Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 130C Tafsir Ibrahim 21-23

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a wake up call for everyone to commit suicide and avoid sin. The speakers discuss the importance of honoring others, avoiding shams and distraction from prayer, and having a strong faith in oneself. They also emphasize the need for people to show weakness and promise, and emphasize the importance of following rules and rewarding one's actions. The segment ends with a discussion of the "day of Judgment" and its impact on people's lives.
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inshallah we'll begin from is number 21. were bozhou and they will appear Lilla he for Allah Jamia all together bozhou from bare raw ze and baraza is to appear in such a way that a person is not hidden anymore. Sometimes it happens at a group of people they come out but what happens there are certain individuals Amongst them were hidden behind others or they hide behind certain objects, but below zoo they will appear so that even in that massive crowd, not even a single person will remain hidden from Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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Birla Zhu lillahi Jamia for Allah all together, each and every single human being will come out of his grave before Allah,

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He will not remain hidden. And why is it that he will appear for hisab for judgment? And now imagine this entire crowd of mankind is present for Call of Duty alpha. So, the blue Alpha meaning the weak ones plural of their Eve, they will say they will speak up, they will address who will they speak to Lavina to those who is stuck baru, they were arrogant. The weak ones will say to those who are arrogant, what will they say to them? That inner indeed we look good now, we used to be looking for you terbang followers, stubborn plural of Tergar Dabur. A follower? One who is obedient to the other follows isn't instructions. So we used to be your followers When? When in the world in the life of

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this world for * and tune? So are you able to move no Now Anna wants to save us wants to prevent us men are there Billahi from the punishment of Allah min che in anything.

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Today, can you help us? Can you save us from the punishment of Allah? In the dunya? We used to follow you we were so obedient to you everything you said we did. So can you please help us today? Notice the two groups of people, first the weak ones Darfur and secondly, the arrogant ones, who are the weak ones who are the leaf, those who are weak in terms of their mind, in terms of Oracle, it doesn't mean that they were unable to think for themselves, but rather they did not use their mind that Allah subhanaw taala had given them and so they just blindly followed others. They obeyed their leaders without any question, without using any reason. So Allah calls such people he describes them

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as blue are for those who are weak, and iStockphoto and Latina stock bottle, who are the arrogant ones, the leaders, why does Allah call them arrogant? Why are they described as those who are proud? Because they're the ones who oppressed others because of the little power that they possessed. And the worldly might they had, the money that they had, the supremacy that they had over others because of that they oppressed them, they abused them. And in that pride, they forgot to worship Allah subhanaw taala they forgot to obey Allah, they forgot to obey the messengers, and they oppose the messengers. So those who blindly follow them in this world blindly obey them, they're evil, Arkell

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they're evil, they will look up to their leaders even on the Day of Judgment. See, how small minded a person becomes, when he becomes a slave to the creation?

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That he thinks only the creation can help even in the times when he sees the weakness of the creation, on the Day of Judgment, everyone's weakness will be clear, it will be seen it will be evident that no person can help another yet the slave minds what will they do? They will go up to their leaders and they will say we used to follow you in the world. Can you please help us today? Can you please save us? Can you please save us from the punishment of Allah

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Palu they will say who the leaders Alladhina stackable lo Hidin Allah if Allah had guided us Lucha Dinah calm, surely we would have guided you as well. Meaning we were misguided in the world and we misguided you. So today our fate and your fate is the same. Both of us will suffer the same and meaning we can't help you. We were misguided we misguided you. And today, whatever our outcome

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As your outcome is going to be the same, we can't help you. We cannot help anyone. So whether or not Elena is the same for us as zerena Whether we show impatience, I'm Savarna. Or we observe patients, meaning nothing's going to change a zerena. I'm Savarna Jazeera. Anna is from Jezza. And Jessa is to basically show impatience. How does a person show impatience? That he cannot tolerate the difficulty anymore? He cannot take the pain anymore. How does the person show that impatience?

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Okay, by screaming by wailing by complaining by making a face, right, by showing that pain, that agony on the face, through the words expressing that. So the people in hellfire they will say it's the same whether we show impatience, whether we scream and cry, and wail, and fight and argue, and complain, or subordinate. We bear all of this punishment quietly, without making any kind of complaint. It's the same man and I'm in my haste, there is not for us any escape my hands is from her el Slav haze, which is to escape to flee. And Marines is a place where one escapes do meaning there is no going out of the Hellfire. For us. It's the same whether we scream or we don't, we're

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staying here forever. Now, what do we see that on the Day of Judgment, people are going to blame one another? Why is it that the followers are going up to their leaders? They're kind of blaming them that look, we followed you. And this is why we ended up over here. Now, can you help us? It's like if a person, you know, goes to a particular restaurant and eat something and gets sick, okay, terribly sick or gets burnt. Okay, because of extremely hot liquid, then what do they do? They take them to court, we suffered this damage because of them. So they have to compensate us in some way. So We're suing them for $100,000, for example, okay? And what does that restaurant that company do?

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Like, okay, you suffer this problem because of us, we will compensate you with this much money. But on the Day of Judgment, when the followers will go up to the leaders, and they will say today, we're suffering because of you, can you help us? Can you compensate us? Can you take us out of the suffering? What will the leader said? No, we are in this with you. We shared we were equal in sin, we send you sin, we wronged you wronged we told you to do wrong, you listen to us. And today, we are going to suffer the same punishment. We can't help you, you cannot help us.

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It's the same whether we scream or we don't. Nothing is going to change our situation. So we see that on the Day of Judgment, no amount of wailing and crying and screaming and making the scene can help a person it cannot.

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It cannot. Likewise on the Day of Judgment, blaming other people seeking help from them, even that cannot help us. What is it that can help us on the Day of Judgment? If Allah is pleased with us, if he is pleased, then a person is successful.

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And in order to please Allah, sometimes it happens that a person has to displease others. He has to use his mind and question what other people are telling him to do use his reason. And even though the oppressors may oppress, he has to remain firm on the truth, but this is something that will help him in the hereafter.

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Well, Allah shaytaan, who and the Shavon will now speak when on the Day of Judgment, Lama glial when the matter has been concluded, which matter the affair of the entire creation, meaning when everyone meets their fate, when everyone reaches their final destination, people of * are in *, people of Jannah are in Jannah. Now shaitan, he will speak up, and he will say to to those who followed him, to those whom he brought with himself into hellfire, he will say in Allah indeed Allah, what are the come, he promised you, Allah promised you something? What kind of promise was it? What are the health the promise of truth? Allah promised you the promise of truth? What was the promise? The

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promise of the AMA, that there will be the day of judgment, there will be the day of Jezza The Day of Recompense, there will most definitely be recompense where every person will meet the consequence of his deeds. Have we been promised this by ALLAH SubhanA data? Of course, I mean, in the Quran. If there's one message that is very clear, what is that message that there will be

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If you're moody, there will be afterlife. If you think about when you open up the Quran the first Surah that you read what is that?

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What is that? Surah Fatiha right. And in so the Fatiha what do we learn Maliki Yeoman Deen, Master of the Day of Recompense, recompense meaning a person will meet the consequence of his deeds. You move on to the next Surah Surah Baqarah. What do we learn that the Quran is a guidance for who those people who have Taqwa and who are those people who have Taqwa one of their qualities is what Bill ferati Whom you plan on an in the Hereafter, they believe with conviction with certainty.

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So, this is a promise that Allah has made us that the Day of Judgment will most definitely come have no doubt about this, it is certain it is real, for sure it is going to occur, it is going to take place socially upon will say on the Day of Judgment. Look, Allah promised you something were to come. And I also promised you shaitan will say I also made promises to you what promises that I would help you or that I convinced you that if you do wrong, you're not going to suffer. I promised you that there will be no afterlife. I promised you that when you will sin you will enjoy you will have fun and everything will be okay. If you think about it, other than how when they were in Ghana,

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when they were in the garden, what happened Shavon came to them while all summer Houma and he swore odds to them, that I am sincere to you. He swore to them that if you eat the fruit of this tree, then what will happen you will become angels, you will remain here forever, and that there are no serious consequences of eating the fruit of the tree. Did he not promise them he promised them.

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He promised them a good result for their sinning. He promised them no suffering, even if they disobeyed Allah. And this is what your bond does with every human being will want to come. And I also promised you for left to come. But I broke that promise. I betrayed you. I went against the promise that I made you. I didn't fulfill it. How that as soon as a person disobeyed, Allah Shiva goes away.

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At that time, he doesn't come to share the punishment. Right? He doesn't come to take the responsibility for us left to come. I betrayed you. My promises were nothing but lies. Allah's promises were true. And my promises were pure deception, pure lies.

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But he clarifies why McAnally but I did not have I lay comb over you mental bond in any authority, meaning I didn't have any authority over you, that I could force you to accept what I was telling you. That I could force you to believe in my promises. I didn't have any authority over you in that except on the outcome that I invited you. I just called you. I just invited you to sin. First the job to Lee and you responded to me. You answered me. Instead of answering Allah, you answered me. Instead of believing in Allah's true promises. You believed in my false promises. You believed my lies, and you didn't believe Allah's true promises Falletta pneumoniae, so don't blame me. The loo

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Mooney lamb Well, meme loan to blame someone. Don't blame me today, while Lumo and full circle but rather blame yourselves. blame yourselves. Why? Because the decision to follow was yours. The decision to send was yours. I could have forced you. I only suggested. I only advised.

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I only told you. Yes. I told you many times. I came to you many times calmness repeatedly. But I could only tell you I couldn't make you commit sin. Were Lumo InfoSec calm. Now what do we see over here? That on the Day of Judgment shaytaan will speak the truth.

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Right now he lies to us. But on that day, he will speak the truth. What happens is that when we realize we are in trouble,

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we always try to look for ways out right so that we can escape the consequences of the wrongs that we have done.

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One way is that we blame others. Okay. And other ways that we say Oh, I completely forgot and others that Oh, I didn't know. But what works really well is that when we blame others whether

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read as a child, or a friend, or the fact that we were tired, or the fact that we completely forgot, or the fact that, you know, things weren't clear to us, we were unaware. We try to blame our circumstances, our situation, the people around us for our own mistakes. And many times in this life, what do we do? A sin has happened and we say, shaitan? Yes, it was the shape on for sure. He is the one who suggested he is the one who advised. But did he really force you?

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Did he really force you know, you know, like, in a situation where somebody is really irritating us, someone's really bothering us and we lose our temper, we lose our temper,

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the decision to lose our temper his hose, hours, no matter what the other person says to offend us. At the end, our tongue is in our control. The words we use are our decision. Nobody can tell us say this and say this and say this, they can tell us all they want, but they cannot make a say those words, can they? No.

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People can tell us all they want. But at the end when we do something, who is to blame? We are to blame. We are responsible. Because Allah subhanaw taala has given us the freedom of choice, the freedom of, you know, making our own decision. Nobody can coerce us, yes, there can be a lot of peer pressure, there can be a lot of peer pressure, a lot of force coming from other people. But at the end of the day, they cannot force us, we have the strength of resistance, we can resist, even if it is through something very, very small, but we can resist we have the ability to show resistance. And it's a very, very strong force that Allah has blessed human beings with.

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And many times it happens that somebody is trying to tell you to do something convinced you to do something, but if you don't agree with it, you're not going to do it.

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But unfortunately, many times we use this strength in the wrong way, in the wrong place. When somebody is studying us to do something good, right? For example, we're sleeping and somebody is telling us wake up, wake up, wake up, and the alarm is screaming at our head. Okay, the birds are also chirping outside, the lights are on, people are awake. Sometimes children are literally jumping on you. But if you've made up your mind, you want to sleep you will resist and it's amazing how people will resist sometimes for hours. You cannot get them to wake up you cannot get them to come out of their beds. Why? Because they are resisting.

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But when somebody's setting us to do something wrong, what do we do? If you do click? Yes sure. Why not? Yeah, sure. Why not? So shaitan people will blame ship on even on the day of judgment you IBLEES you shall upon because of you I am in trouble. You should suffer my punishment chip on will say that's a loony. Don't blame me blame yourself. I only told you I only advised you you at the end decided to disobey Allah Falletta and Omoni were loose more and full circle blame yourselves

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manner be more sleazy come I am not at all one who can mostly easily come call to your aid woman and don't be Muslim he and nor can you call to my aid Muslim who is Muslim? Muslim from the letters saw raw hot Sauraha is to scream

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to scream when do you scream?

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When do you yell

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okay when you're in pain, why are you yelling in pain?

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when do you want the pain to stop but this yelling stop the pain

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when you want help

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when you want help, this is like a natural thing that Allah subhanaw taala has made within us that as soon as we get hurt, we say ouch out we scream or something so that other people they find out that we are in pain and they need to come to our help. Okay. So mostly, mostly is basically one who cries out in order to get help

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in order to get help, either for himself or to get help for somebody else. So Shavon will say on the Day of Judgment, you cannot scream out to get help for me and I cannot scream out to get help for you. Meaning we cannot do anything to help each other. We cannot even call out you know for any kind of help because no matter how much we scream

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Today, we're not going to be responded.

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Because in hellfire people can scream all they want they will not be heard, because Hellfire will be filled with people and it will be closed shut. It will be closed so that the screams will not be heard outside. They will not be heard outside. And Allah subhanaw taala who knows exactly what's going on inside, he will not respond to the screams of the people of *. Why? Because it's too late for them. They've lost all their chances. The time to call out to Allah was when in the dunya Allah kept calling them kept inviting them or the Rooney SDG blockchain, but people they don't want to call out to Allah. They call out to one another.

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So Matt and Abby most reficul Woman Anton Bemis, reefy and shaytaan will say in Nika for two indeed, I disbelieve, meaning I completely reject the man in that which a shock to Mooney, you all associated me, men, Pablo before associated me, meaning people associated Shavon as a partner who, Allah subhanaw taala how there are people who worship the devil literally, but every sinful person is he apparently worshipping the devil worshipping chiffon. No. So what does it mean by this? The thing is that when a person obeys che upon in disobedience to Allah,

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this is a kind of shake what kind of Shake Shack with thorough shift in obedience. Because though head believing in Allah subhanaw taala alone requires that we worship Allah alone. And part of worship is obedience. Obedience is a form of worship. So when a person does not obey Allah, and instead he obeys others, Allah has given a command and others are telling us to do something also. Now you have a choice. What do you do obey Allah or obey someone else? Okay, so in this situation, when a person chooses to obey others, then who is he worshiping, that other beings?

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And obviously, all evil comes from who child lOn? So shaitan will basically say, I reject any kind of you no worship that you did have me, meaning I reject completely that I am Allah's partner. No, I am not Allah's partner at all. Yes, you obeyed me, but what am I going to do with that obedience? I don't care. You know, it's like when you are based on one, what do you expect some kind of benefit from them? This is why children are constantly running around to get those points, right. When their mother tells them, Do this, do this do this. Like this morning, it happened with my son, he wanted something. And he saw something that his sister had dropped on the floor. He picked it up and he

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said, Ma'am, I'm putting this back. It was like a hint, you know, I'm putting this back in its place so that I can get what I want. When we obey. We expect some kind of, you know, reward. But chatline will say on the Day of Judgment, any kind of obedience, you showed me, I reject it. I don't care. I'm not going to help you. I'm not going to reward you, I cannot reward you. What a big loss on the Day of Judgment, who can reward only Allah subhanaw taala can reward. So if we are not doing things for Allah subhanaw taala we're not doing things the way he wants us to? Where are we going to seek reward from who can reward us?

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If a person commits a sin, he's obeying Sherpa. And obeying someone in disobedience to Allah is like associating them you know, as a partner to Allah. So this is a kind of shit. So if a person sins does he become Kaffir? Does he become mushrik? Okay, there were some people who actually said long time ago, and their existence today also who have this belief that if a person sins, especially a major sin, then he is no longer Muslim. So these people said all the Sahaba they committed this in this in this and so they're not Muslim.

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Now, and this is why sometimes even go on cursing the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Okay. This is a very dangerous, dangerous belief. The thing is that we understand that Eman is something that increases and decreases. It is only natural for a person who is a human being forgetful, emotional, okay, who has his highs and lows that sometimes he will obey and there will be times when he disobeys all right. But just because a person has disobeyed once it doesn't mean that he will remain there forever. Yes, you

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Have a dip but then you also go high. And again you have a dip and you go high. When a person obeys his Eman increases when he disobeys Yes His Eman decreases, okay. And this is why as long as a person acknowledges in his heart, you know with his tongue with certainty that shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah Who shadow no Muhammad Rasul Allah. He believes in this with conviction that even though a sin has been committed that does not expel him from the faults of Islam, he is still a Muslim, he is still a believer. Yes, he has committed a sin for which he has to seek forgiveness, from which he has to do Toba. All right, but it doesn't mean that he has become a cafe. Now there are certain

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sins, okay, certain actions, like for example, major ship that does expel a person from Islam, for which he has to do Toba, for which he has to accept Islam again. Okay, but there are you can say a major ship and in the details of that you can find from any book on the head on check, etc. So, yes, when a person sins he is obeying ship on it's a kind of ship, but it's a minor ship. Okay, minor ship, it's not major ship. But we see that on the Day of Judgment, any kind of obedience to shape on whether it was minor or major will ship on Bay you

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will ship on, appreciate us. Well, thank you so much for obeying me. Thank you so much for not praying properly. I have this reward for you and that reward for you know, you know, in Salah when we're praying salah, there are moments when we are distracted from the prayer. So we're standing in PM, and we're thinking about the popsicle we had the other day, and how good it was. And for those five seconds, you're thinking about that popsicle. And then you're like, stuffing Allah, and you go back to your prayer. Now those five seconds, what were they? What were they? They were basically the time that you spent away from salah. Right? And what is this called? I heard a little one her once

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she asked the Prophet salallahu Salam about this kind of distraction, right that when a person is distracted from the prayer, and he said, This is that would Shavon steals from the prayer of the servant.

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And the word that was used for theft over there is a very interesting word.

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It is basically when someone comes and takes what you have before your eyes, but so quickly that you cannot get it back from them. Has it ever happened with you? You know, you may be outside and you may have some food in your hands. Or you may have some food on the trunk of your car. And a bird a seagull especially comes quickly grabs a sandwich

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and goes away. You see that bird taking that sandwich away? Can you get it back? It's gone. It's gone. So this is what Champon does. When we're praying when we're engaged in any kind of worship. He wants us to be distracted from it. And even those few moments that we're distracted chip on comes and takes. You know that reward he steals it from us he takes it away from us snatches it away from us. Why is it that we are deprived?

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But even though he takes it away from us on the Day of Judgment, will he reward us in any way? Not at all, he will not reward he will completely reject in Nikka funk to be a shock to moneyman Kabul in his early Minella humor either Aleem indeed the wrongdoers for them is a painful punishment. So we see if you compare this idea with the previous I had that we have studied in sort of Ibrahim keeping the sign the context of the surah. On the one hand is the call of the prophets, the call of Allah, the call of this Quran and even in our knifes, there's that voice that calls us to obey Allah. But on the other hand, there is the call of shape on there's the call to sin. There is the

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call of Alladhina stuck baru at the end that decision is ours. Who is it that we listen to? Who is it that we become weak before? But at the end? We cannot blame that chip on told me. These people told me these people forced me No, Allah gave you a sound mind, a sound body, the ability to make decisions for yourself. You had that freedom you had that choice? Who did you willingly follow? You cannot blame others on the Day of Judgment. Each person will be responsible for his deeds on that day. were ordered in a loving manner and those people who believe they will be admitted but just believe why I'm gonna slowly had and they also performed righteous deeds, even though Siobhan was

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constantly calling them away.

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Have good deeds but they still persisted they still did it Amina slowly had such people will be admitted were into Jannetty into gardens 30 Min tactical and her underneath which rivers flow holiday in a fee her abiding there in eternally. But how will they enter? Be is Neil obey him by the permission of their Lord. No one can enter Jannah without the permission of Allah.

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If Allah allows someone, only then they can enter Jannah. And who is it that Allah will allow those whom He is pleased with? Who is he pleased with those who obey Him? Those who show who prove with their actions in their lives, that they prefer Allah over everyone else? Think about it. Who is it that you would be happy with you as a human being? Who is it that you will be happy with someone who obeys you or someone who disobey as you

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obey as you?

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Even though it was very hard for them? It was very difficult for them, yet they follow the instructions, yet they obeyed the rules, yet they did what you asked them, you'd be very happy with them. And when you're happy with them, only then you're going to reward them, you're not going to reward them just because they want that reward. No.

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So if we as human beings do this, come on. Allah subhanaw taala his agenda which is so precious, so great, so amazing. Will it be filled up with people who sometimes obey and you know who are mostly obedient to Sherpa such people who feel more regret for disobeying Allah, who have no interest in pleasing Allah? Ya know, Jana Allah's masterpiece, who will be admitted into it, those who strive to please Allah. And yes, we are not perfect. We do good once and then we disobey three times, because we are human beings, but at the end, the one who is striving constantly his goal is to make Allah happy, who fears Allah Who loves Allah, then such a person will be admitted into Jannah be ignorant,

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be him to hear to whom their greeting fee her in, it will be center of peace, their greeting will be of peace. What does it mean, that when they will enter Jannah they will be greeted with peace. And we learned about this earlier and sort of learned

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that while Mala Iike to Yoda, kurunegala him mean kaliba Salam or Aleikum

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and also the people of Jana, they will greet one another with Salah and they will be greeted by Allah also. The King Of The Worlds The King of the Kings even he will greet them with salaam salaam on Colm Mirabella Rahim Salam, a word of who of the Rahim the Lord who is most Merciful into the Zoomer is 73 Also we learn either Oh ha foot you had a boo boo. We'll call it a home khazana to Assalamu alaykum play button for the Hulu holiday when the gates of gender open the people are brought and as they're entering the angels will greet them with peace welcome welcome so now Marley Can these be on you congratulations you made it

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and in Ghana when people will go to meet their Lord Allah subhanaw taala will say yeah hello Jana Salah when I leave or people of Paradise be spit on you to hear to whom fee has Salam

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recitation of these verses please

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he walk all the shame *

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will help you to come

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to come Wanaka nearly out

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to be most pressing in the form to beam

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On Ed minasi is being called call Ed Nafi hobby is near being to movie

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