Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L291A

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Al-Mulk 1-30 Translation 1-30

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Muhammad Ali Al Karim, a mother for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem labiche rashly surgery were silly emri

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letter melissani of koko de

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la semana number 291 sora is number one 230 Translation

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debout aka he was greatly blessed

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Alevi The one who Beardy, he in his hand.

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The Kingdom the Dominion wahoo and He is Allah upon, Kohli every che in thing ideal on always all Abel

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under the the one who halaqa he created and motor that while higher and the life Lia Beluga calm so that he may test you a Yukon which of you Our son is best Armada indeed wahoo and he is under Aziz the always Almighty Allah food he always on are the most forgiving.

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And lady, the one who halaqa he created several seven Some are working heavens, skies, playback on one above another or playback or in layers

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may not data, you see see in content creation of rushman of the Most Merciful men from the firewood. Any disharmony from Jerry servitor and Alba Sora. Division. How do you see men from football in any cracks? And he splits some then is Jared return Alba sorta division called latini. twice, yet again, young college, it will return a Laker to you and bustle division, the site classy and humiliated. wahiawa why while it has Iran exhausted while occurred and certainly the yen we adorned a summer the sky at dunya afterworld be masabi here with lamps. Weather Alert her and we made it through duman as missiles lisha clean for the Satan's what our third dinner and we prepared the home for them either

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punishment or sorry, of the blazing fire one in levena and for those who careful datas believed belong to him with their or their punishment jahannam of hell will be set and how bad and must lead the destination either when

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they were cast. See her in it send me they heard let her for it. Shahi on inhaling sound. We're here while it the fool it flares up. It boils over deca do it is near to my Yazoo it bursts men from unveil the anger Coloma whenever

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it was put it was thrown see her in it folgen a group set Allah home he asked them Hosanna to her it's keepers alum did not yet DICOM he come to you know your own any Warner. I knew they said Bella Why not? But in fact, Jana he came to us no deal on a warner seca debonair but we belied walk on and we said man not necessarily he sent down Allahu Allah min che in from anything in not until you are Illa except fee in Berlin. A string cubbies great what kalu and they said low if only corner we were not smart we listen. Oh or nakliye do we understand man not gonna we were fee in US have companions, a serie of the blazing fire for total food. So they recognized be them be him with their sin for

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soccer distance. leaders have four companions a series of the blazing fire in indeed alladhina those who

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Yes, Shona, they fear about the home, they're up. They live with the unseen law home for them multilateral forgiveness or add your own and a reward can be your own great. What a steal rule and you all keep secret. Oh luck on your speech or image of who you are proclaim, be with it in the who indeed he or the moon always all nor be that with possessor of sudo of the chests, Allah should not Yala mu Keno man who halaqaat he created, wha hoo, and he is unlikely, the always all perceiving

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and hobbies, the always aware who he led the one who Jilin he made lacuna for you of the earth, the lowland submissive, Fung Shui, so you all walk fee in monarchy, her, its shoulders, what kulu and you all eat men from risk he His provision, what he lay, he and to him, a new shoe, the resurrection,

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did a mentum you all became safe, you all became secure money from who she is, in a summer the sky, and that he asifa he causes to sink back home with you all over the earth for either then suddenly hear it, the Moodle it shakes.

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Or, I mean to you became safe man from who fee is in a summer the sky and that your sailor he sends our lay come upon you how sleeper a shower of stones fester talamona, then soon, you will know

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kafer how nidd my warning while occurred and certainly get the Hebrew light and Medina those who made from I believe him before them for kafer then how can it was nikiti my denial my reproach

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our them did and not euro they see Illa two words have played the birds FOCA home above them saw affecting ones with wings outspread or saw fatin once arranged in rows, what and Jacobian they fold in man not UMC Kahuna, he holds them in there except of rushman the Most Merciful in know who indeed he became Lee with every Shay in thing but so you don't always have seen a man or who has is this under the the one who who he is gendun and army locum for you. Beyond solocom he helps you main from dooney other than a rush man the Most Merciful in not alkaff your own the disbelievers in their except fee in rural in deception and men or who have is this lady The one who Yasuko comb he

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provides you in if I'm second he would help that is a who is provision, but rather let do they persisted fee in eartha, when disobedience and no folding version

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fmM is then who am she he walks mckibbon upside down either upon whether he is space, the more guided a man or who am she he walks so we straight Allah upon slot of that was the beam straight. Old say who he is a lady. The one who unshackled He created you were Jana, and he made Lacan for you a summer the hearing while avasarala and the sights while f EDA and the hearts by the lemma, very little dish guru you all give thanks cool say who he led the one who there are acoem he dispersed you fee in a lovely the earth what la he and to him to Sharon your will be gathered waiuku Luna and they say matter when Heather this Anwar do the promise in if quantum you were saw detain ones who

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are truthful polls say in number indeed not but and remove the knowledge in the law with Allah. We're in number and indeed not but Anna, I know you

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On a warner movie in one clear fella then when they saw it zonal pattern approaching, see, it became bad. It became distressed. Would you who faces and levina of those who cafaro datas believed what Lila and it was said had this lady which control you will be here with it that their own you are asked for or that their own you all claim pulled say did item you are considered in if Allah canny, he destroyed me. Allahu Allah, woman and whoever Maria is with me. Oh or Rahim Allah, He bestowed Mercy on us from and then who YuGiOh he will save us Catherine the disbelievers main from either been a punishment and even painful. Oh say who he is a watchman, the Most Merciful. And we have

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believed be he with him. Why are lazy and upon him though again. We have trusted, faster the moon so soon you all will know man who who he is fee in Berlin Australian more been clear. All say a dead item you are considered in if us by her. It became my comb your water the whole sunken farm and then who yet D come He will come to you beam with water marine in flowing.

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Boo Boo. Boo Don't

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be masabi

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show Shona

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can be

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foo Bhima

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