Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L102E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history behind the "can" and "monster" titles in Islam, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling obligations and avoiding accusations of being unverbal. They stress the need for people to fulfill their responsibilities and avoid accusations of being unverbal, emphasizing the importance of remaining firm in laws and following international laws. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of Islam on people, including the belief that individuals cannot be treated like their own, and the need for training and guidance on certain pillars of Islam. Finally, they emphasize the importance of treating people differently based on their religion and history, and stress the need for training and guidance on certain pillars of Islam.
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Our human biology Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, that's number 102 Soto totoaba.

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Now in the following I add the wisdom behind dissolving the treaties as mentioned,

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the wisdom behind dissolving the treaties as mentioned the reasons the evidence is that why should all of these treaties with the disbelievers be canceled now, with the mustachian? Why should they be canceled?

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And what's the reason behind giving them a four month period of safety? What's the wisdom? What's the reason?

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The last paragraph it says cave? How is it yaku? It is, meaning how can there be Lin Machina for the polytheists are done or treating in the law in the sight of Allah? We're in the lawsuit he and with his messenger? How can there be a treaty after speaking with Allah and His messenger? It's not possible.

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kafer over here is further ado for amazement How is it possible it's not possible?

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There is no reason that there should be a treaty of peace between them and between a Lynas messenger. It's not possible. And caifa is also for Steve ham, nothing.

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What this is the family interrogation, and nothing negation. So it's a question for the purpose of negation, meaning there is none it cannot be possible that the wish to gain should have an art or in the love we're in the lawsuit he

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except, and Medina had done in the mercy of heroin, except for those people whom you made a promise with near the sacred mustard.

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So the machine, it's not possible that you have a covenant with them. Why? Because they have been breaking their covenants. They have been violating their treaties.

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If you look at it, the Treaty of Libya was made. But what did the mustachian do? they violated that. So how can you have a treaty with these people? It's not possible. Why should you have when they're not sincere when they're not loyal, except for those machine which machine and Medina her tumor in the machine?

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Those machine who made a promise with near the sacred machine,

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which covenant is referring to?

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This is according to some referring to the Treaty of her davia and according to some it refers to the Treaty of peace that was made with some Arab tribes. And which tribes are they? The tribes have been okay Nana bonacasa and Bhanu dama dama bought me raw Tama Buta? What are they

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been kena, Ben, Hosea, and DOMA.

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So these tribes, they sided with the Muslims at her baby.

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Go to the side with the Muslims at her davia. And they did not violate the treaty. who violated the treaty?

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It was a machine it was not bonacasa who attacked? It was the bundle Bachar, the address of machine who attacked them.

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So yes, although they're not Muslim, but still they have been true to their covenants with you. So these people, you have a treaty with them from us. So as long as it's the whole Malecon, there remains that first for you. Man over here is a conditional particle and gives a sense of as long as so far muster camo as long as they remain firm law come for you. What does st farmer need is the karma to be steadfast to remain firm upon something to become straight, to become right and proper. So what does it mean by is the karma over here, that if they remain upright with regards to their Treaty, that they don't violate it, they don't go against it. They faithfully carry out all of the

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terms. They keep the fact they don't violate it in any way. So as long as they keep the covenant, what should you do? First Okay, moolah who you also keep the covenant for them, you also fulfill it, you also fulfill all of its terms. Why? Because in Allahu hibben watain Indeed, Allah loves those people who have done

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those people who out of the fear of a law, they don't violate the treaty that they have made with other people, the promises that they have made with others

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So, in this ayah, the reason for the announcement of the facts is being explained. And what is that reason

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that the machine, it's not possible that you can have a covenant with them. Because they have proven themselves unworthy. They have proven themselves untrustworthy.

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And when someone shows that he's untrustworthy, unreliable, unpredictable, then how can you keep a treaty with them?

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The reason behind making a treaty was to establish peace. But if despite the treaty, there is no peace, then there is no benefit in keeping any treaty with these people. But as for those people who have been true, who have been sincere, who have been faithful, you also remain faithful to them.

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And then this is a very important rule is explained to the Muslims with regards to observing and abiding by international laws, that if you've made a covenant, a promise with someone who is a non Muslim,

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from outside of your country, outside of your nation, and you have agreed to certain things, then what should you do? abide by them, as long as they abide by them as well? As long as they keep true, you also keep true? You understand? Because sometimes there are Muslims who say, well honest, is the obligation to only, you know, be aligned is messenger, and Islamic law. And when you're living in a non Muslim land, you can cheat them, you can lie to them, you can do whatever you want to, you can break the traffic laws, you can work illegally, you can do this, you can do that. Why? Because you're not obligated. But what is Allah subhanaw taala say to us over here, that you've made a

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treaty with them. And as long as they're true to their Treaty, you are true to them as well. As long as they're fulfilling their responsibilities, you also have fulfill your responsibilities. Just because they're non Muslim does not mean you become unfaithful. Because if you do, then you don't have to.

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And who does Allah? Only those people who have tacos.

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And you see, sometimes it's possible that a treaty with a non Muslim is not a formal one. It could be an informal one.

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A formal one, for example, a person goes becomes a citizen of a particular country, and he says I will abide by the rules.

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Then what does it mean? He has to abide by the rules. He has to as long as those rules don't contradict his Deen. Now, one is formal, and the other is informal. It's not written anywhere, but it's understood. It's understood. So even these rules, we must abide by them. Why? In order to keep peace in the world? And if we don't do that, there will be no peace in the world.

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Ganesha, how is it? So? Meaning How can there be a treaty with the mushrikeen

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It's not possible that you can have a treaty with the machine. Pay for comes again for emphasis, for a petition, and also for the purpose of negation. That How is it it's not possible that you can have a treaty with them?

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And this Before we continue, if you notice, every time an exception is made, those people who keep their premises for amongst the non Muslims. So don't generalize, don't generalize.

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So can you fit How is it so that we're eels when we're Aleikum, if the machine overpower you, if the gain dominance over you, if they are victorious over you, then what will they do? Lay your goofy calm, they do not observe concerning you 11 whether they make any pact of kinship, or covenant of protection, if they get the better of you, if they get the upper hand over you. They don't care at all about any pattern of kinship, or any covenant or protection they have made with you.

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In other words, they will harm you. They will kill you. They will do anything to inflict harm on you, they will not care about you.

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So how can you continue to have peace treaties with them?

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If you look at it, the machine of Mecca, there were relatives of who have some of the Muslims who were in Medina, even if they were not relative, they were Arabs. Okay, they had different tribes, but they were the same people.

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So, if they get the upper hand over you, they don't care anything about you. They will harm you. They will kill you. They don't care. So how can you continue to renew these treaties with them, especially when they have proven their untrustworthiness

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that layer kabu Jacobo is under federal law rule.

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Poop. Poop is to observe to watch the rocky in the LA Kenner la cumbre de

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soleil Cabo, they don't watch they don't observe. They don't take into consideration. fee come concerning you inland. What is alien me?

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Tell me what is this word? Is it or have? No Why

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does it mean except? Does it mean? If not? No? Then what is this word?

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It's an ism, how it ends with a knee? So a LAN is No.

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What's the root?

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root is Hamza lamb.

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And in, in, what does it mean? highlife. Which is a social fact?

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What is it

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a social, societal law. Literally the word health means you are what you are mean, the moving sound that the cow makes when out of fear, out of panic, that just imagine their cows and they're being chased, they have been attacked, or they become frightened by something. So they will begin moving out loud. So that sound is called.

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So hanafis called hands off. Why? Because people raise their voices. And they announce when they have made alliances with someone when they have made a pact with someone so inland, what is it? societal laws, social facts. Like, for example, there is one tribe and there's another tribe? What do they do? They make a pact, a pact of friendship, of alliance that we are together.

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So this fact is what it's a social pact. It's not between two people. It's in the society, though society has to observe it isn't it's

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the whole society has to abide by it.

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So it becomes like a societal law that this tribe is our friend, we are together. So it's all of the social laws that we have to protect them, we have to support them, we have to defend them.

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So they don't take into consideration any kind of social pacts with you. If you have made pacts with them, they break them if they get the upper hand over you.

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Like what the machine did that when the worker attacked the tribal bonacasa? Did they care about the fact that they had made? Did they care about the societal laws? Did they care about the social back? Nothing, not at all.

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It is also said the word in it means caraga? What does Corrado mean?

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close relationship that is between two people.

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So they don't care about to any ill meaning any kinship, any old, any promise, any treaty, any relationship, any kind of tribal affiliation. They don't care at all. What are the most, nor any fact?

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What does the man mean? The man is underneath the trees that mean me.

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And them is a political fact.

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A political pact of protection

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from this word, is the word The me who is it in me

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a non Muslim living in a Muslim man.

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Why is he called them me?

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Because he has taken the pact of protection from who? from the government. He has political refuge, political asylum,

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you understand. So no one can harm him. Although he is a non Muslim, but he is protected by who? By the Muslim government.

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So if the machine has the upper hand over you, they don't care if you are related to them. They don't care if you have made a pact with them. They don't care if there are some international law that has been made to protect you that you are a citizen of a particular country, or that you are of a particular tribe. You are from a particular nation, you are related to them. You belong to the same people as a they don't care. Just the fact that you are Muslim. They will get you they will harm you. You understand. They don't care where you from. They don't care. you relate to them. They don't care. They made a pact with you. When they get the upper hand over you, they will harm you.

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But what do they do on the surface?

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You don't account they please you. You learn from the root address, blah, blah, dia. Be FYI. him with their mounts with their beautiful, charming words. They use words to please you. That Yes, yes, we have a treaty of peace. We have a pact. You're one of us. We are one of you. We're never going to harm you. We're going to protect you. We're your friends. We will

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We stand with you, they please you with your mouth. But in reality what burka Lupo in their heart, they reject that bias on their own fetters observa. Yeah. Which is to refuse something which should then

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they refuse the fact that they make on the surface in their hearts. Well, it's not a woman, most of them are facetune, they're sinful. They're violators of the pact.

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So if the disbelievers if they have a chance to harm Muslims, to cause mischief, they will leave nothing unharmed, they will spare no Muslim, they will spare no Muslim. So because of this reason, you cannot have a pact with them. You cannot have a pact with them.

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Like for example, you know about how certain people they came to the Prophet site of artisan in Medina.

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And they said that send some of your people with you, we want to learn about it.

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And it was like a promise that they had made with the profits out of audits and are protecting those people of looking after those people. What did they do, they took those Sahaba and they killed them off.

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So when they get the better hand over you, they don't care if they've made a treaty with you. They don't care if they're even relatives. They don't care. In Morocco, what was happening, so many Sahaba they were being persecuted by their own uncles, by their own fathers, by their own family members,

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Abu lahab, who was he, the uncle of the prophets,

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but how he persecuted the prophets are known as

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a Buddha. Also, all of these people were related somehow or the other. But when it came to harming the Muslims, they didn't care at all. They didn't care at all.

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And for bees to establish in a society, what is it that grants bees to people, it's either ties of kinship, or it is covenants and agreements? Isn't it? Because you're related to me, this is why I'll help you. This is why I won't harm you are because we have a covenant. This is why we will not cheat one another by for example, if there are two brothers, if they're working together in a business, because they have blood ties, they will not cheat one another. If they do other family members are going to come, they're going to say look here, brothers, you're supposed to be together. Correct, that will make sure that there is peace in the society.

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On the other hand, there is an agreement between two people who are not relatives who are not related. But what is it that's going to ensure peace? It's the fact it's the agreement. But if there is someone who doesn't care about relationship, who doesn't care about an agreement, a back a promise, that how can you trust them?

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How can you trust such a person, you cannot trust them anymore. So these machine over all these years, they have only proved their untrustworthiness. So now, no more treaties will be calculated. This is why the Euro is now declared.

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This is why this event has been made, that no more treaties with the machine, all of them are finished, because they are not worthy of it.

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Moreover, what other crimes have been committed, each thorough, they have exchanged the signs of a lot of verses of a lot for how much for a feminine collision for a very small price. The Ayat of Allah, whether it refers to the Quran, or it refers to other signs that were shown to them, whatever I add have been shown to them, whatever I have been given to them, what have they done? Have they taken those? No. Instead, they have given preference to a feminine color and to a small price. What does that small price,

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worldly benefits for Southern CBT. And as a result, they have stopped people from his way meaning from the way of a lot in the home set Americana here a minute indeed there, how even it is what they are doing.

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What is it that they're doing?

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their treatment of the Ayat of Allah. They're stopping people from the way of Allah. What an evil action this is.

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For example, we see that the mushrikeen of Makkah, they would not accept the sun, although they knew about its truthfulness, as we learned earlier that these big leaders of kadesh they would go and listen to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recite the Quran in the middle of the night. And they knew about the truthfulness but still they wouldn't accept why.

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Because they were the leaders of Arabia. They were the custodians of Kava.

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If they would accept Islam, what did they fear?

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all our money? Where is it gonna come from now? We're going to lose everything. We're going to lose our leadership. We're going to lose this superiority. We have over all other people.

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If we become Muslim,

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like we learn in our society number 57.

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That will carlu in October in Huda America, the Hoffman albena. And they say if we were to follow the guidance with you, we would be swept away from our land, we would have nothing left.

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And the Muslims who migrated from Mecca to Medina, they had to suffer so much, isn't it. So they did not want to take that life of hardship, in exchange for the worldly enjoyment that they were experiencing.

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This is why they did not want to accept Islam.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says, they have given up the ayatollah for a feminine for a very small price for the pleasure of this dunya.

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And they're also stopping people from the way of Allah.

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For example, the people have thought if they would financially support the coalition against the believers,

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they would financially aid the machine of maca, the courage to harm the believers.

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It is said that they financially supported them even at the Battle of better and afterwards as well, at the Battle of Honda. It wasn't just the machine of Makkah, who had come against the Muslims, it was the various tribes.

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So all of them together are stopping people from the way of Allah, how can you have a treaty of peace with them?

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How they don't deserve it. In the home indeed, a sir ma Colonel, Dr. Malone, how bad what they do?

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layer kabuna they do not observe they do not consider female meaning concerning a believer in land one at any fact of kinship, or covenant of protection.

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When it comes to a believer, they don't care if that believer is related to them, or that with that believer, they have a fact of protection. They don't care at all. What they're eager to do, and it is they who are the transgressors. desire has been repeated again, for emphasis. The same concept has been mentioned again, that such people you cannot have a treaty with them.

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They don't deserve to that you have terms of peace with these people. Because if you do, they're only going to use that against you. And you have seen that over the years.

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feign taboo, but then if they repent, again, the door of Toba is open. Again, if these people repent, what are common salata and establishes Allah again, these two conditions must be fulfilled. What I did was look at it, and they also give this a cat hamato salah and giving us a cat,

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then what does Allah say?

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is one confit Dean, then they become your brothers in religion? In one, what does one mean? It's deplorable that you have who were with them, which was this,

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of Dean not of NASA of the that once they become believers, once they start praying, once they give this a crack, then they are your Muslim brothers and sisters, then you cannot treat them like the other. You cannot doubt their fate. You cannot doubt their Islam, you have to take them at their surface.

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And you have to treat them as your own brothers for a while to come.

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And this is something that is very important for us that if there is a person who becomes a Muslim, we must treat that person like our own brother and sister.

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Just like we treat other people who are Muslim as well. Sometimes what happens just because of the color of their skin, or because of the accent that they speak in, or because of the clothes that they might be wearing. We treat people differently, even though they're coming to the masjid to pray.

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Despite that, we will treat them differently.

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And sometimes, we will continue to go to Congress and they keep asking Okay, so how did you come about and how did you come Muslim? And 20 years of password but still people will never forget the word non Muslim before once upon a time.

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And some Converse they get offended by this, then why don't you accept me as an awesome get over the fact that I was a non Muslim before and I converted?

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Literally some people get offended by that.

00:24:29 --> 00:24:37

So it's not polite. That every time you see a convert, you ask them okay, how did you become Muslim? How did you become Muslim? Every person continues to ask them.

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Sometimes they like to share if they like to share, go ahead. A point comes where you have to take them in as your own. And this is what Allah is saying for a while to come. They're your brothers. They're your own brothers and sisters 15 one first Legal Aid and we explained openly the vs. Nicole me or the moon for people who know

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only the knowledgeable ones.

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They will benefit from these commands that have been given over here. And again, if you notice that doba Zakat and Salah are mentioned,

00:25:10 --> 00:25:29

sometimes it happens that, for example, to people that wish to get married, one is a Muslim and the other is a non Muslim. What is a non Muslim talk? You have to become a Muslim, especially in the case of a man. Correct. So when he becomes a Muslim, he says the kalama people still wonder if he's really a Muslim. What's the evidence?

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He's bringing the Salah, and he's giving this okay? These two things must be done.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:45

And these are off the first things that must be taught to a person who becomes Muslim. One of the first things that must be taught what solids and Zakat

00:25:46 --> 00:26:00

have to live in this earth. He said, we have been ordered, we have been commanded to perform solids and to pay there's a cat and he who does not pay as a cat, his sonet is not acceptable.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:02

You understand

00:26:03 --> 00:26:26

that we have been ordered to perform salad and to pay there's a cat and he who does not pay the cat. He who does not give this a cap, then his salad is also not acceptable. Why? Why? Because he's only doing one and not the other. So what he's doing is incomplete, it is insufficient and whatever is incomplete. It does not carry any weight.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:28

It does not carry any weight.

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As we learned in North America, I 208 that Yeah, you are Latina, armano odan office, tell me Kapha enter into Islam completely. Don't pick and choose. Don't say that I'm only going to pray a Salah or I'm only going to give this okay, because there are some Muslims who only emphasize on surah or there are others who only emphasize on the cat. However, both are necessary. All five pillars of Islam are important.

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