Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L302A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la pseudogene Karim Ummah beret Pharaoh to be let him in a shavon rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Frobisher Ashlee Saudi were silly Andy, wash load of data melissani Yahoo coli probenecid Narottama. Just number 30 that's the number 302.

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So two number is number one 240. Translation I'm about what yet as a loon, they are asking one another, on about another, the special news Aleem the great.

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And lady which home they see he in it, mostly phone ones who differ with each other color No, say are the moon soon they will know some then color No, say Allah moon soon they will know. Allah did not natural we make

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the earth me had as a bed while g Bella and the mountains older as Beggs. wahala kona calm and we created you all as well as bears. What Your Honor, and we made no Mccolm your sleep so bad as a means of rest. Or jalna and we made a Laila the night labasa as clothing. A garment was Your Honor, and we made a note however, the day Marcia a means of livelihood while Bernina and we built folk from above you seberang seven, she did the strong ones, or jharna and we made CLR john Alam were hedger burning, blazing.

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One Zana and we sat down men from

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the rain clouds, man water said judger abundant Lino creature. So we take out B with it have been grains one or better and plants vegetation, origin and gardens, alfalfa very dense in indeed yoma de l fossil of the separation, Ghana it was Mia pata an appointed time yoma en de Yun for whom it is blown fee in a suit the trumpet further tuna then you all will come a forger as troops upon troops, what food they had and it was opened a summer the sky for cabinet so it was a Berber doors was so euro and it was set in motion. LG balou the mountains for cabinet so it was set up a mirage in indeed Johanna Hellfire, Gannett it was middle sada a place of ambush. Live Paulina, for those who

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rebel for those who transgress mother and abode Larabee Sina once who will stay see her in it. Other ages learn not yellowkorner they will taste fee her in it. But then any coolness wanna and nor shout all the any drink Illa except Hemen boiling water was and pass. Jessica and recompence we found one befitting exact in the home. Indeed they can no they were not young Juna, they expect they hope she surber any account workers they boo and they belied Biya Tina with our signs with our vs. Give them a definite denying what color and every che in thing or signer who we enumerated it kita in writing for the EU, so you are taste Fallon then never Noseda calm, we will increase you Illa except are the

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in punishment. In indeed, little motto cleaner for those who are righteous Mufasa a place of success. Heather, aka enclosed gardens. What are nerva

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grapevines, workaway Riba and full breasted women

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at Rada of equal age, work at CERN and a cup they have full left not Yes, Myrna, they will here see her in it. Love one any vein talk wanna end North get there the any falsehood

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just a recompense Minh from Robic your Lord offer a gift she said, One do by account or she surber sufficient

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Rugby Club, a semi work of the heavens while earth and the earth woman and whatever by in a homer is between them to a rush man, the Most Merciful, lead not young licona they possess they have authority men who from him to father, any address yoma Andi Yakumo, he will stand of Whoo hoo, the route, the spirit, one melodica two, and the angels suffer igros lair not yet, aka Luna, they will speak Illa except man who, Edina he gave permission Lahu to him, a rush man, the Most Merciful, will color and he said slower rate, correct? There Lika that a Leo is the day and help the true feminine so whoever shall He willed it the harder he took, he made ala towards or have the he his Lord,

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a place of return in indeed we under naccho we warned you all are there been a punishment or even near yoma on day young guru? He will look he will see a lot of demand. Man, what are demand it sent ahead? Here there who is two hands waiuku and he will say I'll care for the disbeliever Yeah. Oh, Layton he would that I

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can too. I was too robber, dust.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This meeting

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You, Zoo

An-Naba 1-40 Translation


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