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At-Tin-Al-Baiyinah Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about for him in the shape on the regime. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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Sidley, Andrey, why on earth Emily Sania Coco Lee urbanising

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lesson number 310. So a team sort of

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and sort of

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translation Surah 13 is number one to eight

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Bismillah Rahim what Tini by the fake was a toonie and by the olive waturi and by the MT see Nene of signer whatever and by this alphabet the city I mean the secure laqad certainly corner corner we have created an incentive the human being fee in our Sonic best duck halimun shape, stature

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summer then brother dinner who we returned him a speller lowest surface clean of ones who are low Illa except Alevtina, those who am a new they believed were amilo and they did have suddenly had the righteous deeds follow home so for them, add your own reward value not mamnoon want to be cut off? firmer so what you get the Booker it makes you deny Bardot after be Dean with the recompense an Acer is not Allahu Allah be definitely most judge and hacky mean of those who judge

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that's basically the recitation of these verses

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this meeting

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what was

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de la

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surah Allah is number one to 18 this man Rahim

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read this me with name Rob Baker of your Lord and Lily The one who Hanako he created Kanaka he created al insana the human being mean from our locking a leech like substance or are locked in a suspended thing

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ikura read what a Booker and your Lord and a column the most generous and loving the one who are lemma he taught bill column with the ban or limit he taught al insana the human being, man, that witch lamb not yarlung he knows color No, in indeed. And in Santa, the human being late or surely transgressors. And that

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he saw himself is still gonna, as he was self sufficient, in indeed Illa two words, Rob Baker, your Lord of Rudra the return

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Have you seen Have you considered a lady The one who yen her he stops other than a servant, either when Salah he prayed or ATIA, have you seen Have you considered in if canon he was Allah upon alhuda the guidance Oh, or Mr. He ordered bit toccoa with the righteousness or ADA, have you considered Have you seen in if God forbid, he denied what a while there, and he turned away? And then did not yarlung he know be unknown, that Indeed Allah Allah your he sees can the knee let in Surely if Lum did not enter he he stops? Let us find, surely we shall definitely seize and drag by now

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With the forelock nasally, a thin a forelock caddy button, one that lies Hartley, one that sings for the other than he should call Nadia who his assembly his Council. Senator soon we shall call as urbania the guards can their knee lair do not determine who you obey Him was good and do such the prostrate work and draw close draw knew

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that listen to the recitation of these verses.

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This means Bismillah

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R Rahman levy

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in indeed we Ansel now who we revealed it, we sent it down fee in late at night, a lot of the power of the decree warmer and what adelakun. It made you know, man, what is Laila to night, a lot of the decree of the power, Laila to night and God after decree hiren is better men than 1000 chef months, Denis Alou, it gradually descends, al-mulla equal to the angels, woohoo, and the spirit fee her in it be evening with permission or became of their Lord men from goodly every Umbrian command affair. Salam on peace here it is that until mattala rising appearing

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of the dawn

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that's the sort of the recitation of these verses.

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Rahim Lam did not jaquan it is a levina for those who can't follow the disbelieved men from the people. And keytab of the book, one Machina and the polytheists one fokina once you break off, had the until that the home it comes to them albena the clear proof rasuluh a messenger mean Allah from Allah, yet Lu he recites surfen scriptures, Mata hora, completely purified. See her in it cuttlebone our writings, texts are uma upright, warmer and not dufault Raka. He differed, he divided and Medina those who who do they were given Al Kitab the book in there except men from bar the after, man that just at home, it came to them. albena the clear proof the

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tear evidence

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warmer and not omeo they were commanded in there except Leah boo that they should worship Allah Allah, mufflers cleaner ones making sincere Lahu for him a Deen their religion, the worship show number one once unswerving while up move and they perfectly establish a solid, the Salah what do you do and they give us a catheter desica whether Lika and that the new is religion, a Lima the upright in indeed alladhina those who care for data split men from elderly people, Al Kitab of the book, while mushrikeen and the polytheists feel in Neri fire, Johanna of hell, Holly Dina wants to abide eternally the hair in it. Owner aka those whom they shovel our worst albery Yeah, of the creatures

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in indeed alladhina those who am I knew they believed were amilo ended it aside they had the righteous deeds, Allah aka those whom they are hiring best Albury Yeah, of the creatures just oh boom they recompense in the near or be him their Lord, Jenna to gardens are the name of eternity. That God it flows, men from that area underneath it and how the rivers Holly Dena once would well eternally see her in it over there forever. Lovely. He was pleased Allahu Allah, unknown from them. Waterloo and they were pleased, unhooked from him there Lika that the man for who quashy he feared of the who is Lord.

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Let's face it the recitation of these verses

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this meeting

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