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Al-Munafiqun 1-11 Translation 1-11

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Rwanda sundiata studium. Karim Umberto the wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Frobisher actually saw the way acidity and re washed on earth that can be listening have come calmly. openers.

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Lesson number 287 Soto tolmin afikomen is number one to 11 Translation either when jerrica he came to you and Mona goon, the hypocrites.

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They said, Nash how do we bear witness in Mecca? Indeed you love a Zulu? Surely messenger. Allah of Allah will love who and Allah yar la mo he knows in nica indeed you lover sudo who surely His messenger or law who and Allah the ash hadoo he bears witness in indeed alumina 15 the hypocrites law caddy boon surely liars it the hurdle they have taken a man to whom their odds June Latin as a shield for so I do so they stopped on from Sabina la Way of Allah in the home indeed de ser evil ma that which can no they were here Milan they do vaniqa that be unknown because indeed de amor know they believed so much then cafaro they disbelief for two there so it was sealed either upon Gulu be

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him their hearts for whom so they learn not ef cohoon they understand what either and when at home you saw them to ajuga it pleases you just hammer home their bodies were in and if yaku they speak that smart you listen luckily him to their speech. The unknown as if they push you burn our wood blocks or push one timber

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was another tone propped up. Yes sir Boehner they think color every say Hatton cry or lay him against them home day or do with the enemies. The home so be cautious of them. Atilla whom he fought them. Allahu Allah, and from where you for goon they are diluted. What either and when Taylor it was said la home to them, there are no you will come. He has Stoke fear he will seek forgiveness lakum for you rasuluh messenger Allah of Allah lo de twisted they

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will also whom their heads were at home and you saw them yes, we do know they turn away while home while they was stuck The Loon ones who are arrogant, so it is equal. I lay him upon them. Whether it's the filter, you sought forgiveness, law home for them, or love did not stop us seek forgiveness, the home for them. Learn never yell filler, he will forgive Allahu Allah, the home for them. In the law, her Indeed Allah led not yesterday he guides alone the people, especially those who cross limits, home they alladhina are those who eco Luna de se la do not don't feel to you all spend either upon one who are in the near rasulillah messenger of Allah, Hector until n fabu. they

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disperse when he left he and for Allah hawza in treasures smls of the heavens while all the years while I can. But almost everything the hypocrites learn not EF Cahoon they understand yaku Luna they say let in Surely if Roger Anna we returned Ella to Medina, the Medina Lake region, surely he will definitely expel our zoo, the more mighty, the more honorable minha from it. And then the one who is lower one Illa and for Allah, Allah is the honor the might when you have a su li and for his messenger well meaning and for the believers when I can but al Muna 15 the hypocrites layer level they do not know. Yeah, you have all alladhina those who am I knew they believed last should not

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totally come it distract you and welcome your wealth. Wallah and nor Ola to come your children.

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From victory remembrance Allah of Allah Rahman and whoever Yes, he does velika that for Allah then those whom they enhance your route those who are losers or unfaithful and you all spend member from whatever Rosa Konerko we provided you men from before and that yet the it comes I had one of you Elmo to that fire kulu so he will say what I'll be Oh my rub Lola why not 100 Tony you delayed me Ella till agile a term buddy been near for all sadaqa then I would give charity work on and I would be mean asylee hain from those who are righteous will learn and never you he will delay. He will give respect. Allahu Allah Knutsen any soul either when it came a jello ha it's time Allah who and

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Allah hubiera always all aware Bhima with whatever Dharma loon you will do.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Yo boo

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