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Al-Hujurat 11-18 Translation 11-18

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Liana Sunil Karim and about

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104 Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem babish Riley slitherio a silly MD, Dr. Tommy Lee Sani Kohli urbanization are in less than number 268 sort of wrought iron number 11 to 18. Translation Yeah, Are you her? Or you alladhina those who are Manu, they believed la sure should not yes have he Mark? Baumann? Are people men at home or people are sir perhaps on that Yoku? No they are hiring better men home than them wanna and should not Lisa women men at Nyssa women are sir perhaps on that corner they are higher and better men Honda than them wanna and do not tell me do you all defame you will insult and full circle yourselves while and do not turn Abba Zoo you all give insulting names to

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each other? Bill Elko with the nicknames bit sir. How bad is the name? Alfa souk the sinful bother after lie man the faith the belief

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woman and whoever lamb did not hear to hear repents for America then those home they are a lonely one. Those who do wrong yeah you her or you and levena those who am a new day believe age attorney boo you all avoid Kathy on much main from a one the supposition in indeed barraba some a one the supposition is our sin wanna and do not the Justice who you all spy wanna and should not yell he backbite borrow welcome some of you borrow borrow some others.

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Does your hibou he like I had to come one of you on that yet cooler. He eats LACMA flesh, a fee of his brother Matan as dead, factory to move who then you all would dislike it? What Who? And you all fear Allah Allah in the Lucha Indeed Allah the welborn greatest acceptor of repentance. rahimian always on merciful

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yeah you her or a nursery the people in there indeed we have a Lacuna Coil we created you mean from the carrying a male

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and a female which are nachum and we made you sure Reuben nations wakaba illa and tribes later our food so that you all know one another?

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In indeed economical, most honorable of you are in the near Allah He Allah at home, most buyers of you in Allaha Indeed Allah are the one always annoying hobby alone, always aware

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that it said

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the Bedouins and now we have believed to say lamb did not took me know you all believe when I can, but kulu you all say Islam now we have submitted while ama and not as yet yeah the whole it enters an Amen the faith the belief fee in polu become your heart's one in and if totally Are you all obey Allah Allah what our solar who and His Messenger lair not yet come he will decrease you mean from our Malecon your deeds Shay? Anything in a Lucha Indeed Allah are fooled on most forgiving or Haman always All Merciful innama indeed not but ultimately known the believers alladhina are those who knew they believed believed in Allah, what are solely he and his messenger. So my then lung did not

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yell taboo, they doubt what jaha do, and they strove hard. They struggled be unworldly him with their

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Well, we're unfussy him and their lives. fee in Sabir Allah we have Allah hula aka those whom they have saw the tune those who are truthful

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say at early Muna Do you all teach Allah Allah be the Newcomb of your religion or law who and Allah yada mo he knows man whatever fits somewhere in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the earth will law who and Allah be cliche in with everything are Leeman always all knowing

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you will no no, they regard as a favor or Laika upon you and that assalamu they have submitted, they have embraced Islam

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who say, I do not know you all regard as a favor or layer upon me, Islam acoem your Islam bank rather, Allahu Allah, yo knew He bestows favor, are they come upon you? And that had come He guided you live amen for the man for the faith. In If confirmed, you were sidestepping ones who are truthful

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in Allah Indeed Allah yar Allah Mu kinos Viber and seen a semi word of the heavens while and the earth will law who and Allah must lead on always all seeing the man with whatever determine.

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the moon

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all right

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the room