Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L195B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to the Bible, including the origin of profits, the importance of the heart, and the use of the title " marks" in Arabic language. They emphasize the importance of the heart in accepting and embracing changes, warning of consequences, and teaching different themes. The use of "well" in Arabic language is also discussed, as it relates to printing and the title "well."
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I was going to show

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lesson number 195. pseudo sharada is number 192 to 227.

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What in the who, and indeed it meaning the Quran, Al Qaeda will move in. This Quran is Latin de la ville al amin, it is surely the revelation of the Lord of the worlds. It is Tenzin. And Tenzin is used for gradual revelation to reveal something part after part, not all in one go but rather one part after the other.

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And why is this done to give importance to the process of revelation?

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Because if you think about it, something that you do in one goal, you don't really give as much importance to it. But if you do something daily, one thing after the other, then what happens? You're giving it important, you're giving it a lot of care.

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So we're in now who Latin zilara Villa Allah mean, this Koran. This key table movie in this book is a gradual revelation from who the Lord of the worlds earlier in the soul. We learned that for our own he asked Musashi Salaam Omar O'Brian me, who is this Lord of the worlds? And husar listen him gave him an amazing description. And what was that description that He is the Lord of the heavens, the earth and whatever that is in between the two. And he also told him that the Lord of the worlds is the Lord of the east as well as the West.

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And we also learned that Ibrahim is an even he told his people about who Robben Island mean was that he told the people in the home or do we really elaborate but I mean all of your idols their enemies to me except for the Lord of the worlds and who is he? And lady Hakone for who a teeny one lady who are you three money Where's the money? What either Morocco for who ah Fini, when lady you need to me unity. So Mayor Haney.

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And in this surah we have learned a lot about who are Buddha amin is who the Lord of the worlds is.

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And over here, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that this book which is right before you is from who it is from the same Lord, the one who owns the east and the west, the one who owns the heavens and the earth, whatever is in between the one who feeds you, the one who guides you, the one who created you, the one who cures you when you're ill, he is the one who has also made arrangements for your guidance how that he has sent this book to you. We're in the hula, Tansy, Laura Bella al Ameen. This is a revelation of the lord of the words.

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We say that the Mr. King of Makkah, they refuse to believe in the Quran.

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And what are the demand miracles from the prophets, let alone the center, which is why at the beginning of the sort of what do we learn in it number four, that inertia Nunez de la humanism a attend for one letter, an apple home letter, while they're in that these people, they're demanding miracles, if we wanted, we could have sent a huge miracle from the sky, which they would see. And they would just submit before it, they would have nothing left to say they would just have to accept. And then several incidents were mentioned, several stories were mentioned. And at the end of each story, what was said that indeed, in that is surely an eye. If you want a sign, if you want a

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miracle, if you want an evidence, you can find it in these incidents, you can find it in these reports.

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And over here, we are being told at the conclusion of the surah. That the miracle these people are demanding is in fact in the form of the Quran itself.

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They were looking for something other than the Quran. But we see that the Quran is message as well as miracle in one. And in these ayah it is proven as to how the Quran is a miracle. How the Quran is an evidence to the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu isn't

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that first of all, it is from who the Lord of the words. It is not the word of a human being. It's not the word of a gene. It's not the word of a point, but rather it's from who the Lord of the worlds

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we learn in sort of the worker is 77 to 80 that in the hula called earn on Kareem, indeed it is surely equal and that is Karim that is honorable. That is noble fakie Tabby maknoon in a register that is well protected. Now you must suhu inland Mata Harun non tortured except the purified then Zilla Mirabella al Ameen and it is a

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revelation from who? The Lord of the worlds instead of the Zoomer is number one also, we learned that Zealand keytab Amina la healer Aziz al Hakim, the revelation of the book is from who is from Allah, the Exalted in Might, the Wise. So you're asking for a miracle. Allah has already sent a miracle in the form of what? in the form of this book. And this book is from who? The Lord of the woods.

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And how did this book reach you, nessa B Hill hill? I mean, the trustworthy spirit has brought her down. How did this book get to you? The profits are a lot of sudden gave it to you. And how did he get it? Through jabril medicina gibreel brought it to who to the profits that alone isn't

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NASA v NASA. He has come down be here with the score on a waterhole Amin

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Amin, amin, as you know means trustworthy. And a rural amin is a descriptive name. It's a title for who debrief medicina because a lot means soul spirit, and Ameen describes how he was. Why is he called a meme? Why is he called trustworthy?

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Because he was the carrier of the message. He is the one who brought the revelation to who the profits are of autism. And it was extremely necessary that the scarier he should be trustworthy. Because if he left something out, if he added something, if he changed something, then what the revelation be as Allah subhanaw taala would want to give it to us know, so we see that this book is so perfect. It is exactly how Allah subhanaw taala wanted us to receive it. That first of all, the angel who brought it down Who is he? an amine.

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And if you notice all of the prophets of Allah who are mentioned in the sutra, what was said about them, that they're also i mean they're also trustworthy. In Nila, comb Rasulullah amin and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was also one who was trustworthy.

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And this angel he has brought this on down upon who are now called upon your heart meaning upon the heart of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam why Lita? akuna minal moondream, so that you may be of the Warner's

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into total vichara I am 97, we learn for inner hoonah zela? Who are the kobika be a vanilla that indeed he has brought the Quran down upon your heart by the permission of Allah.

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So what do we see that the revelation of the Quran was upon the heart of the prophets of Allah?

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Why the heart, because the heart compared to all other organs of the body, if you look at it, compared to all other organs of the body, the heart is the center of perception. It's the center of emotion, it has the ability to perceive.

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And if you think about it, the heart, it's also connected to the entire body, the heart is connected to the entire body. If the heart is alive, then the rest of the body is also alive. If the heart dies, the rest of the body will also die. And the first thing in a human being that starts to function is what is the heart in the womb of the mother. It's the first organ that begins to function. And we see that the heart It plays a very important role when it comes to receiving guidance as well.

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If you think about it, anything that hits your heart, anything that reaches your heart, what happens immediately

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what happens?

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You remember it and what happens, your actions they change immediately.

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If you think about it, a person may know a lot of the meaning of the Quran, he may have a lot of fear, he may be very good at the dream, he may have memorized the entire Quran. But if the Quran has not hit his heart, if it has not reached the heart, then the actions will not change.

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The actions will not change.

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Because the heart is the vessel, the heart is the center, it's the core, the heart is the main place where the perception is where emotion is.

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And if that accept something, then the entire body will accept it.

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If the heart accepts the change, the entire body will accept the change. But if the heart resists, if the heart is still locked up, then no matter what you do, you cannot enter something into the rest of the body.

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So actions that can only

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Change. When, when the heart opens up to the Quran,

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we learned with Mohammed is number 24 that FMLA at the Barun Al Quran, Allah khudobin Uk fell to her that do these people not reflect upon the Quran? Or are their locks upon their hearts? So what does it show to us

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that if a person's heart is locked up, he will not be able to reflect on the Quran, he will not be able to understand the Quran if his heart is closed. In order to understand the Quran, in order to accept it, in order to bring about a change in your life, according to the instructions on what has to be done. The heart has to be opened up.

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And this is why we see that the machine of Makkah, did not listen to the Quran, of course, did not have an understanding of the Arabic language. Of course, they admired the elegance and beauty of the Quran more than we can, because they were masters of that language.

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Similarly, we see that the Mona 15 in Medina, did they not listen to the Quran? Of course they did. But what is it that prevented them from changing

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from obeying from accepting? It's because the heart was not open to the cloud.

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There many times what happens we blame other people. They just don't speak from the heart. So it never touches me, isn't it? This is what we say. We tend to blame other people a lot, that they don't speak from the heart. This is why it doesn't touch me. This is why it doesn't affect me. But the fact is, that the monotheism was cheeky. They heard the Quran from from the prophets that have autism.

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And who would recite the Quran more beautifully than the profits are?

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No one would. He was the most beautiful recite of the Quran. And he recited from his heart. But if that recitation would not touch some people, then is there a fault in the recitation of the prophets on a lot of setup? No. The problem is with the receiver, do you open yourself up or not? If you open your heart, it's not possible that the Quran will not affect you. This is why we see that the Sahaba even if the younger ones amongst them, even if they're slaves, they reminded them have something from the Quran, people with little knowledge, little understanding, if they recited a verse of the Quran, what was their reaction? They would humble immediately.

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Like, for example, we learned about that companion who wants a slave girl, she was giving him the fan with something and she fell asleep or something like that, or she dropped it. And then all of a sudden he got upset and what did she say? What am I holy boom, your funeral. She recited from the Quran, one after the other until eventually you freed her.

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So what is it that made them change so much? It's because they had opened up their hearts. It was because whenever the word of Allah would be recited, they would take it as the word of Allah. This is a love speech. This is a love scholar. And because they had opened up their hearts to it, this is why no matter who said it, no matter how they said it, it would affect them, it would have a great impact on them.

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And on the other hand, if a person has not opened up his heart to the Quran, then no matter how eloquently it is recited to him, no matter how beautifully it is explained to him, no matter how openly it is set out to him, still he will not accept the change. Because hadham Allahu Allah Kuru beam, while a Sumerian, it's the heart once it is sealed, once it is closed up, then nothing at all can affect the person.

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So what do we see over here that the Quran it was revealed on the heart of the prophets of Allah?

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Because the ones the heart accepts the Quran, then the change will come automatically, then the person will be able to deliver. So I now call upon your heart. Why has this person been revealed upon your heart later cool, nominal Monday, so that you can be of those who warn on Wednesday in Florida love Monday, who doesn't want to interfere to the profits? That you can be all those profits who weren't there people

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that just as the previous prophets, they were sent to warn the people. Similarly, you also have been sent why, in order to warn the people. Every messenger, he warned his people of the punishment of the hearer. He warned the people against the displeasure of Allah soprano.

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And this is why the prophets What are they called? Moon z. So little cool. akuna Minal mon z, so that you can be of those who want

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we learn in the Quran. Alif Lam. Meem sod kita been on Zilla alayka

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malaria confused Federica Harada Minho, leeton the lobby where the claw limit meaning that this is a book revealed to us, so let there not be in your chest, any distress of it, that you may warn thereby as a reminder to the believers. So what do we learn that this whole on has been revealed why, to the profit subtle notice and and why, so that he could warn the people.

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And if you think about it, first the heart has mentioned, and then warning is mentioned, because both are very closely related. One something has affected you, one something has penetrated your heart, then what's going to happen immediately what's going to happen,

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it's going to change you and you're going to want to share it with other people as well.

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So, Allah, it has been revealed on your heart, Lita, Cornermen almondsbury, because a person cannot truly warn, unless and until the Quran has also affected him once and has affected you, then you can warn other people, then you can share it with other people.

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It has to affect you first, then you can truly bring benefit to others. And this Quran it has been revealed how Billy sang in the human being in a clear Arabic language. This Quran has been revealed in a language that is very clear, and which languages that are will be the Arabs, they would consider themselves to be very eloquent. And this is why non Arabs what would they call them? RGB or RGB because RGB is from arrangement which is to be muted, to be unable to express oneself. And our B literally means one who can express himself very clearly very eloquently. So the language that Allah has chosen, it is our B. Why, because it is extremely expressive. It's very clear, it's very

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effective, it really touches a person, very sad in Albion. And on top of that, it is the human being.

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So this will and that has been revealed to you. It has been revealed in perfect and eloquent Arabic, which is clear in itself. And it also clarifies whatever is being spoken. So what do we see over here, that the actual Quran is what the Arabic

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the actual Quran is the Arabic Quran, which is why the impact that the Arabic Quran has on a person, the translation cannot have, you know, that,

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that sometimes people do not even know the translation. But when they hear the recitation, it has such a great impact on them. This recently, somebody sent me a video clip of this program in one of the Muslim countries in which what they're doing is that several doctors, they are treating their patients by reciting the Quran to them.

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And patients who are suffering from psychological illnesses, physical illnesses, and their reports clearly show that they're ill. And once they listen to the Quran, even though they don't know what it means. They listen to the Quran for several days again, and again. And again, it has such a great impact on them that literally the disease, it leaves their body. And when they're tested again, the results come absolutely clear. And I was looking at those people. And I was amazed that they probably don't even know the basics of the dean, because the way they were dressed up the way they were talking the way they were sitting. You know, it wasn't that those people were very well versed

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when it came to the deen. But the Quran had such a great impact on them. Why? Because this is a big movie. It's the column of a loss of panel data.

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And so many times you may have experienced that if you are playing the Quran, and somebody walks in who doesn't know the meaning. They say that it touches them. I remember once this person had come to my house to fix something, and I upgraded the Quran. And it was playing. And when they walked in, I thought I should turn it off so that if they have to speak to me, I can speak to them. And this man, he said, No, no, please, please don't turn it off. It really touches me. And he was going on and on. He had tears in his eyes. And I was so amazed he was so touched by the recitation.

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So this is truly a miracle. Billy signing out of the movie.

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Once some people who had never heard the Quran, Arabic poetry was recited before them, and then Quran was recited before them. And they were asked if they felt the difference between the two and they said that the recitation of the Quran that had something unique about it. So the Quran truly has an effect on a person be the center of a human being.

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That little children, you play the Quran, if they're in a bad mood, if they're crying, they'll just calm down and they'll start listening. And it's amazing. If you say to them, if you say something to them, they'll just keep screaming more and more but when you recite the

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On when you play the Quran, it really comforts them.

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And still, this is so sad that when it comes to teaching the Quran to our children, many times, they're just told the translation they're given a plain translation of the Quran and we think that is sufficient. The translation is not equal to the actual Quran. There's a great difference.

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There are people who are non Muslim, and they even understand the importance of the Arabic.

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So we decided our Arabic human being in a clear Arabic language. This is the Quran.

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We're in Ohio, and indeed it Laffy zuriel a welline. It is mentioned in the scriptures of former peoples, what is in the who, indeed it, it may refer to the Quran, meaning the teachings that are in the Quran, the same teachings, the same concepts, they're also mentioned were Luffy zubiri awali, in the scriptures of the former peoples, meaning the content of the Quran, the message of the Quran is not something new. The same message has also been given before, like, for example, in the Torah, in the NGO.

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Secondly, we're in the who, indeed it it is also understood as the profits out of artists and of the mention of the profits, that alone is on the mention of the foreign dimension of the final revelation. It is mentioned were left feasible

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in the previous scriptures. So first of all, what does it refer to the message, the content, the main themes, they're not just in the Quran, but they were also in the previous books. And secondly, the previous books they talk about who the final revelation, they talk about who the coming of the profits are the longest. And the word Zuber is the plural of the Buddha. And the Buddha gives me enough scripture and a welline of the former people, the previous people, it may refer to the houden and a SATA, and it'd be able to refer to the people before them.

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We learn a lot of stuff and number six, that Risa is an app. He told his people very clearly about the coming of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that were in color. He said pneumonia ama, yeah, Bani Israel. He in near Rasulullah Alaykum Masada condom Albania de Yamuna, turati wamu Bashir on bureau sulan yet the member ID is

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that he started listening he clearly told the Bani Israel that I'm here as a messenger to you and I confirm the previous books and I'm here to tell you the good news of the coming off the final messenger and the book as well.

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And in total Baccarat 89. We also learn that well imagine a home kitanomine are in the land he Masada, Colima, Mara who, what can Omen kaaboo yesterday hohner Island, Medina cafaro, that the yahood especially those who were in Arabia, they used to seek victory over who, over the Arabs, before the Quran came saying to them, that when our messenger is going to come, we're going to become victorious over you. So they knew that a final messenger is coming. But what happened when he came Fela magic Morocco.

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They the disbelieved. So the Quran as well as the messenger, they have both been mentioned in the previous scriptures. Now, why is this mentioned over here?

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If you think about it, this is a monkey Sora and primarily who is being addressed the machine of Makkah, to the machine of Makkah, they are being told that look, this book is not ordinary, you want a miracle, the miracle is right before you this book is from Allah. And a very trustworthy Angel has brought it down. And it has come on the heart of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And it has come in a clear Arabic language that you understand that you're amazed by. And this is not an invention. This is not something new. It has been mentioned in the previous books as well.

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This is the book this is the Quran, and yet you deny the Quran. In through the walker I 8281. We learn then Zilla Mirabella al amin flb handle Heidi The antimony noon, that is called iron is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds, then is it to this statement that you were indifferent. This book you were being indifferent to.

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So basically, the people are being told that turning away from this book, denying this book is not something small.

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Because this book is a very noble prestigious book. It's from Allah. It's mentioned in the previous scriptures and yet you do not believe

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