Tafseer of Surah Maryam 29 – Can you spot anyone of them today or hear a whisper from them

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Shuttle dia

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Umina shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim for in nama your sadhana will be discerning ready to Bashir or behemoth that the you know what the hobby he told Malouda welcome moluccana Gabriela

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Corbyn held to fish swim in new home in hiding Otis Merola, whom Rick saw that Allahu La Vie him. And yes, that is the two final verses of chapter 19 With the Grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah accept from both the speaker and the listener and may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to imbibe the message of Surah Maryam and the message of the Quran in its entirety I mean, you're blind I mean, Forbid shouldn't rebirth a letting you know yesterday Arun el poder Fayette wa Rona Aksana O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam give glad tidings to my servants. Those who listen to the advice and then implemented imbibe it and execute it. Okay, so let's just have a quick look at the

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translation and then a brief commentary of verse 97 and 98 Verse 97, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For in nama yes sadhana mobili Sonic O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam surely we have made the Quran easy in your language meaning the language that is Arabic, the overall Maha pub the first person to listen to the message of the Quran was the Arab and the language they spoke was Arabic wama RSL anamod Rasul in in Belize and he told me every Nebby was sent with the language of his nation. So what is the purpose of the revelation of this Quran? It was in Arabic in the most purest of Arabic, the best of languages lead to Bashir Robbie helmet 13, by virtue of which you can give

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glad tidings to those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala were to Robby Toma, luda. And coupled with that you sound a warning to the quarrelsome nation, those who argue those who debate in the fundamentals of Islam, and some people unfortunately, just have this nature of continuously arguing and arguing. And yes, in the matters of Deen, regardless of how much you present the truth to them, so Allah had refuted in the Quran all the arguments to supposedly support the concept of polytheism Allah subhanahu wa taala said Hi Daddy Grohmann has I think Roman cubberly has Vikram and Marissa with Vikram and Kabili years the Quran and the previous scriptures all support the article of

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Tawheed and mono theism, Locanda matter who earlier had Tunica Yeppoon is a little bit ago Illa Villa Rishi sebelah is Eliza Kulu ala him be ma Haluk wala Allah, Allah, Allah gives a logical refutation of polytheism if there were multiple gods Locanda Fiamma earlier had an ill Allah Allah first said that there would have been corruption in the skies and the earth, let him be Mahala at the point of dispute. Each God would have claimed what he created and then he would have broken away from the other god if a little bit of Oh Isla de la Archie Sevilla, they would have been rivalry to overthrow the supreme one. But all this does not happen because there is only one absolute been in

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control. Colombia de Mallacoota coalition ask them in whose control is everything? Woman Eugene, what are you Jariwala he in contempt Allah Moon asked him who has power who can give shelter and nobody can give you shelter against him that is Allah confer unnoticed Haroon asked him you know who is casting a spell on you? You accept the principle you understand Allah created the heavens and the earth. You understand protection can only be given by Allah and then when it comes to worship, then you worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so anyway, Allah subhanho wa Taala says little Robby Coleman, luda warned those people who are quarrelsome by nature, they just want to argue you're gonna hurry. There are some people that are just sitting to try and find a Foley in the deed. Of course, there is no Foley. It is blemishes. It's flawless. It's impeccable. In fact, in Chapter Two Jews two verse 204, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about a munafo by the name of Agnes Wamena Nancy Manuel Ijebu Tolu hoeveelheid dunya amongst the people mean Tabriz in basic Arabic grammar, some of the people are those are

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When you look at O'Donoghue his speech is very impressive and articulate. And this was a common trait amongst among African where it are at home to RG Buka some of whom impressive in their physique, were in your pool notice Malik only him and they would mesmerize you with their speech articulate by nature. So he would come and he would give off this expression of intense love for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when you should Allah Allah Murphy can be and he says, Allah is my witness that I love Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but Allah says, Well, who I lead dualism. He is the most quarrelsome of people always looking for an

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argument. And besides the fact that arguing and debating and challenging, the fundamentals of Islam is wrong is sinful, and the consequences are catastrophic. On a separate note, just on the term luda quarrelsome. It's not good to have a nature just to argue. Some people unfortunately, just on petty things, they will blow up, they will magnify, they'll make it into a full feud and an altercation and they become personal and they become super sensitive. We need to become less sensitive, less sensitive, of course, don't deliberately consciously hurt any person. But at times inadvertently, things can happen. And if you are a sensitive person, then I'm afraid you know what the most petty

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things can trigger such a person. Okay, so verse 97, for inner Maya Cerna, who believe Sonic, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Quran has been simplified in the Arabic language a little bit shall be held 13 by virtue of which you can give glad tidings to those that fear Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah make us from amongst them May Allah make us from amongst them.

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We can assume we have taqwa, we can assume we have sub we can assume we have piety, but of course, only Allah will judge. So how often you could furnish a document thinking that it satisfies the requirements, but when you submit it, no, sorry, sir. You know what you're supposed to print in blue ink or in bold print, or you're supposed to submit it online or it's supposed to be done in this particular form.

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And you did not comply with the necessary requirements. And unfortunately, that document is not accepted. So is my server defined the server in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala will I be rewarded? Or am I comforting myself? Am I comforting myself that what I did was correct. You know, the matter lies with Allah subhanho wa taala. What do invariably he told me, I look down and warn the people that are quarrelsome that are arguing on the matters of Deen Wamena Nancy Manuel de La Villa he be right here Amon Allah Who done well i Kitab Imani. There are those people that argue regarding Allah subhanaw taala. They don't have any rudimentary knowledge, any basic and essential.

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They don't have knowledge of the scriptures but they just want to argue. So the Quran refuted the basis of polytheism and then they would counter argue by Saint Moussa denari, Abba now, but my father did it, but my grandfather did it. And Allah subhanaw taala asked the question our Locanda about whom Leia de Luna che, even if your ancestor was foolish, was naive was uninformed. Would you rigidly hold on to a tradition a value a system purely because it's been transmitted from your ancestors, even if repeatedly you can see the holes and the flaws in the system? And I think that's an important point for us to understand. Sometimes we also become very rigid on certain values and

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or other customs and norms. We need to hold firmly on to Dean we need to hold firmly on to Dean and not on to custom for STEM sick billary oh here la Oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam hold firm on to the dean our law and then you have been Nawaz give the messenger SallAllahu wasallam gave a an expression grip onto it with your teeth. Okay, so that's verse 97. Quran simplified in the Arabic language the purpose to give glad tidings to the buyers may Allah make us amongst the buyers halal, the novice of the euro will kabhi Raha Toka Halys de Nova Surya Raha kabhi Raha what Toka was not a convention folk are the shoki Yeah, that Alma Yara

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suddenly rotten, ineligible Amina al Hassan La ilaha illallah how aptly and succinctly set by the Arabic poet Khaled the new palace, the new abandoned since my brother, my sister, what's your take away from Ramadan? Khalid the lube, give up a life of sin, give up a life of sin. Whether over here or with me. We're battling an external

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and internal give up a life of sin. So I always say a believer never plans a sin. Yes, it's possible that you succumb to a sin. A believer never plans rising after fajr yes, it's possible you oversleep. But a believer never consciously goes to sleep saying I'm going to wake up at 8am after the sun has risen No, no that doesn't feature in the language of a believer. Clearly the new give up a life of sensory Raha Kabira minor or major for who took on that in essence is piety was not a commercial in folk out of the showcase. Yeah, the Roma euro and live like a person who is tiptoeing in a phony jungle surrounded by plants or brother by tones by glass.

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And you know what, he can hurt himself, he can prick himself, and how he gathers His garment, how he gathers His garment and his robe, and he consciously looks before putting his foot. That's how a believer needs to tiptoe on the earth. My move my interaction, my communication, what I consume, with whom I interact, was not a commercial focus of this showcase. Yeah, the Roma Euro. Let that governess a euro 10 ineligible Amina al Hassan, do not trivialize any crime or any offense. After all, a mountain is nothing more than the combination of pebbles. It was small stones put together which results in a mountain. Likewise, we persist on what we supposedly call or identify as so

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called Maya. In a sense, one of the great scholars said don't look at a sin, but see whose command is been violated. And in that regard, nothing can be minor, because it is violation of the command of the Almighty.

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The last and the final verse of chapter 19 Welcome lacuna Cabela, whom in Bern, how to have so many new home in hiding out asthma who know whom

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and how many generations we destroyed prior to them. So this is a general approach Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of in the Quran. Previously, as we discussed in this chapter, they were boasting, a you will very tiny Pharaoh mahkamah. Which of the two groups are better? Who's more prominent, who's more affluent? Who's more anchored, who's more established? So Allah closes the chapter, verse 98. Well there were people more anchored more established more wealthy, more affluent, and we wiped them off the face of this earth. So don't be proud over your wealth, your status your position, yet come in Arabic grammar comes for tech field. So you have come for stiff

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harm as a question and comfort that fear to denote abundance so many nations groups, generations we wiped out and we wipe them off in such a manner that Allah Milano feels like they never inhabited the Earth. Get a lump governable arms like it never existed yesterday. And how does Allah conclude chapter 19? How to assuming Oh mean ahead. Can you see any one of them can you touch any one of them? Those who will autocrats dictators tyrants exploiting abusing claim that they own the world the sun will never set on their empire. It belongs to us. And we've inherited this and we will be here forever. today. Can you even hear them our test Marula Humann Rick, La ilaha illallah Regza. So

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to Hafi those who were chanting greatness, chanting their slogans who were trumpeting themselves who were inflated and conceited, proud, haughty and arrogant. Allah concludes Chapter 19 Surah Maryam verse 98 Can you even hear them whisper today? Can you even hear a slight whisper or a sound from them? Nothing. Nothing wiped off the earth gone? No trace. That's the end chapter close. So what makes us believe what makes us believe that you know what we are here forever. Let us not be foolish and naive like those who preceded us, each one thinking that he's here forever. Look at Pharaoh, look at karoun Look at all those that came made all these claims and Allah subhanahu wa taala wipe

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them off the face of this earth. May Allah subhanho wa Taala save us from pride and arrogance and haughtiness, and I think it featured in fact, the scholars say the word Ramadan, the word Ramadan, featured in this chapter many times and those that were following closely would have observed it 15 to 16 times the word Ramadan, the most kind the most, you know, beneficent, that is Allah subhanho wa taala. And the subtle hint is that the disbelievers that crime is so hideous, so horrendous, that they violated the command of a being who is so kind who is so kind

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Okay, just a quick look at certain points and some closing comments and remarks and a little synopsis. So generally it's the practice in certain DeviceID that the author when he concludes a particular chapter, He will just highlight certain points, certain points, some key takeaway, the whole sutra, every idea is a takeaway, every idea is amazing. But in biannual Quran, after the wrap up of chapter 19, there is some reflections and I briefly want to share this with both the listeners and the viewers. The first reflection is with regards to Satan or Ibrahim alayhis salam. And of course, at the point of discussion, we did expound on it, but nonetheless a reflection again at it.

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So the reflection is that when say that Abraham Allah, His salatu salam called out to his dad, you would recall my brother, he used very respectful terminology if carletti Abhi ja, Bertie. Oh, my beloved father, oh, my respected father, and that is precisely what is written fee he looked for dirty it double happy. Well, it'll SHA de la mala Yaga what are the McLoone Phil? I'm rebuilding my roofie when now here until Monica la see Yama is I can apply rebate were nothing after him. So we observed that Satan or Ibrahim being a bull MBR the father of the prophets adopted a very gentle tone with his hostile father. And we need to reiterate the point that when conveying the message of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala do so in a very gentle, polite accommodating sensitive euphemistic way. Habib Habib, Nadal who the Quran speaks about in Yacine chapter of the Quran Raja Raja Hanuman aka Salim Medina TDSR Bala Tomi, Debbie and Rhoda anymore reselling who am I? Yes, I LUCAM Dre and he said to his people follow this profits and these messages that have come here. And then he said, why am i Li Allah Buddha de fatale he had brought Iman on Allah the nation had not brought but when he addressed the disbelief of the nation, he rephrased his words. He said, Why should I not believe in Allah? Why should I? He was believing in Allah, it was the nation. So he insinuated and implied and

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subtly hinted to them, using it on himself. Why am I Lila? Why should I mean you should not do this and you should believe in Allah. You should not deny Allah. When SETNA Ibrahim was trying to convince his nation on the feeble nature of the things they worship. He looked at the star he said, Ha rugby.

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Are you saying this is my Lord according to jolla lane as expounded Fiza amico right you allege the start is my Lord has our OB Of course he primarily said I'm new that's not his Allah He primarily Salam is Gambia he established or feed for nama FL when the star disappeared he said love will have been a feeling I'm not comfortable with a God that appears and disappears. Fella morale camera bass, even when the moon came and it was shining and it was bright. He said Heather Robbie, no, this is much more brighter. Fella man I felt when he disappeared. Carla Illa Mia Houdini, Robbie la Conan. I mean, I'll call me violin. He gave a subtle hint to them, he gave a message to them. If my Lord

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doesn't guide me, then I'm going to be a stray fella Mara Hashem, Subotica 10 Kala Hazara Bihar Akbar. And then when the sun was bright, luminous divulgence he said, Well, this is it. So it wasn't Sedna Ibrahim saying this. Yeah, he was saying it. According to them. That's what you perceive. That's what you assume. And then he refuted all of that. And he said in any way to what he led for for a summer what he will have, I turned to the Almighty, who of course, is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. So that's an important reflection, another reflection from the tale of St. Night, Brian Maliki Salam, as we just look at some closing comments, you're mentioning biannual

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Quran at the tail end of Chapter 19 was the fact that Ibrahim alayhis salam said Salam on Hynek had a Salam will rod O'Neill Alia were to look to full Abrar Maliko HERL. So Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam greeted is that Salaam and Metallica okay that we parted ways. Again, we learned the character of a nubby that how polite he was with someone who was ignorant and belligerent. But he didn't play or reciprocate on the same way when he seen hostility when he's in harshness, and it's in abruptness from his dead. So look at that, okay, that we'll just call it the day and we move on. And I had mentioned at that point, they feed him waka Bella tool Hassan at Bisaya for in Uttaranchal, Isa at

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little mercy Cernan that to respond to harshness in a polite way and not to harm the one that harms you is an act of reward. So you say nasty things you just mute you just silent for you is reward

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Another reflection wherever you look on the road I mean doula, it will hurt you and can be deadly. Where you've heard women who is the hubbub who hit drill Ashra workout of authority adult led to Sumeria to what the Geneva Allah Anamosa battle for sup to the to the customer were to speak a little higher than when Satan Abraham Allah in salat wa salam realized that his dad is not complying and is not obliged him, he decided to pathways. And from this we learn also, that if you're inviting someone and he is not obliging on the reverse, he is trying to impose his bad habits to you, then maybe it's time to draw the line and move on. Otherwise, it will have a negative spin on you, it

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will have a negative spin on you. So you offer a hand to someone who's drowning with the hope that you can rescue him. But when he reverses the roll, and he starts pulling you down and you drowning, then obviously you detach and you move away to shore. And that's what we need to realize somebody is indulging in something wrong. You try and gently lovingly politely bring him on board. But when you realize no, no, this is infringing and crouching on your face, and it's having a negative spin. Then it is time to part ways. Yet another reflection Subhanallah that is the beauty of the Quran. We're under Rura being Eisah Allah Hakuna be dua Europe, Asia. Yeah. So Satana Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was

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Salam said that I will continue asking Allah I will continue asking Allah for your guidance. As Allah Hakuna be dua, Arab Aisha Priya and I am optimistic that I will not be deprived of the favor of my Lord. So as hopeful as he was of the guidance of His Father, though his father had not obliged. Yet the sentiments of Ibrahim Ali Salam was, I will never be deprived from acceptance by my Lord. And that is a reflection of Adam and respect in the court of Allah subhanho wa taala. He didn't give up hope and say, Well, I'm trying so much with my dad, no luck. No, no, I will continue asking Allah for your guidance. And from this we learned that as long as they disbeliever is alive,

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you can keep on asking Allah for his guidance, and we also learn that how a nubby presents his respect in the court of Allah subhanahu wa taala see him in $1 Allah Allah mas ed at the beginning Alayhi Salatu was Salam Maha Robbie as our gel were MACOM will hold it up. Up, daddy for endo mela Deborah Allahu La yourslef a Utakata kalila SubhanAllah. Look at the look at the respect look at the mannerism look at the etiquettes and surely that is the demand of whole life and the friendship that he enjoyed with Allah subhanho wa taala. And undoubtedly, for someone to be the friend of Allah subhanho wa Taala he would be an embodiment of the greatest form of etiquettes. Again, let's take

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that as a point also of a closing remark or doubt. And I urge and I implore my young listeners and viewers, with your parents, with your seniors with your teachers with your mentor showed respect. Of course, we've been told both ways that he is not from amongst us who does not have mercy on the juniors and who does not show respect to the seniors. But Islam is all about other ones Edna Musa alayhis salatu salam went to Hadid and he said halacha Allah and hell Atelier Oka Allah and to Alemany Mima are limited Rashida, can I perhaps follow you to learn from you? And

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it's quite clear for any person who has an understanding of language and choice of words la Yafa Allah Mandela who deny voting and BSI Liebe Lee Kalam in Rahu. Musa Malhotra the choice of words adopted by Musa alayhis salam when seeking the consent of sitting in the company of Hadith Alayhi Salam.

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Okay. Furthermore, Fela Marathas Allahumma Maya Abu doing them in doing Allah will happen Allah who is harkaway Yaqoob Canada, Africa, Ghana we will have an unmanned, unmanned er does Allah mean a beat he told me he the Alaia vehicle Sadhguru so when when he Alayhi Salatu was Salam Satana Ibrahim moved away from his people because they shun him. His dad told him back off, don't talk to me. So he had to part with his native place. And of course everybody has an attachment and a fond memory and a nostalgia of where you grew up. But st night Brian for the pleasure of Allah had to relocate and he went to Psalm and how did Allah subhanaw taala substitute the separation from his nation? Allah

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subhanaw taala blessed him with a son by the name of his heart, and then Allah blessed him with a grandson by the name of Yakko we're calling Jana and Obeah and Tao in them both respectively with Prophet wood. So what's the message when you give up something for the pleasure of Allah, Allah

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I will give you a wholesome return Allah will give you a wholesome return.

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Another quick reflection and that is with regards to the tale of Sedna, Musa alayhis salam, and neither will be dire when naturally higher what Anita MACOM was shocked when natural Mocambo cashes, Zil La ilaha illAllah. So remember we spoke about Sedna, Musa alayhis salam as well, now that you know him in January the tool where Allah subhanaw taala said we call him out from the right side of Mountune. And the right was the right for Sedna, Musa alayhis salam, and neither Obadiah the call out was the beginning when Najwa Niharika and the private discussion was the culmination. So Saina Musa heard the call, he heard the call, and he advanced towards it, and subsequently herded by his

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entire anatomy, only to get that call Robina Hoonah Ji ya call Robina who just the words alone give me the Shiva, Khan Robina, who we drew him close in, in this discussion. And we spoke about what does Nithya Yoga mean? Meaning that there was no human or no other creation there that was listening to this discussion and this revelation that came upon Satana Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam.

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Okay, another quick reflection, well of humeri spoon feed her book rotten where she, this one and one more final one and then we conclude in sha Allah with a brief prayer. So raised Allah subhanaw taala said that the dwellers of Jannah will enjoy sustenance and we expounded on it there is another meaning here, and that is clearly a risco Hoonah Masha had a total Happy World year two who as the Virgil, one opinion is that the reason the sustenance is not the tangible and the edible, but rather it's the privilege to witness that countenance of Allah subhanho wa Taala which will be the most euphoric moment for the dwellers of Jana, may Allah make us from amongst them. And by the opposite

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of that, the most painful and the most traumatic moment for the dwellers of hell May Allah save us gala in our Marva be him Yo Ma, even llama Joe born, that they will be barred from the countenance of Allah. And the last reflection shared here in biannual Quran is that in verse 96, Allah subhanho wa Taala promised that for the believers the pious, Allah will create affection and love in the hearts of people. Allah will create love that's translated in Alladhina amanu those who bring Iman Well, I mean no Salah heart and do righteous deeds. So your journey all of whom are rough man who woulda Allah subhanho wa Taala will create love for them. And we gave the common translation and

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even it appears in the hadith of Sahih Muslim how gibril Allah His salat wa salam is instructed to love him, and then the dwellers of the heavens and then it filters through on the earth. Yet there is another opinion to this as well and what a what a great note to conclude and wrap up our Tafseer series and conclude this chapter. And that is that killer al would work Tila Manasseh Tallulah humo Rahman who would then say, Yeah, Jaya alula, who led the 10/5 Ah, that would that Allah will create love, meaning Allah will bless them with sweetness of worship, so they'll get love in their worship. So my brother we know the pleasure of hoarding the Sahaba had the pleasure of spending, we know the

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pleasure of sleeping the Sahaba had the pleasure of staying awake, we know the fake pleasure of Rome in our gaze, they had the sweetness of restraining their gaze. What did say that's a Javi said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ya rasool Allah Salim mentioned the hiring manager has been a millionaire by shaida Omar, Dominican by Lena Matera metadata via Allah who only be of Allah join our ties with anyone and From today onwards our enemy will be our ally, and sever our ties with anyone and our ally will become our adversity has been I'm learning I mentioned it a take from our wealth whatever you want by Allah wa Tamina cannot have baleen. I'm in Matera. We will rejoice over

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what you take and we will cry over what you leave. And when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam heard this, he said See you to be sure to move and now glad tidings. So it could only been the sweetness of worship that can allow a person to enjoy that ecstasy. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said sehari Leeton do me a let's do Lehmann hotbin Worsley, Rani 18 Who are three very naughty, to stay awake by night and not to sleep and to study the deen and to understand the text of Quran and Sunnah gives me a greater excitement than to embrace a naturally beautiful woman. So

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Everybody would fantasize a romantic embrace of His Beloved. Well Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Allah said, For me to study Quran and Sunnah, it gives me a greater excitement, what the MA Yulee, para Bentley Halle or WISA. And after I accomplished my goal, and I've resolved the complexities, I sway with jubilation more than you could possibly sway after drinking alcohol or having any other drinks that you would fancy. We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to bless us with the sweetness of Quran May Allah bless us with the sweetness of of rabada May Allah subhanaw taala accept all that riba that we have performed and may Allah allow us to have those moments where you drop your head in such that and it

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is just riveted. There are multiple agora has such taking the shiny Tokyo who are going as us such that gutter to Georgia is the me Penneshaw the order the poet said, Don't boast about the hallmark of prostration on your forelock. What about leaving an impression of prostration on the ground? On that note, I conclude and I ask you to pray for me. May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward my respected parents, my beloved teachers, my spouse, my children, and all those one wishes, who made it possible for this seed to come to some form of completion. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow for the benefit of this to be an arm and Tom far reaching and may Allah reward all the amorphous city and

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all the scholars who have devoted their lives and compile these authentically reliable the facility so that we can draw from these treasures and presented our Athena for dunya has an awful authority has an Athena Raja Banagher Allah Houma Tada was Anna McAfee him in Hatha in oni Seon or McAfee him in the Hadith in Alta reading over the years that in Okaasan Allah whom article they thought about what he thought about you know, what will my head you know, mirror neuron or banana blend I mean as Regina with React you know Kurata Aryan what Johanna Tina emember Allah Who magic about

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one between what Jana Islam in about and Hasina Allahu michelena deen and Olivia who are in Smith to a Marina was Lena dunya Latifi Hama and Shona was

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in a coma I do not want your annual hiatus here that Allah Nafi co located with jahleel Moto ra to learn I mean coalition Allahu Marzocchi there because the Hanafi middle Quran Halawa will be equally Calumet in Kurama. karama will be contagious in Jazeera Allahu Madame and Evelyn Quran and levena Lucca Hall sought to Kabira medica Yahama Rahim, Allah Houma, Malka, Saran hora, Yuna William W O Hamas Allatoona minha Uriah dunya will say Dr. Lena minha Minho overall have the witnessing Allahumma Ines El Camino Pyromancer Anika mineral Toka whenever you come Mohammed on Salah love it he will sell them when our own will be coming coalition. Mr. Isaac I mean what are they do care

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whenever you come Mohamed salah, love it he will sell Sallam and tenemos Ston until Mastan what are they?

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What are the illa biLlah Ilana you love him so behind Rob Baker have been resenting your seafood was said more recently in well hamdulillah bill, I mean there are Medicare or hammer me