Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L278A

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Al-Waqiah 41-96 Translation 41-96


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The transcript describes a group of characters discussing various topics, including a national holiday, a roadblock, and a roadblocking incident. The characters express confusion and frustration over various topics, but ultimately decide to continue discussing them.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Nakamoto who want to suddenly run out of silicon Kareem and Robert farrowed will let him in the shade line Hello Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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Rubbish slightly further away a silly angry letter melissani of Coco Lee

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lesson number 278. So let's have a look there I am number 41. To 96 translation.

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What else herbal and companion. A shaman off the left side. Ma what us have a shaman our companions of the left side

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fee in some room in a scorching wind wilhelminian and boiling hot water.

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Well windlyn and a shade men from Yesh moon, black smoke,

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less neither buried in cold weather and nor good even beneficial

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in the home, indeed they can no they were fabulous alika before that would throw him once given effluence What can I know and they will use a ruler they persist Allah upon and hence the same Aleem the great

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work you know and they were Yoku Luna they say shall either when mitzner we have died work on and we have become to Robin dust where a woman and bones

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are in indeed we love Arizona surely wants to be raised

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our work and about one of our forefathers alone the former ones

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say in indeed an a well in

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the former ones well as 18 and the later ones

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much more own surely wants to be gathered

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either to meet an appointed time. Yo de Marte loon one known

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so much then in the come indeed you are you have or you have burned loon, those who are astray and look at the bone those who deny

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let alone surely ones who eat men from shadow tree men from the film of the

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family owner, then ones who failed main her from it. Alberto in the valley.

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Sasha de buena than once who drink or lay upon it, men from an HMI the hot water

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for Sheree, buena. Then once who drink should be drinking Aleem the thirsty camels

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heard that this Newsela home their hospitality yoma on the Dean of the recompense national week Hello Conoco we created you follow law so why not to set deikun you all confirm for a date then you all see man that which to known your image

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unknown Do you all who know who you are create it or national way aloha lagoon the creators. National we are Dubner we have decreed by Nikon between you all and mode that warmer and not national we be must be looking at all wants to be outrun

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Allah upon and that nuber dealer we change um sila comb your likes when she accom and we create you see in that which letter alone You do not know

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what occurred and certainly Arlene to you all know and the creation and Ola the first one

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final so why not that karoon you all take a photo Aiden did then you will see man that which

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you also

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do until you are desert our owner who you cause to grow it or national we as your own those who go

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low if Nasha we will ledger now who surely we made it hope armor fragments

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broken pieces

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fell by then you remained the sucker whom you are wonder

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in indeed we move Ramune surely ones in debt

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but rather national way. Mushroom moon ones who are deprived

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a photo atum did you all see Alma the water and melody that which Tasha Boone you all drink

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Do you all n delta Whoo hoo you all cause it to come down Main from an musli the rain clouds

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or national we almonds alone those who caused it to come down

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now if Nasha we will get on there who we made it to judge and better follow less than why not the screw you give thanks for a tone did then you will see a narrow the fire allottee that which to ruin your Kindle

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unknown Do you are unsure don't you all created shadow to her its tree or national weave element she own those who grow those who create

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national we journal her we have made it that Puritan a reminder one Mata and and a temporary benefit little McQueen for the travelers

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faster. So glorify bismi with name of big of Europe. Aleem the most great

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fella so not all Cosimo I swear by my welfare

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by place of setting a no june of the stars were in the hoop and indeed it locker someone surely and low if star the moon as you all know away moon great

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in the who indeed it local unknown surely call an Karim honorable see in keytab in a book maknoon one that is well protected

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less not Yama. suhu he touches it in the except al moto Haroon, those who are completely purified

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then zielen a revelation, men from

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Allah Allah mean of the world's

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do then be happy with this and Hadith the speech and tone you are more than he known once retreat lightsey What did your aluna and you all make this kakum your provision a nickel that indeed you took as the boon you all belie?

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falola So, why not either when Bolivar it reached Ultron to the throat, what unknown and you are Shana even at that time

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you are looking

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one national while we

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are near LA to him, men come then you were lacking, but let's not do this alone you will see

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falola So, why not in control, you will Laila not Medina once under obligation to Girona her you will cause it to return in control your saw the green ones who are truthful.

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Then as for in Ghana, he was men from an mukava been those who are brought near

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for ocean then rest what I have known and provision with Gen two and garden Noreen of blessing

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what and as for in Ghana he was men from us have companions and the amin of the right

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for Salah moon then peace Lucky for you men from us have companion and the mean of the right

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one. And as for in Ghana he was main from a local been those who deny aboard been those who are straight for New Zealand. Then a hospitality main from HMI main hot water. What does lead to and burning john Heyman in Hellfire in indeed had this lower, surely it have gone is true eliakim have the certainty

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for sub B, then glorify this me with name Rob, pick up your Lord and Aleem the most great

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What else?

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Rafi Wonka

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Boo Boo me the national

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talk to

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