Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P22 223B Tafsir Al-Ahzab 53

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of not entering houses of the Prophet salallahu, respecting personal privacy, and not going too early is emphasized. The rules of the royal household are discussed, including the importance of not going too early and not staying in the household for too long. privacy and privacy in public spaces are also emphasized, and privacy in large groups is emphasized. The importance of dressing appropriately for events and privacy in large groups is emphasized, and leaders are urged to avoid embarrassment and frustration.
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Yeah, are you hon Lavina, Manu, all you who have believed, letter the Hulu law, do not tell the Hulu you will enter, letter the Hulu, do not enter, who should not enter, the believers must not enter, enter where will you enter homes, houses, houses of who unabIe here of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam boo youth is the plural of the word bait. So all believers do not enter the houses of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam, as who, as uninvited guests, that just because you love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you want to see what he's doing in his house, what his house looks like, then do not go and enter into his house without permission, do not go as uninvited

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guests. You see, the thing is that anyone who is famous, all right, then their private life no longer remains private. People want to know about what happens in their most private lives also, inside their homes also, which is why it's amazing that you will find images and pictures of famous people, their houses, what their houses look like, what their rooms look like, what their living rooms look like, et cetera, et cetera. And over here, we are being taught the etiquette of respecting the privacy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this is something that extends beyond the Prophet sallallahu said, I'm also interested to know what we have learned that we must

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not enter the house, the private space of anybody without their explicit permission, if they have permitted us, then we enter otherwise, we do not enter. So over here, the believers are addressed that do not enter the houses of the Prophet sallallahu, where do you send them, this is not respectful, this is not appropriate. And this is something that would of course, disturb Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam INLA, except meaning the only situation where you are allowed to enter his house is when I'm that you then Allah calm, it is permitted for you, you will enter from the word even, and what does even mean permission. So unless it is permitted to you, meaning you are

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given the permission to enter the house, then you may enter, of course, given permission by who, by those who are inside. And that would mean either the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, himself or his family, and even permission, how is permission given to somebody to enter? Either it is even lovely, or it is even odfi Even lovely, meaning verbal permission, that yes, you may enter, come on in, alright, or a statement like that. Or even URfi, meaning it's recognized, it's understood that if such is the case, then permission has been granted to enter. Like, for example, if you go to somebody's house, they've invited you for a certain time. All right. And they have unlocked the

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door. It's summertime, and they have even slightly opened it. What does that mean? What does that mean? Come on in. Or, for example, they have told you from before that when you come, you don't need to ring the bell? Because I can't come to the door. 50 times, right. So if you find the door open, come on in, there's a sign outside. So this is even URfi, that it's understood. It's known that you have the permission to enter. All right, so in there, and then Allah Khan.

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And then it is said that Illa and you're gonna come unless it is permitted for you, meaning to enter Isla to tyerman food, meaning you have been invited to the house of the Prophet salallahu Salam, in order to eat some food for a meal. Now, fluid is specified here. Why? Because this idea is about a specific incident. All right. But what this makes clear to us is that there should be a reason for going to the house of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, you have been invited to come and eat, right? There's a reason you've been invited for a meal. So don't go randomly without reason to the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it has been permitted for you to come you are

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allowed to come in, and there is a reason you have been invited, then go ahead. Otherwise, imagine the Prophet salallahu Salam, how often how frequently you would be disturbed. Just think about it. The fact that all of his houses were right next to the masjid. All right. And in Medina, how many people would come even from outside? So many delegations, so many visitors? Right? You know, for example, when your phone is constantly ringing What do you do? You

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You can just turn it off, leave it downstairs, right? Or just put it on silent and leave it somewhere where you're not going to look at it. It's not going to bother you. But could the prophets Allah Allah said, Don't do that? No, he couldn't. Because of course, he was a prophet of Allah, he was there in order to teach in order to guide people. So over here, the believers are also being taught that for every little thing, don't go on asking permission, may I come in, may I come in, may I come in. If he's in his house, then if he has invited you himself to come and eat, then go and ask permission and enter. Otherwise, for every little thing, don't go and disturb him. In less than a

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loco in our farming, it has been permitted for you to come in order to eat some food, Leila, and even then, when you go to eat, then re era not meaning without now Wadena ones who are waiting in our home, it's readiness, whose readiness whose preparation of the food, all right, okay, right now leading now readiness. applause I'm off now live. And who is now live? One who Nevada? One who's looking at something. All right. But this word is also used for one who is waiting for something?

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Isn't it? Like, for example, if you are waiting for your cake to bake in the oven, are you going to look at it? How often? How often, why is it that we have to turn the light on of the oven. Why? I remember when I finally bought my dishes, when I moved into my own house and bought my dishes, I made sure that I got glass lids, because I had this problem that I have to look inside, you know, in order to see if the food is ready or not. And if it's not glass, then I'm going to keep lifting it and the steam where the heat is gonna go and the food is not going to get cooked. You understand? This is the problem with you know, people like me who are not really good at cooking that we have to

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keep looking. All right, you have to keep opening the oven. So this is Nevada, Nevada to look at something why because you're waiting. You're waiting for it. So they are now within once you go to his house in order to eat. Don't go so early, that you're sitting there waiting, waiting for what in our home, in our home, the readiness of the food in our who is a combination of inner and who who ate this has been made. It's a pronoun, referring to food and the word ena is from the root letters Hamza pneumonia.

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All right Hamza Lunia. Onion means time. And Anna yet Ni is the period of preparation meaning the time it takes for something to become ready. All right. So for example, for the food to get ready to become tender. Alright, to be fully baked, whatever it is that you're making.

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So Leila now Wadena II now who, when you go to his house, in order to eat, don't go so early, that you're just sitting there for hours waiting for the food to get ready so that you are served.

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And then when I can but either Doritos will when you are invited, meaning at the time that you have been invited then for the Hulu then you enter meaning don't go too early, don't go too late go and go at the time that you have been invited. And then once you go the food is served for either so when for ame Tom, you have eaten for me and Tom same route.

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Once you have eaten the food that was served to you then what should you do? Wait for another serving or wait to chill? No, Fanta Shirou then disperse in Tashiro known Shinra in tertiary and Tashiro to disperse to scatter meaning go your own ways. Once you have eaten then leave once the purpose has been met then leave Wallah and not most that knee Sina Musa Messina was that Messina is the plural of the word was that nice alright and was that nice? What do you think the route is?

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What do you think the root is? I heard something here

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from seeking okay. So that means he is not part of the root that is also not part of the root meme of course is not

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known Senia

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Hamza knew and seen good hands anyone seen. Okay good attempt 200 Allah

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so miss that Miss was that Miss is one who seeks on

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one who see

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AX owns What does owns mean?

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familiarity? All right, friendship. Basically it is to be social, to be sociable to socialize. So most Stepney seen ones wanting to be social and friendly and comfortable. All right, meaning those who are seeking to remain wanting taking interest in what li Hadees for Hadees What does Hadith mean? To chat speech conversation,

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meaning once you've eaten, then leave, and do not linger around, do not stay in order to get comfortable for the purpose of talking.

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Once the purpose has been met for that gathering, then leave because if you were to either come in without permission, or you were to come too early, or you were to stay beyond You're welcome, then what would happen in a valley calm indeed that or you are What does Valley can refer to all of this behavior from which we have been forbidden in this area? This is something that Kana it was that you v it hurts a Nubia the Prophet sallallahu early he was Allah. This is something that hurts the Prophet salallahu Salam, this is something that annoys him. This is something that bothers him this kind of behavior. Why does it bother him? Because you're wasting your time, and you're also wasting

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his time.

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And when you are staying in his house, or coming in without permission, you're staying in his house beyond your welcome. Then of course you are keeping him away from doing his work. You're keeping him away from being with his family. This is something that bothers the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam but because of his noble o'clock fire, steam income, so he feels shy from you. Yes, the he he feels shy. He feels shy of you, meaning he feels too shy to tell you to come a little later. He feels shy to tell you to come in with permission. He feels shy to tell you to get up and leave. He feels too shy because of his good o'clock because we're in the color Allah Hoolock in alim. Indeed,

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam was on a very high standard of good character, faster him income, will Allah Who and Allah lie yes, that ye he does not feel shy, minimal help from the truth. Allah does not feel shy from the truth. And this is the reason why he has not left out anything that is necessary for you to know. And even over here, Allah is teaching you this etiquette, these rules of visiting the house of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and by extension, visiting the houses of other people also.

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So in this ayah, up until now, what do we see that the people the Muslims are being taught a very beautiful etiquette with regards to visiting the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And for this idea, as I mentioned to you earlier, there is a particular context there was a reason why this ayah was revealed. And that's when Malika Dilawar and who he reported and this is a Hadith in Bukhari, that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam got married to Zenobia, Lahore, and we learned about his marriage to Xena in the previous verses, right? So when the marriage took place, the prophets of Allah sent have invited the people to a meal for a walima and remember that unassailable

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Allah one who said that the best walima was this one, right? Because there was meat and bread.

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All right, there was meat and bread for us. Forget about a walima. This is a standard lunch or dinner party, right? There has to be some major carb and some major, you know, protein, meat, especially. So this was, you know, a very memorable event because the food was so good. All right. So anyway, and so the low iron who he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam invited the people to eat the walima food. So what happened? They took the meal, they came, they ate, and they remain sitting and talking. So the Prophet salallahu salam after some time, he showed them as if he was ready to get up.

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But what happened? Still, some people did not get up.

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When he noticed that there was no response to his movement. He got up he actually got up. All right before what happened. He was showing as if he's about to get up. But then when people didn't get it, the prophets of Allah said him he got up

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And and the others too many other people they got up, except for three people who kept sitting. So the Prophet salallahu Salam he left, along with many of the Sahaba they are left but three people stayed behind. And what were they doing, they were just talking.

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The Prophet sallallaahu salam after some time, he came back in order to enter that house and that house was the house of Xena but of de la Mancha. But what happened, those people were still there. So the Prophet salallahu Salam went away, he came back again. But the people were still there. He left and this happened a couple of times, they didn't get it. And eventually what happened, they left and then unassailable, lower and who he went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to find him and to inform him that those people have gone. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then he went to the house of Xena but of the lower on her. And as over here it has mentioned that do not enter without

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permission. All right. And then later on in the IEA is mentioned that when you go to ask the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for something, ask from behind a screen. So what happened? And so the low or no, he said that the Prophet saw the loss, and I went in and I was gonna go behind him, but he drew the curtain, because this is when these ayat were revealed. All right, in another report, we learn, which is also in body and this will deliver on who he said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam got married to say no, but I'll do a lot more on how with the wedding feast of meat and bread, and I sent someone to invite people to the feast, and some people came and ate and they left.

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Then another group came and ate and left. He said, I invited people until there was no one left to invite.

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There was no one left to invite. All right, this was the Alim of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, everybody was invited in batches.

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So what happened eventually, unless although I knew he said that Oh, messenger of Allah salAllahu Salam, I cannot find anyone else to invite. So he said, Okay, wrap up the food. And I saw the the line who said I went, and there were three people left who were talking in the house, the profits on the line, it said him, he went out, and he went to the house of I showed the lower and he spoke to her, and then he went to see the other wives. And then those people were still there, so and so the lower and who, eventually when those three people left, he went and called the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So now you understand why Allah subhanaw taala revealed this ayah.

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But this ayah is so beautiful, because it really teaches us how we must show respect to other people. Right? Their privacy, their private lives, their time, their work,

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most importantly, their time, right, their time alone their time with their families, this is something that we need to respect. The thing is that people gather for various purposes, right, we gather for different reasons, whether it is for a wedding, or you know, in our pizza, or eat, party, whatever it may be, if GPA. And generally for such occasions, there's also food. Right? There's also food that is served. So over here by mentioning the house of the Prophet salallahu, salam, all of us are taught the etiquette that avoid everything that would be a means of troubling the host, the host is doing you a favor by inviting you. So do not overstep the bounds and causes trouble to the host.

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So that next time, he doesn't even think about hosting an event or calling you over.

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So what are the lessons that we learned over here?

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What are the lessons that we learned over here? Think, look at the eye and tell me, what's the first thing we learn?

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What's the first thing we learn?

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exactly. seek permission before going.

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Do not go to a party, to a wedding, to somebody's house, to any occasion

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as uninvited guests.

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This is disrespectful to the host. And if we have not been invited somewhere, let's not invite ourselves over there. And if we have not been invited somewhere, let's not get offended over there either. Because if someone has invited us, it's their choice. It's their right to either invite us or not. Right, because it's their house. It's their food. It's their money. They have the privilege of sharing it with somebody or not sharing it with somebody. So let's not get offended when people forget to invite us or when they do not invite us. All right. And let's not impose ourselves on other people either. And these days how

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Under the law, it's really not difficult to seek permission. This idea does not mean do not seek permission before going to somebody's house. This idea does not mean don't go to other people's houses. That's another extreme. What this is teaching us is that before you go, seek permission, and don't go for every little thing, go for some genuine reason.

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Don't just go into other people's houses and just sit there for hours and hours being served tea, and then dinner. And then one thing after the other, maybe the third cup of tea, right? Love tea was done. Now some juice. Now some snack, right now some TV now some conversation? No, don't do that. Because this kind of attitude, what does it show that a person neither cares about their own time? Nor do they care about the time off? Others?

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Right? So this is something that we need to remember when we're going to somebody's house. Right?

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Not just house. But even when, you know, sitting with somebody, let's say you're at school, you see your friend sitting in the library doing her work? Is it appropriate then? And maybe she's having her bagel? Right? Is it appropriate that you go sit right next to her and you start eating her bagel also, and you start interrupting her every few minutes, and you sit down chill with her? Right? She's chill with me. Or just because she's chill with you doesn't mean you eat half her bagel and disturb her when she's trying to get her assignment done. Right? This is childish behavior. Children do not understand the concept of interruption, isn't it, that when two people are having a

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conversation, they'll go on interrupting. Why? Because they have something to say they'll say, even if other people are talking.

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So this is something that we need to remember that other people's time, their privacy, it deserves respect, their private space, the work that they're doing, it deserves respect. So let's not interfere, let's not interrupt, let's not go into their office, or their meeting, or their house, or their bedroom, or interrupt their phone conversation or anything like that without their permission.

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So that's the first thing. What's the next thing that we learned in this aisle?

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Okay, second thing is, do not go too early.

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Meaning go on time. And by extension, we can also understand this as on the flip side do not go too late either. Unless something happened and you've communicated with the host you have informed them. That's understandable. Right? But otherwise going too early. How could that be a problem? How could that be a problem? Yes.

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The food isn't ready. Tell me something. I'm sure all of you have had guests over. Right? So until the minute before guests arrive, what are you doing as a host?

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Running around?

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Isn't it? You're running around?

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This is something very normal. Why are you running around? Because maybe you have to take something out of the oven, do something on the stove, maybe put the dishes in the dishwasher and maybe do something else? Right? You're working until the guests arrive and sometimes even after the guests arrive. So if the guests arrive too early, and we happen to be those guests, isn't that going to create difficulty for the host? Because do they sit with us or do they prepare the food?

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Right? And then on top of that, it's embarrassing for the host that the guest is here. They're waiting and the food is not ready. You understand? So later on Adelina you know. Now let's extend this beyond just a food related party or event.

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Otherwise also, the time that we have been given is it respectful to show up before time?

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Is it respectful? You see we find this a little strange because generally we do the exact opposite. Right? We go very late. Right? We don't go early early is something that's you know, not even an option for us. We always go late, but even going early is something that we have to avoid Go ahead.

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Salaam aleikum

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about the invited like when you invited a wedding sometimes what happens people invited 150 people and then what happens 200 People comes because uninvited people like for example. You tell your friend Oh, I'm going wedding. Come with me. And reality in our religion. If you're not invited, I guess us is telling us we're not even supposed to attend. And that

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invitation saw it's yeah, it's really desire given us clear.

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We're not supposed to go where we not invited or even eat. Yeah, I mean it

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may happen with you that, you know, somebody's invited you and you find out that your cousin, for example, just came over. And now she's staying with you, you're going to a party, it's not respectful that you leave your cousin behind. So you can ask the host always. Right, you can inform the host you can ask them

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how many come I know somebody who was very curious, a young girl to get a job, government job. And she was so curious that he went one day early, instead of tomorrow. And she reported that for interview, they said you have interview tomorrow? How come you came one day early? She lost? She lost the entire interested.

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How do you handle the situation where uninvited guests do come over? You know, because sometimes it may be relatives. Right? So in that situation, what should we do? We see over here the clock of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam right? First the human come. He was shy, because of his good o'clock. He didn't say anything to them. He tried to show them that Okay, I gotta get up and go. I'm gonna go do something. He tried to show them but they didn't understand. They didn't get it because they wanted to stick around and talk to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it was a wedding. You know? walima it's a party. So they wanted to have fun. Mr. Messina Lee Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was shy,

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but Allah subhanaw taala, he clarified the matter over here, right? So this shows that maybe not at that occasion when people do come over. But otherwise, if Allah has revealed this rule in the Quran, then we must share this with our friends, as well as our families. This is sacred knowledge. I think there's a bit of like a cultural context, I think you need to know about what that sister was sharing about uninvited guests. My friend. She's Somali. And she was telling me how, in Somali weddings, it's a huge problem that people invite, like certain people, and then they invite their own friends and and like it's chaotic. Basically, that happens a lot. I mean, I think it's not

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limited to some cultures only this is a human issue. I remember there was one same

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Super Bowl party somewhere.

00:27:17 --> 00:27:58

And initially, they were supposed to be what, maybe five, six people. And by the end of it, I think over 20 people showed up, which is fine in sha Allah. But this is something that happens. I mean, there are situations in which you can ask the host if you can come. But you know, this is decency that we must seek permission before going. So whether we are Pakistani or Somali, or whoever we are, any kind of event that we're going to forget about event, if we're going to visit somebody's house, even before that seek permission, call and ask. And the thing is that if we don't seek permission before going, it will cause us frustration. What if we go there, and they're not even there? What if

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we go there, and they're in a rush to go somewhere? Right? So we feel disrespected? Go ahead. So when he come? I think it's important also for those who are organizing the parties to actually start on time, because sometimes they tell you please come at six and they start at 10pm. So what are you supposed to do there too? It's both sides, I think, exactly. Does that feel okay for bringing that? Because it is a problem? So often it happens when I'm invited somewhere, I asked him what time should I actually come at? You know, because I know that the invites has four o'clock, but what time is the lecture supposed to start this a 530? I'm like, Okay, I'll come at 545 They said yes. Okay,

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come at 545 We'll start at six. So, this is what happens, you know, so, we need to respect our own time and also the time of other people. Yes, I mean, when they say which time okay, for non family members, five o'clock, and family should come at six o'clock. Now, they have two times. Interesting. Go ahead.

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Another problem is when you buy the like, example, you invited 10 People 20 People you have specific for you ordered,

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and they will come you have to wait two more hours or four hours or maybe they will show up after we finish and you will be important situation because you have to figure out what kind of food maybe they are close family and you cannot give them some kind of food left over. So it's always is the situation that you don't know how to solve it sometimes. Exactly. So, you know, change begins where? From who? From ourselves, right? So we need to think about what we do. When we go to somebody's house or when we have people over. We need to change our behavior we need to conform to what this Ira teaches us because Allah subhanaw taala addresses who Alladhina amanu this is part of your Eman

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this is something that your Eman demands from you. This is for the purpose of perfecting and completing and beautifying your iman. So let that Hello butanna Be

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In Uganda, Camila Timon, Leila Nelles Latina Inaho then what's the next thing we learned in this ayah? For either for him to fantasy rule once you've eaten, then go while Amistad new scenery Hadees do not linger around waiting. For what for chit chat. This is also something very, very important

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that once food has been served and you've eaten, then go

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Go and do your work. You know even when it comes to salatu Jumeirah in Sorrento tomorrow, what is it that we have been instructed that when Salah is complete, when Salah is done, then what should you do? Go disperse through the land and seek the provision. Meaning Don't just sit there wasting your time unless you're doing every bother. And even forever that there is a time before Joomla. Now once Joomla is done, go do some work, get busy in something productive in something useful. So this is also something that we need to remember that once the food has been served party is over, then go. I think the problem is that we overdressed for parties in general, right? So it doesn't make sense to

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go to a party for just an hour and a half and eat barely anything because the food was too spicy. And then leave. You know, we want to make sure that if we've gotten dressed up, we take full advantage of it. So an hour and a half seems too little of a time. So we stick around later on in order to make sure that all that time invested in dressing up, you know is paid off. Go ahead. Alyssa like gives us this command the Quran. So it shows that this isn't something we should be offended by. If someone else is saying, I'm sorry, I'm busy. You can't come over right now. Or I'm sorry, you need to leave. It's not something we should get offended by. Because Allah subhanaw taala

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has told us this is the truth. This is what you should be doing anyways.

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And you see over here, the context is wedding.

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All right. So think about weddings, in particular. The people were sitting in the house of the prophets on a lot of time that house was the house of Zeno, but of the lawn. All right, she was there, because this was before the Ayat of hijab were revealed. All right, she was there, other people are there. But these three outsiders are there who need to leave and they're not leaving, which is why the Prophet sallallaahu Salam cannot sit with his wife, he cannot talk to her. You understand? And typically what happens, our wedding celebrations, all right, they are such that by the end of the wedding, the bride and groom are completely exhausted, literally exhausted.

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And then they have no time for each other. They have no time for each other. Why is it that our weddings have to be super late. I mean, the wedding is supposed to end at 10. But it begins at 12. And then by the time guests leave, and the bride and the groom get to where they have to get to the time to pray Fajr you understand? Exactly that day, the wedding day is not for the bride and groom anymore. Really it isn't.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:30

It really isn't. And what happens eventually, that first the guests leave within the families they have to stick around right? And then sometimes in the families around they have to go with the bride and groom to their house even. And once they go to the house they have to sit there waiting for what? Allahu Allah

00:33:32 --> 00:33:54

I have witnessed this myself and it bothers me don't you see the fatigue in the eyes of the poor groom and the fatigue in the eyes of the poor bride. I mean, she started with all that makeup and that jewelry and those heavy uncomfortable clothes and those shoes, let her relax. You know, when I was starting the scenery, hotties don't do that. This is something very disrespectful.

00:33:55 --> 00:34:08

And beyond the wedding also, otherwise also, this is something that we need to respect. I mean, how, how sad it is that literally now from banquet halls, people are being told it's time to go.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:16

They're being told it's time to go. I mean, people who own the banquet halls they have to wrap up also don't

00:34:17 --> 00:34:22

they have to go to their homes also. And they cannot wrap up as long as you're there.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:36

So while I'm certainly Sina Lee Hadees because in the valley con Cana you the Nabhi here Fiesta HeMan come Walla hula yesterday, mineral health Allah is not shy of the truth.

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