nothing of that. Let them to their success, isn't it? Nothing of their

00:26:22--> 00:26:37

great architects, but nothing led to their success. When they disbelieved when they were ungrateful when they rejected the truth when they refuse to accept the truth, when they refuse to reform themselves, nothing at all led to their success.

00:26:39--> 00:27:02

So in this is a great lesson that eternal success is not attained by building lofty structures by making a lot of money by receiving great blessings, no external success is achieved how by reforming yourself by fixing yourself improving yourself correcting your mistakes, that is what leads to success.

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moves me is

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de la

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la to do

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own follow.

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boo, boo,

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boo, boo,

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