Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L304E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Further, aka c mobile harness, so I swear by the retreating stars fella, aka c mobile harness left over here is right for the purpose of emphasis. Oh, Cosimo, I swear belongingness wholeness are retreating stars, and it's the plural of the word Han Isa,

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connoisseur ferula. And from the root cause noon scene connoisseur is to move back and shrink, to move back and shrink to hideaway to disappear. main channel was worse in hundreds, hundreds who is oneness theme root shavon.

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Why is it called Conde Nast because he also comes puts in the Westwater. And then when you say Oh, the villa goes away.

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And as soon as you forget Allah, he comes back again as soon as you remember Allah, he goes away again, he disappears again.

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So harness is to move back and shrink to disappear. That one is going forward, he's doing something and then goes back, going forward and then goes back retreats again and again.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said about jetlag that a person when he remembers a lie that got a lot hotter. So when a person remembers Alicia dawn Hanukkah, he retreats he goes away.

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So what are hardness?

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hardness, it is said that it refers to the stars are the planets, which disappear. When do they disappear during the day? during the day they're not visible during the night they are but the same stars they're hidden during the day you don't see them.

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What are they Alger? Well, those that run proceed. Java is a plural of Giardia and diarrhea is one that moves forward. So they're algea Well, they're constantly going, they're constantly moving on what on their orbits

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and they're unkindness those that disappear. And coolness is from the root letters gaff known seen, and it's the plural of the word Canis, and kanessa is to disappear to become a vibe to hideaway. keenest is used for the hiding place of a deer, a deer that goes and hides behind the trees and shrubs or something like that. And cannabis is that which enters the keenness meaning that which goes in a place where it cannot be seen anymore.

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So, aloneness are the stars, or the planets, Allah subhanaw taala swears by them, these stars that are visible during the night, but what happens? What happens then, during the day, I'll coldness they go into hideaway places, you cannot see them.

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Further oxygen will harness Algerian coldness, they withdraw, they disappear during the day, and they appear at night.

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So sometimes you see them, and other times, you do not see them.

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Some have said that aloneness refers to certain planets, which have an amazing movement in the sense that sometimes you go from Russia to Maghreb and other times you go from luck to worship. So basically, they're seen in different locations, they reverse on their orbits. And some have said that aloneness, this is a more recent interpretation, you can say that aloneness refers to black holes, why? Because they cannot be seen wholeness, they cannot be seen, you cannot really see them. And they're ultra Well, they are of high speed, and they are all goodness, meaning they sweep everything to themselves, because I'll goodness meekness from the same root is used for a broom.

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What does a broom do? What do you use a broom for? sweep, right? And you whatever, trash, whatever garbage is on the floor, you connected to one place, and you throw it away. So for that oxygen, we will harness algae where it'll coldness. But more appropriately that refers to stars that disappear, that are not visible. And then you see them, and then they go away again.

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Then Allah says, well, lately there are stars, and by the night as it closes in us, as I've seen, I've seen us as a as a means of Kabbalah. And at the bottom, what does it mean to advance at the bar to retreat?

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So it gives two meanings to go forward and to go backwards. So it gives completely opposite meanings just as a word one, sometimes it means assume, and other times, you have been certain.

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So when lately they're asked us, what does it mean, the night as it approaches, first of all, as it falls with its darkness, or secondly, as it recedes, as it departs as it goes away. So it's basically referring to the beginning of the night.

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To end and the end of the night

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we're super happy that enough first and by the dawn when it breeds by the morning in Atlanta first one it breeds imagine this. The inner fossa is from the net force and the net proceeds to breed.

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And Wolfie Valley affiliate and FSL Mouton episode. What does that mean? To compete because when you're competing, you're rushing, you're relying heavily on the same as the word knifes. Because as long as a roof is in the body, a person is breathing, he's alive when that goes away, then a person is not alive anymore.

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So we're super happy that NFS by the morning as it breeds, what does it mean by the breeding of the morning. Breeding means life, meaning it's there. So we're super happy that enough for us. Meaning when it comes when it arrives,

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when it becomes alive, meaning when it arrives, it replaces the night. And when there is life in something, there is also color.

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Like for example, if a plant is alive, it will be bright green, the flower will be bright in its color. But once it's cut off, then what's going to happen very soon, it's going to lose its color, it's going to start turning brown, its brightness will go away.

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So as soon as enough as the breathing of the day is understood as that when it becomes right when it becomes colorful,

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was severe enough enough for us.

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And it happens early morning as the day approaches. You see the brightness of the day, the lovely colors in the sky. You feel full of life because of the morning as well. So we're super happy. Either 10 Fs when it spreads with its brightness when it shines for a last panel tada swears an oath. And what's the job? Awesome. That in the hula, hula sulan Karim, that indeed it is the word of a Noble Messenger.

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Meaning this peran is surely the code the word that is being delivered by who are Assouline Kareem who is also in Karim honorable messenger, this is referring to jabril because you really is the one who brought this own. Now why is it said that it is the coal of that angel?

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Is it his own words? No. gibreel is only delivering the words he's only the messenger. So why is it ascribed to him? Because he is the one who brought it.

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And also remember that the word Kol is different from Canon kurama is your own speech. And code on the other hand, is that which is uttered by the tongue which you say it could be your own words, or it could be somebody else's words that you're delivering?

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You understand? What's the difference between code and column?

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grammars your own speech and column could be somebody else's that you're saying.

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So in the Hola, como, rasuna, and Kareem, notice how over here also, the CFO of angel Limited is what carrying so many times the cipher, this characteristic of the angel is mentioned in the Quran. There kill all mean, why?

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Because of their obedience.

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They're noble, they're respectable. Why? Because they are obedient to Allah. How is it that human beings differ from angels? angels are always obedient, they never ever disobey in everything. They accept the decision of Allah, even if they don't understand.

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When Allah subhanaw taala told the angels that he was meant to create Adam, the angel said that why would you create the who would shed blood in the earth and so on and so forth. But then later on, we don't see them opposing or disobeying the command of Allah when Allah commanded them, Prostrate to Adam. They didn't say but why.

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So even when they did not understand, they accepted the decision of they accepted his decree. So the Hannukah they're in Milan in learner. And

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so in the hula, countersued inquiry, what makes a person noble in the sight of Allah is not when he challenges the commands of Allah, but rather when he accepts the commands of Allah in the hula colo, or sulan Karim.

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Now, if you look at the previous IX,

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in the previous I had the last punctata, swears an oath by the stars or the planets in the night in the morning, and especially the stars when they are visible at some times, and they're invisible at other times.

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What's the connection between the stars being visible and invisible other times and this joab person which is that this Koran is from a light has been delivered by a Noble Messenger? What's the connection between the two?

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We see that the machine of Makkah, they would ask the profits on a loner center

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or they could not understand basically that how the Quran was being revealed.

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That sometimes where he's coming regularly, but other times where he doesn't come for a week, sometimes he is sitting amongst us and revelation comes to him. That's what he says. And other times he says, I will tell you something tomorrow. And revelation does not come for so long.

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This is just like the stars that are visible at some point. And they're, they're not visible. And other times, the night comes, it goes, the day comes, it goes. Similarly, this angel also comes and doesn't come. What's the connection between the two?

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Allah is the one who is causing the night and the day to replace one another. He is the one who makes these stars move these planets move, that at one time, they're visible at another time, they're not visible. Similarly, Allah is the one who sends revelation as well.

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Just like the stars, and these planets don't go about their own will. When they're visible at a time it's because they're meant to be visible. Allah subhana wa tada has decided that for them, when they're not to be seen, that is what Allah has decided for them. Similarly when the angel brings revelation, he doesn't bring it out of his own will. He brings it When,

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when, when Allah tells him and when he doesn't bring it. It's not that he's hiding it. No, it's because Allah did not send him

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so you understand the connection in the hola colo Rasulullah and Karim Indeed, it is a word conveyed by a Noble Messenger. And this Noble Messenger, Allah says, vehicle working in the lab she McKean, who is possessed of power.

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This angel is Luca, he has strength. He has a lot of power. It's not that he is weak. It's not that something prevents him from coming. Meaning a hurdle comes in the way and he's not able to come low whenever Allah tells him to go with the revelation he brings a vehicle with him. He has mighty powers and ultra and the Quran What do we learn? The middle attend festival and through the najem is x

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are in Digital Ocean McKean and with the Owner of the Throne, meaning in the presence in the sight of in position near Allah subhanaw taala. He is McKean he is secure, secure in position, meaning with Allah. He is McKean McKean from the newsletters, meme crafternoon and mccain is someone who is secure in his position of a very high rank distinguished.

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So he is of a very high status in the sight of Allah. Look at this angel that Allah soprano data selected for the purpose of delivering revelation, mighty in power, mighty in strength, mighty in creation, then in abilities also endure Allah, he also has a very high rank

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mortarion one who is obeyed were some there were there.

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Whereas your bed in the heavens and who is he obeyed by by the rest of the angels? What's the evidence that he is obeyed by the angels the rest of the angels obey Him

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by for example, when the prophets are a lot of snow was coming from the angel Gabriel came with who the angel of the mountains and he said that if you want these people will be finished these mountains will be made to collapse on them meaning this angel which is appointed over the mountains will do it. So he was to obey the commander who do you believe what else

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there was a loss of panel data love someone then what happens? A lot else the debris that I love so and so so you also love so and so. So gibreel goes to the under semi wiping the angels and he says that a lot of so and so I love sensors you also love so and so. So they all love that person matar in his obeyed thumb there in the heavens. And then on top of that, he's also a mean he's also trustworthy, reliable.

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Look at his position, obeyed by the rest of the angels, and he is a mean trustworthy with the revelation, meaning whatever Allah sends him with, he delivers it exactly as it is to the messenger subtle notice without any additions without any deletions without any alterations.

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While Masahiko can be merged in on another person, have all of those upset that your companion is not at all mad? Your companion meaning Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he is not much known at all.

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The people of Makkah accuse the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of insanity,

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that he claims that an angel comes to him. He claims that an angel brings revelation to him. This is something very strange. They thought he had gone crazy. But Allah says well Masahiko can be my junoon

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And isn't that people actually thought that he was Muslim? No, they knew him.

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Because if they thought he was Muslim, they wouldn't trust him with their amanat anymore. But what do we see even at the time of

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the machine those who do not believe they had deposited their trust with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, would you ever deposit your trust with a mad person? Never.

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So well Masahiko can be Majnoon. They only said this out of denial to Allah says your companion is not much known. And notice what so I hope you know him so well. You spent so much time with him, you know his history. He's been living amongst you.

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One other air who will offer can move in and he has already seen gibreel in the clear horizon. It's not that this is all hallucination. That or his imagination that an angel comes to him. No, he in fact saw him.

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam saw jabril where bill overcame moonbeam in the clear horizon ovoc Hamza cough, we have done the word fly earlier the horizon meaning he had a very clear view of debris up in the sky.

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And this is certain This is without a doubt into the legend. What do we learn marketable for Mara?

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For tomorrow una hora Allah majura you doubt him?

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You dispute with him concerning what he saw. He actually saw American oven for admira

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Omar who were either labeled Ani, and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not a width holder of the knowledge of the ANC. Women who are alive alive What does it mean? That which is hidden from people? and money is from the roof that was bought noon, noon? This is not a plural. So don't think again when at the end to be a floor. Okay? Bernie fairy,

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because it's from God, no, no burning fairy, who is burning?

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Money is someone who is stingy.

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Who keeps what he likes with himself? Maybe he doesn't give it he doesn't share it.

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But what is it that he keeps with himself? What is he being stingy with? about something that he likes? Something that he loves? And why is it that he doesn't give it to others because if it's special qualities, it has special qualities, it should be with me if I give it to others others do will benefit. Others do we'll know.

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So Allah says that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not stingy when it comes to the matters of the unseen. In other words, whatever matter of the unseen, is told to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam any revelation that is given to him, he doesn't keep it with himself. Rather, what does he do? He conveys it to you. He tells other people about it, because what was he told? Yeah, are you ever sold by live mountains either in economic

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and it had to do with our the profits out of our master people and I have a lot and what did they say? Yes, you did. So what did he say? Allah

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that Allah then bear witness

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a soothsayer. For example, if he has some kind of knowledge of the unseen, okay. For instance, he has come to know something to the gyms antigen, he has some information. He will not tell other people about it until he is paid. This is why they charge money you gave me and I will tell you what the profits are of arson was not like that, that you give me money. You listen to me, and then I will tell you what Allah has revealed to me. No, he wasn't like that. Well, now who are the labels on?

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Then the word learning has also been read as learning from the natural law.

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What's the root then? What's the word? One? silvani? One who knows.

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So who am I who are the labels on him, he cannot be accused of knowing the unseen. So I do keep asking him as to when the day of judgement is going to be he doesn't know.

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A woman who will be a coalition gene. And the Quran is not the word of a devil. Who is expelled. This Quran is not the word of a shaitan who is expelled where's he expelled from? From the heavens? Because the Shelton cannot produce this word, nor is it befitting for him to deliver this word to the prophets of Allah.

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Because once when the revelation did not come for some time, what did the people say that you wish upon your gene has left you he has not come to you. So Allah says women who have been called upon energy and this has not been delivered by Siobhan into the sharada 210 we learned well that 10 is the shell cleaning shelter you have not brought this down when I am believe the home woman still to your own. In the home or any summary number is known.

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Intro to Jean I ate altavilla that the gene What did they say were anonymous, the center of our dinner. Malia Harrison, Shannon was Uber. They couldn't even go up in here. You think they would bring this car onto the property

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It's all of a sudden, impossible

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for a new level. And so where are you going? What does it mean by this? Where are you going? Meaning Where has your reason gone? On what basis? Are you denying the Quran?

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On what basis? Are you opposing this messenger? And where are you going? When the truth is so clear? When the Quran is so authentic? It's so true, then

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where are you going? Why are you leaving this Quran? What way will you adopt other than the way that this Quran teaches you? Where are you going?

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What way will you adopt now to refute the Quran to deny the Quran? Because if you think about it, all of their excuses and their accusations Allah subhanaw taala refutes every single one of them. So for instance, I will know where will you go? What strategy will you use to deny the Quran?

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Meaning you have no reason now left to deny the Quran for a minute at her own.

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And if you leave this Quran, then where are you going? What way will you adopt because guidance is found only in the Quran, you cannot obtain guidance through anything else in the way that Allah has showed only that is the way of guidance. If a person goes anywhere else he will not find guidance a Natasha Boone

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in her Illa, the colonel al Ameen. It is not except a reminder to the world's so why do you deprive yourself of it?

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Live and share I mean come as docking, for whoever wills among you to take the right course.

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Anyone who wants to improve, who wishes to become straight and proper, who wishes to be on the right course? who wishes to be on guidance? who wishes to go straight to paradise? Then what should he do? What should he do? He should benefit from this vicon that is Allah Allah Ameen.

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So what is the show to us that if a person leaves

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and goes towards other things that will leave you on the straight path? Will he become right and proper? No. The only way of obtaining guidance remaining on guidance is that a person holds on to this book of

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Lehman shock. I mean, come on yesterday, I noticed the word yesterday remember the two meanings of his Dharma to become right and proper? And secondly, to remain firm as well. So whoever wishes to remain firm on the right, but then what should you do? Hold on to this.

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whoever wishes to remain firm on the right back until he dies, then what should he do? Hold on to the Quran? Don't close it and put it away. Don't leave it. No, hold on to it back. You're holding on to it now Lehman shock. I mean, come on. Yes, the game. But the thing is, we're not the shop owner. And you cannot even will inla Anisha Allah unless Allah wills

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you cannot even have the desire to hold on to the Quran to benefit from the Quran. They stick to it to adhere to it, unless Allah wills for you to do that. And who is Allah? Allah, Allah mean the Lord of the words, meaning you cannot do anything good. You cannot remain firm on the Quran. You cannot implement this Koran unless Allah gives you tofield and who does Allah give Sophia?

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The one who wants

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just as important. So what did we learn? A person must have the desire, he must have the yearning, and if he has a desire, a love will show him the way. And if a person does not have that desire, then alazani and he tells us profit even don't bother with that person.

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geddy Lee?

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Hola me

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Where do you think you're going? Leaving the Quran going to something else leaving the floor and doing something else. When Allah has sent this Quran, look at how he sent it look at the entity appointed for it. Look at the messenger that he chose for it. Look at the way it was delivered. And look at the way it was communicated to you and you leave it

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at that level where are you going?

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It's like somebody gives you a gift and you walk away from it. Where are you going? Look at it. benefit from it. I know that her bone

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How could you leave it and prefer something else? How could you ignore it? Open your eyes have a little bit of desire and yearning. I noticed a boon

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right at the beginning we asked Allah in a slot and Mr. Kane Guide us to the straight path and over here Leslie one share of income is nothing

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anybody wants to be on the right path, then this is what he should do. benefit from what in We're in lolicon

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we listen to the recitation again

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edition so cool to

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get our tour.

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Do not

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be a

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bowtie booty lead

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Bharat Allah

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Me Lomi

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sopran Cologne, Chateau La Ilaha Illa De Luca wanted to be like a Santa Monica.

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