Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L301D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of a shadow is discussed, a garden that is protected from heat and heat from the sun. The shadow is used for protection from the heat of the day, and the tree is made of rocks to make it comforting and cool. The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing oneself and avoiding excuses to avoid unnecessary punishment. The speakers also discuss the benefits of HDR, including achieving a garden or mountain, and the importance of avoiding harm and not being happy with the situation. The importance of enjoyment in the Hereafter is emphasized, particularly in the context of the dams.
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In paliku, proceed Ll linlin to a shadow proceed to a shadow What does Lin mean? shade shadow and this shadow is the possessor of that it should have three columns. Sure is the plural of Sherpa from the reflectors sheen.

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And what does that mean? branches shoots. So Salafi shrub, three branches, three offshoots, three columns.

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We have done the word shoot Rubin earlier.

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Ruben will cover in a later article, because in tribal system also, what happens are nations and then there are tribes and these tribes are what offshoots.

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So, in toliko, el linlin, the unathi should proceed towards a shadow that is off three columns that has three columns. What is this shadow?

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This shadow Lin, this is smoke that is rising out of hellfire.

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So, they'll be told go towards hellfire. But for the entire duration of the hisab Where will they be under the smoke that is rising out of Hellfire?

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Because we learned that on the Day of Judgment during the time of his app. Some people will be under the shade of blue Allah soprano Throne of Allah soprano, Donna and others over here, what do we learn they will be told to go under the shade of the smoke that is rising out of Hellfire and the smoke that is rising out of hellfire. Allah describes it as Lee. Why? Because shadow is what is under something. So they are to remain in that shadow meaning they're to remain under the smoke of hellfire. And this smoke, it's huge. It has three columns, three offshoots in our linlin these unathi Shut up.

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Now if you think about it, sometimes some trees are very dense, thick branches, many leaves. So when you stand under it, what happens the shade is dense, and it's also very comforting. It's also cool other times what happens you're standing under a tree that is not that leafy so as a result what happens the shade is not as dense when you're mostly in shade, but then there is also some light which is a little disturbing but you know you don't mind. But over here we see that this will Allah says less leaning when a uni Manila hub having no cool shade and availing not against the flame

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leveling, they will be standing under that level, but they will not actually be in shade, it will not be shade giving. It will not actually protect them. It will not actually cover them. It will not actually save them from the heat of that day leveling. Because if you're standing under smoke, how is it meant to shade you? What's the purpose of shade to provide coolness to provide comfort. But if one is standing under the smoke that is arising out of Hellfire than it is not really it is not one that will give comfort and shade and coolness when I use neem in a lab and nor will it avail against the flames which leaves the flames that are coming out of hellfire. lahab is from the infectious Lam

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habit and lava is what the fire moves when it has halaqa meaning when it's moving and it's rising upwards and lab is also such a flame that is fine from the top from the tip and is wide at the base. So long flame so we see that long flames will also be rising out of Hellfire along with the smoke and these flames will actually strike strike who those people who are standing under that shade will our human Allah have it will not protect them against those flames either.

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In turn me indeed it throws what throws the will the Hellfire it throws down me It throws be cherylin with sparks that are colossal, as huge as fortresses. Just imagine the flames that are being the sparks that are being thrown out of El fire that arising out of hellfire. How are they in their size kalkaska

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the word Shannon is a plural of shutaura just edit them a booth at the end. And Shana is what comes what flies out of fire. What sparks out of fire so what is it? flames as well as sparks. So these sparks and flames that are coming out of the hellfire. They're called Casa Casa from the newsletters.

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sodre and parser is used for a balance a castle. And it's basically such a building that is made of rocks. Such a building that is made of rocks. Why is it made of rocks for the purpose of protection and fortification so that it is strong? Those who are inside of it can be saved. And generally such buildings are huge castles and forts. How are they? massive, huge. So in terms of their size, Allah says they are like, huge castles.

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Just imagine the scene, they're told to proceed towards the hellfire. And before entering the Hellfire there to stand by it underwater under the rising smoke. And the smoke has three columns, it's going three ways, like a fork, because the smoke is so huge. So it's going into three columns.

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And it is said smoke that does not provide any coldness, any comfort, and it is not even protect those who are under it from the flames and sparks that are coming out of the hellfire. And the flames and sparks how huge are they? I castles.

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Just imagine not small sparks, but massive sparks massive flames.

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Just imagine if you buy a fire, sometimes a very, very tiny amount of fire, or for example a flame or Spark, it bursts and it flies towards you how much it would burn you

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something very tiny, it hits your hand or maybe your foot.

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I remember as children, we would have these bonfires and barbecues and all of that. And we would stand by the fire. And sometimes the wood would actually explode. And the pieces of wood they would fly. And sometimes it would land on your shoe and sometimes on your clothes. And at the end we would actually find holes in our clothes.

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Holds literally because it burns through. Imagine if it strikes your hand or your arm or your foot or your face how much it would burn.

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But what is the size of the sparks of this? dunya very tiny. And what is the size of the sparks that come out of the Hellfire? What's the size, colossal? massive huge, like castles in total calfire 29 we learn in our 39 elimina now on the health of him solotica the fire is such that it's wild will surround them. So before the walls around them, even outside of the Hellfire sparks will be coming out on them.

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And the huji Mela don't suffer as if they were yellowish black camels. Another detail of these flames. How are they as if they're Jamila. Jamila is a plural of German. And German is a camel. And German in particular is used for a camel that is over five years in age meaning it's not a small gamble. It's a huge gamble doll. Strong,

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complete in its physical build the unknown jamala in terms of their shape and form, they're like camels and what kind of camels that are so foreign software is a plural of a spa. And that is something that is yellow in color, brownish or beige in color. The Arabs they would call dark camels. So

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dark colored camels, what would they call them? So

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soccer analogy mallet and so forth, in terms of their size, their like castles and in terms of their shape and color, round in terms of their shape, and their color. They are like blackouts rising and bursting and flying about an every direction. Just like camels are running and jumping everywhere. Just imagine camels that are running going here and there. Similarly the sparks coming out of Hellfire landing everywhere on these people are no demand let them suffer.

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And also the shape. Because earlier I told you that lab, what kind of a flame is it that is thick at the waist wide at the base and very thin at the tip. So similarly a camel, it has legs and it has a neck that is long and in the middle. It is huge. So the under hood Americans suffer in terms of their shape in terms of their color, like camels. Why do we even look at the bean war that day for those people who deny her they own. This is a day lay on the moon when they will not speak in the dunya they spoke and spoke in their taglib in their denial. But today they will not be able to speak they will not be able to utter a word.

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They spoke at length in their denial in this world. However on that day, they will not be able to speak even to defend themselves. Lie on the cone. Why?

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Out of fear out of being traumatized, out of the feeling of being guilty and being held accountable and being punished.

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And this happens in the NEA as well. that a person sometimes says, I can say this to defend myself, I can say that to defend myself. And when the time comes, a person is speechless, he cannot open his mouth. Why can you not open his mouth? Why can you not utter a word because of fear, the realization that he has been defeated, lay on the phone, they will not speak. And even if they try to speak, Allah says, Well, are you the nullah home, nor will it be permitted for them, they will not be allowed to speak either

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for the room so that they could offer an excuse. If they want to speak they will not be allowed to speak. Because if they want to speak what will they want to say? What will they want to speak about? to offer excuses why in order to save themselves from the punishment to prove their innocence, but what do we learn over here that lie you then will a home fire attack the room, they will not even be allowed to speak to offer excuses. So on that day, new excuses will be acceptable. And a person will not even be allowed to offer excuses. But unfortunately, so many people, they have a list of excuses, isn't it that on the Day of Judgment, I have this reason, I have that reason. This is what

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I will say that all I had to go to such and such place, I had to do such and such action. I had to buy this house and I had to get this education on how long Why? Because I had to I had this in this reason.

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But on that day, a person will not be allowed to offer an excuse even he will not be allowed to make any excuse.

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ferriter the rune no excuses. We learn in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah tsci 65 that anioma nothing more Allah.

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That this day, we will seal their notes, their mouths will be sealed. They will not be allowed to open them they will not be able to open and they will not be able to speak with their mouths.

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What you can leave on an ad him and their hands will speak to us with a shadow of julu limit can we execute and their feet will also testify about what they used to earn

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instead of the new ISO 24 we learn yo Mata shadow Allah elsina tumor ID of genome, we McCann we are, I'm alone, they will not be able to speak but what will speak on their behalf

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or rather against them, their own bodies, their own limbs,

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instead of the number 85. Also we learned we'll work our toller lamb, Mel's Adamo for whom lay on the cone and the decree will befall them for the wrong they did and they will not be able to speak they will not be able to speak.

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So a person must be very very careful. We learned earlier that every person is vasila over himself well Oh Allah, ma do that every person knows himself very well even if he offers many excuses.

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So you know about yourself, you know where you stand. If you truly analyze yourself, you know what you can do, what you can stop, what you can leave what you can start, what you can improve on. Even if you offer many excuses, you know yourself very well and allowed to knows you very well.

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So person must not make any excuses. Because if he has many excuses now on the Day of Judgment, they will not work. No matter what excuse a person tries to offer it will not be acceptable.

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way during human evolution look at the bean wore that Day to the deniers Heather Yeoman Firstly, Juma now Kamala Willie, this is the day of judgment, this is the day of decision, this is the day of separation, we have gathered all of you and also who will welline and the former people, all mankind the entire human beings all of them will be gathered for what your mood for the day of decision the date of separation. Notice how all the people are separated right now. On the day of judgment, all of them will be jimana will be gathered up and then they will be separated forever. How they will firstly, Gemma and Erica or Willie

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for in Canada come Caden fakie. Dune. So if you have a plan, then plan against me. If you can come up with a plan, any plot in order to ward off this punishment, then go ahead fucky dooney, then plot against me against to a loss of penalty. If you can do anything right now in this world to save yourself from the day of judgment from the punishment of Allah then go ahead and try but you will not be able to save yourself.

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On that day, you cannot escape Allah. Lucky dooney Allah challenges mankind.

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What are you doing? You might even look at the bean wall that Day to the deniers.

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you call your boo, boo?

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On the other hand, in alma tokina, field lead and in what will you indeed the righteous will be among shades and springs. Those who have Taqwa, where will they be in the lab? and Earl Yun? Why is the word McCain used over here? Why not? What meaning are slightly hidden or worsening? Why do you think What again?

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Because a motel is was someone who was constantly trying to save himself, protect himself.

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He doesn't make excuses, he is sincere with himself.

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So in and routine, those who save themselves in the dunya, who are on their guard, Allah who will protect them in the Hereafter, he will guard them in the Hereafter, he will save them from every difficulty from every discomfort to the point that they will be in learning in shades, comforting shades, were Yun and springs are you in Florida, I in Atlanta, Florida, Lynn and where is this in gardens of Paradise? Well flower and fruit may mesh the hood from what ever they desire. Yes, the whole HDR and HDR is such a desire that is natural and a person is pulled towards fulfilling it meaning is naturally inclined towards fulfilling it, he cannot resist it. So if I work here, such

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fruits we match the one which they like which the desire, meaning whatever they're craving for, they will have it

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we may use the whole whatever they like, whatever they crave, how much ever wherever, whenever, whatever kind, they will get it for working him in managed to hold.

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And you know, sometimes this feeling of HDI is such that you crave something you desire something. And if you don't get it, then it doesn't matter if you got it two years later, and five minutes later, even, like for example when you're really thirsty, really thirsty, and you want to have water. That's HDR, if you get water then the way it will satisfy you at that moment. It's not the same as when you're not thirsty and when you drink. So have a wacky home in May ish the whole fruits which they desire, whatever they desire, they will get it whenever however how much ever we're working on we manage the moon.

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And this also shows to us that in general, people will eat not out of necessity, not out of need, but merely out of desire to satisfy themselves kulula Shinobu Heidi and and they will be told eat and drink in satisfaction honey and honey from the earth actress. Her noon Hamza. And Hannah is that thing in whose gain a person doesn't have to put in much effort. And afterwards also, he doesn't have to suffer any difficulty. So basically, in trying to get it, you don't have to suffer anything. And after you get it after you enjoy it again. You don't have to suffer at all.

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You know, sometimes you put in so much effort in preparing a particular food. And then you have it and you say yeah, it was worth it. The effort was worth it because the food has turned out so good. That's not honey. Because even though you have the food you enjoy, you're still exhausted.

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And similarly, you have something for example, really nice food, you go to a restaurant, you buy it, you eat it but then you end up with a stomach upset. That's also not true.

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Honey is what? In whose gain, you don't have to suffer. And afterwards you don't have to suffer either. So it's enjoyment from the beginning till the end.

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So kulu washable honey and eat and drink in full enjoyment. Vina Quantum Time Alone because of what you used to do. Your actions have been appreciated. Where can you go mascoutah when accountants are alone

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in academic and medicine, mercy need, indeed with us reward the doers of good. Earlier what was said that this is how we punish you. The majority mean now what is mentioned this is how we reward who then were seen. But what's the condition that a person must be?

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Hasn't must be a son, Leah Beluga, a Yukon accidental Amala insert of cafe 30. Also we learned in Atlanta do a gentleman by Santa Ana, the one who does accent Allah, Allah does not waste his reward.

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Why do you make it a little look at the bean wore that Day to the deniers

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wore that Day to the deniers they deny And on that day, they will be depriving themselves of this reward in this dunya they're busy enjoying themselves. This is why they don't prepare for the ACA. This is why they deny the ACA. Allah says kulu this is an address to the mocha DB in the dunya kulula tomato kalila eat and enjoy yourselves a little kulu eat what tomato and enjoy benefits yourselves how much Alina a little. And this is Colleen with regards to the man with regards to time for a few years for a few moments and colleagues also that the quality of their enjoyment is also very clearly.

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So kulu wattana, Taro kalila, and in the commodity moon indeed you are criminals.

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We see that the people of gentlemen, they will be told in Jana kulu why Chavo honey and the Macintosh

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and here the people of this world The mocha Debian What are they told? Kuru whatever Taro Khalida,

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the criminals, where do they enjoy Indonesia?

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And the merci Nein Where will they enjoy Indian?

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The criminal His focus is what enjoyment in this world and the Morrison the Mottaki his focus his enjoyment were in the hereafter. Now this doesn't mean that the mercenary do not eat and drink and enjoy themselves in this dunya No, they do. But how within limits. And they sometimes even sacrifice it, they even give it up for the sake of just as we learned earlier, that when you turn on a timer and I hope be miskeen and weigh a demon what a Syrah that they give food despite its love, they want to eat it, but they don't eat it themselves. Instead, what do they do? They give it to others, they don't eat themselves, but rather they give it to others. Why? Because they want to eat in the

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So the majority mean their focus is what just themselves their own enjoyment in the dunya and immersing His focus is what enjoyment in the Hereafter, which is why it's not his ultimate goal in the dunya to just eat and enjoy and make money and have fun. No, he does all of these things but within the proper limits in moderation, and also whatever he does have he shares it with others.

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It's amazing of both are told to eat kulu but one has been told to eat Indonesia and the other has been told to eat were in Japan. A huge difference.

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When you're doing yoga is a little mcentee been war that Day to the deniers those people who deny will either feel at home and when it is said to them in Kuru bow layer Corona they do not bow down. They will convene when they're told, bow down before Allah worship Allah. They don't do it. They don't pray. And over here record only as mentioned, but by mentioning just coding is meant by mentioning part of the Salah is meant. So when they're told worship Allah pray to Allah. Do they pray? Do they bow down before Allah? They don't lie or come and do something very scary.

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Because for example, it's possible that a person deltas get up and pray it's time to pray. And what should our reaction be at this point, mind your own business layer curl. Know, if somebody is telling us if somebody is reminding us, they're doing air sign on us. It's for our own benefit. So our behavior should not be of layer Carano when a person tells us to do something good, we should do it.

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The majority mean the mocha DB

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Are those who when they're told to pray, Allah says lay your Quran they don't pray, they don't get up and prostrate to Allah. And if a person is like this in the dunya, then what's going to happen to him in the hereafter when it is said to him prostrate to Allah, He will not be able to prostrate.

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We have learned earlier in truth column I have 42 that yoma yaksha for encircling with their owner, it has to do the filaria still to your own, the day the shin will be uncovered, and all the people are invited to prostration but they will not be able to prostrate, meaning some people will not be able to prostrate who, who will not be able to prostrate in that day. Those who did not prostrate in the dunya.

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Those who did not prostrate in the dunya will not be able to prostrate in the hereafter will either lead in a homochiral layer or on when they're told about down, they don't bow down. It is said that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam visited the tribe of baboons a thief and invited them to Islam. This is a Maki surah. So this was before the hedgerow and he invited them to Islam and he showed them how to pray how to perform Salah. And these people said informers have a way different than this, Denis of a Salah in which we do not have to prostrate and bow down.

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They did not like the act of ruku and so do

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tell us about a different way of praying. And unfortunately, there are people who claim to be Muslim, but their Salah is what just making a dog just making a prayer in their heart. That's it.

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They don't think that prostrating doing ruku is important is essential. The fact is that without record without sudo, Jesus Allah is invalid. It's incomplete because these are the pillars of Salah, the mandatory parts of Salah if a person does not perform them, so that is incomplete.

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So either pinata homochiral layer curve, and why is it that a person would not bow down? Why?

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Instead of pride, then why should I have to bow down? But the thing is that there's humility in the heart, then it's not difficult at all, to put your head on the ground or to bend your body

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while you're doing yoga alienvault Kathie Lee wore that Day to the deniers for the a year had Ethan Varda who you may know then in what statement after the Quran, will they believe after the Quran, in which statement will they believe in which are these? Because the Quran is a final word? It's a final revelation, the final scripture after the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala is not sending any other scripture. So if they don't believe in the Quran, then what will they believe in? Nothing, nothing for a year had eaten burger who you may know.

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And the Quran is very, very strong in its effect and its impact if the Quran cannot affect the meaning if they do not get affected by the Quran, then what else will they get affected by nothing? They will not get affected by anything. If the Quran does not change a person then nothing can change you. If a person is not benefited from the Quran, you cannot benefit from anything else. But be a hadith Ambassador who

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because the Quran is the word of Allah. And it's the truest there are no words that are truer than the words of Allah and His messenger. The most true most accurate, most beneficial, most effective and if a person does not believe in that, then you cannot believe in anything else.

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In throw through Jessie is six, we learned he had Ethan bar De La Hoya de you know, then in what statement after Allah and His verses will live in Eve, meaning if they don't believe in a line is vs. Then they will believe in nothing. Nothing can change them.

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Shambo honey Bhima

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VB guru?

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What are you doing

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And never mind body rule and people tend to especially get on the cover of a lot these days, I was reading a newspaper

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nowadays even telling kids okay if you don't feel committed as a girl, you can become a boy you don't like being a boy, kid, come on girl. So from a very young age, you're instilling that you don't have to be happy with the most lesser than his his fidelity, happy with that. So it's just your origination. If you're already denying everything you look at even in the end, you're you're growing up. And I believe that I can deny how far I can get out here after denying your gender or denying everything at the end of the day.

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It's the fact that your body is a male or your body is of a female. If you deny this reality that is right before you in you, part of you. Then after that you can deny anything. This is why I said for the ladies embargo, who you know,

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if you're coming to the

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forbidden times, so as he came in, he sat down and one of the students he said a form for Sunday, stand up and pray. And then he went Malik stood up and prayed. And then the other students gathered around him and be like, this look change. And then a mathematic, he told them that I was afraid. And I remember that I was

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right. So I went up and paid him because of the fear of a lie. He did that. And he didn't care about the film. But even though he had a different opinion, when somebody told him get up and pray, he got up and prayed anyway. Why? Because he didn't want to be of those people who when they're told to pray, they don't pray. No.

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We see that in this entire ages, we have been learning about how to call people to do we have a lot of different ways different methods have been taught, the dowry has been addressed in different ways. Different instructions have been given. And then finally, we see at the conclusion of this just is a surah in which the dairy is not being addressed, but who is being addressed. There. We'll get the beat because it's possible to the dairy is doing all of his work. He's doing his best, but if people don't listen, and it's not his fault that Allah will deal with them.

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We listen to the recitation of desire

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panicle Levin will be handicapped. I shadowed that he

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wanted to be like I said, I'm ready.

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