Taimiyyah Zubair – Qualities of the Bearers of the Qur’an

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of gratitude and showing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala is discussed, as it is not just about feeling happy but also about how one experiences it. The success of Islam is emphasized, including the importance of praying and reciting the Quran, setting goals and boundaries, and reciting the language to improve one's understanding. The success of Islam is also highlighted as a gift given to individuals, and it is discussed that good deeds and the power of Islam to encourage people to pursue them is crucial in achieving success.
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Going along with the law he will better get through everyone 100 and light. It's great to be here today with all of you. And hamdulillah we are very, very honored to have our dear sister Emile with us as well. And I'll just give a brief introduction of sister Dania, for those of you who don't know her later handler most of us know her already. Sister Tamia Zubair is Mashallah an established teacher of Parag and hamdulillah. She teaches dallimore Quran courses which include the seer and word analysis as well as fix subjects and athlete that subject so hum. They're large, she's been teaching globally,

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through travel and online and Mashallah in her community, she has been working for more than a decade. So sister Tamia is studied under her parents who are scholars Dr. Idris Zubair and Dr. Farhat Hashmi and they are also the founders of Olga Institute. And so hamdulillah she has been a student and teacher at all the day Institute and we are very, very honored to have to start damia with us today I'll come that Allah in Genesis with me, I will be speaking on the verses of surah to father I had number 29 to 35 about the qualities of the bearers of the Quran and the benefits of a being among these people. So inshallah we will begin let's listen to the citation of these ayat and

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la Yama Suna Avi,

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I'm asuna fee.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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are all the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi sadri were silly emri workflow, your Okta melissani yufka, who Kohli Allahumma hadeel Colby was sadly Sani was roots of Hema Taka Ruby erminia roble olamine

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Alhamdulillah we all got to listen to a very powerful recitation of some very powerful verses of the Quran, which I think is, is very appropriate that at this time, we reflect on these verses, in order to reflect on ourselves on the blessing of the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala has given us and also on ourselves in the sense that how are we showing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for this huge blessing, because when a person receives a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala when a person accomplishes something, when a person gains something like Mashallah, so many, so many of you are, you know, graduating this as your convocation de Ma sha Allah, there is, you know, definitely a

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sense of joy, there is a sense of excitement, there is that realization that I am so fortunate Alhamdulillah but along with that any we know that sugar or gratitude is not just about feeling happy, or feeling blessed. Gratitude definitely is about feeling, you know, blessed or feeling happy about what we have received. But it doesn't stop there. Gratitude sugar, we know is something that is supposed to be expressed verbally. And gratitude. Sugar is something that has to be demonstrated in a person's actions, it has to be reflected in a person's behavior. So when Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with this neuroma with this blessing of the Quran, how are we supposed to show that

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gratitude? How are we supposed to express that joy, because in our religion, any, the the expression of joy is not just with, you know, hugging each other and you know, giving gifts at at such occasions, or you know, throwing parties, etc. Of course, you know, people do that in you know, in as part of their culture, but as Muslims, any when we are given a blessing, especially the blessing of the Quran, how are we supposed to show gratitude for it? So, I want you to think about yourself, and how you can show thanks to Allah subhanaw taala for the blessing of the Quran, when we go over these verses. So Allah subhanaw taala says in alladhina, yet Luna Kitab Allah, indeed, those people

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who recite the book of Allah, and remember, reciting the book of Allah includes the recitation of its if it includes the the reading or the understanding of its meaning, read the tilawat also includes memorization thilawa, also includes reflection to the bar, and to our also includes, you know, learning its meaning, studying it, teaching it, and then also acting upon it. So in the levina at Luna Kitab, Allah, the people who recite the book of Allah, ne they recite the book of Allah in the true sense, the way that they should recite what then these people what are their actions like? Allah is Pandora says what a camo salata and they establish Salah

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it hasn't been said that they just do Salah, they establish Salah because when a person learns the Quran, when a person, you know has a connection with the Quran, that means that a person knows who their Lord is. And that means that a person has a, you know, has a good relationship with their Lord. And what does it mean to have a relationship with Allah subhanaw taala? Because if you were to ask anybody who believes in Allah, who who believes in God, do you love God? They will say of course I love Allah.

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But having a relationship with Allah doesn't just mean that we say that we love Allah, or that we claim that we have a lot of love for a lion, our hearts having a real

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ship with Allah means, first and foremost that a person's Salah becomes proper meaning they begin to pray correctly consistently properly with her. Sure, and and also with Harsha in with humility with fear of Allah subhanaw taala So, the first thing we need to check in ourselves is that how is my Salah because Salah is something that that tells us what kind of a relationship we have with Allah subhanaw taala

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what is it that we think of when it is time to pray? And when we are praying,

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when we are praying, then how is it that we are praying? Are we just praying for the sake of you know,

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completing a task that okay I'm done checkmark, or is it that we are really attentive and present in our Salah? So what are called masala today establish the prayer. And then what unfuckable mimar was a canal whom silan were Alinea. And they spend out of what We have provided them how secretly and publicly any, when a person learns the Quran, when a person recites the Quran, then this is something that has a direct impact on a person's spending habit. Any a person doesn't just spend on their own selfish, you know, desires, but they're spending on others as well. They're spending in the way of Allah subhanaw taala as well. And how is it that they're spending silverware alanya

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secretly and publicly, secretly and publicly Why? Because something that that you have a habit of doing? Then it doesn't matter whether you are alone, or you are in front of people, you're going to do it because you you have a habit, right? Like for example, if a person has a habit of using their phone, it doesn't matter whether they're alone at home, or they're sitting on a stage sopran Allah any people will, will use their phone because it's habit. Right? So unfuck Omarosa Cornell home Syrian war alanya he, the one of the greatest or one of the most visible effects of the Quran on a person is that a person becomes generous, that a person develops the habit of giving, right giving

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generously, and secretly and openly then such people. Allah subhanaw taala says yo junuh, tea jar rotten lanta boo, they can expect a profit that will never perish, that will never go go go you know go waste or it will never reduce, it will only increase any such people can actually expect a reward or a gain, you know, a profit that will never, it will never decline. It will only increase any, we all hope for we all wish we all desire that Allah subhanaw taala in he accepts the little, you know, good that we do that Allah subhanaw taala pardons and overlooks our mistakes and our errors. But look at this ayah this ayat tells us that it is only such people who can expect such a reward. So it

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is not enough to say that Yeah, I know the Quran. It is not enough to think that yes, I have studied the Quran. What is necessary is that we check ourselves that how much put on do I recite? And then how is my salah and what is my attitude with people? When it comes to the recitation of the Quran? Is it just because I have to because I'm a part of a class and a part of course, and you know, this is just required homework, etc. Am I reading for myself also, because you see secretly and openly? What does that mean? that a person has that habit? When it comes to our Salah again, we need to check we need to work on constantly improving our Salah. And then when it comes to our behavior with

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people, then then are we always concerned about taking selfishly or are we also concerned about giving secretly and openly unless Pandora says via Wi Fi or home or Jura home way a z the human fugly that he may give them in full their rewards and increase for them of his bounty. Allahu Akbar Allah

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altara doesn't just give full, full wages, Allah subhanaw taala also increases the reward from his bounty from his favor.

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A lot of times we feel that you know what, when we, for example, work hard, you know, for a job or any task that we have been given, or even, you know, if we're studying when we see the results when we see the marks, or sometimes when we see, you know, the paycheck, we we feel that it doesn't really reflect the amount of effort that we put in any we feel that we haven't been compensated in full, but Allah subhanaw taala he compensates in full Leo of fear home or Georgia home. And he there is nothing that Allah subhanaw taala will neglect. And this is why it is so important for us that when we do something, even if it's, you know, a very small good deed or something that we're doing

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out of habit, we do it with sincerity, we do it for the sake of Allah because Allah subhanaw taala only accepts those deeds which are sincere and it is those deeds which Allah subhanaw taala will reward in full and then he will not just give the wages and full years either woman fugly Allah subhanaw taala will increase for them of his bounty, he will give them more than what they deserve. And more than what they could ever imagine. You see the home in fugly. Allahumma in Nana's lucam in fog lick in the hole of foreign shockula indeed he is forgiving and appreciated. Allah subhanaw taala is forgiving. Look at these names over here, you see, just because a person you know is is

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learning the Quran, or they have just completed a you know, 111 round of of studying the Quran, or you know, their recitation or memorization or whatever, it doesn't mean that that person has become perfect. It doesn't mean that now that human being is free of any errors. No, as a human being, as long as we're alive, we're going to be making mistakes. And if we were honest with ourselves, yes, we definitely make many, many mistakes. When it comes to, for example, our attitude with the Quran, when it comes to our understanding of the Quran when it comes to our memorization, when it comes to, you know, our implica our applying the Quran, when it comes to our Salah when it comes to our

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dealings with people. Hello, Aqua Kenny, there's errors, there's mistakes, there's shortcomings, everywhere, any which aspect of our lives, can we say is perfect? In which aspect in every aspect of our lives? Whether it is our personal, you know Riba or it is our relationship with our families, our relationship, you know, with our community, everywhere, we make so many errors. So, never assume First of all, that now you're good now you're perfect. No, we are filled with errors. We we slip, we make mistakes, and sometimes we are completely unaware of our own shortcomings. Many there's so much oversight that we don't even know what kind of mistakes we're making. Allah subhanaw taala is a fool

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Allah subhanaw taala is ever forgiving, which means that we should never despair, we should never give up on ourselves. And we should never, you know think that there's no hope for us. Or that you know, we are complete losers. Oh, admit your mistakes, you know, a cry before Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, Allah, I, I have done so much wrong and I'm still doing so much wrong, you know, confess before Allah subhanaw taala worth the love to be then be that he or Allah I, I confess my mistakes before you and seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala indeed he is a fool. He is very forgiving. He is Shaku he is very, very appreciated. And Shaku any Allah subhanaw taala that appreciates even

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the little good that you do. Nice upon Allah. If you think about it, you know from our entire lives of 40 years, 30 years, 20 years, however old we are any 50 years, 60 years, think about it out of that entire time that we have lived. How much of that time have we really dedicated purely for

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For the sake of Allah subhanaw taala if on average we sleep somewhere between six to eight hours, that's a third of our lives just sleeping. Right? And if you think about it, if we spend five minutes 10 minutes for eats a lot a day, that's barely an hour a day. Right? So, think about it at the good thing we do is actually very, very little. It's very little, and this is how we should view our good deeds that there are not enough. But Allah subhanaw taala he is shackled. So He rewards generously. Then Allah subhanaw taala says one lady Oh hayner la camino Al Kitab and that which We have revealed to you a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam off the book, meaning the Quran which has

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been revealed on you who will help it is the truth. This Quran is the truth. This is truly from Allah subhanaw taala it is filled with truths. Every statement of the Quran is help every news of the Quran every information that it gives is help is most certainly true. And it is Mossad the alima Albania day it is confirming that which was before it in the law Habiba de la Buren Basia Indeed Allah of his servants, is Acquainted and Seeing and this is what we need to remember that Allah subhanaw taala is fully aware of what I'm doing. And remember Habib is someone who doesn't just know the apparent Habib is someone who knows, of, of the inside matters as well, of what is hidden as

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well. Allah subhanaw taala is fully aware of us what we show and what we keep inside, what we say and what we think what we do in public. And what we do in private. The kind of things we say to people and the kinds of things we say to ourselves. Allah is Hamid and he is bullied. He is seeing any he sees whatever it is that we're doing, whatever it is that we're showing. So in the lobby, everybody in the hobby room will see his hobby of our private and he is bullied of our public Allah. So there is nothing at all that we can hide from Allah. And this is why it is important that we remember that our

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you know, our matter should be our matters should be clear and good with Allah soprano thought of first and foremost

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and then it is said some of us Nikita levina Stephane Amina Reba Dena, then we cause to inherit the book, those we have chosen of our servants.

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Allah Akbar, thumb, Allah Snell kita this Quran which was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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this has been given as inheritance to who to Allah has chosen servants, which means that if a person has the Quran, then they have been chosen by Allah subhanaw taala. And he considered the fact that there are so many people on earth, so many people, and out of all of them, Allah subhanaw taala gave you the ability to recite the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala gave you the opportunity to read the entire Quran, to learn the meaning of the Quran, to reflect on the Quran, to study it, to memorize it, to teach it to help someone else learn it. Any is the fireman, everybody know, this is truly a privilege, a blessing. But then everyone doesn't realize what this blessing is and what they should

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do with this blessing and how they should show gratitude for this blessing. So three types of people are mentioned. It is said from inhome lolly Molina, FSI. So among them is He Who wrongs himself meaning among the people who have been given the gift of the Quran? Is that person who actually wrongs himself. He's actually unfair to himself. He actually is his veto, he diminishes or he does not give himself you know, what he truly deserves.

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And what does this mean? You see when a person has the Quran, okay, when a person is able to recite it when a person is able to understand it, when a person is able to recite its verses without looking at the most half. This is a gift and this is you know, a means

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through which a person can go really really far a person can can, you know really attain higher and higher levels.

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Think about it on the Day of Judgment a person will be told a person who, who is how middle Quran

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will be told, recite and ascend. Okay, recite and ascend. And here is a person who could have reached high levels of Paradise because they had access to the Quran.

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But they didn't bother to revise it. They didn't bother to memorize it. They didn't bother to strengthen their knowledge. They didn't put in greater effort to understand it or to implement it. So what's going to happen? They could have gone to such higher levels, but they didn't. Why? Because Lali Molina See, he did wrong to himself, how that he wasted himself. He wasted himself. How did he waste himself by forgetting what they learned once upon a time by not implementing what they learned what once upon a time, by not reciting what they knew how to recite, from inhome lolly Molina, si, ne This is truly unfair, that a person wastes themselves after Allah subhanaw taala has given them

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the gift of the Quran.

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You know, one of the scholars said that it does not befit a person who has been given knowledge that they waste themselves. And this is one that a person wastes themselves, that they don't strengthen what they learned, they don't, if they don't implement it, they don't pass it on. They fail to act according to it. And whatever they learned, they basically forget about it from in home learning only nuptse we Allah subhanaw taala protect us

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and then woman who mocked us lead and among them is He who is moderate, knocked asleep as in just average, you know, like a person just does the bare minimum just to get by.

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They could have done much more, they could have excelled. They had that opportunity. They had that ability. The road was open in front of them, but they didn't bother. So they were average. And then women home sir bill Campbell hierarchy, and among them is He who is foremost in good deeds, but how it nilla by the permission of Allah and valleca who will fog Luca bead and that is what is the great bounty. This is truly a huge blessing, a huge achievement for the person who is sabich on belhaj right to be inilah notice over here sabich on belhaj rot foremost in good deeds, any This is not just one good deed only because sometimes we think okay, now I'm a person of the Quran, I will only

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read the Quran I will only teach the Quran and everything else. I'm not going to bother doing a lot includes all types of good deeds, charity, helping other people. You know

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nafion, Salah, fasting sadaqa, etc sabich humble high rot, but how can a person that really excel in these good deeds by the permission of Allah? So ask Allah subhanaw taala for tofield and this is something that we need to do every day. Yeah, Allah gave me the ability to stay connected with the Quran. Allah gave me the ability to recite more Quran, your Allah give me the ability to memorize more of the Quran. Allah give me the ability to understand more of the Quran, Allah give me the ability to take the to tell other people about the Quran to to pass it on to others also be in the law, this is only by the permission of Allah. So cybil humble hi rod. This is not just a person who

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is now busy teaching. Now this is a person who is also busy following the Quran in their personal life reciting the Quran in their personal life. So three types of people are mentioned over here. Who are we going to be? Who Who do we want to be someone who is learning who is unfair to himself by forgetting the Quran, someone who is just average, just as the bare minimum or someone who wants to get ahead. Where do you want to see yourself on the day of judgment? Where do you want to be accordingly set you

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Your goals. Allah says Jeanette are getting near the whole Luna ha for them our gardens of perpetual residents which they will enter

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and you have alone a fee him in a cerebellum and there have been walu they will be adorned there in with bracelets of golden pearls while he Barsoom via hurried, and their garments there in will be silk. Look at this jewelry and silk and gardens. Hello, Aqua. How is that possible? This is when a person is truly on a vacation. Right? Because at home, especially in the day to day when you're busy. Right, then you don't have the time to wear silk. You don't have the time to put on you know different types of jewelry or change your jewelry every day. You don't have the time to just go and take a stroll through the park. Any these are luxuries. So this is what they will get. We'll call

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hamdulillah Hilary and Herbert Randall hazard and they will say Praise to Allah, who has removed from us all sorrow, all sorrow, because in this life is sorrow, especially for people who make aka their goal, especially for people who who want to stay with the Quran. What is that sorrow sometimes that's always because of the kind of things that people see the kind of judgments that they make. Sometimes it is you know, the personal difficulties in life. So in this life is sorrow and the sorrow will only go away in Jannah. They will say in our banal of a foreign shock or indeed our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative. You see, the people have done I will say this earlier we learned that

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the people who recite the book of Allah, the people who establish Salah, and the people who spend openly and secretly, such people can expect a a prophet that will never perish. And then in the next verse, we learned about how Allah subhanaw taala will give their wages in full and he will increase them from his favorite because he is a foolish, but because he is lawful, shackled, forgiving and appreciate it. So this reward is for these people, the people who are sabich on Biddle karate beaten Illa Allah the A Helena Dharma karma team and finally, He who has settled us in the home of duration, Darren mukaiyama, the home of duration, the place of residence, the place of everlasting

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stay any there is no leaving it min fugly out of his bounty because they will know that we don't truly deserve this. This is only Allah subhanaw taala has favor on us and they will say law you must sooner Fianna sabon there touches us not in it any fatigue people have done no will never get tired. What are your must sooner via lube and their touches us not in it any weariness, any boredom? Because you see in this life when you work hard, yes, you get tired. And in this life when you work hard when you're when you're constantly working. Then you you do get a little bored. But in Jenna, there is no fatigue, and there is no boredom. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that. May Allah

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subhanaw taala make us amongst his special servants, the people of the Quran. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to truly recite the Quran properly the way it deserves to be recited. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst saarbruecken belhaj rot be in Illa Allah subhanaw taala enable us May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be of those who excel in good deeds that may we recite the Quran, may we implement it and may we teach it may we be of those who pass it on so that our good deeds increase? And we'll last panel tada pardon us for any shortcomings on our part to Xochimilco Hayden cathedra in shallow conclude over here, a cinema de como Dartmouth Allahu wa barakato

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