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Al-Muzzammil 1-20 Tafsir 14-20


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The potential consequences of the " Diagnosis of J variable" in Japanese language are discussed, including potential destruction of mountains and sand ererts, disobediation, and loss of progress. Prayer and praying in the night are emphasized as crucial for personal political and political interests, and the importance of praying in the presence of a partner or friend is emphasized. The title "IT" in the Bible is discussed, including man-aroundings, traveling, and forgiveness, and the importance of learning and practicing the Bible.

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And when will this punishment be? Yo moto g4, LG balou on the day the earth and the mountains will convulse, what can I tell jiba Luca theva mahila and the mountains will become a heap of sand pouring down yo mythology for the world, Japan, the earth and the mountains will be shaken up, they will quick they will be convulsed, they will tremble

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and when they will tremble when they will be completely shaken, what will happen to the mountains What can I tell you bamboo, Cassie Eva mahila The mountains will become after the quake Kathy by mahila Cassie is used for a long wide Dune of sand

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along a wide Dune of sand. And maheen is from the root letters Hey Adam, hey, Haley is to pour or to sprinkle something.

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And hallelujah Hello is that which easily flows like water that which easily flows like water, like for example, the wind blows and it begins to flow very easily. Similarly, you just nudge it slightly, you kick it slightly, and instantly it begins to flow just like water flows.

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And you may have seen dry sand, especially dry sand dunes, what happens to them the wind blows and how the sand particles they flow just like water is flowing. Similarly, you kick it slightly united slightly and what happens it will flow just like water does.

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So, the mountains which are firm, the hills, the mountains, which are solid and firm right now, on that day when the earth is shaken up, they will not remain solid anymore. They will not remain firm anymore, they will be utterly destroyed and nothing will even remain of them. And the mountains will turn into what like a heap of sand, which is my heel, which is shifting, collapsing, falling apart, just flowing like water does. So just imagine these mountains that are of rock, these mountains that are solid, imagine them turning into piles of sand, moving about as if they are water. Just imagine how solid mountains are it's difficult to remove them. It's difficult to even cut them to tear them

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apart. But on that day for the Qatada cotton wahida just one blow. And that's it kahibah mahila

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in our center, la Cava sulan Indeed, we have sent to you a messenger now allows the panel data directly addresses all mankind, that in our center, la kawasan we have sent you all a messenger and this messenger has come to you as a share hidden as a witness or lay come upon you. He has come to bear witness against you. How How has he come to bear witness against you?

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That on the Day of Judgment, he will bear witness that he conveyed the message to you.

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Share hidden Aleikum, he will bear witness on the day of judgment that the message was delivered to you.

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Come on all of a sudden that enough in our own little Sula, just as we had sent to fit our own a messenger as well. Just as Allah had sent a messenger to fit our own. Allah has also sent a messenger to the people of Makkah.

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Which messenger did Allah send to fit our own? musasa

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so we're here It is as though the people in MCC are being compared with who?

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The people of MCC are being compared to it for their own.

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For our software, our own little soul, but fit our own. he disobeyed the messenger. He didn't believe in musasa.

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So what happened for 100? Now who then would be law, so we seized him with a Wahby.

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What does it mean by Wabi Sabi is from the EU countries, while Berlin and WebGL is saturated with big huge raindrops and from this is horrible, which is extremely unpleasant consequences of something extremely unpleasant. consequences are something evil consequences of something

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and will be is extremely difficult. burdensome a work a task that is extremely difficult, extremely burdensome, it's sucky It's heavy. So then we're beena a very heavy, a very should eat a very severe season. And how is it that Allah sees for their own and his people? What was that then will be is that all of them were picked up and thrown into the river? Now, what about now, William me that we threw them into the river

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River into the sea so they were drowned in the sea.

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So over here the people of makara been warned, that beware of denying the messenger for their own was also sent a messenger. he disobeyed the messenger. Notice our saw that the boy has not been type of what has been said, I saw, because disobedience of the messenger includes this believing in him. So look at the consequences of your own. He was mighty, he was powerful. But look at what happened. He was done, he was finished. So how do you think that you can save yourselves for caverta tahuna then how can you save yourselves? If you disbelieve in this world? If you disbelieve in this messenger if you disobey this messenger, then pay for that account? How can you save yourselves from

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what? From the punishment of that day? from the punishment that could come your way from the punishment of the Day of Judgment?

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How can you save yourselves into fountain if you have disbelieved in the messenger?

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How can you save yourself mean there's no way you can save yourselves? If you have disobeyed the messenger? If you have disbelieved in him, especially Yeoman on a day Yager alone wilderness Sheba, that will make the children white haired,

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which is this the Day of Judgment. Yeah, Gerardo will Danna, Shiva will then is a plural of wallet. And while it is used for young children, young boys and girls,

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so that day is so intense, it is so difficult. It is so terrible, there are so many tears of that day that it's hard, will turn children how she

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she is a plural of a Shia, just like B is a plural of Abele. And as she is one who is old, and why is he called Asha because it's used for the whiteness of the hair. And so when a person grows older than what happens, his hair turns gray turns white.

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So that day is so difficult, it is so intense, that it will turn children gray haired. What does it mean by this?

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Some have said that this is exactly what will happen. Literally, this will happen, that those who will be resurrected as children because they died as children, what will happen to them, their hair will turn gray.

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Why is it that their hair will turn gray? Why is it that they will become so old? Because first of all, the length of the Day of Judgment is how long 50,000 years is to imagine how long that day is.

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Then secondly, this is also because of the intensity and the horrors of that day.

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You may have seen the children who have experienced many injustices, oppression in this dunya what happens to them. They may be 10 years old, they may be eight years old, but there is no childhood on their faces, isn't it?

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There are no childlike expressions on their faces. They look old. They look very, very mature, much more older than they actually are. Why? Because of the trauma they have experienced in life,

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because of the difficulties they have seen in life, because of the injustice is that they have faced in life.

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So it takes their childhood away. Similarly, the day of judgment is so difficult, it is so difficult, that children will turn Shiva

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and some have said that he oh my god well done and Shiva, this is figurative. And what it means is that the terrorists of that day are very severe that will affect the people greatly.

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So for K for that takuna Inka fountain Yomi Giada will Donna Shiva How can you save yourself? How can you protect yourselves? You cannot if you have disbelieved.

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A summer own family Don't be the heaven will break apart there from moon factor, one factor in Fatah. And moon factor is in fact, one that splits up one that breaks up into pieces. So the sky will break apart Biggie because of it. And because of what because of that day, because of its severity.

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Imagine its effect on the earth. Imagine its effect on the mountains that the mountains will be katiba mahila imagine its effect on the children that they will turn gray haired. Imagine the effect of it on the sky, that moon photon Bay the sky will break because of it gannawarra the womb of Runa ever is his promise fulfilled. Meaning This is a promise of Allah and it will definitely be fulfilled it will definitely take place

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in the ether Kira. Indeed this is a reminder, these I add on

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What is mentioned over here, what is it? It's a reminder, it's an admonition a reminder for all people from insha Allah enter OBE sebelah so whoever wills made it to his Lord away. Whoever wills he made it to his Lord sob. He may choose a way that will take him to his Lord, that will take him to faith that will take him to obedience that will take him to pleasing his Lord. Whoever wants he can do that. The choice is yours.

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yomo juphal Jima

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una casa mia homie neomi.

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Firstly, we learned this idea that gambling is not limited to Ramadan alone.

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However, it must be prayed all year round.

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Because in this ayah, no time has been specified, isn't it so? So this shows to us that a person must develop the habit of praying in the night, all year round, and not just in the month of Ramadan.

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Secondly, we learn in this ayah that a person may prepare Malays alone by himself. And he may also pray in congregation, like for example, in the month of Ramadan, up literally in the masjid, with the rest of the people in congregation behind the email. Because over here, last panel data says we're Latina mark, and that I gave you the two meanings that a person may pray individually and a person may also pray in congregation.

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And both are good. Both are good. You cannot say that one is better than the other because both are good. Because this is mentioned in the Quran.

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How are they good. Because sometimes when you are listening, you're able to understand differently, you're able to reflect differently, you're able to understand in a different way. And sometimes when you're reading that also makes you understand differently, makes you reflect differently.

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So a person must do both things. Meaning he must also read himself and he must also listen to an email. You understand? Because sometimes what do we do? We only pray pm with who and email and we never bothered to pray ourselves, you can you actually can. So why not? And do it you will actually enjoy it. So both should be done.

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Then we also learn that Although pmla is not an obligation, this is what we learn disorder, especially from the last day it's not an obligation. However, it is something that is highly highly encouraged. I told you about the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said are laico with the MLA you must pray to emulate why.

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Because it's a habit of who the righteous people before you.

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It's a way of drawing you closer to your Lord. It's an expiation for your sins and also it will stop you from committing sins as well.

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So yes, it is not an obligation however, it is highly encouraged. Therefore, one must not completely neglect it.

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Because unfortunately, what is the habit of most people, they say, Oh, it's not mandatory, therefore, I'm not going to pray.

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And then they will not pray for months and months and months. The only time they will stand in prayer at night is in the month of Ramadan. This should not become a habit that should not become a custom. Yes, it's not mandatory. However, it doesn't mean that a person should completely neglect it.

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Because it hasn't been said don't recite at all what has been said Kokoro, Mateus Solomon who, whether you're sick on a journey, traveling whatever, you should pray whatever is feasible for you.

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Then we also see in this ayah that a person must be regular in his recitation of the Quran.

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Because if you see for Cora omerta, yes sir Amina Allah O Mateus, Solomon who recitation of the Quran as mentioned twice and what has been said that read whatever is possible, whatever is feasible. Do

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not leave the recitation of the Quran. Yes, primarily This is talking about recitation of the Quran in Salah. However, even outside of Salah a person must have the habit of reciting the Quran,

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it is very, very important that a person must do that, it should be a regular habit.

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And for this purpose, either one has to have some of the portions or all of the Quran memorized so that he can actually read it, or he must have a must have with himself, isn't it. And if you start getting almost half with yourself, honestly, it will become so easy for you to read the Quran. So easy. If you keep one in your car, many times that happens, you're sitting waiting for other people to come. Or you're in the car waiting for a person to get something from the store. And you're just sitting there, waiting, passing time, keep them as having the car, keep them yourself in your bag, if it's not possible in your bag, because of whatever reason, keep it in the car at least, that

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whenever you have the time, open it up, read it. Because Tell me where when you find that half an hour in the day. But nobody will say anything to you. And you have the luxury to read the Quran, when will you find that time, it will be difficult.

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So make a habit, keep them honest with yourself. And these are the kind of phones that are available in the kind of applications that are there. Honestly, you don't have to carry anything extra with you.

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Even if you have your phone, by a good application, this is also spending in the way of Allah have a good must have on your phone, whatever you have, and read off of there as well.

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To make it a habit, then we also see in this ayah that a person must pray as much as possible. for Chrome at a sermon, what does that show that a person must pray as much as possible.

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Now the best is to do what Allah has commanded, which is this for who half of the night or a little bit more a little bit less, this is the best. However, if a person finds that difficult, and initially it will be difficult, then what should a person do you should start gradually.

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So even if a person is able to pray to it, or even if a person is able to 15 minutes out before I just saw that he should do that,

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start do something at least don't leave it out completely, don't neglect it completely, this is not great. So a person must pray how much ever is feasible for him.

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Then we also learned that in pmla, even outside of the emulator, a person should recite as much or an as is feasible for him. Meaning a person does not make it a burden on himself, nor must he make it a burden on other people. Because sometimes it happens that your capacity is more your ability is more and the ability of other people is not as much.

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So for example, a person is leading other people in Salah in family, and he starts out reading and he reads half inches quarter reducing wondercon for him no problem for her no problem because she's memorized the Quran. But for other people, it becomes a fitna, isn't it?

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So, what do we learn over here for chromatic? So I mean who read whatever is feasible, whatever is easy, whatever does not become a burden on you whatever does not become a burden on other people.

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Similarly, sometimes we go to extremes such as you know, we'll stand up and pray we start enjoying you know the recitations we will keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, we won't stop. And then for the next record, we're falling asleep. Why? Because we spent almost 45 minutes in wonder car and the next car we have no strength left. And after two, right, that's it.

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So, a person must read how in a moderate fashion, so that it does not become a burden on himself, nor does it become a burden on other people.

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And remember that each person's capacity is different and if you start slowly and gradually, then what will happen? Your capacity will increase, it will grow.

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We learned that our beloved armor he asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in how many days Should I complete the recitation of the Quran? He replied in one month. He asked in how many days Should I complete the recitation he said a month. He said I am more energetic to complete it in a period less than this. And he kept on repeating these words and lessening the period until he said complete it recitation in seven days. Abdullah Ahmed said I am more energetic to complete it in a period less than this meaning I can do in less than that. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said he who finishes the recitation of the Quran in less than three days does not understand it. He does not

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understand it.

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So what does it show to us that each person's capacity is different, some may take a month Some may take seven days, some may take five months, some may take a year, some may take more than a year. So don't compare yourself with others. rather look at what you are capable of doing.

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You understand, look at the ability that you have the time that you have the strength that you have and do whatever is possible for you.

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Then we also see in this ayah that three things are mentioned are the man say Hakuna, Matata,

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Hakuna Matata, Hakuna fill up the aluminum and Lila, what are you hottie Luna FISA belynda three things are mentioned over here.

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And one is that a person is ill when a person is ill when a person is unwell. He comes in the category of who,

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when a person is ill mareel he comes to the category of who

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are affected by brief remember, and on such people there is no haulage. Remember, on such people, there is no blame if they don't do what other people are doing, meaning they're not held responsible for it. Then the other two that are mentioned are what? traveling and secondly, fighting in the way of Allah.

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We see that seeking lawful provision, traveling in order to seek lawful provision, this is also a way of Riba.

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This is also a way of worshipping the last pan without this is why we see that remodeled. Leonardo used to say that except for fighting in the way of a law, the state in which I would love to be overtaken by death is the state when I am overtaken by it while passing through a mountain pass in search of livelihood.

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You understand that the best is that I would die in the way of a law fighting in the way of the law, if not that I would love to die, while I'm traveling in order to seek what livelihood in order to seek of the father of Allah. So I would love to die in the battlefield, if not that I would love to travel when I'm seeking the father of Allah. And then he recited this verse, because in this ayah, what is mentioned, traveling to seek follow of allow meaning more provision. And secondly, it is mentioned. So this is also aware of Riba.

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And we see at the end of the ayah, Allah subhanaw taala says that women are continually unphysical monheit into Dover in the law, who will hire Anwar Lama, that a person must be greedy about earning good deeds.

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Because whatever donia he has now, it will be left behind him. So he should be greedy about earning good deeds because that is what he will find in the hereafter. So, one must keep himself busy and doing good one after the other in the day in the night, and was tough it Allah seek forgiveness from Allah, why is the fall because after doing all of this good even, you could still do better.

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Despite the fact that you've done good, there are still many mistakes. And remember that Allah foto Rahim is Forgiving and Merciful. One is mentioned after the MLA after he masala to suka. After mentioning so many good deeds, then it is mentioned in the law of a photo of Rahim and what do we think don't do anything and allies left over here, you have to do something, and then you will find a lot of forgiving and merciful if you don't do anything, then how do you expect the mercy and forgiveness of Allah?

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Okay, anything you'd like to say about the last time that we studied?

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If a person does not understand the meaning of the Quran, and should he still recite the Quran in prayer, yes, he should. And at the same time, you should work on understanding the Quran. So just because a person does not know doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. No, do it. And that will make you want to learn. Isn't it though that there are so many people who they memorize the Quran or they become serious about the recitation of the Quran and as they're doing it, they start wondering what does this mean? And that is what motivates them to learn. Because the thing is that a person is rewarded for recitation of the Quran for every letter that he recites whether he knows the meaning

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or he doesn't know the meaning.

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The deal is obviously done with understanding. However, if a person does not have that skill at the moment, then it doesn't mean he should miss out on this great deed.

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Sometimes we think well I find it so hard so difficult, I'm not enjoying it. What's the point? What's the benefit? Don't worry keep doing it. You will start enjoying you. This is just like in the month of Ramadan you know when you were younger perhaps you found it very difficult but now that you know the meaning you enjoy it

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isn't it

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Salaam Alaikum I was thinking about the last I was software Allah Allah sad truth Amazon in the last day also after you finish it nights a lot do so far. Also in Rosario De La Salle new stuff so stuff are really important after we finished a lot not just like called our salon leave the salon is still far after we finish maybe we did was was in a salad maybe we don't even have pusher or maybe we felt proud. So this is why we're stuck with a lot this is why after this one out what what the prophet SAW

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seeking after doing something good as well

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boom, boom

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boom boom

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una una

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bon hacer una una

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de la he

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was still feeling a lot

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Political long will become the kind of Chateau La ilaha illa Anta the stuff Luca wanted to really Assalamualaikum