Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L298A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters who are discussing a surgery and a book. They mention various names and topics, including a woman named Yeshua who is warmed and a man named Johar who is deserving of a claim. The group also talks about a woman named Yeshua who is warmed and a man named Johar who is deserving of a claim.
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Assalamu alaikum My

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is Kareem another

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name for him for this rocky surgery where silly MD that melissani of comically urbanas ignor in Lesson number 298 sort of

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I am number one 256 Translation yeah are you here? Oh and modesitt the one who covers himself with a garment on rise stand up for and then one what a backer and your Lord fuck a bit so magnify what the burqa and your garment for the head so completely purify what would you say and the filth the impurity for God then keep away one and do not them noon you show favor that stuck there you seek to increase while you're bigger and for your Lord for space so be patient for either than when nucleolar it was blown fee in a narco the trumpet for their liquor so that yo MA in that day, Yeoman a day I see on difficult either upon Alka fury in the disbelievers were you not yes Eden easy volney

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leave me woman and who Hanako to I created where he the alone. What do y'all do? And I made Lahu for him man and weld mom do the one that is extended? What Bernina and sons shoe the ones present on my head too. And I smooth Lahu for him then he the a definite smoothing so much then yet tomorrow he hopes on that as either I increase color never in the hood indeed he Ghana he was the ayah Tina for our verses are neither one who stubbornly opposes sir or Hippo who soon I will impose on him sir through the a steep ascent a difficult ascent

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into who indeed he factor he thought was at the end he determined for cotulla so he was cursed okay for how either he determined some then cotulla he was cursed okay for how he determined. So, my then Nevada he looked some than others he found what he saw and he scaled some then add about a heater and his back was stuck about and he became arrogant for color. Then he said in not had this in there except say one magic you so it is transmitted in not hair that this Illa except oluwo word especial of the human cells Lee soon I will enter him to burn set off in Hellfire warmer and what other Orca it made you know, man, what subtle, is subtle, left not too bulky. It spares one and nor that it

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leaves lower her one that blackens one that scorches. Little bash off for the human skin, or lay her upon it. This Arthur Ashe of 19 warmer and not jalna we made us harbor companions and now of the fire Illa except melodica tan angels warmer and not jalna we made a data home there number 11 except fitness and a test. Linda Nina for those who can't follow the disbelieved. Leah stay cleaner, so that he seeks conviction and levina those who go to kita they were given the book was there and it increases and levina those who am I knew they believed amen and in faith, why not? And nor yota he doubts alladhina those who go to they were given Al Kitab read the book. Well what we know and the

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believers, Wali akula and so that he says aladeen and those who feed in Kaluga him their hearts modeled on a disease while calf yourown and the disbelievers Mother What is that either he intended, Allahu Allah be Heather with this method Allah example kundalika likewise, you will lose he leaves to go astray

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Allahu Allah mun whoever Yeshua He wills where the end he guides man whoever he or she He wills warmer and not yet although he knows Do you know the armies are big of your Lord Illa except who he warmer and not here it in there except the cry a reminder little worship for the humans can never will come up by the moon when lately and by the night is when Edinburgh it turned back was so the heat and by the morning either when asked for it glowed in the hair indeed it is the surely one

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of the great ones. Now the Iran a warner little worship for the humans, lemon for who shall he will mean come from you and that yet Academy he advances out or

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he delays kulu every nap same so Bhima Waitwhat get Sabbath it earned over Hina one held in pledge Illa except us habit companions and the mean of the rate fee in genetic gardens yet alone. They will ask each other about almajiri mean the criminals, man what Salah kako it caused you to enter fee in Sapa * ALU. They said, lamb not naku. We were men from Alma saline, those who pray while I'm and not Neku we were not removed we feed Al miskeen, the needy or corner and we were no Hulu we engrossed in futile discussion, Mara with aloha Elaine, those who engross in futile talk will connect and we will look at the root we deny beyond with the idea of the recompense had until it

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came to us and we obtain the certainty from us or not done for whom it will benefit them chef are to intercession, a chef urien of those who intercede firmer than what law home for them. And from a debt pure the reminder mursaleen ones who turn away unknown as if they are mortal and are donkeys. Mustang Farah once frightened away, Farnworth. It fled men from a sweater, a hunter, Elian, by brother Yuri do he wishes he could lose every injury in men men home from them and that he is given several fun scriptures, Mona Shara one that is spread out, can never buy rather learn not Johar. funa they fear and fear of the hereafter can never enter who indeed it that killer, a reminder for

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mine so whoever shall uh, He willed that camera who he remembered it. He took admonition from it warmer and not. He had Karuna. They remember. They take admonition except and that Yeshua Allah, Allah wields. Who was he? Who is deserving at dakhla of the consciousness? What?

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And deserving and Mahavira of the forgiveness.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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was he

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he can

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come on.

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one lady

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was so busy

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the shop

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colonna Bella cassava tonina

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to the

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