Finding Peace #29 – How calamities are lifted

Wael Ibrahim


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of people with Islam and how they complain when they are in trouble. They argue that people should focus on what they can do to change their situation and avoid negative consequences. The speaker also talks about the reaction of people to the actions of Showers and the need for acknowledgement of one's weaknesses and mistakes.
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We all have experienced difficulties in life there is no doubt about that. And some of us have turned to Allah subhanaw taala by means of supplications and Dwyer and others became despondent and depressed in the sort of evening complaining about Allah strikers that he had tested them with. I always teach my students to get themselves busy with the things that they are in control instead of complaining unnecessarily with things that they will never be able to to change or to bring about some positive results or a positive outcome when we are in difficulties. When we are experiencing some calamities. We should sit relax and think about what can we do to change the situation or favor

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instead of complaining and crying over our condition because Be careful my brothers and sisters Islam complaining could mean that you are not happy with the destiny with the other of Allah subhanaw taala and this is an area and he category of the disbelievers whereas below those who lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala to be extra vigilant and extra careful not to complain when Allah subhanaw taala put you into these situations of difficulties and trials when we look at the story of Eunice Ali Salaam and how Allah subhanaw taala commanded him to call people to the name of Allah subhanaw taala and how those people have responded negatively to his cold so he became a

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bit angry and tired of calling them to Islam and tired of the rejection. Then he left them he left his people and and went away from them then Allah subhanho wa Taala rebuke that action in the Quran Allah said well then Noni is the harbor move all the been woven and Len naka de la la. And the known this is the title of Eunice Ali Salaam, when he went out a bit angry at the reaction of his people, while vonleh en Len naka de la and he thought for a moment that we are incapable, well, I have to blur from rebuking him or from getting in control of his entire situation or his entire life. And then as we know Allah subhanaw taala will test us Ali Salaam, away, he in the sea will come and

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actually swallow him hole and he will remain in this darkness, the darkness of the belly of the whale, the darkness of the sea and the darkness of the night. But then look at the attitude of universalism, he never complained. He never say that I'm a prophet, you've selected me for this job, and I went, as you have commanded me, I did not disobey you. Why? Why am I being punished and so on and so forth. He never complained instead, Fernanda fruitville Amati and ILA in an Suba hanoch. In the consuming of volume in he called upon Allah subhanaw taala. This should be the attitude of the believers when they are tested when they are in that situation of difficulty to call upon Allah

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subhanaw taala La ilaha illa Anta Suba Hannukah in equal to me, navali me

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and there is no god worthy of worship except you your Allah Subhana Glory be to You in the consuming of volume in indeed I was among the wrong doors, I made a mistake, acknowledgement of our weakness, this is what we need to do, whenever we are in that situation. So Padawan what was the reaction? What was the response from Allah subhanaw taala first the javelin Allah one a J. Now who Minami what Kalika noon g Mini, then we responded to him and we lifted this calamity away from him, we removed this calamity from him and then I lost my thought I made at the end a beautiful statement, and this is the way how we save the believers. This is the way this is the method my brothers and sisters

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learn this learn either in an Uber Hana in equal to minute volume in with full conviction again, acknowledgement that Allah subhanaw taala is the only deity to be worshipped praising him glorifying his name, Allah subhanho wa Taala and acknowledge acknowledgement of our weakness and our errors and our mistakes to humble ourselves enough to acknowledge and agree that we have earned and we deserve what we've been tested with that is the way a las panatela say work Adelie can engine meaning this has been always the way of saving the believers and this will be always the way of saving the believers May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and save us from all the difficulties of this

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dunya and all the calamities that are surrounding us. I mean, I mean, I mean, as salaam, Allah Kumar, who