Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-022B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 168-171 Tafsir 163

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of shay component is used in shaping behavior, but it is not something that is of benefit to one. Shay component is used to describe actions that cause harm and regret, and is not something that is of benefit to one. The "vanishing" concept is used to describe actions that occur when one is addressing someone, and "vanishing" refers to the actions of the person they are addressing. Islam's stance on mercy and forgiveness is emphasized, and hate is a reflection of who is the only one who wants to be. The "one God" is a combination of affirmation and negation, and everyone should take care of everything.
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Yeah Are you a nurse or people Oh mankind Kulu you all eat this is an imperative a command. A color is the root Hamza calf lamb, which is to eat Kulu you all eat and why is it you all because of the well? Cool? If you said cool, you're addressing one person like the prophets of Allah who earlier said I'm told the child could be a Munich eat with your right hand. Who Lee is you eat this is for feminine. Okay, like we learned in spirit medium about Maria Maria has sunnah that she was told for Cooley we were shrubby so eat and drink. Okay Kulu you all eat? So all of you eat mimma from what this is two words min and max. So eat from what Phil Irby is in the earth, but eat that which is in

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the state of being halal, lawful. Okay. Halal things that are by human that are also good. So you can eat anything of the earth. All right. However, you have to make sure that it is in the state of halal and what is that in trouble? We'll talk about that had lamb lamb is the root and play him from the root letters to ah yeah, but okay. So it should be lawful and it should also be good. So for example, mud, okay eating mud, is it haram it's not haram but is it good to eat mud? No, any This is not something that is of benefit to you. In fact it could be harmful for you. So each of those things which are a lawful and secondly play human well at the Bureau and you all do not follow

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letter to be rude This is a prohibition turbine is the route do not follow how to what to shaytaan the footsteps of shaitan Jota what is the plural of the word hautbois? Okay, and what what is from the root letters halt all well, and it is the gap between two footsteps. Okay. And when you see that gap, you notice that okay, this person went from here to here to here to hear to hear one footstep leads to another to another to another. Alright, so when you're following the footsteps of someone, you're going the way that they went? All right. So don't follow the footsteps of shaytaan meaning don't go the way that shaitan went. Don't do the things that shaitan does. Meaning do not follow

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him. Don't be like him. Why? Because in the hula coma I don't want morphine Indeed he is to you all an enemy that is clear are the one nine that well and moonbeam bear here noon, any his enmity is clear, there is no doubt about it. In the mayor Morrow calm, how is he anatomy to you, because indeed, only yet will come He commands you all, meaning the only thing that shaytaan tells you to do Hamza Mudra, is the root is Bisou evil fascia, the evil and the outrageous deeds, meaning shaitan will never tell you to do something good, or something that is righteous and pious. Ultimately, he commands you to do that, which is Sue and fascia, Sue is from the root letter scene. While Hamza and

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saya Sue is basically something that upsets you. All right, that upsets a person that causes harm and pain that is ultimately evil and bad for a person. Okay? So so here being used for minor sins, or sins in general. So shaitan commands you to commit evil, okay to do that, which is evil, meaning minor sins or sins in general. And if you think about it, sins do cause harm to a person, right, if not, in this world, definitely in the Hereafter. And they will be a source of sadness and regret for a person, if not in this world, definitely in the hereafter. So shaitan is not going to tell you to do something good. He's going to tell you to do something that is evil that is bad for you. And he

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also tells you to do what is fascia. And fascia is from for her sheen for Hirsch and fascia is used for an action that is very, very unique, extremely bad. It's worse than soup. Okay. And it's used to refer to actions that are shameful, that are obscene that are indecent and that are clearly wrong. Okay, they're disliked. They are detestable, and they are seriously offensive. Okay, so fascia, outrageous deeds, any clearly wrong, very bad. And they're such that they also harm other people. So for example, the word fascia is used for Zina in the Quran, because it's an indecent act. It's seriously wrong. It's outrageous. Even

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major sins like for example, murder, all right, it comes in the category of fascia. So so it will fascia together so minor sins fascia major sins, one and that the Kulu you will say path well lamb, Allah Allah He against Allah mela tharla Moon what you all do not know. Meaning shaitan tells you to say about Allah what you have no knowledge of I inland me Mr. Root, what either quinoa home and when it is set to them to who to these people who set up equals with Allah, that it wa aroma under allah right now in the world when they're told that you should follow what Allah has sent down meaning Revelation the Quran called Do they say Ben Toby Roma and finally he herba Anna their responses that

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bow rather meaning no, we're not going to follow what Allah has sent down. Instead, we're going to follow Netta Biru what and faina what we found our lay he over it, Abba, Anna, our forefathers, any we're going to do what we found our forefathers doing. We're going to continue in that way. And the word I'll find is very interesting. And finance from the root letters Lamphere. Well, and it is to find something by chance, meaning you're not looking for something, but just by chance you come across it. So what we found our forefathers doing, okay, not that we were looking for a particular way of life, but wherever we are born, whatever culture we're born into whatever traditions we have,

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you know, we're just going to continue with that. Allah subhanaw taala asks a willow even if meaning are they going to follow their forefathers even though Cana Abba Oh whom their forefathers used to lie are Kelowna che and not understand anything your kid oh nine cough lamb again, meaning are they going to follow their forefathers even though their forefathers did not understand anything well as to Dune, and they were not rightly guided yet the dune is to obtain guidance had Alia Wolverson methadone Medina Kaffir Rue and example of those people who disbelieve cometh Ali is like example of who Allah the young are equal the one who hollers now younger it is from noon is tough. Okay, no, I

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mean cough. And narrow or narrative is used for screaming or shouting. It's also used for the sound that for example, a curl makes, okay? Because the calling of a curl any it's loud, it's noisy. You don't know what's going on? Why it's making so much noise. Right. The word narc is also used for the yelling of the shepherd at his flock from far from a distance. So the example of those who disbelieved is the example of the one who hollers screams, shouts at shouts at what be my latest model. shouts at mA that which lay Yes, Maru does not hear Illa Dora and Juanita except a call in a cry, imagine a shepherd that is yelling. Okay. That is Shouting, shouting at what his animals right

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his flock. Now man, what if you just right over here flock? Okay, it will be easier for you. So the flock the animals the sheep, what do the sheep hear? Any when the shepherd is yelling at the sheep? What do the sheep hear nothing except Dora when he that. Okay, now what is Dora Dora is a call meaning a sound in which you know you are being called. So the animal for example, the sheep recognizes the sound and recognises that it's being called. So the moment that the sheep hears that sound from the shepherd, what does the sheep do turn around, go to the shepherd. Okay, when he doesn't need that is a cry, okay, or a shout? Sometimes a word need that is used for a loud sound

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that you know the meaning of which is not necessarily understood. Okay. So the sheep hears a Dora a sound that it recognizes, and it knows that it has to go back to the shepherd, or it just hears a loud shout doesn't know what exactly the shepherd is saying. But the sheep knows that it has to go back to the shepherd, meaning the sheep doesn't know what exactly the shepherd is saying. Okay, the sheep doesn't know what those words mean. And the sheep doesn't know why. You know, it's being called to be milked, to be slaughtered, to be sold, you know, to be protected. No idea. But what do the sheep do?

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Oh, they just respond to the call. Right? They just follow blindly. So the state of such people is that they are someone, they're deaf Bookman, they're mute, or immune, they're blind, for whom lair appearance, so they do not understand. Meaning just as the sheep don't understand these people also, they don't understand where they're headed to. Sometimes the shepherd is yelling, screaming, but the sheep don't hear they just keep going in the flock, you know, headed towards their destruction, right? They're Bookman, they're mute, so they're not able to communicate their needs to the sheep. They're only on blind even though they can see what is before them. They're not able to decipher

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between what is beneficial what is harmful, for whom layer Pilon, so they do not understand now the word yes Morrow from the root letters seen me marine Dora from the root letters that are in well and need that from the root letters known that Yeah, neither. Alright, let's listen to the recitation again. And then we will begin to proceed and as you listen to the recitation make sure that you stand up stretch a little bit and then we will continue Bismillah

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. What Allah who come in here why ahead and your God is one God, La ilaha illa who there is no deity worthy of worship except him on rock man or rock?

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came the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Allah subhanaw taala addresses all people over here, that Allah Who comb, your actual God, the one who truly deserves your worship or your people is only one God. He is the only one whom you should be worshipping and no one else. Why? Because the fact is that there is no god other than Him. So if you worship anything besides Allah, then that does not mean that that object of your worship has become God. Because the fact is that there is only one God in Surah, Hajj is 62 Allah subhanaw taala says that he could be and Allah who will help that it is only Allah who is unhealthy the truth meaning the one who is true, what unmeasured Aruna

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min Dooney who will battle and whatever they call upon other than Him is falsehood. Any they're not actually Gods insalata najem is 23. We learn in here in LA a smile on some may two more her and Tom, what about Oh calm, that these idols that you worship, there is no reality to them, these gods that you worship, there is no reality to them. They're merely names which you have invented, you and your forefathers and inventing these names doesn't mean that these so called gods exist. No, there is no reality to them. They're just a figment of your imagination. Just something that you and the people before you have fabricated. So the fact is that what ILA who come ILA, who were hit La ilaha illa,

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who there is no deity worthy of worship except him. Now, if you think about it, Your God is one God, there is no god other than Him. Any it sounds like this is repetition. Okay. But it is not just repetition. And it's not the same thing that is being said in two different ways. First of all, remember that in the Quran, you will see concepts that are mentioned in many different ways, because when the same concept is mentioned in different ways, you understand it from different angles, different perspectives, and then you understand it thoroughly. So allow Camila Hua had your God is one God, there is no god other than he, when there is affirmation first and then negation, alright,

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affirmation of what of the fact that there is only one God, and the negation of what negation of any God besides Allah, then you understand the concept of dou hatefully. Right, the concept of dou Hadees, that there is only one God and you cannot associate anything with ALLAH in any way whatsoever. So, this is a combination of affirmation and negation. And together This conveys a complete description of the hate of the Oneness of Allah. And yes, this is also repetition, for the purpose of emphasis, all right, because when the same concept is mentioned once, but then it's mentioned again in a different way, you see the emphasis you realize that this is an important

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concept. So the concept of Tawheed is extremely important for us to understand that Allah is the only one who deserves worship. And what is worship, worship means calling upon someone for help, showing servitude, showing submission to someone. So this means that whatever we do, whether it is Salah, or it is sadaqa or it is sacrifice, whatever we do any act of subservience that we show it should be only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala it should be dedicated only to Allah and to no one else. So we're told into little anom I want 62 That call in a solidarity when no Sookie warmer here Yeah, a woman Marathi delay here have been early mean, that say indeed my prayer, my sacrifice

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my life and my death are for Allah, Lord of the worlds for no one else. And this is the meaning of Tawheed that Allah is the center of our lives. So what Isla, who? Camila who were hit La ilaha illa who and Allah is a Rahman Rahim This is so beautiful out of all the names of Allah these two names are mentioned over here. You know sometimes when people think about Allah azza wa jal live think about punishment. They think about Allah's wrath. They think about hellfire and you

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people typically think of Islam as very strict and very harsh. And the law that Allah has given us very difficult and that is not true at all. Because Allah subhanaw taala does Rubia the way that he has made us the way that he treats us is all based on his mercy, it is all based on his Rama because if you think about it, any the way that you know for example, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has created us there is mercy in that, that he didn't just create us like creatures that exist on their own. No one you know, is there to take care of them. No, a child is born to a mother and the mother goes through a lot of hardship in order to give birth to that child. And because of that, she has some love and

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concern for her child, if giving birth was easy, then majority of the mothers would not care for their children. So human beings are not created in such a way that they have to fend for themselves. Right and then look at how Allah subhanaw taala has placed us on this earth and in this world, any all have our needs, whatever that we are in need of Allah subhanaw taala has provided that to us, then look at the deen the religion, the Sharia that Allah subhanaw taala has given us it is easy it is practical. And look at how Allah subhanaw taala shows mercy to us that when we make a mistake, and when we forget, and we turn back to Allah we seek his forgiveness. Allah subhanaw taala shows

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forgiveness. All of the children of Adam are you know those that make errors. And the best of those who make errors are those who repent to Allah. Right Allah subhanaw taala accepts repentance from his sleeves. And within the deen also, Allah subhanaw taala has given us so much ease that for example, we're supposed to stand and pray. But if a person is not able to stand and pray because of physical pain, because of illness because of old age, then they can sit and pray. And in Hadith we learned that if a person is not even able to sit and pray, then they should lie down and pray, meaning however they are. So remember, yes, we worship Allah, Allah is one there is no one else that

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deserves worship besides Allah. But don't forget the fact that Allah is very, very merciful. Some people misunderstand the concept of mercy of Allah's mercy, they think, if Allah is merciful, that means, you know, do whatever, do anything, don't care about, you know what is right, what is wrong, because God is merciful. Oh, yes, Allah is merciful, and we should have hope, in his forgiveness and in His mercy. But that doesn't mean that we don't pay regard to you know, what is right what is wrong what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us? That does not make sense. So what ILA who Camila Hua hit La ilaha illa, who are Rahman Rahim and this is very similar to Surah two Fatiha right Al

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allah whenever him that all praises for Allah who is the Lord of the worlds and he is a rock man, he is Rahim and you see his Rama manifested in your life in the world around you in the creation that exists right that Allah subhanaw taala has brought into existence. So always remember this about Allah that Allah is a Rahman Rahim. Now how do we know that Allah is one how do we know that there is only one God and that He is the only one who deserves worship? Well look at what Allah subhanaw taala has created and the signs of His Oneness are mentioned in the next video. But before we continue, I want to elaborate a little bit on the concept of dough hate, though

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hate is to make one literally it is to make one and what that means is that all of our worship is dedicated to who to Allah alone and to no one else okay, but not just that, though he also means that you believe that all divine powers okay. Are in one being in one being and only him. So what does that mean? That means that no one is able to create because Allah Allah Who will hulkower Right? So for example, we can make things but we cannot put life in them. Who is the one who gives life? It is Allah subhanaw taala right. So He is the giver of life. He is the giver of death. He is the one who has created everything and he is the one who takes care of everything. Nothing happens

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without his will. His permission, not a leaf falls except that he knows about it. Right? So though he

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It is that you believe that Allah subhanaw taala is one and unique in what? In four things and make sure you write these down for yourself. First of all, in his being okay in his that, which means that there is no one like Allah. So for example, when it comes to people, are they singular? No, there's so many other humans that exist, but there is only one God that is there. All right. So one in his being. Secondly, though hate is that you believe that Allah subhanaw taala is one and unique in His names in his attributes. Okay, so names and attributes, same thing. Okay? So in his names and his attributes, you can also make these into two points, and that's also fine. So for example, Allah

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the name Allah means the god, the actual God, the real God. Does anyone else have that name? No, not possible. Hello tharla Mala who sent me here? Do you know anyone who has the same name? Who deserves the same name? No, Allah is the only one who deserves that name. And attributes are you know the qualities of Allah, the traits, the characteristics of Allah or xojo. So no one has the same traits as Allah subhanaw taala. Now, for example, Allah subhanaw taala. Here's Allah is a Samir al Basilea. He here is he sees, now people also the creation also is able to hear and see, but there's a huge difference between the way Allah hears or the way Allah sees the way Allah knows. And the way that

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we do. So in the Quran, we learn that laser commits cliche, well, who was semi or asleep? There is nothing like him, and he is seeing and hearing. So the way that Allah subhanaw taala has power, for example, we don't have that power, the way that Allah subhanaw taala owns things we don't own in the same way. So for instance, you own your computer today. Right? But do you have complete power and authority over it? No, you don't? And are you going to own it forever? No, you might sell it, you might lose it. And eventually there's going to come a point when you will leave this world and your property will no longer be yours, it will become someone else's. But Allah subhanaw taala is Malik,

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right, he is the ultimate owner of everything. He has absolute ownership and control over everything. So he is unique in His attributes. So first of all his being Secondly, His names, thirdly, his attributes. And fourthly, his actions, okay, his actions, meaning what Allah subhanaw taala does what he is able to do, no one else is able to do that. So for instance, Allah subhanaw taala does the beat of the entire creation. And he looks after he manages the affairs of the entire creation, and the way that he does so no one else can, no one else can. Any detail Subhanallah any just one moment of your existence, think about how much is happening just within your body at a

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chemical level, at a hormonal level. And then what all is happening in the blood, so many organs are functioning, so many systems are working simultaneously, so that you can take one single breath, so many muscles are working, so that you can take one single breath, and you can inhale, you can exhale, and then not just within your body. If you were on Mars, you wouldn't be able to breathe, even if your body was perfectly fine. Why? Because you can only breathe when there's oxygen around you. Now for this oxygen to exist around us, for us to be able to live on the earth, how many things are coming together?

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The trees, the water cycle, the atmosphere, the gravity of the earth any, so many things are coming together at the same time for us to live for a single moment even. So the actions of Allah azza wa jal, no one can do them. All right, and the actions of Allah are based on his wisdom and on his knowledge on his mercy on his justice. So this is the concept of Tawheed in very simple terms, okay, so what Allah Who Camila who were hit your God is only one God. There is no other God besides Allah. And he is a man right?

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He extremely merciful, ever Merciful of man. Remember he tells us about the vastness of His mercy. And a Rahim tells us about the continuity of His mercy, or Allah man tells us about the vast attribute of Allah's mercy. And Rahim tells us about the action of Allah's Mercy meaning the fact that he affects his creation with his mercy. So he is a Rahman Rahim.

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