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Remember the way things happen in your life, that is exactly how they were meant to be for your own good. So you have to find purpose in your life, the way your life is, you have to make something you have to do something in your life, the way your life is. Don't try to change everything, don't wait for things to change so that you can do something, no, you can still do good. You can still bring a lot of good.

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Some magic dollar order in

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almost all of this happened according to plan. And also what is mentioned over here within NACA fotona. For tune, it means endless continuous trial. As if those tests were never ending problems, were never going away. You know, one problem barely ended that another begin. You know, for instance, Mossad isn't up grows up, and finally, okay, he's an adult, and he can be himself. And what happens, he goes to help somebody, and he killed someone by accident. And then he has to just get up and leave immediately. And he ends up in Medea. And there he spends 10 years of his life. But one problem after the other, remember that it is training.

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Because look at the next time, what is the last

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was on earth to

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see, I have produced you from myself. I made you go through all of these tests and trials and difficulties. times when you were alone. times when you could not defend yourself times when you could not help yourself. I made you go through all of this for a reason I was training you you were being trained you were being produced for a purpose, for a heavy responsibility for a task that only you can perform. Difficulties train us. When we go through difficult situations in our lives. There are many things to learn. First of all, unless peloton is dusting us, what do we do in that situation. And secondly, remember that each hardship makes you stronger, it makes you a better

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person, if you deal with that hardship with the right mindset. You know, there's four mindsets that we're in, but we couldn't be one or four. One is negative spiral, that a person is absolutely unhappy with how he is now with the work that he is doing. And he's got no goals for the future. So negative spiral, you're going deeper and deeper and deeper into negativity, you'll never be happy. Another mindset is current reality Trump, that a person is happy right now. But they have no plans for the future, nothing that they're looking forward to. So this is also not ideal. Why? Because you're not gonna, you're not striving towards a purpose. You're all here right now. But you have no

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goal, you're not going to produce anything, you're not going to contribute, you're not going to bring benefit neither to yourself, nor to the people around you. And other kind of mindset is that you are unhappy right now. But you do have goals for the future. You you are struggling right now you are in stress. This is stress and anxiety, you are in stress, you are anxious right now you find what you're doing very difficult. But you have something to look forward to. So that keeps us motivated. And the fourth mindset is being in a state of flow, that you're happy now with what you're doing with what is happening. And you also have something great to look forward to. You have

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grand plans for the future. And these are the people who are most productive. People who have this mindset that okay, whatever is happening with me right now, I can't modify it, I can't change it, but I'll just accept it, I'll deal with it. And I have something better to look forward to. And such be more productive. And this is what we need to learn that no matter what difficulty what trial we're going through, remember, Allah is training you, this difficulty is going to be good for you. Because in the lower layer, you do a gentle mercy, Allah does not waste the reward of those who do it yourself. So you're finding it difficult but still you accept you're happy with with the state

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you're in. You're dealing with that challenge for Allah sic. Allah will not waste you. Allah will improve you he will improve your condition and he will, he will make you do something good. But you have to surrender yourself to almost to surrender yourself to the decree of Allah. And this can only happen when we have faith in Allah that Allah will never decide something bad for me. He will not decrease something evil for me. Even in hardship there will be ease even in difficulty there will be good Warfighter NACA.

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And nobody has easy people who do great things in life. They don't have easy life.

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If you look at the prophets they live busy lives. Look at the courier. Listen, I'm so old he doesn't even have the strength to speak out loud. He makes their own coffee you look at Miriam Yes, you're in labor but check the tree blood the dates fall on you look under is our listener. He talks to people and they call him a liar. Yeah, here are they said that he was killed. He was killed. Imagine being a prophet and he had been killed by all your own people. And look at the life of masalas difficulty upon difficulty, but this is what

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was vulner Tucker.

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I have chosen you for myself. And when you realize that, that this is not going to go in vain, Allah will reward inshallah there's something better stored in future than really, you will find a loss