Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 033D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 247-248

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the assignment of the king or queen as the first person to receive a kingship and the importance of understanding expectations. They emphasize the need for strong leadership and the importance of accepting people from a cultural perspective. The speakers also discuss the negative impact of being a black man on society and the importance of learning and learning from others to improve one's knowledge and skills. The use of Taboo in Islam is discussed, including the benefits of ridiculing negative behavior and showing evidence to avoid confusion.
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We're calling the home Nabi Johan, and their Prophet said to them in the Lucha indeed Allah Coronavirus Allah calm he has in fact appointed for you for loot to loot Malecon as the king, he said to them that Allah has appointed Quaaludes as a king for you.

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You asked for a king. Allah has appointed to pollute as king for you who was dilute. He was a person from the Bani Israel and that's all we need to know.

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Yes, of course, we learned that he was very knowledgeable. He was very capable. And definitely in his Deen he was also good, which is reason why Allah selected him.

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Right? So the prophets of Allah has chosen followed for you as a king. You wanted a leader, here's a leader, but they weren't ready to accept him as a leader because they wanted to be leaders. Follow the set.

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How is it possible that you're cool? No, it should be low for him. I'll move to the kingship or Elena over us. How can this man Quaalude have kingship over us? How can he be the king while we be the subjects? We're national? Well, the reality is that we are a hackle Bill Mulkey more deserving of kingship we are a haiku or Haku from * cough cough Huck, we have more right than him. When it comes to more when it comes to authority, kingship we have more rights than him. This is one reason they give we are more deserving. This is just like a bliss set and a hero Minho, I am better than Adam.

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So these people the mullah, they said we are more deserving of kingship. Second reason they give one a muta and he has not been given your diaphragm Hamza Yeah, same route has ADD to

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certain abundance perfusion middleman of wealth sarton from new lecture as well scenery was our capacity abundance, right? So he has not been given a lot of wealth. So a we are more deserving of kingship and be he doesn't have much wealth. He's not that wealthy. Now the question is, why did they consider themselves to be more deserving of kingship? Because they were MOLAP.

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They were chiefs. They were the elders of the Bani Israel.

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Because of their age or their lineage or their particular tribe, remember that the Bani Israel there were 12 tribes, right? It is said that in one tribe was kingship, all the kings came from that tribe, and another tribe was prophethood. All the prophets came from that tribe. Okay, it said, okay, so they said that he is not of that clan of that tribe from which all the kings have come, we, in fact, are of that tribe. So we should be made king and not he. So in other words, they were saying that his lineage is not good enough.

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He is not the son of kings. He is not the descendant of King so he does not deserve to be kings. So this shows that according to worldly standards, who deserves to be king, someone whose parents are king, whose father was King was forefathers were kings. But Allah subhanaw taala has a different standard.

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Allah has a different standard, someone should be given leadership, not because their mother or their father or their uncle was a leader. Their father was the president, their grandfather was a president. No, someone should be made a leader. Why? Because they are capable of carrying out that responsibility.

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They're capable of carrying out that responsibility.

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Likewise, they said that he doesn't have much wealth, whereas we have more wealth. So their thought that if someone is wealthy, they're more eligible, they're more deserving. But is that true? No. Because what does the Hadith tell us that in Allah Alejandro Illa, Swati conga, and Wiley Karim, Allah does not look at your faces your appearance, nor does he look at your wealth, what does he look at instead? What does he look at instead, your color will become what are Malik from your hearts and your actions?

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So they said that when a new terminal man, why should he be king? The Prophet he replied to them color in Allah hostile Pharaoh who are Aleikum, indeed, Allah has chosen him above you is for fair, solid farewell software. Select so it's the fair he has selected him he has chosen him. I did not choose him over you. Allah selected him. So accept him. What does it mean then? That if Allah has chosen someone for a particular task than we should accept them.

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Sometimes people are not willing to accept the greatness of let's say their uncle or their aunt or their mother.

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In law are their father in law? Right? They say that. So what if they're my father and I don't have to listen to them? So what if there's so and so I'm not obligated to listen to them? No, they have a greater status above you and this relationship who made that Allah subhanaw taala.

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So when Allah has chosen someone, given someone a particular position or particular status, what is our responsibility that we accept it? So he reminded them that in the last of our Aleikum, and you think that he's not capable, he is fully capable? Why? Because was there the who and he has increased him say yeah, danza to increase, Allah has increased him versus flatten their seen for versata you know, is to expand something. So bus button means vastness, capacity abundance, so he has increased him abundantly, in what filler ilmi will just mean in knowledge and in body? What does it mean by this, that Allah has given him a lot of knowledge?

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Allah has given him a lot of knowledge more than what you have. While Jason What does just mean? GMC in me body physique, physical strength, is being referred to over here, that he is physically capable. Now someone who is in the position of being a king, being the leader of a people, What qualities should he possess? What qualities should he possess? Think about it.

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Intellect, he should be wise, clever, smart, and he has to have knowledge. If a person does not have knowledge, then he cannot fulfill his responsibility. Correct? If a person does not have an MBA, can they be a manager of a company? Can they be not? It's not possible? If someone has not gone to med school, can they become a doctor? Will they be accepted as a doctor? No. So you need to have the knowledge. You need to have the knowledge first of all.

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And secondly, physical ability as well, physical strength as well. Because imagine the king, he is sick, King is tired, he says, I'm hungry, I need a break. I'm sleepy. I need to take a nap. My head is hurting. He can't bear a headache. He got a cut on his fingers like, oh, I need to rest.

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Can he lead his people then? He cannot. Leadership is not something easy. It seems very attractive. But it's not easy at all. It's a lot of hard work. Leaders have to put in a lot of effort no matter what kind of leadership it is. Look at a household. The father, the mother do the live and easy life. To the children may seem like an easy life. Oh, they wake up whenever they want to sleep whenever they want. But what are they doing? They're doing the dishes they're working? And what are you doing watching television, chatting on the computer?

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Their life is much more difficult compared to yours. Why? Because they have responsibility. Leadership comes with responsibility and responsibility means hard work. And for that you need strength. You need knowledge.

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So was that the who best thought and Phil Earl me? Well, just me. Allah has given him all of the strength, this ability. So he is definitely capable of leading you.

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And He reminded them that will Allah who you team Wilker, who and Allah gives his milk, milk kingship, because it's ultimately ALLAH SubhanA dharnas. So he gives it to who my Yeshua to whomsoever He wills, will Allah who is here and our Liam and Allah is where seer, he is vast and he is knowing what does it mean by West here from Western? That all of his attributes are vast. When it comes to his knowledge? Is it limited? Is it limited? Know when it comes to his forgiveness? Is that limited? Know when it comes to his generosity, his giving to people? Is that limited? No. When it comes to his mercy, is that limited? Can you quantify that you can't. Wha Sarah and he's Aleem, he

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is knowing. Now many times it happens that we don't have that was our we don't have the capacity to accept people to accept certain people we find it difficult to accept them because of their color because of their race because of their name because of their background. We are not willing to accept them. But who accepts them. Allah accepts them. Allah is worse here. We might feel that Oh If so and so is given a particular position then it will be very difficult for us to deal with that very difficult for us to accept that. And this is why

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We are biased in the way we treat others. We are not fair in our dealings. We speak to people of a certain skin color and we ignore others. This is not fair. This is not correct. Racism is Jaha Lea, it is of the actions of the days of ignorance. It doesn't befit believers to discriminate others based on the language they speak based on the country they come from based on what their profession is, no, this is not right. The Bani Israel they were discriminating against our loot. Why? Simply because he was not of the descendants of the kings. And because he was not wealthy enough, he was not rich enough. What is their Prophet say? Ignore all of that. Look at his ability, look at his

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knowledge, look at his strength, he is fully capable of performing this task. So you have to accept him because Allah has appointed him. And Allah is was here. And we see that, that when it comes to Salah, everyone has to pray, men, women, children, regardless of age, regardless of background, regardless of country of origin, it does not matter. So why should it matter? When people want to work somewhere when people want to study somewhere that we discriminate against them, this is unfair.

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When a person wants to do something, you should not be discriminated simply because of his background, his or her background.

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There are people who will not even consider a prospective spouse, why because they come from particular country, they speak in a particular accent, oh, he's a fob, or she's a fob. I can't even consider him or her. Why. And if we treat other people like this, then this is a sign that we are arrogant, that we think that we are better, just like IBLEES thought that he was better. And a hydro man who I am better than him. So I am not going to accept them, I'm not going to prostrate to him, despite the fact that Adam was better than him in his knowledge. So we see here, that people who have knowledge, and people who have the ability to perform a particular task who are qualified, they

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are the ones who will be given honor and respect. They're the ones who will be accepted for the work that they are willing to do.

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Not someone who feels that he's deserving simply because of his age, name, country, or whatever.

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Any other lesson that we learned from this.

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Another very important lesson is that

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Allah subhanaw taala can bestow His favor

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upon anyone, we might think that a particular individual is not deserving.

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Oh, what do they have, they have nothing. I don't think they're capable. They have this fault they have that fall, they have this weakness, that weakness, but Allah knows the ability that they have, that we are unaware of. And Allah can choose them, Allah can give them

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when you look at yourself, you might feel that I am capable of nothing. You might feel all I can never do this, I can never do that. But you know what, you may have some strength, some ability, that because of which Allah knows you are capable of a particular task.

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So when something comes your way, it's a gift from Allah, accept it.

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Don't hesitate. Don't stay away, come forward, accept it, because Allah knows the dial and that is within you that maybe you don't even know it exists.

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So accept others, first of all, accept them. When Allah has chosen somebody for something, accept them the way they are. And be hopeful. Be hopeful, when you want to do something, ask Allah to put some played in you. Ask Allah to give you Tofik you know, Musar Lisanna. Allah told him to go to fit our own. And Musar Islam was afraid because he had murdered somebody in Egypt. He was afraid if he goes, he's going to be killed. And on top of that, when he would speak he would stutter. So he made dua to Allah rubbish rally Saturday. Oh, my Lord opened my heart from open my chest for me where Sidley Umbrian ease my task for me was to melissani and open the knot that is in my tongue. Yes,

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hello Colleen so that people can understand my word was Alison, I'm sorry. Oh, Allah, make her own the Prophet. Because he is more eloquent than me when it comes to speak. But Allah said, No, you have to be the Prophet. Because you have when he does not have, you will have that ability. So Allah still chose him. So you want to do something, beg Allah, you feel that you're capable of nothing still beg Allah. Allah can teach you Allah can put it into you. And when Sophia is coming your way, accept it, and those to whom Allah

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has given the TOEFL accept them as well don't reject them Don't be in denial no accept them

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do not listen to the recitation

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the moves

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is ball rolling

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the arena

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one long line

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belongs to me walk on

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Route America for

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help we'll be in

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New Jersey

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this mean

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to me

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long was gnarly

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we were learning about the story of flute and dilute

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the story of the Bani Israel eel when they went up to their Prophet, and they requested that a king should be appointed amongst them. Why? So that that King would lead them, they would fight under his leadership, and as a result regain their homeland regain their freedom, because whoever their enemy was what had their enemy done to them, expelled them from their homeland and also killed many of them?

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What was the response of the prophet that it's quite possible that you are obligated your commander to fight? And then what happens? You turn away you refuse to do it?

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So what was their response? That why would we not fight?

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We have every reason to fight, because our lands were confiscated, our children were slaughtered, we want to take revenge. We want to take our freedom back. So then, what happened? Allah subhanaw taala commanded them to fight. So now it wasn't just that they wanted to, but it was a religious command for them as well. But then what was the reaction of the people that most of them they turned away? How many were left? How many were willing to go out in the way of Allah? Less than a third because allele and how much is only less than a third? And then their Prophet mentioned to them that Allah has chosen a king for you? And who was that King? For loot? What was the objection of the people?

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How can he be the king, when he's not the most wealthy amongst us? And we are more deserving of being king? Why did they feel they were more deserving of being king?

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Because they were from the descendants of the kings and Duluth was not of that particular tribe.

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So according to them, who deserved to be king, someone who was rich, and someone who had that blood, okay, someone who had King blood in him, that was their standard. But Allah subhanaw taala had a different standard, and what was that? Knowledge and physical ability, knowledge and strength? Because whenever a person should be selected for any task, it should be based on these two characteristics. Is he knowledgeable of performing that task? Is he aware? Is he qualified? And secondly, does he have that physical ability? Because no matter what work a person is doing, even if it's mental work, does he not need physical strength? Yes, if a person is sick, can they sit in

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front of a computer and type? Know if a Person is unwell? Can they read? No? Can they mark test papers? No. So these two things are necessary. So if we want to serve the Dean if we want to benefit the deen in any way or if we want that Allah should choose us for something for his work for his cause. Then what are the two things that we must develop in ourselves?

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knowledge, skill. And secondly, strength, physical strength, you need to take care of your physical body as well. Many times people neglect their bodies, they don't exercise, they don't eat properly. They don't have good habits. And as a result, they are very unproductive. When it is time to do work, they're sleeping. When everybody's busy, they need your help, this person is asleep, he's tired, he's sitting on the couch watching television. And we see that many times people get frustrated with each other because of this reason that certain work is expected of an individual, but he is sleeping, or he is too tired, or he is still snacking.

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So we have to strengthen ourselves. We have to toughen up a little so that we can be abused to others. And we can also be abused to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So these two things, we have to develop in ourselves, knowledge, keep gaining knowledge, keep learning different different skills, never think that you have learned enough, there's always more to learn. There's always more to read, there's always more to understand.

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Sometimes people think that now that they have done high school, they don't plan to go to university, they don't need to read any book ever again. They don't need to take any course ever again. No, you need to learn. Likewise, the person may think that now since I'm married, I have a home to look after I have a kitchen to take care of I have children to look after. I don't need to study anymore. No, you still need to study. Likewise, people think that just because of their age, or just because of the situation they're living in, they're not able to learn, you can learn anywhere, anywhere, in whatever state that you're in. You know, there were scholars who, when they

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were jailed for various reasons, sometimes for months, sometimes for years. That is the time when they wrote several books. That is a time when they wrote many, many books when they contemplated when they thought when they reflected when they read many things. Even Taymiyah when he was jailed, even claim his student, he went along with him. Because he said I want to learn from you. He didn't stay back, he went there so that he could study a person might think how can you study in the prison, all you can do is just worry and argue and fight and show your anger. No, they were busy learning and teaching. And they were jailed many, many times in their lives not just once or twice,

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multiple times. So the thing is that if a person has that desire that I want to better myself, I want to keep learning, then he will keep doing that until the end of his life.

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Many scholars we learn about that on their deathbed, they were asking others about different matters. And they were like even now, like at this time you're like, almost done. And even now you're asking and what was their response, I'd rather die while knowing this. And I don't want to die in a state when I'm ignorant of this.

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So, knowledge keep learning, keep improving yourself. Keep developing yourself. And as you keep developing yourself, improving yourself as you keep learning insha Allah Allah will keep providing you opportunities,

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you know people who are working, they could be managers, but what happens they go and get another certification, they go and get another certification. Why? Because if you want to succeed in life, if you want to keep going up the ladder, then you have to keep improving yourself you have to keep putting things on your resume. So likewise, if we want to excel if we want to go higher in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala then we need to keep learning as well keep learning, there is no end to this. So for example, once we have studied the first Jews, we have to study the second is of the Quran, once we have studied through through Bacara then we have to study Surah earlier Imran as

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well. Once we have studied the Quran, then we also have to study Hadith. And then after that we have to study other subjects as well. This never ever ends, never ends.

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You know, I have seen my mother for me because I'm her daughter and I've learned the Quran from my I've learned many things from her. For me, she's like the most knowledgeable person whom I have ever come across.

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But I see her whenever she meets any scholar. Even if they are much younger than her in age or inexperienced and even in knowledge. She will become like a student in front of them.

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She will ask them questions, she will sit in front of them as if she is their student.

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So this humility we must always have in us whenever someone more knowledgeable comes before us be eager to learn from them. be eager to learn and when you will have that humility. Allah will keep teaching you the process

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So a lot of sun was told we're call Rob be XiDan here

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and say, Oh my Lord, Increase me in knowledge. Because you can never ever learn enough. You can never have enough of knowledge with Oh, Coco levy or Illman, or leave of every knowledgeable one is someone who is over knowing.

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So you think you know a lot, there's always someone who knows more than you. So keep learning, and keep excelling keep succeeding.

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So the Prophet, he told them that look, Allah has chosen him because of his knowledge and because of his physical ability, I have not chosen him I have not selected him. So when Allah has chosen him, then you have to accept Him as your leader. But the bunny is like you. They were famous, rather infamous, for what for demanding signs.

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They always wanted to see signs that our Prophet show us some sign that this is the truth. So we'll call Allah who's gonna be your home. Their Prophet said to them in a atom Wilkie he indeed the sign of his kingship, indeed the evidence the sign that he is truly the king that Allah has selected him as the king is what and yet Dr. Como taboo to fee Sakina that I would is going to come to you because they wanted to be sure that Talu was the king whom Allah had selected. Now obviously Bani Israel were Bani Israel, they were people. Yes, Allah conferred many favorites upon them. But Allah would not tell them that oh, look, I have chosen to look for you as the king. It was only through

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the messenger that they were informed, but they wanted to be even more convinced. So the messenger told them that Allah is not going to talk to you directly now telling you showing you in your dreams or speaking to you directly, the Talmud is the king. No, Allah will show you a sign that he is the king. So in that era, Tomoki indeed the sign of his milk that he is the right king, he is the one deserving of this position, and he is the one under whose leadership you will be successful. Is that uh, yet Dr. Koh motorboat Yep. Dr. Hamza? Yeah. What will come to you at the boots. Taboo is from the root letters Tao Woba and taboo is used for a box a chest, it could be made of wood, it could

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also be made of a metal I'm sure you've come across images or even real life you may have come across a box that looks very ancient, like a chest. Many people they have jewelry boxes. So in that you put your jewelry so it's like a box with a lid on top.

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So that our booth is going to come to you. If the taboo comes you see the taboo the box then that means that loot is the king he is the one deserving to be king. Okay, but what is this doubled? Why at our booth and why not something like you know Solar Eclipse or a lunar eclipse or in the sky turning purple or something like that something extraordinary something very different. You know, that would be assigned for the Bani Israel okay, this is the right thing.

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Why taboo? Because Allah says fee Sakina to Mira become in that our booth is Sakina and this Sakina Mira become from your Lord, what is Sakina Sakina from the rule ever seen Caf known sukoon means bass Sakina is tranquility Sakina, tranquility, peace of mind reassurance. So in this tabooed is Sakina from your Lord, it contains Sakina doesn't mean that tranquility is given some tangible, some physical form and it's going to be inside that booth. What it means is that this taboo is going to be a source of peace and comfort for you.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:17

It's going to be a source of tranquility for you that you are going for battle.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:27

And you're going to face a huge army and you are not even comfortable with Duluth being your leader.

00:29:28 --> 00:29:36

Now imagine you are going to perform a very difficult task and the person who is leading you, you don't trust him.

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What's going to be the state of your heart. What's going to be the state of your heart. You're not going to be at peace. Now imagine you're going driving up a mountain and who's the driver, your younger brother who just got failed his Jeetu like twice and now finally he's got his Jeetu and you're like okay, we're going to be driving up steep roads and going down and he loves to drive

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In a very rash manner, so what am I going to do? How am I going to survive? What's going to be the state of your heart? unrest, you're going to be afraid because you don't trust your brother. And at the same time, the task at hand is very, very difficult.

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But every time you hold your seatbelt, or you see the airbag, you have this sukoon that Okay, nevermind, Inshallah, we'll be safe. Okay. So every time you feel your seatbelt, or you realize that okay, I'm sitting in a big pickup truck that inshallah should be safe, even if we end up falling on the side or something like that, inshallah I should not die. So, every time you see the seatbelt, whatever it gives you that reassurance that inshallah you will be fine or every time you hold the Masaf in your hand and you start reading and you say or of God, that gives you that peace, that satisfaction that inshallah you will be safe. So likewise for the Bani Israel this taboo was a means

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of Sakina that look, this taboo is there that means that he is the right King and inshallah Allah's help will be there. So every time they saw the taboos, it was like a means of reassurance for them. That Allah's help is here. This was Allah's decision, Allah chose him Allah selected him inshallah we'll be fine inshallah we'll be successful. So, fie Sakina turn, Mills will become it will be a source of Sakina for your hearts, it will be a source of tranquility, for your peace of mind for you. And this taboo also has Wolbachia tone, it also contains bacteria and bacteria from the root letters back off here back to remain but the Yeah, is that which remains remnants relics, that which

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has been left behind by someone. So the stare booth has been a year, the remnants mimma. From that which Taraka he left behind who and Musa were Aloha rune, the family of Musa and the family of Harun

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the family of Musa and the family of Harun. Who are they? Who are they? Their descendants. So you can imagine the family of Musa alayhis salaam being his immediate tribe, his immediate descendants, or even if not his immediate descendants, but you know from his descendants,

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like, for example, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Obviously, we know that none of his sons survived him, but his daughters did. So from the descendants of Fatima of Leila who are on her, or from the descendants of you can say, are you who are in who or are Bessel deliver and hood the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there are people who claim to be their descendants. There are people who claim to be their descendants. And I'm not arguing about whether they are true in that claim or not. They are saying that there are people who claim to be of that noble family. So this is who al Musa and Al Harun were the descendants of Musa al Islam the descendants of Harun Ali

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salah, no matter how many generations were there in the middle.

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Now, typically the family of someone, what do they inherit, from that individual whatever he has left behind his clothes, his shoes, right? His whatever he has left behind that is what they have.

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Now, what is it that the prophets leave behind? Do they leave behind money, if they leave behind any money that is to be distributed as charity amongst the people?

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In a hadith we learned that the prophets of Allah they do not leave behind their hum or dinner, they do not leave behind money, the prophets of Allah What do they leave behind? Knowledge are in

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so this book iya these remnants, some scholars have said in reverse to the staff of Musala Sam, the shoes of Haruna s&m You know their turban and so on and so forth. But there's no evidence for that. And what the Sunnah explains is that the prophets did not leave behind personal belongings, whatever was left behind was distributed amongst the people of that time. So what it refers to is the knowledge that they left behind.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:17

And what was that knowledge? What was that knowledge that Musa listen I'm Haruna al Islam that behind

00:34:18 --> 00:34:23

the Torah, and any other instructions, any of the knowledge that they taught to the Bani Israel

00:34:24 --> 00:34:30

and we know that the Torah was given to the Bani Israel in what form in the form of tablets physical form was given to them.

00:34:31 --> 00:34:47

So the taboo it contains the remnants of what Musa and how left behind. In other words, it has some kind of knowledge instruction in it. Some remnants of the Torah.

00:34:48 --> 00:34:51

Now with regards to disturb boot,

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

Allah subhanaw taala says that the middle Mala aka The angels will carry it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

Hello Hamlet Hamlet to carry, because earlier it was said that the tabooed will come to you now obviously a box a chest cannot come to you by itself, it has to be brought by someone. So Allah says that this chest is going to be brought by who by the angels. Now what is the star booth? There are many opinions concerning this many scholars have given the explanation of what the star booth is. Some scholars have said that the Bani Israel had the stubbled in their possession.

00:35:33 --> 00:36:16

And you don't this is just like every time you see the Kaaba, you feel so happy. It just gives you peace. Every time you see the most have, you feel calm, you feel tranquil. So likewise the star booth, they had it and it was a source of comfort for them. It was a source of peace for them. Why? Because it contained the Torah in it. That was you can see the container of the Torah. So every time they saw it, they were very happy. But previously their enemies what had they done, they had expelled them from their homeland, killed them in great numbers. So the Bani Israel basically lost many things at the hands of their enemies. And amongst those things, which they lost was also

00:36:16 --> 00:36:17

disturb boot.

00:36:18 --> 00:36:42

So their messenger told them that look for loot is the right King, under his leadership, you will be victorious. And the sign that Allah has chosen him is that you will be victorious over your enemy and you will retrieve the taboo that you have lost. And how will you regain this taboo that the angels will bring it for you that Camila will melodica

00:36:44 --> 00:36:53

that this taboo is going to come back to you you will regain it. You will retrieve it from your enemy and the angels are going to bring it back Mila will melodica

00:36:54 --> 00:37:04

another opinion is that this would happen that the angels would bring the taboo when when the Bani Israel were setting out for battle.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:42

When the Bani Israel were setting out for battle, because before even the set out, they were unsure about the loot. They were not 100% comfortable with him. They didn't trust him. So their messenger told him that look, the taboo it will appear for you, Allah subhanaw taala will send the taboo through the angels it will appear for you and that will be a sign that he is indeed the Messenger and established when you will see it you will have this piece at heart you will be at ease with this decision of Allah subhanaw taala and it will also have the knowledge with which you will benefit the instructions with which you will benefit on this journey of yours.

00:37:43 --> 00:38:24

If at all our bus will deliver I knew he said that the angels came down while carrying the tabooed between the sky and the earth until they placed it before followed while the people were watching. So when the followed when the tabooed came in front of dilutes it was placed before him. The people were sure that oh okay, he is the right King. That you might say how's that possible? Remember that the bunny is throwing we're a very different and a very special nation to whom Allah conferred many many favors. If Allah could send upon the man and Salwa you think it was not possible for Allah to send it our booth for them. Of course, if Allah caused the clouds to shade over them in the desert

00:38:24 --> 00:38:34

for their protection for their shade, obviously Allah could also have that our booth scent so that they would be comfortable with ollut being their king.

00:38:35 --> 00:38:44

So this was a special favor for who the Bani Israel so that they will be 100% confident and sure about their leader

00:38:45 --> 00:39:00

in the field Ellika indeed in that is a at a look, I'm surely assigned for you a sign of what of the truthfulness of dilutes kingship in contempt meaning if you should be believers, if you are believers, and this is enough of a sign.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:45

What more do you want to see? What more do you want to see to be convinced of dilutes kingship that look at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala? He didn't have to show this miracle to the Bani Israel. Did he have to know if Allah commanded a toilet should be king, that's enough? That's sufficient. But Allah subhanaw taala is very, very merciful upon the people. He knows when people have some difficulty accepting something, when they have difficulty in understanding something and he does not impose something on people. Rather he explains it to them makes it more clear to them. This is just like Allah subhanaw taala has given us many commands in the Quran. And if Allah had wanted, he could

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

have easily decided not to give even a single explanation for any command. But in the Quran, what do we learn again and again? There Lika as girl we're alcohol this is better for you, pure for you cleaner for you. This is hide

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

This is better. So Allah subhanaw taala gives us the explanation. Tell us about the wisdom. Tell us about the benefits of what He has commanded. For example, fasting. A person might say it's so illogical to stay hungry from morning until evening. Why should you do that? But what does Allah say? Do it because I've told you, that's it. What does Allah say? La Isla calm that tekun So that you may develop the core. Allah tells us about so many commands, and he says La La come to flee home so that you may be successful. So Allah makes us understand, he doesn't just impose things on us. He makes us understand that whatever we do, we do it with confidence. We do it with ease. Likewise,

00:40:51 --> 00:40:56

when we have to tell somebody to do something, what should we do? What should we do?

00:40:57 --> 00:41:35

Explain to them or not? Yes? Tell them the reason behind it or not? Yes, we should tell them the wisdom behind it. For example, children, if we just tell them, let's go, come on, out, out, let's go. Like, I don't want to go and there begins a tantrum. Children are screaming, they're saying no, no. But if you tell them, we need to go now. Because it is lunchtime. Or we need to go now because dad is waiting in the car. Then if the children understand, then is it easier for them to accept? Yes, I'm not saying it always works for children especially. But it does help a lot.

00:41:36 --> 00:42:19

Even with adults, if you're told why something is expected of you, it's easier for you to do it. So likewise, Allah subhanaw taala out of His mercy, he told us as well, he makes matters easy for us as well by explaining things to us. So likewise, the Bani Israel they weren't just told to accept polluted skin, but Allah showed them through a sign that he is the right King, you will be victorious under his leadership. But the fact is, that it's only the believers who benefit from those signs, from these reasons that Allah gives from these explanations that Allah subhanaw taala gives in the Quran, because the messenger set in Nephi, Delica, Ayatollah come in contact with

00:42:19 --> 00:42:28

meaning, if you're believers and you will see it, you will be convinced by it. But if there is a problem with your email, then no matter what sign you see what evidence you see, you're not going to accept.

00:42:29 --> 00:43:04

And this is what happened many times. Allah subhanaw taala showed many signs to people. But those who don't want to believe that nothing, nothing at all convinces them or is our listener. He showed so many miracles to the people, didn't he? The dead were brought back to life. A person who was blind regained his eyesight. But despite the fact that he showed all those signs, how many people believed only a few people that can be counted on fingertips? Only a few individuals. So clear evidence is clear signs. They help all those people who have Iman

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