Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L305A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Dr. Dotto suiting him Kareem was a bit lagging in a shape on your Patreon Bismillahirrahmanirrahim publisher Ashley so do a silly angry letter melissani have kahuku open as a donor in Lesson number 300 and sighs SoTL in FIFA and pseudo tomato

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translation, so, to insert our number one to 19

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either when a summer the sky in football it left us under it was split open, why either and when Alcoa give the stars in that hour, it was scattered it was dispersed what either and when I will be held the seas for JIRA it was made to burst apart it was made to erupt. What either and when an oboe the grades birth it was overturned it was turned upside down alima it new nuts soon every nups every soul man What are dinner? It sent ahead what a horror and it left behind. Yeah, uh you hurt Oh, and inside knew the human being man what worker it has deceived you bureau Baker about your Lord al Karim the most generous and Lady The one who Hello Kaka He created you for some worker then he

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perfectly fashion you he perfectly proportioned you farther. Then he gave balance to you see in a year, whichever solid in shape form man that shirt. He will rock Karabakh he assembled you

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can no but but rather to get the buena you all deny, be deemed with the Recompense. What in and indeed are they come upon you? I mean, surely ones who keep surely ones who observe ki Rahman ones who are noble, Cathy bean ones who write Yala Muna they know matter whatever dusk or dawn you will do in indeed abre the righteous ones Luffy surely in nurserymen bliss delight or in and indeed and Fujairah the wicked ones Luffy surely in Jae min Hellfire yes loner her they will enter to burn in it yoma on day a dean of the recompense Lama and not home they are unhappy from it below he been at all wants to be absent, warmer and what other aka it may do you know man what is yo move day a dean

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of the recommend some then man what other aka it made you know, man what is yo move day? a dean of the recommends yoma day left not dumb legal, it will possess it will have authority nap soon. Any soul lien up soon for any soul shy anything while I'm under command yoma even better. Linda

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let's listen to the recitation.

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I am number one to 36

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while on wall district destruction lynmouth of 15 for those who gave less than you

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and levina those who either when

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they received measure Allah upon a nursey the people yes the phone they seek to obtain for

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what either and when Kalou home, they measure for them, oh or was a new home day away for them. You assume they cause loss Allah do not your will know he thinks Allah aka doors unknown that indeed their mother ozone wants to be resurrected. Leo men for a day or Lehman great yoma en de Yakumo he will stand a nursery the people they will be for Rob are the mean of the world. Canada No, in indeed kita record book alpha of the wicked ones Luffy surely in 16 in in said Jean wama. And what a darker it made, you know, man, what is the genome? Say Gene keytab on a record, a book, Mark Coleman, inscribed written while on a big wall yoma in that day, Lin mocha de bien for those who deny, and

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levina those who you get the buena de deny, Bo with the a dean of the recompense, warmer and you get the Boo, he denies be he with it. In the except kulu every martyred in one two transgressors. A theme in one who is greatly sinful either when it is recited are they upon him? I AtuNa our verses? Allah He said ourself little stories, Dale's a welline of those who are former color No, but rather Ronna it rusted it's soiled I know upon kulu be him their hearts man what can they were the xe boon they earn gunda no in the home indeed they earn from Rob be him their Lord Yama even that they lemma do Boone surely wants to be veiled some then in the home indeed de la sua Lu surely wants to enter

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to burn a dream in the Hellfire some then you argue it will be said has this under the debt which condone you will be with it to get the bone you will deny Kanda No, in indeed kita record book

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after righteous Luffy surely in a lien really warmer and what other aka it made, you know, man, what is really unique? are in the Yun kita bone, a book

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one written, inscribed, yes shadow who he witnesses it, Alma Carver Boone, those who are brought near, in indeed abre the righteous ones Luffy surely in nurserymen pleasure Allah upon Allah, the couches, young room they will look dirty food, you will recognize the in would you eat him their faces, number, glow, brightness and Noreen have the blessing of the delight. You stoner they will be given to drink men from Russia in nectar Mach two men sealed

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it seal

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Miskin of Miss wafi and in their liquor that failure to nerf us so he should compete to aspire omotenashi soon those who compete. Warm is a Jew who and it's bland men from the sneem in does mean I enon

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Spring Yeshua boo he will drink be here with it and macabre boon those who are brand new in indeed and Medina those who are Geronimo de committed sins can they were men from a Latina those who am a new day believed you have harpoon they love what either and when model they first beat him by them yet the home a zone they wink at each other what is the end when incredible they returned Isla towards the him their people their families incredible they returned Becky jesting what either and when they saw them or Lou they said in indeed how old it is level loon surely ones who are a string warmer and not all see do they were sent? Are they him upon them? Have you lien as one to guard

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Fabiola? So today and Nadine those who am a new day believe men from El cofell the disbelievers yup harpoon. They will Allah upon Allah. The couches, young rune they will be looking Hello. Hello. Are so we bet he was recompensed Alka fell the disbelievers man what can oh they were alone. They do.

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Let's listen to the rest of

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this meeting.

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Nikita boo boo. Yes

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you sold me

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Al-Infitar-Al-Mutaffifin Translation

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