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Maryam 41-65 Translation 41-65

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Lesson number 158 suit of Maria Maria number 41 to 65

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what good and mentioned Phil keytab in the book Ibrahim Ibrahim

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in the who indeed in Ghana he was sleepy upon a man have to

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be upon a man of

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nebbia a prophet

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is when father he said the OB to his father yeah a Berkey all my father

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Lima why therapy Do you worship man what let's not yes Merle he hears well and not you will see he sees whether and nor you need he benefits

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from you shake anything

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yeah oh my father in me indeed has in fact journey it came to me minella element from the knowledge man what lamb not yet because it comes to you

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for tyranny so follow me because I will guide you sir often a bad so we get one straight

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Yeah, but all my father let do not terrible you worship a shape on the shape on

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in the indeed a shavon shavon Ghana he is ever

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live man for the Most Merciful as a young one most disobedient

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Yeah, Bertie. Or my father in me indeed. A half who I fear and that year my second it will catch you either but punishment. Men from a rich man the Most Merciful.

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For takuna then you will be a plan for the shape on Willie Yeah, a close friend. A companion.

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Pilot he said Oh, do

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ra one. One more inclines. And you I'm from early hottie. My gods. Yeah, Ibrahim or Ibrahim

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let in surely. If not, then then you stop little German nica surely I shall definitely stone you or Julie and leave me. Malaya for a long time

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on he said Salam on peace. Are Laika upon you? Stop soon I will seek forgiveness. Lucky for you.

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Robbie from my inner who indeed he can he is ever

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be with me half a year. One who is extremely common.

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Or one who is well informed?

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Well as an artist,

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I will keep away from

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characters he will come I will keep away from me.

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Warmer and whatever they're their own you will invoke mendola from other than

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what other and I will invoke Rob be my rock

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as a perhaps a net that not a corner I will be

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be do it with prayer or be of my rub should be the one who is disappointed.

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fellow man so when iridessa home

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he withdrew from them.

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It does it a home he withdrew from them

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warmer and what yeah Guna they worship mendola from other than Allah what happened that we granted low for him his hacker is how were group and your group were condemned and all Gianna we made Libya profit

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what will happen and we granted the home for them Mira mattina from our mercy

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which are under and we made the home for them. Listen, john mentioned

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sleeping off to

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have honored

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early Yeah.

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One that is exalted. High.

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What good and mentioned Phil kitabi in the book. Moosa moosari

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in indeed

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ganache was mostly a fun, one who is sincere?

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Or one who is chosen.

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What can and he was rasuna a messenger nebia a prophet

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whenever they know and we call him main from journey side, a full of the poor mountain element the right one

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walk over Bonanza, and we brought him near Nigeria to converse to whisper

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well what will happen and we granted Lahu for him, middle of Medina from our mercy

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who his brother how Muna Harun nebia as a prophet

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what good and mentioned Phil keytab in the book is married is married

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into who indeed he can and he was saw the one who is true

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to the promise

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what can and he was rosulip a messenger maybe yet a prophet

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what can and he was yet Moodle he orders that now who is family? This Salah with the prayer was the cat and the cat.

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What can and he was in the near but I believe is Rob model the one who is pleasing.

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What good and mentioned Phil keytab in the book, it is it is

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in no indeed he can and he was

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a man of truth.

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So become a man of truth.

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nebia a prophet while a foreigner who and we raised him

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mccannon to a place to a station earlier one that is Hi.

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Ola ecotones and Medina are those another He bestowed favorite?

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Allahu Allah. Are they him upon them? men from a narrabeen the prophets men from the Righetti children Adam Adam peninsula women men and from whom Hemen weekend Mara new with new traditional

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woman and from the children Ibrahim, Ibrahim what is right you and this

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woman man and from whom hi Dana we guided what is the veena and we chose either when it is recited,

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I lay him upon them as two verses of a man of the Most Merciful how they felt. So Jaden once prostrating Wolbachia, and once crying

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for qualified then he succeeded. Then he followed men from bardi after them holophone successes

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they wasted

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a boiler room they wasted they neglected a solid

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what terbaru and they followed a shadow where the designers

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for sofa so soon yell owner they will meet

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right here deviation

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in there except man who daba he repented

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What are mana and he believed were Amina and we did slyly hand righteous for Allah He can so those get the Kowloon they will enter agenda the paradise while there and not use lamona they will be wronged Shay anything

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Jenna gardens are the name of Eden of eternity

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ality which what are the he promised are among the most merciful

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evapo to his servants delight in the unseen in the who indeed we can it is ever

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gonna it is ever

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wired to who his promise

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the year one that is coming.

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Love not yes morona they will hear see her in it no one any ill speech

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no one speech in there except Solomon he's one of whom and for them

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risco whom their provision fee her image book written in morning where she yeah and in evening.

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thinker that agenda the paradise unlucky which new refund. We give as inheritance

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no result we give as inheritance. Men from a bad

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To our servants, man who can and he was the one who is God fearing.

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Woman and not Nathan as we descend

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in the except be angry at order Robic of Europe, the who for him. Now whichever bayonet is between a beaner our hands warmer and whichever call fernet is behind us warmer and whichever bainer between the warmer and not Canada was Rob Booker Europe the CEO when he is forgetful

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Rob Rob smls of the heavens woke up and the earth warmer and whatever they know who Matt is between them too

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far good then worshipping was for this and have patience

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was forbidden and have patience. Very bad that he for his worship. How do their level you know level for him semiya any namesake?

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Any co equal?

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Any similar one

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that's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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B be

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gonna be happy.

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Was the co

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a no I mean man

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una una

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vida de

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line is now

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mean a

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big lahoma

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he helped

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