Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 015D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 102

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bani Israel's will disregarding the book of Allah and causing the shayateen's "will" reaction. The shayateen's "will" will not give anyone anything, and they will follow the book. The shayateen's "will" will not give anyone anything, and they will not give anything. The concept of "will" is discussed, including its meaning, its various forms, and how it can affect the body, mind, and physical body. The use of "fitna" is also discussed, and protecting oneself is emphasized.
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I am number 102 A which Surah Surah Al Baqarah. Remember when we did the first five, I add one to five, it seemed like impossible to complete Surah Baqarah or to complete the first juice and Alhamdulillah we're almost there. So gradually, you can reach your destination as long as you stay determined and you don't give up. Let's start or the relationship on your gym, whatever aroma that Lucia clean or Alam Wilkie Sulaiman and they followed what the shayateen did, what the shayateen followed in the kingdom of Suleiman, Ernie Salam. In these verses we are learning about the Bani Israel. In the previous verses we learned when the book of Allah subhanaw taala was sent to the Bani

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Israel through Mohamed Salah doesn't mean the Quran was revealed. What was the reaction of the Bani Israel that the through the book of Allah behind their backs as if they did not even know we were told about their attitude towards the book of Allah that how they turned away from it, how they did not give any attention to it, they disregarded it. They discarded it literally. They threw it behind their backs as if they didn't even know. So towards the book of Allah, what was the reaction of Aeroflot of turning away? Why we learned earlier that whenever a person disobeys Allah whenever a person turns away from obeying Allah, the problem is that there is a cough inside the heart, that

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there is something that is occupying his heart that has taken all of his attention. So a person is so lost into it. He's so much in love with it that he cannot bother to do right even though he knows he is supposed to do it. So the Bani Israel, what was the reason? Why did they turn away from the book of Allah? What was a problem? Because they were interested in some other things. Some other things were occupying their hearts. Allah's panel data tells us about something that occupied their hearts, something in their history. And what was that it was magic. They were more interested in magic than they were interested in the book of Allah, then they were interested in the religion of

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Allah. And isn't this true? Think about it, if there is a magic show, if there's a person who can show tricks, aren't people attracted to him? They want to see what he can show what he can do. Just imagine if you are sitting with your cousins, and you want to share something that you learned in the Quran, and you want to tell them about it. But there is another cousin of yours who knows some very interesting magic tricks, or just tricks in general, what are people more interested in listening to you or watching their tricks, watching their tricks. So this is a weakness of human beings, that they are attracted towards magic. Why? Because Magic is something that's apparently

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very cool that you can do stuff you can do things that are very impressive that ordinary people cannot do. So this is something that people have always been attracted towards. If you think about it, Harry Potter, so famous, so common, similarly, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch, so common, everybody knows about it. And I mean, if you read these books, or if you watch these shows, you know how fake they are, you know how unrealistic they are? But why is it that our young people, why do they like to watch these things? Why do you like to read these things? Because they're so different. They're so captivating. They're so impressive. Likewise, the Bani Israel instead of being interested

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in the book of Allah, what were they attracted to? What were they more interested in? In magic? That is what was distracting them, diverting them from the book of Allah. So Allah says, whatever, instead of following the book of Allah, instead of paying attention to that, instead, they followed it tomorrow is from the root letter step by Ayn Tabara is to follow it Tabara to follow, but this is like closely following someone doing exactly what they're doing. Just as we have been told to do it, the bare earth sunnah, following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what does that do? Then we just follow him vaguely know, whatever he did we do it in the exact same manner. If he ate

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with his right hand, we eat with our right hand. Similarly, if he drank in three sips we drink in three sips, not four, not five. So this is what if the bar is closely following someone. So whatever rule instead they followed, who did they follow mad at which that law shall clean the shaft lean the shaft lean follow? That law is from the letters that lamb well, and the law yet Lu, literally it means to follow something. What does it mean, to follow to go after, but the word delay at loop it also gives meaning of Tilawat recitation, and I told you about the meaning of tilava dilla was used for the recitation of revealed scripture only. It's not used for the reading of some other book or

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some other

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or text over here that glue gives the meaning of following. It doesn't mean reciting over here. What does it mean following? So what the shayateen followed, meaning what the Cheyenne, clean did what the shayateen practiced, and the word champion is a plural enough Shavon from the root letter seen for known or Shinya father two roots for this. So what the Shailene did, where did they do this? Allah upon Mulki Sulayman. The Kingdom of Sulaiman woke mean lamb calf milk is kingdom. And so a man who is a man or alayhi salam, he is the prophet of Allah, who son was he that would only Salam and the wilderness and I was also a prophet of Allah, the wilderness and I was a prophet and a king and

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his sons, a man and his son was also a prophet and a king. So a man or an s&m was a very unique prophet, a very different Prophet, in the sense that he was given prophet hood as well as kingdom. He was the king and the prophet at the same time. He was the religious leader as well as the political leader, Mohamed salatu. Salam was also like that he was also in Medina, the religious leader as well as the political leader, such a manner as Allah, Allah subhanaw taala had given him a kingdom that was not ordinary. It was the best kingdom that could ever be given to anyone. So they might notice and how about him, we learned that he made dua to Allah subhanaw taala. It's mentioned

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in the Quran in surah Asad i 35. That will heavily mold can lay unbelievably ahead remember the that oh Allah grant me a kingdom that you will not give to anyone after me. Meaning it is such that nobody else has anything like it. And we see that Sulaiman Ernestina Allah subhanaw taala subjected under him, the jinn. Just imagine the jinn, the birds, the wind, and a lot of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. So he had armies of not just people, but also our gene, also of birds. He could understand the people but he could also understand the language of the birds, and not just the birds but even ants in the Quran, we learn about how he heard the ants and he also heard the hood. The

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bird The hoopoe bird. So Suleiman or in Islam had been given a lot of power. He was looking he was a messenger after musasa, much after Musa lism This happened when the Bani Israel were freed from for their own, they made it back to their home country. And then eventually Allah subhanaw taala gave them so much success, so much power, so much authority and so much religious knowledge as well that they had a king like snowman or his Santa. So they matter in Islam, he had a lot of power. Now just imagine if someone has the wind under their control. Isn't that amazing? If someone can ride on the wind, I mean, you're basically flying through air. today. It's not something that's surprising. You

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sit on an airplane and that's it, you're going from one place to the other. But just imagine people are in air in wind. And they're traveling, they're moving with the wind. And so a man and his son had the wind in his control. If you see something like that today, what would you say gene? Magic. You think about magic and what comes to your mind magic carpet that's flying through the wind. And you think about something magical what comes to your mind the genie. So salamander is Salam had been given all that he had by who? By Allah subhanaw taala. If Allah can give prophethood to His Messenger, He can reveal the book to His messenger. He can give miracles to him, you think he cannot

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bestow him the best kingdom? Of course he can restart listener Musa Alexander performed so many miracles, they imagine a person who was dead he started someone could bring him to life by the event of Allah subhanaw taala. So if Allah could give the miracles he could also give such kind of Prophethood such kind of kingship do snowman or the Sunnah. But what did the people think? The people thought the Chilean man or listener had what he had through magic, by the control of the shayateen and we see that the yahood even till today, they think of salaryman or listen, I'm not as a messenger, but they only consider him as a king. They don't consider him to be a prophet of Allah.

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So they said whatever he had whatever power authority kingdom everything that he had was founded was based on what the power of magic that's a man or an As Salam used magic.

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The bunny is like you this is what they thought at his time, but also after him, especially after him. But the fact is that silly manner Listen, um, he did not have everything he had on the basis of magic but rather it was given to him by who? Allah subhanaw taala. Now, excellent modernists, and I'm Stein, he had power even over the jinn and the jinn can be used to do many things. He used the jinn to construct high buildings for him

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He used the gym to dive into the waters and find pearls and etc for him. He was the gym for very hard labor, he really put them to work. But you can imagine if there are gin very actively involved in a place, you think that people would not be interested in them? Of course there would be. It happens many times it is if a person if a gene bothers them, it happens that there are many interactions between the gene and the people who are living in that house or of that family it happens, but the best way is what to avoid any kind of interaction with them. So anyway, the people they're very interested in magic in gaining all that power and getting all that authority and they

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thought the way to do that was what through magic through using the gin. So Allah says that whatever and they followed Matt that Lucia clean or Allah Mulkey saliva. They followed what the shayateen practiced in the kingdom of Solomon, early Salam, the shayateen the devils they used to practice magic. They're the ones who practiced magic. So the Bani Israel instead of looking up to pseudo Monterey salaam, who were the looking up to the jinn, the shell playing the devil's instead of being impressed by Solomon or Islam, they were being impressed by who the shell clean. It is also said that at the time of certain men are listening and people became very interested in magic. So any

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kind of books or written material they had, which taught how to practice magic, anything of that sort. So the manner in Islam took that all of it, he confiscated everything and he concealed it, he hid it from the people. But when today modern Islam passed away, and it was discovered later on, people said, Oh, look, he did what he did based on what magic he was not a prophet, rather, he was only a king and he used the power of magic. But Allah subhanaw taala says, No WOMAD Kefalas will a man and so a man or a salaam did not disbelieve how? By learning magic by practicing magic by teaching magic. No way America for also a man Sulaiman. Al Islam never ever practiced magic. He was

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given everything he had by who? Allah subhanaw taala then who is it the practice magic when our kin Nichelle Fleenor Kofoed Whoo. But it is a shell clean. It is the devil's who disbelieved. How did they disbelieve by practicing magic? What does it show to us that learning, practicing teaching magic, all of this is what go for it is disbelief. Why? Do you know about the reality of magic? Magic? How is it done by the help of the shale clean by the help of the jinn and widgeon those who are disobedient to Allah, Jin are another creation of Allah, some are obedient, some are disobedient, some are believers and others are non believers, you know that intuitive Jinja Allah we

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will learn about that.

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So just like people, there are people who believe in Allah, there are people who don't believe in Allah, there are people who do good stuff, there are people who do harm. Similarly amongst the jinn are also these types. Now, if a person wishes to perform magic, meaning he wants to harm and other he wants to do something very strange that people don't generally do, then what will you do? He needs the help of someone who cannot be seen and who is that again? So in order to get the help of the jinn, what do people do? They try to please the jinn they try to make them happy. And how will they please the gin how to make the gin happy by gifting something to him by sacrificing something

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for his sake. And the fact is that offering anything other than Allah offering sacrifice or anything like this to other than Allah, what is this it is Schick in masala tea when you Sookie indeed my salah and my sacrifice this is for Hoosick Lillahi Rabbil aalameen It is only for Allah subhanaw taala. So if a person at the request of the jinn or at the demand of the jinn, if he goes and slaughters a cow, an animal and he offers that to the gym, this is what shake. And in order to perform magic people do the most disgusting things, the most disgusting things. For example, using blood to write the Quran. Why? Because they want to insult the Quran so that the shayateen will be

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happy. If the shell cleaner happy than they will listen to us. To get the gym to work for you. You have to make him happy. Magic only works in what way that I scratch your back. you scratch mine, I make you happy you make me happy. So this is why magic is what it is good for. This is why it is skillful because it involves the use of gin pleasing them, making them happy, disobeying Allah subhanaw taala I remember hearing a story of one man who was very young and he wanted to study the religion. So he went somewhere and he went to study the religion over there and people they were actually magicians meaning to practice witchcraft and magic. So they pretended that they were going

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to teach him something very good. So they said you know what, you stay in this room. It was a dark room. They made him stay over there. They said you have to stay here for 40 days. You're going to sleep here you're going to you

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As the washroom here, you're going to do everything over here. And at the end of the 40 day period, then a gene will appear to you and then you know, you talk to him, whatever. So imagine he had to live in filth, in order to call a gene in order to communicate with him. So this is a very filthy business. It's very disgusting thing. So, this is why magic is what it is go for. It is sick. So Allah says, Wanaka follow soon a man not at all today, man. Listen, I'm never ever committed Gopher, he was a prophet of Allah. He had all this power. He did everything he did not with the use of magic, but by the gift of who? Allah subhanaw taala miracles are different from magic. miracle that

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performed by who? By the prophets of Allah, and magic, it is performed by who? Magicians, those people who are the most disobedient to Allah. There's a huge difference between the two. So who am I gonna follow? Sulayman Allah says not at all today man al Islam did not look a fool. Then who is it that it covered? When I came Nichelle cleanic A photo but it is Australian who did go for notice our child lien shaytaan remember is a creation is a being who is rebellious disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala. And remember the triathlete they are from among the Jain as well as for a Mongo human beings, mineral gene naughty one NAS. So well, I can Michel Clinica photo but it is a

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Shayateen who disbelieved meaning it is the shayateen who practiced magic. The people among them are the jinn among them who helped one another, who assisted one another cooperated with each other to perform magic is there who did magic so a man earlier salaam he never ever did magic? Well, our kin Nichelle Lena Cafaro. And Allah says that you're on the moon and NASA says, they will teach the people magic. You are limoneira Allama, you're a limiter Aleem. What does that mean to teach something? So they will teach the people magic? Now, before we continue a little bit more about magic? The word in Arabic that is used for magic is what a sick, see from the root letters seen her

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grow? And what is the what is magic? How would you define magic? If somebody were to ask you, what is magic? How would you explain it to them.

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It's an illusion of the eye, or deception, but doesn't have a reality. By for example, if somebody has done magic on another person, and they end up becoming very sick, you think it's this deception, you think it doesn't have an actual effect on the person it does. So it's not only deception, you know, when it comes to those magical shows in which a person takes out stuff from his head, or that a person is lying down, and they cut him off from the middle, and he's perfectly fine. Okay, that could be deception. But magic also has a reality. Don't think magic is fake. It doesn't exist. No, it exists, it does have a reality to it. Now, magic, as it is everything and effect whose cause is

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unknown. What is magic, it is an effect a reaction whose cause is unknown, meaning you do not know what is causing it, you see the effect of it, but you cannot figure out what is causing this. Like, for example, you see a person lying down in a box, and you see the effect that a person has been cut up from the middle, but he's still perfectly fine. He's not bleeding, he hasn't died. He's breathing fine, he doesn't feel any pain, but you don't know how it can possibly happen. Because physically, if you cut somebody up, obviously, they're gonna die, they're gonna scream in pain. And as you got them, you're gonna see blood coming out. But it's amazing that a person has been cut into half, but

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nothing of that sort. So you see the effect of it, but you don't know how it is possible. You don't know what's causing it. Similarly, a person is extremely sick, extremely sick, and the doctors they cannot figure out what the problem is. They cannot diagnose the problem, they cannot understand what is causing that problem. So it's an effect, but the cause is unknown. You cannot figure out what the cause is. It doesn't mean that any disease was caused people cannot figure out for example, if it's cancer or whatever, it has to be magic. It could be but not necessarily. So what is magic? What's the definition of magic and effect whose cause is unknown? And we see that the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam he said in nominal Banila Saharan, indeed of speech, there is meaning some kinds of speech are such that they have a magical effect on someone what does it mean by that? That a person is talking but you are feeling emotion in your heart or you feeling extremely angry, your face go hot, or you feel like jumping out of your skin? I mean, you feel the effect of that speech on your body, but how is it possible that the words coming out of

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The mouth of someone can affect you in such a way can have a physical impact on you. So this is what magic is you see the effect, but you cannot figure out how it can happen. And we see that what is meant by this kind of magic is basically that magic, which is real, which is actual and black magic or white magic, whatever you want to call it. Magic is magic. Okay, real magic is how long. And if it's a trick, like, for example, a person is holding cards in such a way that they show to the other person, they cannot read anything, but they've bent them slightly. So they can read the number that's at the bottom and they say, Oh, this card and this is that card, and the other person thinks

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oh my god, no magic. It's not actually magic. What is it? It's a trick. So trick is not magic. We're talking about real magic. And all real magic, whether black or white, or whatever you want to call it is magic. And how is it done? In the Quran we learn women shuddered in a fair 30 filler Oh God, tying knots and reading some charms and blowing them onto those knots. Say it involves what tying knots as well as blowing charms reading charms. And this is something that has an effect on who on the Masud on the person on whom the magic is being performed. And it has an effect on his mind, it may affect his physical body. And it could be of different different types. Sometimes the effect of

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magic is that a person dies. Sometimes the effect of magic is that a person becomes extremely sick. Sometimes the effect of magic is that a person he loses his mind, he doesn't remain sane anymore, or a person senses are not functioning properly. For example, He sees things which are not actually there, he hear sounds which are not actually there. He sees things moving when they're not actually moving. Or he doesn't see things which are right before him. So it can affect the senses of a person, the physical body of a person, the mind of a person, the health of a person, it can affect a person in many different ways. Similarly, sometimes it happens that the effect of magic is that the

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love that a person has in his heart for someone, it goes away. Or sometimes a person's heart is filled with love for the other. And it's like not normal love. It's not normal. Similarly, another effect is that people who are perfectly fine now they've become extreme enemies, people who had wealth, health, everything has been destroyed. So the effects of magic are there. And they are of many, many different types. Allah subhanaw taala call this magic what Cofer because ultimately, magic is what disobeying Allah subhanaw taala pleasing the sheltering and harming other people. This is why this is something that Allah does not like this is why it is something that is something that

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is haram something that is forbidden to perform. So we're lacking the shell Tina Cafaro. It is a Shayateen who did go for how you are Limone unnecessarily, they will teach people magic. Which people are these the Bani Israel? They were interested in learning magic, they would go to the triathlete and they would learn from them and they would practice it. Is it okay to do a car trick? Remember, there's a difference between tricks and magic. Trick is what you are doing something and you're showing something else. Basically, you're deceiving the other person. So trick this is why it's called a trick because it's a deception. This is something that even children can play. This is

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something that even adults can do. However, magic is different. So why am I on Xena Arlen Molokini be Babila ha Ruto, Mal, Ruth, Wilma on Zillow, this is connected with the beating of the aisle at the beginning of the verse What did we learn what Tibet Roma that Lucia LT that the people followed with the shayateen used to practice they followed them they followed their footsteps the shayateen did magic they also follow their footsteps, the shayateen harm people and the bunnies straight also follow their footsteps in learning magic from them and harming people. And what else did they do when out on Zillow meaning and they also followed that which was sent down on Zillow it was revealed

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on who Arlen Mala came upon the two angels l mela cane is a dual off the Tuscany off Mala Mala Kiswa one angel Mala cane. Two what's the plural melodica. So what was sent down on the two angels which two angels were be Babel at Babel? Babel is Babylon, the ancient city in Iraq. And who are these two angels? Hi, Ruth, Ruth. Hi, Ruth and malroux. These are the two names of those two angels. This is referring to the two angels named Harold and Maude Ruth, who were sent in the city of Babylon by who by Allah subhanaw taala. And these two angels, they brought with them knowledge of magic of sorcery, they brought with them knowledge of safe how to practice.

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You may wonder how is that possible? Angels, they are bringing knowledge of magic and they are teaching people how to practice

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Magic. How is that possible? It is possible the angels they bring wahi at the command of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah gives it to them to deliver to the prophets. So if Allah can send angels with ye to guide mankind, Allah can also send angels with magic to test mankind to test mankind. The angels when they brought this magic, they were obedient to Allah They did whatever Allah told them to do. This is just like killing someone. Is that acceptable? No. Ibrahim on Islam he was told to kill who his own son prostrating to anyone other than Allah. Is that acceptable? Not at all. But we see that the angels were commanded to prostrate to Adam or a salon at the command of who? Allah. So

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when Allah commands you to do something, then it is right no matter what it is. So these two angels they were sent with the knowledge of magic, what was the purpose? What was a reason to dust, the Bani Israel eel? This was to test the Bani Israel. Why? Because they already liked magic. You know, Allah subhanaw taala has clarified to us what is right what is wrong? He has clarified it to us correct. But we are people with hearts. So we have likes, and we also have dislikes. Just because we know we're supposed to do something doesn't mean we're gonna like it. Just because we know we are not supposed to do something doesn't mean we're gonna hit it. It's quite possible. There's something

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that is forbidden, but our heart desires it. For example, music, people enjoy listening to it, they are attracted to it. There are many wrong things which we know are wrong, but still our heart desires it. And you know what happens? And Allah tests us, he puts us in a situation where we have the opportunity to disobey Him. But Allah tests us that what do we do? Do we follow our desires? Or do we prefer the commands of Allah over there? This is just like when the Bani Israel they were tested that they were told not to work on Sabbath. But what happened? The Fish Game, the fish game, they were visible to them on that day. So it was a test for them? Do they follow their desires? Or

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do they prefer the Command of Allah at that time? Likewise, the prophets are a lot of cinnamon, his companions when they were going to Makkah to perform their hunger. They were in the State of Iran, and in the state of your home, you're not allowed to hunt. But you know what happened? They were animals. They were birds that they could hunt. They were literally within arm's reach from them. They could have easily got them they could have easily hunted them. So Allah subhanaw taala was testing them in that situation that what do you do? When you have the opportunity to sin than what do you do? Do you remember Allah? Or do you get overcome by your desires and you forget what Allah

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likes and what he dislikes? So likewise, Bani Israel, they were already interested in magic. So Allah tested them how by sending to angels who brought with them the knowledge of magic, and they would teach people magic. However, Allah says, When are your Illimani and they would not teach your Illimani I in law mean your Aliy Munna they teach you or Limani they to teach Why is it they to you or li Manny, the Elif that indicates to daphnia duel so these two angels they did not teach me and I hadn't any person had the until you're cooler. Both of them said the Akula duel off your co Loop Until both of them said that in nama indeed not but no fitna. We are a fitna. We are a test Fela

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duck foot so do not disbelieve, do not commit COFA. The angels before they taught anyone how to practice magic, they would make it very clear to them that look, we are a fitna, we are a test for you. So don't do go for don't commit, go for Fall attack for the word fitna is from the root letters, Fattah noon. Have you heard of the word fitna? What does it mean? A test a trial. It's from fatahna and fattener is to burn or to expose gold or silver to fire when you will burn it or when you will expose it to fire to heat what's going to happen, it's going to melt. And you know what this is done in order to purify golden silver. You may have seen that if you have a ring of gold and

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you've been wearing it since you got married by now it's probably very dirty. So what do you have to do? You have to take it to the jewelers and they will clean it. How will they clean it back in the day. They will clean it by heating it up and then they would clean it. So this word fitna is a test that is extremely difficult that you feel as if you're being burned inside out. But you know what the purpose is to make a stronger to clean us. So the angels they said to the people that in no manner no fitna, we are only a test for Latok for so do not commit Kafir. What does this show that the angels clarify to the people before

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Teaching the magic. Why? To make clear? Who is it that really wanted magic? And who is it that didn't really want it? Who really wanted to perform magic and who was just following other people? Were the angels able to dock the people of course, it's quite possible that came in the form of human beings and the angels can do that at the command of Allah soprano. So in a manner in a fitna, Don Fela duck foot, but the Bunny is not you, people who came to the angels to learn magic, some of them, you know, when they were told in the mannequin fitna, Falletta, for some of them would go away, they will realize that yeah, we shouldn't do this such a severe warning. And other people,

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what would they do? They would remain firm, and they would go ahead. This is just like, if you go to a haunted house. So if you go in and it says Warning, people who are under this age do not come in people who have this condition of heart disease or whatever, do not walk in, people who are expecting don't come in, they have a whole list of warnings. Why? To distinguish between who, those who are scaredy cats and those who are not. So those who are not come in and those who are afraid, please stay out. Whoever goes in enters at their own risk. If they get hurt, if they have a heart attack, whose fault is it? It's their own fault. Why? Because they were given the warning, they

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entered at their own risk. Similarly, the angels would make it very clear, you learn magic, you're committing code. Don't blame us. It's not our fault. And you know what a person might object and why would the angel sent? Why were the people given the opportunity to learn magic to commit coffin? You know what evil exists in this world? You are supposed to protect yourself. You cannot say eliminate all evil, and then I will be good. No, then there is no test, then it's not a challenge. It's not difficult for you at all. Then why would there be Gemini no fire? Why would there be reward and punishment? There is going to be evil, there is going to be bad, but you know what you have to

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protect yourself. This is just like a person says I'm not going to take any vaccination shots. There should be no diseases. Well, too bad. You are living in this world. And there are going to be diseases and if you want to protect yourself, you better take those shots. And if a person does not take them, and if he gets ill, then whose fault is it? It's his own fault. Similarly, the bunny is trying they were being tested. You have the opportunity to disbelieve, but it's up to you. You go ahead, it's your fault. Don't blame anyone else. In the manner who fitna fella duck foot. So the angels would say hi Akula in the manner who fitna don't fall attack for and if you think about it,

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the angels they brought What'd he do? But in the bunnies trail run to that know, when the angels brought magic they ran to that. They were very interested but they were not interested in the book of Allah.

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