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Al-Qiyamah 1-40 Tafsir 17-19

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Now to have it be Healy sanika. Lita jollibee, do not move your tongue with it, to hasten with recitation of the Quran led to heartbreak this addresses to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that do not move to have a cause from HUD aka The Hague. The Hague is to

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move something to set something in motion.

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So do not move be with it with what with the revelation with the Quran being revealed to you, meaning as gibreel is bringing the Quran to you as he is reading it to you, as he is revealing it to you, then do not move lisanna aka your tongue with it Lita jollibee, to hasten with it. Meaning in order to hasten the recitation of the Quran

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the tarjolla is from urge law and urge law is to make haste. We're one must not be hasty. It is to try to do something before it's right time.

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So it is to make haste where one should not be hasty. By For example, we should be quick and doing good things.

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For example, when the time comes, be quick and pre meaning Don't delay unnecessarily. However, if a person prays even before the time comes, Is that good?

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No, that's not good. So original is not something good. It's a negative thing.

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So that to have it be lisanna Caleta jollibee

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alumina bassanio. He said that when the Quran was being revealed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would start repeating the words of the revelation rapidly.

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As it was being revealed to him he would start repeating them he would start reciting the words rapidly quickly as the intro jabril recited them.

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Why, fearing less t shirt forget some part of it later.

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So he wanted to repeat them to make sure he wouldn't forget it later.

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Thereupon, he was instructed that led to Henrik B Healy, sonica lithogenic, as the where he was coming, he would start reciting at the same time, why? To make sure he would not forget it.

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Now, if you think about it, while the Quran is being recited, what's the proper etiquette

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that we should be silent, and we should listen to it attentively? What? Alan foster merula, who put on Sweetie, why?

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Because the first step to learning something is listening. And when you're listening, you must pay full attention.

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Because it's the first step, if you haven't listened attentively, then you cannot do anything else after that properly either.

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Because when you have listened, then you will remember later, then you will understand. So basically, listening is a task, which while you're doing, you cannot multitask. Meaning you can listen and do other things at the same time. If you're doing other things at the same time, then what will happen, you will miss out on something you may have noticed, for example, you're listening to a lecture. And as you're cooking or cleaning or doing whatever, all of a sudden, you're lost in your thoughts. All of a sudden, you go to the other room and you miss out on even one point and one point that was missed. By the time you come back, you cannot make the connection.

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Or because you missed that one point. That's why you missed the entire discussion.

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So, listening is something which requires full concentration, full attention.

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because of this reason, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was told don't even move your tongue when the Quran is being recited to you Don't even start reciting at the same time. Because the process of learning is such that it requires utmost concentration from a person. If you do not concentrate, you cannot get you cannot receive you cannot understand. Therefore, do not move your tongue at the same time. The same thing is mentioned in Surah Taha as well in 114 when authority will occur and even who in a coma Whew. that do not hasten with recitation of the Quran before its revelation is completed to you once it's completed, then you may recite yourself.

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And also remember that reading at the same time while the Quran is being recited, this is in a way disrespectful as well. Because what's the proper etiquette? What's the proper etiquette

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that you be quiet and you listen, if a person starts reading at the same time, repeating at the same time, it's not proper etiquette.

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For example, you're telling somebody about something and they start repeating your words. Is it respectful? It's not respectful at all. You're talking to someone

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They repeating the same words again and again, it's not respectful at all.

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Similarly, for the purpose of understanding, for the purpose of memorization, you have to listen you cannot start talking at the same time, you cannot start repeating the words at the same time for for him for him, you have to pay attention and listen first.

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Now, although this command is where the profits are a lot of sentiment, but there's a great lesson in this for us and what is that lesson?

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Listen attentively, that when the Quran is being recited, when something important is being taught, then at that time, a person's entire focus should be on what listening, that the reason why the Prophet sallallaahu Selim did this was because he was very careful, he didn't want to forget anything, he didn't want to lose anything. And this also shows to us that a person must be greedy for knowledge, he must be greedy for knowledge, you must have that desire, because only when you have the desire, then you will be able to grasp, but for that also, the proper way has to be adopted.

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Similarly, when you are practicing that read, for example,

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and the teacher is reciting, then what should you do at the same time,

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you should focus on listening, not reading, because sometimes we like reciting along with the teacher why, because we want to make our tone like hers or his and we want to recite as beautifully as them to develop the same tune. However, at that time, what is necessary that we must listen. Because if you listen, then you'll understand and then you'll be able to repeat properly, then you'll be able to notice the fine details. If you don't listen at that time, you'll miss out on those fine details.

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So this is something very important in order to grasp the message. In order to grasp the lesson. You have to listen.

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Allah says in Marlena Jara, who will call Anna indeed upon us his collection, and also its recitation, meaning it is our responsibility. It is our duty to do the jammer of the Quran and the Quran of the What does it mean by the jammer of the Quran?

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Jama meaning to bring it together in your heart so that you don't forget it afterwards.

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He would recite along with the were he to make sure he wouldn't forget Allah says it's our responsibility to make sure the Quran is brought together it is collected together in your heart and nothing of it is forgotten. Nothing is misunderstood. Nothing is hidden of its meanings.

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And also it is our responsibility of its

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Quran means Quran as an Islam alum, however, over here put on is being used as a master in its literal meaning. And what does Quran mean over here recitation. So it's our responsibility to ensure its proper recitation as well that you do not make errors when you recite it later. It is our responsibility to make sure that it flows correctly from your tongue later. So don't start reciting now. We will make sure that you recite properly later because Allah himself has taken the responsibility of preserving the Quran internationalization and dico are in Allahu Allah happy alone. And part of that was to make sure the prophets of Allah sent and received the Quran and

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understood the Quran properly.

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In total, Allah is six to seven we learn center Carioca Follette answer, Illa, Masha Allah, we will make you recite, and you will not forget except what Allah should with.

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So, therefore, when the Quran has been recited, focus on the listening,

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what's the lesson in this, that while a person is learning, he should give the hook of learning.

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When a person is learning,

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he should give the hook of learning and then later if you forget something, if he misses out on something, then Allah knows about that. Allah knows about that.

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So, whatever is going on at a particular time, whatever must be done at a particular time, a person must focus on that

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a person must focus on that he should not be worried about the things that he is missing out on because of his inability, or because of the time that he has, or because of whatever reason, rather, he should focus on whatever he can do at that time.

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Like, for example, when the class is going on, what are you required to do? Listen, and take notes. Now, if for example, you said no, I want to make sure I get everything down. Therefore, I'm not going to listen to class However, I'm going to take the recording. And when I start listening to the recording, I'm gonna make sure I write everything down. Now the two hour lecture will turn into how much for you if you make sure you're writing everything down for hours perhaps, because you're pausing, pausing, pausing, stopping reminding. That happens with me at least when I'm preparing for my class. an hour long lecture will take three hours to listen to to make proper notes.

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So if a person starts doing that things will become very difficult for him.

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And then he cannot focus on what is being done at the moment.

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So the lesson here is that whatever is being done at the moment, give it your best. And then if something is left out insha, Allah, Allah will teach that to you as well. So don't panic, don't get worried.

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I mean, concentrate, give it your best, but in something does get left out and don't start talking amongst yourselves at what was the reference of the eye. And what was that Hades because if you will do that, and what will happen, you will miss out on the next point. And you will make other people miss out on more as well.

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So, a person must focus on what on whatever is being done at the moment. Similarly, when class is going on, what should a person do, he should be in class, not that at that time is doing other things. For example, sometimes people say, I'll skip my that week class, I'll go to the cafeteria, I'll go over this assignment and finish it. Or, for example, I will practice my lesson because we have to do it in groups, but haven't done it.

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The thing is that if you skip that class and go do something else at that time, then what will happen?

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Do you think you're going to practice that week later? I don't think so. I don't think so. Similarly, if a person says, Okay, let me just leave out this half an hour from the class. And I will listen to the recordings later. Tell me how many times have you said to yourself, I listen to the recordings later. And really every time you've been able to do that.

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Not every time, perhaps most of the time, perhaps sometimes, but not every time.

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So whatever chance you have now, avail it, don't leave it for later. Sometimes it happens that the recording, you know it may not be accessible to you or something happens and it was not recorded properly. So you've lost that chance. So do your best at the time when you're supposed to do your work. And leave the rest of them. Don't panic. And if you give it your best, Allah will teach you what the cola when you are leaving common law, fear a line of love will also teach you

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but if you don't fear a lie and start doing other things at the same time, then you will be deprived.

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Sometimes it's possible that we're listening online and because of you know, whatever reason, there are a lot of interruptions or something is you know, missed out the broadcast is not that good that day. So you end up missing on a few things. Now, some things that are not there. You don't get to listen to them. Don't panic over them and start messaging everybody what's going on? Do you hear I have no voice Do you hear? I have no voice. Because what's going to happen? Whatever is coming, you lose that as well. So don't panic, pay attention. Do you get it Don't panic pay attention for either coroner who so when we have recited it factor we're gonna then follow it's recitation for either

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Korra now when we have recited it, meaning once the recitation is complete, once the revelation is complete, then what should you do for the vehicle and then follow its recitation meaning, follow what has been recited to you.

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Don't just be concerned about grasping and learning, but also be concerned about amahl.

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Also be concerned about doing what you have to do for the vehicle and follow it. And for the vehicle, Anna also means follow its recitation meaning repeat it afterwards, then recite it afterwards. So this shows that once a person has listened to a lesson, once a person has taken a lesson attended a lesson, then what should they do? revise afterwards because if you don't revise, then what will happen? You will forget

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this is one of the best ways of learning the Quran that first of all, listen, listen first. Don't talk at the same time. Don't start repeating at the same time and then secondly, revise afterwards, repeat and then revise. If you don't revise you will forget for either Coronado factory or Khurana

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because the Quran is a book of guidance. And it's a book that is to be understood not just memorize not just recited

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so my inner Elena Bianna, then indeed upon us, is it clarification, meaning it is our duty to make it clear to ban is to clarify something so just as it is our responsibility to make sure you grasp it, you learn it you memorize it you don't forget it. seminary, it's our responsibility to make sure you understand it as well. So the prophets are a lot of them was not just the words of the Quran, but he was also taught the beyond the understanding the clarification of the Quran.

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And what does that mean? How to act on the Quran. So for tavira Khurana how Allah who teach you that as well.

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Don't panic. Allah with

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teach you that as well.

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We learn insert the natural if 44 and then ilica decarli to vaginally nassima luzira illenium What are lomita karoun so the profits are a lot of them will start not just the Quran but also how to implement the Quran. So for example, various commands are given but they're detail it's not found in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala dot that do the prophets of the lotus and through through the angels up through where he that is blind Matthew that is not recited. So this is also from who Allah soprano.

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you see over here that

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don't move your tongue. So, moving your tongue quickly. This also shows knows that a person should be calm and should be not hasty when it comes to learning. He should not be impatient.

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Sometimes what we want is that within 15 minutes within 10 minutes, we should be able to do everything. Know the process of learning takes time.

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You have to spend time listening, you have to spend time reading, you have to spend time revising and repeating and reflecting

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only then you'll be able to learn this is why we see that when it comes to the recitation of the Quran, we have been prohibited from reciting it in less than three days because a person reads in less than three days I told you that Hades What does it say? that a person is not understood. He is not understood to the process of learning takes time. So a person must not be hasty You must not panic. Rather, you should calm down, you should relax. It doesn't mean you should slow down, but rather give every step it's and follow the right order.

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You have to give all of yourself your time, your patience, your energy, and then you'll be able to get something out of it. And if you give little expecting a lot, that's not real knowledge. That may be a lot of information, but it has not really sunk in and if it has not sunk in, it will not come out in actions it

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will listen to the recitation again.