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Saba 1-14 Tafsir 14

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Hey, fellow mercadona I lay in mode and when we decreed for Solomon or his Salaam depth

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kobina of badea

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when we decreed death for Solomon or his senate when it was time for him to die, what happened? madelon? It did not direct them, the less than lamb, lamb, same root as the word deli. Helena do lucam Shall we direct you?

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So Mandela whom it did not direct them, either mot about his death, nothing sure to the people or to the jinn. That's when a man or an s&m had actually died.

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The people couldn't figure out, the jinn couldn't figure out

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then what is it that told them what inform them? How did they figure out that he had actually died? in there except their battle of

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a chronic creature? adapa of the earth and which Devo was this? A termite?

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Nobody could figure out so the man or the son had passed away. How did people figure out when a debit will have what did it do? That column inside? It ate his stuff. When it ate the staff of today mannerism, what happened?

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He fell, and when he felt the people realized he had been dead all that time, the jinn realized he had passed away all that time.

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Mensa is from the fetters noon seen Hamza noon seen Hamza NASA, and Nessie. Do you remember the term and Missy, sort of October? What does it mean literally to defer to delay to postpone so what would people do they would postpone the months

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it's Ramadan we don't feel like Ramadan. It's too hard. Okay, let's do it in winter. Let's do it six months from now. So they will defer

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and min sir Miss Fila. Min Sir, this is from Allah. And it's used for a staff

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and in particular is used for such a staff that is used by an older person and why is it called min sir? Because what do you do with the staff you use that will be how it is used to repel or drive things away. So just as a month would be driven away by the people meaning they would defer it similarly a person uses his staff Why do you rebel or to drive away unwanted things so telecom into this dead battle or it ate his staff. And what happened then? phenom mahalo, then when he fell down, who fell down, so in a manner listen and fell down? debate unitil jinu, it became clear to the gin, the jinn realized, they came to know it was evident to them, what was evident to them, and low can

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we err on the moon alive that if they knew the unseen who knew the unseen, the jinn knew the unseen, and of the unseen would be to know whether salamander insolent is dead or alive, because he was right before them, and they couldn't figure out if they knew the unseen then man or be sued, they would not have remained for them and maheen in the humiliating punishment.

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What does he mean by this? What's the story of the death of Solomon?

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So they might understand, as it was mentioned earlier, in the chat, that these gin, how would they work for him veining a day before him. So whenever the gin would be working for him, whenever he would get the work done, he would be there watching over the gym, making sure that the work is being done properly. He wouldn't just delegate the work and go enjoy himself, but rather, he would watch. And he said that he had a particular prayer chamber, where he would go and worship. And along with that, he would also keep an eye on the people on the gym, to make sure the work is being done properly. You understand? So he would be engaged in the worship of Allah and at the same time, he

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would be keeping an eye on whatever activities that was going on. Like for instance, he would be standing during the liquor of Allah. Or for instance, he would stand, pray and then turn and then look, okay, is everything going fine or not? And this is how his people were obedient. This is why the jinn would also listen to him and the birds were also afraid. Remember? So what happened was that one day today minor Islam went, and he was watching over the gym and the people, whatever work they're doing, and he was reclining on his staff

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and the workers What did you think? That's it?

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With a minor incident, he is watching us. So what happened? They continue to work. They were working constantly without a break. Several days faster a lot of time passed along with them how long of a time passed by. But so they manually salon, he didn't appear to be dead to the people either.

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And he was reclining on the staff.

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Now remember, we learned earlier that people when they die, the earth does it consume their bodies, of course in Amazonia cotton cola mazak.

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But when it comes to the prophets of Allah, their bodies the earth does not consume.

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So he was standing there and nothing happened to his body. And the staff that he had a term I started eating them.

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And eventually, when the staff, it became too weak to hold today, man,

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it collapsed. And because of that delay, mannerism also collapsed. And then the people realized he had been dead all this time.

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They realize he had been dead all this time. So it became clear to the jinn. And it became clear to the people as well, that the jinn do not know the unseen

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because the jinn used to imagine that they knew the unseen. And they used to deceive people saying that we know the unseen.

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But when this incident happened, it became very clear that the jinn have no knowledge of the unseen,

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you understand their knowledge is also limited. And this is something that we also have to believe in. And we have to realize as well, because many times people are afraid of the jinn and what do they think didn't know everything.

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They know what's going on in my life. They know what happened there. They know what happened there. They don't know everything. They only know what they have seen, or what they have been informed about. That's it. They don't know the unseen. So never be afraid of the jinn.

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Do you understand, Never be afraid of the jinn because of this reason, because they don't know the unseen, their knowledge is limited, just as our knowledge is limited.

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And sometimes what happens, people try to show they're very intelligent, or they're very smart, and they can do anything to you by telling you, I know what you did yesterday. I know where you went, and you feel immediately insecure and threatened. Don't feel insecure. They don't know anything. And if they do came to know about something it was through some means. It's not that they are superhumans. It's not that they have some supernatural powers No.

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So it became clear to the jinn that if they knew the unseen that maladies fulfill or they will move in, they would not have remained in the humiliating punishment. What does the humiliating punishment refer to? It refers to the very hard labor, the difficult work that they had to do. And they were constantly doing it thinking so they might notice and I was watching them whereas he had passed away.

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Others there are many things that we learned from this,

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of the lessons that we learned from this incident is that in the journey, no matter how great a person's rank may be,

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no matter how powerful he is, or how many workers he has, no matter how much knowledge he has, no matter how biased he is, no matter how righteous he is, even if he is the Prophet of Allah, eventually, he will die.

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Eventually, he will return to Allah. And this is for all people.

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So should a person be proud about what he has? No, what should he do? It maloo Allah downloader should call these blessings that Allah has given you that make you great, that make you better compared to others, should not be a means of making you arrogant, but it should be a means of making you grateful, productive, beneficial, charitable, helpful, like ceremonial wrestling was that how, with all the wealth that he possessed the power that he possessed? What did he do? Did he tell the people enjoy, he made the jinn work. And he said, Make construct buildings where people can worship Allah buildings where people can be protected, make huge cooking pots from where people can eat

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serving bowls from where people can eat together. He didn't use all the wealth on himself, rather he used it to help his people.

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We also learn that the prophets of Allah, they have a very great status a great virtue above the rest of the people

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that we see that were the people's bodies are consumed by the earth but when it comes to the bodies of the prophets of Allah, the earth does not consume them.

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And one more thing, just imagine he was standing, people thought he is engaged in the worship of a lot. Bank of America, the man who is well when he became older, and he would stand in pm he would reflect

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against the he would take supportive ropes or pillars.

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And so the manner in Islam he took support from a staff and he died in that state.

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When can a person die in the state of worship?

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just by chance, miraculously, when,

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when he does that a lot, when he does that a lot,

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that when he worships a lot of hands on a lot, then it's possible that his death may also come in that state.

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I remember I read somewhere recently, that I wish to die when my head is in frustration and plan is in my heart and tears are flowing, very fluffy statement. And I was amazed that Oh, I wish to die in the state that my head is on the ground, would we have to see how was to do is it that we do? We have these great wishes, I wish to die like that. But is it that we do such that a lot? When it comes to salata we do we pray? Or do we stand at the back chatting away disturbing other people? What do we do with that time? We make great claims I want to die in a state of prayer. I want to die in the Koran class. I want to die in the month of Ramadan. But when these times come, when these

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opportunities come our way, then what do we do? What do we do? We don't even have the patience to sit for some time. We don't have the patience to stand in prayer for some time.

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So don't expect to die in that state if you don't live in that state.

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So a man or listener lived in that state. Look at him, his people are working. And he's watching them at the same time he's engaged in the worship of Allah. That's why he died in that state. It wasn't miraculously wasn't just by chance.

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And we also see that, how did his death become clear to the people through what that bottle of a termite? Isn't that amazing that the jinn couldn't figure out, the people couldn't figure out for what happened the termite it ate his staff. And as a result, his death became known to people. We belittle the tiny creatures of a loss of panadol. And we think they're such a nuisance or such a problem.

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And they must be finished completely. And wherever you see them, kill them off the loom hated that if they move on, right, this is what we think. And these creatures, in fact, they have been given great intellect by Allah subhanaw taala. They do many great things. If you look at termites, for instance, they're amazing how they live in colonies together. And how sometimes buildings houses, they can be completely finished by termites completely finished.

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I remember once I visited my grandparents house and I went up to a room and I opened the door and the door came in my hand. It literally gave in my hand. And I was shocked, like what happened. And we realized the termites had completely eaten up the doors from inside all of the doors.

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Similarly, I went to my uncle's house once, and the house was made of all wood. And the area that he lived in generally people don't make houses of wood because of the termites. But the house is made of wood and somebody was playing with some of the kids and I think they hit the wall or something. You know, they broke through the wood and we see termites inside. All over the whole house had been consumed by the termites.

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It's amazing how it's a tiny little insect, but how much it can do, how much it can do and sometimes people have to suffer a great loss because of that millions and millions of dollars sometimes are spent in trying to get rid of termites or in trying to fix what the termites have caused harm to.

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Okay, well listen to the recitations

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how we'll do shampoo

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is no wonder.

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de Shaku felon

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These charts, we see that the jinda would make them as easy for salamander.

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When it comes to picture making when it comes to drawing or making sculptures, there's a lot of confusion that is found amongst the people. Similarly, when it comes to taking photographs, for instance, even that causes a lot of confusion amongst people. So how do you understand this issue? What is the right opinion? Or what is a stronger opinion of all the opinions that exist? And what should a person do? We see that when it comes to picture making, when it comes to taking photographs, when it comes to making sculptures, whether it is of living beings or nonliving things, there's three opinions. Some scholars, they say that it's permissible, what does it mean by that

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everything is permissible. You can make a picture of a human being you can make a sculpture of a person, there are people who allow that. And you can also make pictures and images of nonliving things, everything is permissible. What's the evidence that they use? They say that all of the studies that show that making pictures is something that is not right, that's in a particular context, which context which context where it would lead to shake.

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And at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, Sallam schilke was being completely abolished. At that time, shirk was being finished, any image, any sculpture, whatever was found, it was to be destroyed, because if it was left, it would again lead to shake.

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This is why all of those statements are so severe.

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And these people say that since there are no chances like that anymore today, like people know what the haters people know what sugar is, therefore, it's permissible to make anything draw anything, I make a sculpture of and this is one opinion.

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Another opinion is the second opinion is that no, everything is prohibited, what does it mean by that? You cannot draw, you cannot take photographs, you cannot make sculptures, living things, or non living things. And why is that so? Because of so many statements of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which tell us about the prohibition, of drawing, after sweet.

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Like, for instance, we learn from a hadith I should have the narco narrative that Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the people who will be most severely punished on the day of judgment will be those who aspire to create like Allah.

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Those who aspire to create like Allah has created,

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which is why they make a painting of let's say, a beautiful tree. they aspire to create what Allah has created.

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Or they make a picture of a mountain, they make a picture of a human being, they make a picture of a bird, or they make a sculpture. So what is this person doing? He's trying to make what Allah has made. He's aspiring to create like Allah has created. This is why you will get the most severe punishment on the day of gentlemen, because Allah subhanaw taala He alone is an Halak Holic. No one is like him in this quality.

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Similarly, we learn from another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that every image maker, what's the word that has been used, image maker is in the fire. For each image he made, a being will be fashion to torment him in hellfire. Every image that he has made, someone will be appointed for him to punish him. So if he made 50 images 50 beings to punish him if he's made 100 100 to punish and 151 52 punishment, and because in the Hadees, the term that has been used as image maker, this is why they say this is general, any kind of image making living nonliving, 2d, 3d whatever.

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Similarly, we learned from another Hadees that the angels do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or images. The angels not enter a house where there's a dog or there are images and again, the word is general images.

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So this is why some scholars say that drawing picture making taking photographs, everything, all of this is completely forbidden without any exceptions.

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There is a third opinion, and what is that opinion that is somewhere between these two companies. It's not completely permissible. It's not completely forbidden. There are some aspects of it some things which are

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permissible and some things which are not permissible.

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And what is it that is permissible and what is that is not permissible, they say that when it comes to drawing, drawing is permissible. But when it comes to making a sculpture, that is not permissible, you understand,

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because a drawing is what it's only an image. But a sculpture has a lot of detail in it.

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When there is a sculpture, then a person tries to aspire to create what Allah has created. Because then you're giving all those fine details, which you cannot give in a drawing in a painting. Well, people try to but it's not at the same level, you understand. Like, for example, if you look at a doll, for instance, a very detailed dog, you will have eyelashes, and you will have eyebrows, and you will have a lot of detail. But when you see a picture, on the other hand, it doesn't have that much detail in it, you understand? So what do they allow picture making, and not the making of not the making of sculptures.

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Also, they say that what is permissible is drawing images, images of what joined the images of nonliving things and not living things. But others actually permit even drawing images of living things, as long as you're not done in a lot of detail.

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You understand? Like, for example, if you want to draw a person, instead of making all the hair and the eyebrows and the eyelashes, what do you do you make something like a statement, you know, what a statement. Or you give just like basic details, you don't put a lot of color, you don't give a lot of shade. You don't draw a lot of details. I mean, you see it, you know, okay, this represents a person, okay, this represents a bear. This represents a bird. But it's not that much in detail. You understand? It's not similar, because what is it Tim said?

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What is it himself? imitation? exact imitation.

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Tim, Sal is what an exact imitation. So if you're making a drawing, and it doesn't have that much detail, it's perfectly fine. Even if it's of a living being.

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This is what the third opinions.

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So for example, when the children go to school, and they're drawing pictures of their coloring pictures, they're not that much in detail. Similarly, you will find sometimes some Islamic books which have certain pictures in them, they're not that much in detail. So it's okay. Why? Because they're not that detailed. And besides, it's an image and not a sculpture.

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Now, what about those bodies, which say that the image makers and Hellfire and the worst punishment will be given to such people? How do we understand those hobbies?

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If you look at some other hobbies, we see that I should have the 900 adults to play with

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the cheap. Of course you did, we learned so many, so many incidents where our children are actually handled. For instance, we learn from our hobbies, I should have dinner and he said, I used to play with dolls in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and my friends used to play along with me. Whenever I was messenger would enter they would hide from him. So he would call them to play with him.

00:23:29--> 00:23:33

Whenever he would come, they would go and hide away so he would call each and every one of them go and play with us.

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Because sometimes, even when girls have grown up this Electric Lady, right.

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We also learn from another Hadees that I shouldn't have said that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam arrived after the expedition to the book or haber.

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The book or hybrid the book was when at the end and fable was right after the mid Medina near the wind raise the end of a curtain which hung in front of my closet. In her apartment in her her July she had this particular closet and there was a curtain that covered it. And the wind blew and it raised a part of it revealing some dolls which belong to me.

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This is Africa favored destination. She was still about 14. So he asked me what is this? So I replied my dogs, and he saw among them a horse that was made of wrapped cloth with wings. And he asked, What is this I am seeing among them. So I replied a horse, he said a horse with wings. And I replied, Have you not heard that today man wrestling had horses with wings and Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam laughed so much that I could see his mortality.

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So, we see that when it comes to picture making or when it comes to even having dolls or let's say stuffed toys, it really depends on the intention.

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It depends on the intention of the person.

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If a person makes even the picture of a flower, and if you're so proud about it, oh my God, what a perfect image, nobody can draw like this, and it looks real.

00:25:13--> 00:25:30

And he thinks that what he has drawn is much better than the real flower. Sometimes people think like that, right? That what they have made is much better than what Allah has created than this intention, that makes the drawing of a flower even incorrect.

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Because there's pride, there is in a way,

00:25:37--> 00:25:46

there is no way competition with Allah. So this is not acceptable at all. And this is the reason why the image makers have been cursed.

00:25:48--> 00:25:56

Also, we see that when it comes to drawing when it comes to making something, or when it comes to even taking photographs,

00:25:57--> 00:26:38

as long as a person does it in a moderate way, in the sense that he does not really think of that picture to be very, very important, or that photograph to be very, very important, in the sense that he begins to respect it, and he begins to consider it wholly, he begins to consider bless it, and there is no problem with you see, there are people who hang pictures of certain individuals. Why? So that it will bring some blessing to their house, it will bring blessing to their workplace, it will bring blessing to their business. Right. So if that picture is hanging somewhere with that intention, is that correct? It's not correct. Now, although some scholars have permitted picture

00:26:38--> 00:26:51

making, but not the making of sculpture. But still, that picture is wrong. Why? Because incorrect beliefs are attributed to that picture,

00:26:52--> 00:27:21

wrong beliefs or attributes to that picture, you understand that if I have it, it will be a source of blessing. So this is something that is incorrect. And we see that the Hadees, which tell us that every image maker is in Hellfire, for instance, or the worst of people to be punished on the day of judgment will be the muscle we don't we cannot generalize them, in the sense that every image maker will be in hellfire. Why? Because I should only learn her. She had dolls,

00:27:22--> 00:27:24

isn't it so she played with them.

00:27:25--> 00:27:55

We also see that once a man he came to even our vessel, they learn who and he mentioned to him that he drew pictures, and even a vessel there who didn't say anything harsh to him. He just said to him that if you have to do so, then make images of trees, and that which does not have a soul. So he didn't say to him, You are committing gopher, and you will be in Hellfire and you'll be punished. No severe statements. You understand? He gave him a better alternative. You have to draw. Okay, draw this. So to summarize, what do we learn?

00:27:56--> 00:28:39

Some scholars say everything permissible. Other scholars say everything forbidden. Other scholars say no, not everything permissible and not everything forbidden, in the middle, be moderate. And if you see at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we see this balance, isn't it? where certain pictures were forbidden dolls were permissible. So as long as the Nia is correct, and the picture is not made with a lot of detail. When a person takes a photograph, he doesn't think, Oh, I'm the best, it is permissible. But as soon as the intention gets corrupted, wrong beliefs are attributed to the image. That is where the problem begins.

00:28:41--> 00:28:47

So if you see for instance, a book a children's book with some pictures in it, is that okay? Yes.

00:28:48--> 00:29:11

But what do we learn from that? How do you think I should have been on her? She had them in a closet, and there was a curtain? Because at the end of the day, not come then. So what do you have to do? Cover them? Okay. So for example, put the books away in a bookcase. But the dolls are the toys away in a box. Okay? And only at play time? Should they be out in the rest of the time, they should be kept away.

00:29:12--> 00:29:18

Now, these days are pictures and everything, isn't it? So be careful about everything.

00:29:19--> 00:29:59

What about hanging pictures on the wall? Would that be correct? No. Because if you're hanging it, then it's being exposed all the time. And the angels will not come this. We were discussing about the gym that how they come to harm a person. you're inviting the agenda. You're telling the angels don't come? Are you inviting the agenda? Or are you under protect yourself? Of course you do. So always put them away in a way that you have covered. Like for instance, when it comes to even cereal boxes. When it comes to children's diapers and everything you have to hide them, hide the picture, put something on top of it. That's it simple. You shouldn't display it and if there is a fourth

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have no feelings of arrogance that oh my photograph.

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I look so beautiful in that and this perfect picture. Only me because I've taken that photography course and I have that best camera and a person begins to feel proud about it. This is incorrect.

00:30:17--> 00:30:23

When it comes to pictures of nonliving, things like sceneries and all that's permissible, you can even display them, you can even hang them.

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Anything else?

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Yeah, it's okay. So for instance, taking photographs, like for instance, at your relatives live abroad, they want to see the baby, they want to see the children, they want to see you. So can you take photographs, you can but again, as long as it's within limits, you're not displaying them, you're not showing them to non Muslim, it doesn't lead to arrogance. It doesn't lead to any pride. It's okay. As long as that picture is going to people who are Maha, it's okay, that non Muslims know.

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Similarly, putting pictures on the Facebook, that would be when it comes to putting sculpture. Remember that I told you that the third opinion is that scholars they allow pictures, but not sculptures. Why? Because sculpture would involve a lot of detail.

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You understand? You have a figure, a complete figure, not just an image, this is why it would be incorrect. Okay. But when it comes to a doll, if you look at the description of the dolls of I should have the 900 and the horse that she played with the prophets animalism couldn't even figure out what it was. She had to tell him what it was. So what is that you didn't have a lot of details, you could hardly make out what it was. The purpose was different. So when it comes to putting sculptures in the house for decoration, is that permissible? It would be wrong to do so.

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When it comes to your dogs, you should put them away especially when people are praying. And when you are taking a nap when you're going to bed, you should put them away otherwise the angels will not go.

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Classic flowers are made of paper or cloth they are deemed sad. The near should be okay. If a person thinks Oh, so much more beautiful than natural flowers. That's wrong. No feelings of arrogance.

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So they might as well have been under his control. And sometimes people think of their children, like as naughty as done as well, that it's impossible to control them it's impossible to make them do anything. Now we see the to the mannerism he managed to control them how by the permission of Allah soprano and also that he would keep an eye on them all the time on their activities. So if you want your children to listen to you make dua to Allah. And secondly, keep an eye out

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with this

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young man

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panic alarm will be bigger than shadow law either. illa Anta

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Assalamu alaikum