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Nuh 1-28 Tafsir 10-20

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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suddenly arnout assuta him get him a my birth for the villa him in a shade line Hello Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Bish lashley is Swati way assembly Md weidler affetto Melissa Nia Coco Lee probenecid.

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Lesson number 295 sort of North will begin from number 10 for culto style, Futura bircham inner who can have a photo, and when he called the people, whether it was openly or secretly, loudly or quietly, every time that he called the people in whatever way, what was the main message? What is it that he said to them, that for call to stop? So I said seek forgiveness from who are back home from your Lord in know who can have a photo indeed he is ever forgiving. earlier also what was mentioned el Fiddler comenzado become, over here also what has mentioned forgiveness. Because when doing Dawa, this topic of forgiveness is a very, very effective topic to talk about. Because many people, they

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live their lives in guilt, in sadness in despair, and the majority of the people, what religion do they follow Christianity in which What are they taught

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that people are born sinful, that we're born sinful? And that we have to believe in Jesus and only then we are forgiven. So anyway, most of the times, what's the state of people that they feel guilty, they feel sad, they are in depression and if you think about it, sadness and depression also results from what doing wrong. So talk about forgiveness, talk about the fact that Allah soprano data forgives that whatever has happened has happened now seek forgiveness.

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This topic of forgiveness, this characteristic of Allah subhanaw taala felt in no kind of a photo and this team in our religion, it gives so much hope to a person for example, instead of this woman, what do we learn that culinary by the Latina software, Allah and was he la Katana Rahmatullah in the La Jolla for the Nova, Jimmy,

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who was considered

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which other religion promises that, that in a La Jolla, Villa de novo jumia. All you have to do is turn to a lot seek forgiveness from him during to him cry before him. What do other people do? They go to the church confession, a confession box. That's not the way of seeking forgiveness. It doesn't free your guilt. It doesn't satisfy you. It doesn't bring you peace in your heart. What brings you peace in your heart is when you turn to Allah when you cry before him when you change your ways. So this is what we should be talking about. Talk about forgiveness.

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Don't scare people that if you do this, you'll become so simple that Allah will send you into alpha eternally, don't talk only about these things. also talk about what brings forgiveness. Because what people want is hope.

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A reason to live a reason to be happy.

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Because when people are away from the religion of Allah, they don't worship Allah, they're not fulfilling their purpose of life, then what happens? Their life, it feels meaningless, right? It feels empty.

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They feel sad. There's an emptiness in their lives. So what people want is hope. And this is what we should be giving them because religion gives a lot of hope. So use this way to call people

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bring people out of despair, out of the sense of loss for calls to stuff era back home, in who can have a father

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and then he tells them other benefits worldly benefits of his stuff out as well. And what are they that you silly seminar la comida Laura, he will send rain from the sky upon you in continuing showers. You turn to Allah and Allah will forgive you.

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And it's not just that he will forgive you. But he will also give you many benefits Indonesia because this is one of the benefits of is the forgiveness of sins and also blessings in dunya of them What is he mentioned use in a seminar in a committed Allah.

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He will send the sky upon you sky overhears mentioned figuratively what it means is the clouds in the sky. And how will he send it upon you? medrol medrol is from the roof Del Oro and the root is a chic ama that gives a lot of milk.

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The root is a chic ama that gives a lot of milk. I know midroc is an AI that weaves a lot and every little thing the person starts crying. So medrol is abundant rain bringing abundant water

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and the structure medrol What does it mean? Sometimes we fall is also used for mobile

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For example, milk cow is used for a woman who has given birth to many, many boys. McNair mythos is a woman who has given birth to many doctors. So medrol is of the structures of mobile law. So use in a seminar la comida RA,

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inserted because of the disbelief of the people of know how to sell Allah subhanaw taala initially sent them the minor punishment and what was that minor punishment?

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drought, famine.

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So he told them seek forgiveness from your Lord and Allah will send the sky upon you in profusion abundant rain, and not just that, but what you need to be unwell and what they need. And he will give you increase in wealth and children in that what does that mean to reinforce, replenish the supplies reinforce so add on to them, you have wealth, Allah will increase your wealth for you you have children, Allah will increase your children for you. Or you have none Allah will give you where you need to be unwell in Weber Nene where there are local genetic and Allah who make for you gardens, which are under common law, and he will make for you rivers as well. So why do you not seek

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So he tells him the benefits of his default. And we see that it wasn't just new hydrosol, who told people about the benefits of his default who invited his people to seek forgiveness. But the rest of the prophets also did that. Every messenger invited his people to do is to farm to seek forgiveness from Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam did that. And many other messengers, we don't incertitude they're mentioned. And they also did that. And we see that, in particular, the benefits of so far that are mentioned, what are they reading? What else? What else? Well, children,

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Jeannette gardens, and and her five things are mentioned over here. The first is rain. We learned that her mother mahatama the learner once he ascended the member to perform celestial is this part. What is solid is this

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Prayer For Rain, when it hasn't rained for a long time, then you pray for the rain to fall down. So he got up on the member to perform the saddle is the scar and he did not do more than seeking a loss forgiveness. Meaning when he got up, what did he do? He sought forgiveness. And he recited the ayah that mentioned seeking Allah forgiveness. And then he said, Verity, I have sought rain with the peace of the sky which caused the rain to descend.

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So how did he pray is this caught by is the fall by seeking forgiveness. Because this is a promise of a law you do is still thought and these are the benefits. We also learned that once has an buslee

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he was in a gathering and a person came to him and he complained to him of drought, no rain so he said to him seek forgiveness of Allah

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and other person came to him and he complained to him of poverty. A third one came and he said I do not have wealth I do not have children. So people came in and started complaining about many many different things into every single person he said do is to do

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so then the people who were with him they wonder that people brought you different complaints into each one you said do is the hall How come so he recited this ayah to them in response it's all to stuff you don't have become a new kind of a fellow US citizen are a common law. You want rain? Do you want children? Well you did you can be unwell in whatever name you want well do is the fall. Where do I look on genetic journalism and Hello. So what is the solution to many of our problems? is tougher. Because remember that sins, what do they create in a person's life? difficulties, hardships

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will enter the unknown minute, Edna dooner that will aquarela loomio do your own Allah subhanaw taala makes people taste minor punishment, which comes in the form of difficulties in life for the sense that they have committed.

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So when a person does is to follow then what happens when those sins are forgiven? Then those difficulties will be removed.

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This is why we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also what did he do? He would do a lot of

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elbow karate learn what was he taught to recite at the end of the Salah.

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Which is it Allahumma inni let them to nuptse lumen cattier en la fille de novo Illa and fulfill Lima Felton Minar Indic or harmony in the candle for him.

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So it's the five seeking forgiveness as a means of creating ease in life and also a source of many benefits. She's mentioning of a couple who tried for many years didn't have children. And then one day they said we're going to start doing a lot of Mr. Hardy did that hamdullah they already have their second child

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Just imagine,

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people go through so many difficulties. And you know what many times people come and talk to you. They're not that interested in Dean, but they will come and talk to you Why? Because you're going through some difficulty.

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And they will come and share their problems with you, they will come and ask you for advice, and they will come and discuss their issue with you. Then at that time, what should you say to them? Do at that moment, grab them.

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At that moment, tell them to turn to Allah and tell them the benefits of Islam.

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And if you just tell them this one thing, just too is too far, just too is too far. Even this one thing is sufficient. Because we want to tell them about so many other things. Why don't you study the Quran? And why don't you join the chorus? And why don't you do this? And why don't you do that good. However, start with something practical that they can actually do that they will actually find hope and immediate results. And

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so this is the way of calling people to Allah as well when they come and discuss their issues with you. Don't just cry with them. Tell them to do is to

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and we see over here that new Hallo. Salaam is not just telling them about religious benefits of Mr. Farr, but also mainly what is it telling them worldly benefits of his stuff? Because Don't forget the psychology of people. Most of the people what do they like immediate results. Most of the people, they love this linear. So don't forget that. Don't ignore that. It's a fact. So when you're calling people to Dean, also tell them about worldly benefits. Not just religious benefits, not just benefits in the ACA but also those that they enjoy in the dunya.

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Let's listen to the recitation and then continue

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then he tells them Malecon lethargy una De La Hoya Cora, what is the matter with you What is wrong with you that you do not attribute to Allah do grander? Though Juna is from Roger and remember the two meanings of Roger? What are they hope, as well as fear.

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So, if we take the meaning of hope, when you hope for something, do you start believing in it?

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Yes, you can only hope for something when you actually have believed that this may happen, this can happen.

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So over here till June it gives meaning of it to God belief. So letter June Allahu akara. Meaning you do not have any work or meaning respect, dignity for Allah, in the faith that you have. Meaning the faith that you have, how come you do not Why do you not give workout to Allah? Why do you not have proper regard for him? Why do you not attribute greatness to Allah? Because if you think about it many times, what is the problem with the belief of people

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the belief that they have about a loss of God, that He has a child or he has many partners

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and they cannot understand how Allah subhanaw taala does not need children does not need a wife does not need a partner.

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They cannot understand that.

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So we're he's questioning them that what is wrong with you, you do not attribute to Allah huaca perfection, dignity, the due grandeur and respect that he deserves. You attribute weakness to him, leather jewelry languor color because they were also doing chip. Secondly, thurgoona over here also gives meaning of whole fear that why don't you fear the greatness of Allah? Why don't you fear the grandeur of Allah?

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And then let them do Allahu Akbar, and other meanings that Why do you not hope for dignity, for work or from a law? That Why do you not hope that when you will believe Allah will dignify you, Allah will honor you? Because mostly, what do people think if we become religious? That's it, we're finished. So over here, why don't you hope for dignity from Allah you think you will worship and you think you will obey Him you will learn his book and he will humiliate you know, expect good from Allah hope for good from him. So Malcolm, letter jewelry lady Wakata and remember the meaning of the word will have respect. We have learned earlier to our zero to aku Toki. What does the field mean

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from the same route? To respect and honor someone? So a car is to have respect to have dignity to have honor. So why do you not attribute that to Allah? Why do you not hold

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from Allah,

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workaholic Akuma kawara. While he has created you in stages, think about it. Allah is so great. He has created you in stages of what is the plural of both? Or it's the plural of both or to power. And Tov. What does it mean? It's basically a state of something that changes over time, a state of something that changes over time in a certain measure, meaning it doesn't stay the same, but rather it changes from one state to the other, one stage to the next.

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And this is why the word also applies to noer type,

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one is stage and the other is type because each stage is unique is different from the other. So there are two different stages do different types.

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So we'll call the hollow Kakuma to Allah when he has created you in stages. What does it mean by that? That the Ottawa that the mud from which other medicine was created, that under when

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you think about in the Quran, many different words have been used for the mud, the dust from which other medicine was created, by for example, de la, Sol Sol, what else? Clean?

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What else? hammer in must noon? So there are many different words and all these different words, what do they show the different stages that dust underwent until finally, from it as the medicine was created, so we'll call the Hello Coco.

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Secondly, Coca Cola, Coca Cola at water first, the different stages of creation in the womb of the mother, that how initially to sperm drop and then a blood clot, and, and so on and so forth, until the human form is complete. And then a person is born. And then after a person is born, does he remain the same for the rest of his life, no alcohol, an infant and then grows up to be a toddler, and then a child and then older and older,

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until the person becomes an adult, and then when he becomes an adult and eventually becomes a senior senior citizen. So all 12 different stages will have 100. Kakuma tomorrow, then at what is also understood as the different types because one of the meanings of photos also no type. So khattala whom Eduardo meaning he has created, you have different different types. Each person is unique in his appearance,

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how it's amazing that one person has full ability and other person does not have full ability, one person is healthy and other is ill, one person is physically fit and other is disabled. One person can see another is blind, one person can hear another is deaf, one person is rich, another is poor. So all of these different types who has created a loss soprano Tyler aka the Hanako.

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Allah has created you in stages, allies created you in different different types. So what does it show to you the power of Allah, yet you do not have any respect for him. The one who changes you from one state to the other. You think that if you become a believer, you come closer to Allah, you will lose are completely under dunya

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hope for good from Allah.

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Allah Kaku Attila

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and antero Do you not see gay for Hanukkah Allahu savasana working please

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do not see Have you ever reflected that how Allah has created the seven heavens in layers please call we have done this word earlier as well. One layer on top of the other. What journal comma fee in any has made the moon there in in the sky. Allah subhanaw taala has placed the moon as what fee in the neuron as a light Magellan comma Camila fee in the neuron that this moon gives you light which Allah Shem says the Raja and he has made the sun a lamp. Siraj from the reflector seen lodging and Sahaja is used for beauty

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herson beauty so it is such light that is also extremely beautiful. With jerilyn Amalfi, hiner neuron which Allah Sham sassy Raja and Surat is also lamp. So lamp is a source of light. So during the day, the sun shines as a result of which there is light. But during the night when there is a light of the moon, where does that come from? The light of the sun as well.

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So first of all, he mentioned to them of what the signs that are within yourself in your own body. And then after pointing to them the signs which are in your own body that he mentioned in the signs that are around the skies above the moon, the sun will law Who am better calm and Allah has produced you. He has

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caused you to grow meaning of the from the earth Nevada a progressive growth. Allah has made you to grow from where? From this earth? How is it possible that we are made to grow from this earth we don't grow like plants do we are connected with the soil we can move about. So what does it mean by this? That first of all, our origin is from what might otherwise have been created from mud? What does it mean? That our origin is also from mud?

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Then secondly, our nourishment, our food, sustenance, where does that come from the earth as well.

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A person might say, but I don't eat any salads. I don't eat any leaves. I don't eat any vegetables or fruits. I only survive on meat proteins. But if you think about it, the meat that you eat how does that grow?

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What do these animals eat plants so hello I'm better communists are the Allah has made you to grow from the earth how Nevada a progressive growth just as plants grow. This is how you grow as well your nutrition, your food, it comes from where? From this earth. So my you're either comfy her, then he will return you into it. Now you're on the surface of the earth, growing, growing, growing, and then eventually a time will come when he will return you back into the earth in your graves. And when you're in your graves, what's going to happen after that? Well you heard you come and he will take you out is Roger a taking up meaning he will take you out of the earth completely and when is

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that at resurrection? Will Lahu janilla come will Irby CELTA and Allah has made for you the earth and expanse. Besides besonderen, flutters bear siento basata, what does better mean to spread something? So he has made for you the earth bees out, meaning like a carpet, like a rug that has been spread out for you.

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That how this earth is open before you expand it for you. You don't feel tight on this earth, but rather its vast, spacious will Lahu Jelena como Adobe Silva? Why is it so that Allah has made this earth vast for you? Let us look at human hair that you may follow there in sibulan feugiat route of passage, let us leuco silica what does that mean, to enter upon a bath, a passageway and continue to walk on it. So this earth is made vast and spacious, so that you can travel you can follow in this earth several ways, ways that are featured What does fudge mean? broad open. It's used for mountain roads, pathways that are between mountains. So you can travel throughout its spacious roots. So

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first of all, a lot of panel data has created you in stages, then he has provided you your nourishment that comes from this earth as well.

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To give you light, a last place a sun in the moon, so that you have light in the day and in the night. And on this earth, Allah subhanaw taala has made it such that it's vast and spacious, you don't feel constricted. You don't feel claustrophobic. But rather, you go out you breathe, you feel that you're in such an open space. Imagine if the earth was such that it made us feel tight all the time. How suffocated and annoyed we would feel all the time you're inside a room or building a house and you step outside and you feel so good. You feel you can breathe, you feel you have space. And this earth is not such that it's just open and you don't know where to go. No Allah subhanaw taala

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has placed natural pathways and it has a natural pathway so that you can travel from one place to the other. He has made the earth such that a person can travel from one place to the other, he can go to different areas, different regions.

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So he conveyed to them he did the power to them in different ways new harness and somehow calling them to his default. Telling him the benefits of his worldly benefits of is tougher than pointing to them the creation of Allah subhanaw taala the favors that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed on them.

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We listen to the recitation

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Feel free to come in

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our bodies.

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Let us know

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So the speech of no Harris Now, what does that tell us?

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Early in this just we learned sort of milk? And what does that tell us about who God is.

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And over here we see that constantly is calling people to a loss of hunger, by telling them that he is He forgives, and then by telling them about the various favors that he has bestowed on people, in their own bodies, in the food they eat in the earth that live on the sky that is above them. So this is something very, very important when doing Dawa. give hope to people. Give them the maarif of who Allah subhanaw taala is because many times people, even Muslims, they don't really know about who Allah is.

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They just know about the fact that yes, Allah is merciful, he is forgiving, and that's it.

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But they don't know how he's merciful. They don't know how he's forgiving. What does that require from us? If people don't know about who Allah is that how can they worship Him? How can they have Taqwa of him?

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So, remember that when doing Darwin calling people to Allah, in any way, what should be our focus, calling them to a loss of data, and that will be done by giving them the medical advice. Sometimes our focus is on proving Islam to be the true religion. For example, we tell them about, you know, what's in the Quran and what science has proved. And we tell them about the laws that are in Islam and how they are beneficial for people. And we try to prove them to call people to Allah. But remember that even if people agree with you that okay, what the Quran says is good. It's not necessary, they will believe. I remember listening to one of the lectures by Jeff, he has a card in

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which he was mentioning about how, when he was younger, he was talking to somebody like this for many, many years. And he explained to them the reason behind her job, the wisdom of her job, the reason why all of the commands that are in our religion that people object to, and at the end, this person said yes, you know, you're right, Islam is a very good religion. And you've really cleared my mind, you've really made me understand, however, that person didn't accept Islam.

00:27:14--> 00:27:20

And then at that moment, he realized that this should not be our focus, our focus should be calling people to who have lost.

00:27:22--> 00:27:44

That's what all of the messengers did. They didn't prove the shehryar to the people, what do they do? They called people to the worship of Allah, they gave them the microphone. Because if that comes, and everything else will follow, the main thing is submission. Right? If a person has submitted to Allah, then he will follow the Sharia as well. And if he hasn't submitted to Allah, He will not follow the Sharia.

00:27:46--> 00:27:51

Our focus should also be not just numbers, but it should be that our people really getting it.

00:27:53--> 00:28:04

And if you just make them understand logically, this makes sense. Logically, that doesn't make sense. You explain the old religion to them like this, but it's not necessary that they will accept it. Acceptance only comes with love,

00:28:05--> 00:28:07

recognition, knowledge about Allah.

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So, the main thing is that we should give people the modified a lot because once they have fear of Allah, they will start praying. Once they have fear of Allah, they will stop doing bad things. And if without developing this maarif of Allah, you tell them 100 times Pray, pray, pray, they will not pray.

00:28:30--> 00:28:34

You tell them many times wear hijab they will not wear it.

00:28:35--> 00:28:48

Think about yourself as well. Did you not know you had to pray before Yes, you did. Did you not know you were supposed to do many other things or not do many things. Yes, you did. But what is it that made you do it eventually people telling you

00:28:49--> 00:28:51

or the Modify that you had developed of almost

00:28:53--> 00:29:27

all right. So the same thing that has changed you will also change other people. So approach in the right way. I remember this from Yvonne, there was a sister who converted and Ramadan and this sister Oh my god, Mashallah. When she accepted Islam right away, she wore that bias. She was like, I want to pray, I want to do everything. I'm gonna learn how to read the Quran. She's like, why wouldn't I want to please my Lord? We were so impressed by her that this girl like She's so excited about learning new things, whereas everybody else you know, even our Muslims, they're so hesitant. The jab, Okay, you know what, when I'm ready, this girl and she said she stopped drinking, she stopped

00:29:27--> 00:29:32

smoking, he stopped partying all because she learned to along with things that is truly the truth.

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And that is really man. When we told her that became Muslim, so all of your sins are forgiven, she say I feel complete now.

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To give good news as well. make people realize about the blessings that Allah Subhana God has given them blessings in their individual lives and blessings on people in general. And this is how they will develop love of Allah subhanaw taala because you only develop love for someone who has been very good

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Do you. So how do you get modified? I have a lot of people

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by telling people about the blessings that God has given us all that he has done all that He has given us.