Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 005D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 19-20

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the misunderstood words "outside" and "outside words" in Arabic language, which can be confusing or misunderstood. The storm causing extreme death is real and dangerous, and people should not ignore the reality of it. The importance of being the right person to be and not abandoning what is happening is emphasized. The use of hesitation during difficult times is also discussed, and listeners are encouraged to see what they are doing and not give up.
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I'm going to share Piniella gene Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Next example, O Casa uban. Or like a downpour, O gives the meaning of or it gives the meaning of variety or their example is like that of a for YouTube. This is another example of hypocrites, and this is describing or this is explaining another kind of hypocrites because remember that hypocrisy is also of different types I told you that one type of hypocrisy is that which is in belief in our leader, another type of hypocrisy is that which is in our mind inaction. So this is another type of hypocrisy. And the example is like a sigh hips is from the root letter solid well bar soap is to reach somewhere, and Saba your Su is to

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come down. Say Ye, say ye, there's mubadala in it, meaning the word is you could say intensified over here. And what it means is that a lot is coming down. sabia swivel, what does it mean to come down? So say you something in which a lot is coming down a lot. The society refers to a heavy rain, because of the heavy rain, a lot of water comes down. So say you like a heavy rain. minute summary from the sky. A summer is from the rule ever seen. Meanwhile, smooth and smooth is hate summer sky. Why summer called summer because it's high above us. And remember that in the Arabic language the word summer is very comprehensive. It doesn't just refer to the blue sky that we see. Summer is

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anything that is above you, which is why it can even refer to the ceiling. Anything that is above you. It can even refer to the clouds. It can even refer to the seven skies. So sama is a very comprehensive word. Obviously rain does not come down from the blue sky. Where does it come down from clouds so what is meant by the summer is clouds. So a heavy rain from the sky that's falling down from the sky. And in this heavy rain. Allah says feel a little math and in it is darknesses little math florala windmill, we have done this word earlier as well. And what are these darkness is in this heavy rain in this heavy storm, first of all darkness of the night. Secondly, darkness that

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is caused by the clouds. When there's heavy rain. Obviously there are dark, heavy, dense clouds in the sky as well. When it's cloudy, it's dark. And then thirdly, this darkness is also referring to the darkness that is caused by heavy rain. Because when there's so much rain, your vision is limited. Sofia Luna Matten in it or many darknesses so the storm is accompanied with darkness. What else we're doing right is from the root letters raw or in the N word is used for thunder. It's the sound that you hear coming from the clouds coming from the sky in a storm. Thunder woebot con and lightning bark from the root letters bear or cough and bark is the light that you see in the sky in

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the clouds in a storm. Thunder as well as lightning bolt is used for very bright light, like a flash of light that almost snatches away your sight that almost blinds you and this is what happens. If there's a lot of lightning. Then you almost want to close your eyes. Because it hurts your eyes. Sometimes a flash of lightning may hurt your eyes. So in the storm or darknesses and thunder and lightning. So the people who are in the storm what do they do? You had your Aluna they put you had your Aluna Jean Brian lamb gyla To put they put a Fabio home their fingers a foul beer is the plural off is spar. Elif sod bear and just a side note, there are 10 different pronunciations of the word

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is bar. So if for example, you go home and you open up a dictionary, right, and you see that the single of the word asabi is something other than what I have told you. Don't be surprised because there are 10 different pronunciations of this word. So a sub there is a Florida Ismar and what is it refer to finger so these people who are in the storm they put their fingers were fee of any him into their ears or then is a ploy off or don't and Odin is used for the ear. So they put their fingers into their ears. Why do they do that? Men from Mill over here gives meaning of because of all right. So they put their fingers into their ears because of a February

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a solaric is applauded enough sorry. Sarika What do you think the real letters are? Solid rain cough so the real letters are basically the main letters.

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Sarika what is a Sarika Sarika? Is a thunderbolt. What is a thunderbolt lightning

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or you can say a fire that falls down from the sky in a thunderstorm.

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Lightning that falls down from the sky onto the earth in a storm.

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And sometimes it strikes trees causing them to burn or causing them to break down and fall. Sometimes it hits buildings causing them to get destroyed catch fire, sometimes it strikes people even causing them to die. I remember once a friend told me that she was standing at a bus stop and there was a terrible storm and she said the lightning fell literally two or three feet away from her on the ground. And Sayaka literally means to faint. And Sarika it is accompanied by a huge blast as well as very loud sound as well in the fire as well. So it causes fear in people, causing them to faint, causing them to become unconscious. This is what's articleis. So what do the people do? Those

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who are in the storm, they put their fingers into their ears. Why? Because of the solaric that in the storm, Thunder bolts are also falling to the ground. And they put their fingers into their ears. Why? Because they don't want to hear the sound. Heather, out of fear has ever had that rock and Hera is caution to take precaution. It's such fear that leads you to doing something to protect yourself. So Heather, they're afraid and they want to protect themselves from what almost the death mode from newsletters Meanwhile,

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a heavy downpour from the sky, a heavy rain from the sky. Because of that there's a lot of darkness. And in this storm is thunder and lightning. And with the thunder and lightning. They're also Thunderbolts falling to the ground. The people who are in the storm, what do they do? They put their fingers into their ears out of fear of death. They don't want to die. So they put their fingers into their ears. But tell me something. If you put your fingers into your ears in a storm, is it going to save you from death, it's not going to save you from death. The maximum it will do is it will reduce the sound of the thunder. You will still hear thunder, but the sound will be a bit less for you

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because you plugged your ears. But will it save you from death? No. Will it save you from the thunder bolt falling on to you know, if you want to save yourself you better get out of there. You better go indoors isn't at all. This is just like a pigeon. Who went sees a predator What is it do closes its eyes.

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Girls up its head and buries its head on its back so that it cannot see the predator anymore. But there's a predator gonna go away, is it it's not going to go away. So it says though, out of fear, a person is just ignoring the reality. He knows that he's in danger. He knows he's in trouble. But he doesn't want to think about it ignores it covers it up. This is a hypocrite. He knows when he cheats, he's going to get into trouble. When he lies. He's going to get into trouble. But what does he do? pretends as if nothing is happening. pretend as if no one is going to call him to account.

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It doesn't change the reality. Think about it. Whenever we're doing something wrong. What do we tell ourselves? It's okay. It's okay. No big deal. On the Day of Judgment, something's going to happen and I will be saved. Really? what guarantee do you have? He don't have any guarantee. So closing your ears is not going to protect you from death. Similarly, ignoring the consequences of sins are not going to protect you from punishment. Turning a closed eye to the sins is not going to protect you from punishment. You have to face it, you have to face the reality live in reality, a hypocrite does not live in reality. So they put their fingers into their ears out of fear of death. But Allah

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says well, Allahumma Hipple, no caffeine, and Allah is more hailed more hands on the Electress how well it happens is to completely surround something completely surrounded. And Mohib is one who surrounds so Allah completely surrounds who Bill caffeine. What does it mean by this that Allah surrounds them? In two ways, first of all, acknowledge that Allah knows the hypocrites very, very well. He knows exactly what they're doing exactly where they are exactly what they're feeling and they're thinking, he knows them in knowledge. He knows about their circumstances. He knows about their situations. He knows about their lives, he knows about their sins. And secondly, it happened

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how in power that they can never escape Allah. They can never escape the grasp of Allah subhanaw taala the punishment of Allah, think about it, anything and everything we do, does Allah know about it? Yes, he knows about it. If he wishes to inflict punishment on us because of that, can we escape it? Can we, we can add. Allah challenges us in sort of our man

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If you can try to get out of the summer it will Oh, you cannot. If a person says I want to get out of this I don't want to be present on the Day of Judgment. I'll just go to Mars and live there. Well, Mars is also Allah subhanaw taala this property

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you cannot go anywhere you cannot escape Allah homo halen Bill caffeine. Now Allah subhanaw taala says, year caddell Berco Yakar do from the letters calf? Well, the al Qaeda yakka do carry Academy is when something almost happens. It hasn't actually happened. But it almost happens. It's at the verge of happening. So your candle what is dark lightning? The lightning? Almost Yelper for your TEFL? Ha ha ha hoppy for yourself who is to * something away quickly. Like for example, you are standing outside with a packet of fries. And there comes a seagull and quickly snatches away two or three from your hand and flies away. You like what just happened. This is what hotfile is. Okay. So

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how people react to * something away quickly to take it and go away with it. So the lightning would almost naturally have Bousada home their sights upside as a Florida buzzer because the lightning is so sharp, it is so bright.

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Just imagine if it's very dark and all of a sudden there's a flash of lightning for a split second and it goes away and then again a flash of lightning for a few seconds and it goes away. You know it hurts your eyes. And you close your eyes because you don't want to get blind. So your cattle Baka Yafo Apsara home kulana Ebola home Calama every time Ebola, Ebola same route as Ebola at good blood, well Hamza, so every time this lightning illuminated law home for them, meaning every time there is a flash of lightning, and whenever there is a flash of lightning, everything becomes visible. You may see that in the darkness of the night. Even if there is a storm and there's lightning. You can

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see the trees you can see the buildings. You can see the street you can even see your hands. So every time there's a flash of lightning and the surroundings are illuminated. What do these people do? Michelle Michelle from the red letters mean Shinya mushiya which means to walk so when there's lightning even for a few seconds even for a few moments, they walk in it fee in it what either and when of llama Ali Alana, same route as Lulu Matt la la me as Rana, it became dark meaning when there's no more lightning when there's no more flash of lightning, than what do they do? What either of them are alien, camo. Camo is from the letters off well mean karma your karma to stand. So

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whenever there's lightning, things are clear things are visible. What do they do? They walk, and as soon as it's dark, they just stand still.

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When there's light, they walk, when there's darkness, they stand still, Allah says well Oh sha Allah Who And if Allah wills Shala from the reflectors, Sheen yeah Hamza, whoa, sha Allah Who leather hubba surely he could have taken away be summary him they're hearing what elbow sorry, him and also their sight. Allah could have taken away their hearing and their sights how? Even without the splendor. In the previous idea, what do we learn that out of the loud sound? What did the hypocrites do? They close their ears because the sound is so strong. They cannot bear it. In this idea. What do we see that the lightning is so bright, that it could blind them? So whenever there's light, they

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walk, and whenever it's darkness, they just stop. They don't move then one either talks about the sound and the second it talks about the light. The sound could make them deaf, the light could make them blind. Allah says he can make them deaf and blind even without the storm. Even without the thunder and the lightning. Well Oh sha Allah who led the hobby summary him What are beside him, he can make them deaf and dumb, even without the storm.

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In the Lucha or the aqualisa in Padilla indeed Allah is over all things capable for the from the letters cough della Todra kodra is ability to do something for deed, he is able to everything anything that he wants to do that is this example mean? This example is talking about another group of hypocrites. And who are these hypocrites? They are those who never actually believed. The first example is talking about who those who did believe initially, but then their Eman left them they became hypocrites. This idea is talking about those who professed faith, but they never ever had Iman in their hearts. The first group they had in mind for some time at least these people

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though they never, ever accept demand in their hearts, there were always disbelievers in their hearts. Because Allah says speak a little math and they were always in darkness. They were always in darkness. And the reason why they accepted Islam on the outward was out of fear, fear of what? The Sawai fear of what? The darkness that because of the lightning, they put their fingers into their ears, because of the darkness, they just stood still. So in other words, they accepted Islam because of the strength of Islam because of the power of Muslims. Because remember that when the Prophet salallahu Salam came to Medina, Allah subhanaw taala, granted him victory very soon, in the Battle

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of other Muslims were victorious in the battle of conduct, they were victorious, so many battles took place, and eventually, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even conquered Makkah, there were some people who are afraid that if we don't become Muslim, then we are going to be in trouble we are going to suffer. So they were never believers at heart just on the outward, they accepted Islam out of fear.

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This is the fear that Allah subhanaw taala is describing in these verses of the Thunderbolts and the lightning, and the flash of lightning because of which they stand still in the darkness, or they put the fingers into their ears. They never truly believed they never ever believed they were always disbelievers. This is why Allah subhanaw taala calls them caffeine will love him or hate him Bill caffeine, Allah calls them caffeine in explicitly. With regards to the first group. They're not called caffeine explicitly. These people are called caffeine explicitly because they were never believers. To understand this example now, which kind of hypocrites This is talking about. And

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scholars have said that in the second example, in the storm, there is rain, what is this rain refer to this rain refers to the revelation, the way the Quran that was being revealed. And in the Quran, there was warning, thunder, threat of punishment, lightning, some promises that Allah subhanaw taala makes, which could give person some hope, hope as well commands that seemed like death to them, that if we do this, we're going into the mouth of death, literally, this is what they felt. So it's talking about the commands that Allah subhanaw taala revealed, and they were so afraid of it that they just submitted. They just accepted to keep safe.

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You understand? They were so afraid. They were not able to face the Muslims. They were not able to come against the prophets of aloneness and I'm come against Islam that they just submitted on the outward Allahumma Hilton Bill caffeine, but Allah says Ricardo Bercow Yafo obasan Calama Abba Allahumma Shafi what either Allah Allah him karma widow sha Allah Who lovehabibi summary him well beside him, Allah can make them deaf and dumb, and blind, so that they cannot do anything at all. They cannot even show this Islam, they cannot even make a fake display of Islam. Some scholars have interpreted these two verses in another way as well. One is that the second example is referring to

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who the hypocrites would never actually believed. Another interpretation is that it refers to those who are hypocrites in their actions, who are hypocrites were in their actions because there are two types of hypocrisy in our leader. And secondly, normal that a person is a believer, he means that he's a believer, but in his actions, he has the actions of the hypocrites.

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So, if you look at it, when there's lightning, what do they do? They walk, but when there is darkness, what do they do? They stand still. So when things are easy, when they're able to obey, there will be but as soon as things get difficult, they just stop. They don't do anything seasonal. Like for example, nobody's praying Salah why should I bother praying? Everybody's getting up to pray. Yeah, let's pray.

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I'm going to go there. Nobody's going to be wearing hijab. Why should I wear hijab? I'm going to go there. Everybody's going to be wearing hijab. Let's wear hijab. I'm here in this company. Nobody's saying Inshallah, mashallah, why should I say it? I'm here everybody says insha Allah Masha Allah to Baraka Allah, so I should also use these words.

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When things are easy, he does what a Muslim should do.

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When there's light, he does what a Muslim should do. But when things become difficult when there's darkness, he stands, he doesn't do anything. He stops right there. Recitation methylome gamma 30 Larry Stone

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more at

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so what do you understand from these two examples? We've seen the first example that the hypocrites they were initially believers because of their doubts because of the disease that they had their Eman left. This is why we learned that when the heart is diseased, what are you supposed to do? Cure it because if you don't cure it, the disease is going to spread. It's going to kill the person. They had Eman but then that Eman departed from them that Eman left them. And from this we learn that as believers we better do what we're supposed to do. Because if we don't, then this Eman can leave us. Allah can take it away from us. Because Eman is a treasure. It's something very precious. It's

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something very expensive, because it's the key to Jana. And Jana is a very special place. So email is not cheap. You have to value it. You have to prove it. You have to live it. And if you don't give it its Huck, Allah can take it away. We learn about the hypocrite that the dislike what Allah has revealed, when a person dislikes what Allah has revealed, what Allah has commanded, there's no eemaan Then you might as well go away eventually.

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What else do we learn from these verses any lesson that you've learned for yourself, and we should use our summer and our bustle, we should use our hearing and our vision that Allah subhanaw taala has given us the people who accepted Islam on the outward the second group. The second example, who would never even accepted Islam on the inside was that they did not know what the truth was. They knew but they did not like it. It is sad that it refers to those people from the Bani Israel from the hood who lived in Medina, who saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who knew that he was a true messenger. They accepted Islam just on the outer because they knew they could not withstand him. It

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is about them. Did they not know the truth they did. Allah says he can take away their hearing and their sights just like that. So we should beg Allah to enable us to use to benefit from our hearing from our vision. Because if we don't use these faculties, Allah can take them away. And if they are taken away, then we are lost. We are doomed. Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to use our faculties are hearing our vision, and that we don't become seasonal believers that when Ramadan comes we are very righteous. when Friday comes we're very good. When we go to the muscles. We're very good on the weekends when we come to class, we are very good but the rest of the week we are

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somebody else. No. A hypocrite is two faced and a believer has one face, he is the same he is consistent. We see that in this example. Rain refers to Revelation the Quran, and what is rain do it causes the earth to come to life. Right? Everything benefits from rain, the atmosphere becomes fresh the land, the Earth, the soil, the plants, the birds, the trees, the insects are so much life. So the life of our hearts comes from what the Quran says if a person feels weakness of faith in his heart, if a person feels the heart is diseased, then what should he do for some Quran, listen to some Quran, read some Quran, understand some Quran. In difficult situations, we should not abandon

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our Islam, but we should still hold on to it. Because these are the times when Allah subhanaw taala is testing us whenever there is doing something, it's very easy to do it. But when nobody's doing it, then that's the real test. Are you really committed? Are you really honest for Allah? Because if you're doing something for Allah, Allah sees you everywhere. So we should not abandon our religion or abandon what we're supposed to do in times when it's difficult and remember that in difficult times and when we hold on that is when the Eman will really become strong. That is when the urgent will be multiplied. That will be great as well. So difficult times are opportunities. Difficulties

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are what in reality, opportunities to excel. There are times when you should give up and let go of everything that you have. Like for example, if a person is climbing up a mountain, and he says, oh my god, this is very difficult. And he says forget it. What is he gonna do? He's gonna fall but if he holds on, then he's gonna make it

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We will conclude over yet Subhanak Allah whom will be handy Kenisha de la ilaha illa Anta Mr Rocha want to be like a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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