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Al-Imran 144-155 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 149-151


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The importance of obeying people and not just beliefs is emphasized in Islam. The loss of paradigm and the loss of confidence in religion are also highlighted. The importance of fear and moderation in protecting against extreme events is emphasized, along with the use of words and phrases to indicate when people are fearful of something or someone. The speakers emphasize the need to focus on one's actions and not give negative feedback, as well as learning the value of Islam and not giving negative feedback.

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Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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The verses that we have read so far, you may have noticed that sugar and Sabine and Exxon came together

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because all of them are related with each other. A person cannot do sugar unless and until either subject and a person cannot do something unless and until he does sugar both go hand in hand. How?

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When we cannot do sugar over what we have, then how can we have suffered over what we don't have?

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If you don't look at what you have, then what are you going to do? You're going to complain about what you don't have. But if a person is grateful about what he has, and automatically you'll have support over what he doesn't have. So both of them go hand in hand and this is the quality of someone who does.

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Yeah, you are Latina amanu into the ER Latina cafaro yo do Kamala tobecome fatale boo ha serene, all you who have believed if you obey those who disbelieve, they will turn you back on your heels and you will then become losers. Yeah, even Medina Avenue into the room to do is from Utah, to obey someone to comply with someone, whatever they say, you obey them. So if you obey alladhina cafaro those people who have disbelieved whether these disbelievers are of the houden, Minnesota, or they are the machine, or they are the moon African, if you obey them, if you listen to them, what does that mean by this, if you listen to them with regards to what with regards to the matters of your

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name, if you obey them, then what's going to happen? You will do Kamala or kabhi Khan, then you're going to turn back on your heels, meaning you're going to go away from Islam, you're going to turn back to COVID.

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Now, when it comes to obedience to the disbelievers obedience to those people who don't believe we are not allowed to obey them in the matters of religion.

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But when it comes to the matters of this world, then we have the choice. For instance, if you go to a doctor who is not a Muslim, and he's telling you to take a particular medicine, you're going to say no, you're a disbeliever, I'm not going to take it.

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If your professor is a non Muslim, and they're telling you about something, they've asked you to do your homework, you're going to say no, no, when it comes to the worldly affairs, then we must listen to them. If what they're saying is good for us if what they're saying is actually correct for us. But if what they're telling us contradicts our Deen is against our Deen, then we must not listen to them. For example, you go to, you know someone who is very good in fitness, right? You go to a gym and you have a personal training.

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And it's the month of Ramadan. And he says to you don't fast because you have to drink water after every two hours. Or you can listen to them. No, you're not going, even though they're telling you something that may be beneficial for you otherwise outside of Ramadan. But because the hook of Allah subhanaw taala comes, then you're not going to listen to them. So if you listen to them in the matters of religion, then what's going to happen, you will do kumala are called because they're going to turn you back on your heels, meaning they will make you revert to unbelief. They will make you leave your religion. Eventually, you're going to leave your religion, you're not going to

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progress in your faith. Rather, you're going to regress, you're going to turn backwards

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for them kalibo hostility and as a result, if you turn back on your heels, if you abandon Islam, then what's going to happen you're going to become losers, then people from inkelaar kaufland you will become losers. Meaning after having Islam, which is when a person is a Muslim, when a person is a believer, then he's gaining profit he's getting benefit

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by consultant as well as in the internal review host in the Latina Amano want me to solve whatever so we'll help what are the sub so a believer is gaining profit, he's not in loss. And if a person leaves his email and goes towards coffee, then he is in cassava, then he is going to incur a loss where in this world as well as to hear after this ayah was revealed in a particular context. We learned that when the 300 when African and when the 300 hypocrites when they left the profits out of all the sudden and did not proceed with him to hurt. They went back to Medina. They also discouraged some of the Muslims from going along the Prophet sort of all the sudden, which is why earlier we

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read that if hemato if at any men Come and touch Allah, two groups of the Muslims are about to lose hope. They were about to lose their heart they were going to alter listen to the hypocrites. So this ayah was revealed that if you listen to them, then what's going to happen? You're going to go back from your Islam to your craft. You're not going to

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excel in your religion, you're going to go backwards in your religion.

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Secondly, reset, that when the Muslims returned from Ohio, then of the linemen obey, he said that if Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was a true prophet, then this wouldn't have happened, then the Muslims would not have suffered defeat.

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So Allah is telling us over here that if you listen to these people, if you obey them, then what's going to happen? You're not going to remain firm upon your Islam. So what does it show to us that when a person has decided to do something, when a person has started to have a loss of paradigm, then he must remain firm.

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No matter what people say, no matter how people discourage him, he must not listen to them.

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The profits are allowed a sudden once he put on the armor, what did he do? He said, it's not appropriate for a profit that once he puts it on, he takes it off without fighting in Arizona, but

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once you have made up your mind, then trust upon Allah subhanaw taala then don't give up no matter what people say no matter what people do.

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Also, we learn from this, that a person if he does cover, then he is in loss. He is going to suffer great loss in dystonia and ultimately occur. The only way that a person can be successful is when a person is a believer.

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And if a person listens to the cofell if a person is obedient to them, then definitely he is going to suffer in his team. Definitely is going to suffer it is the Okay, a person might not become a disbeliever but he is going to stay behind in his team. What did we learn earlier that Serbia Kodama ferritin level have become what Jonathan alohacare of the summer it will have a loss of planetary wants us to excel savvy, who run race to words. But if we listen to our enemy, if we listen to those people who don't want gender, then obviously we're not going to excel in our religion, we're going to go backwards in our religion. So Allah is wanting us over here.

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But in that humo, local wahoo hydro nasality but Allah is your protector, and he is the best of helpers. He is your mode of being He is the one who helps you. So therefore, you should listen to him, not your enemy. don't obey those people who disbelieve rather you should you obey. Allah soprano Dada. Well, I honestly didn't. And he is the best of those who help. How is the loss of Paragon to the best of those who help because he is the one who is

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he is the one who is most capable, he is funny. He is Aziz, he is he is one was was strength. We learned into an earlier one I 160 that he answer como la Whoa, fella Holly Bella, welcome. If Allah should aid you, then no one can overcome you. Because he is hydro nasally if Allah is going to help you then no one can overcome you. No one can cause you to feed well in your local Fernanda lady and tsukkomi Bharti but if he should forsake you, then who is there that can aid you after him?

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were an ally for the attacker in renewed and upon Allah. Let the believers rely.

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So when a person makes you know, a decision to do something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then what happens? There is some difficulty. There are some challenges sometimes from within, and sometimes from without. What does Allah tell us over here? Don't listen to those people who are taking you away from obedience to Allah, rather, have to work and rely on Allah subhanaw taala because Belinda whom Allah, Allah is your mother will who will heighten Nestle and he is the best of those who could aid you best of those who could assist you to be confident about God.

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said okay if you cannot be Latina, cafaro verba Bhima Ashraf will be laggy madam unison vehcile fun, we will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve why, because of what they have associated with Allah of which he has not sent down any authority. Suddenly, nothing is from them. coffea from the word Luca, Luca is to meet and ilca is to throw to cast to her Sanofi meaning we're going to put we're going to throw we're going to cast and the scene over here, what does it show? Soon, as well as that it's a promise. So it gives meaning of course, and it also gives meaning of the piece of certainty. So Sanofi fue kuruvilla Dena cafaro in the hearts of those people who

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disbelieve we are going to put our fear our roar is should that will hope it is extreme fear, alarm, panic, fright.

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It is said that roar is to be overwhelmed with fear and terror that makes a person lose his reason.

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It is when a person is overwhelmed with

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Fear, he is overwhelmed with terror. And he loses his reason.

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For instance, you're perfectly fine. And all of a sudden you see somebody and you're scared of them. And what happens?

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You do something wrong, you were going to say something. But in your confusion and your fear, you don't even realize about what you're saying.

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For instance, some people, they go to the group, they memorize a lesson, when they see the group in charge, what happens? They forget their lesson. That is what a verb is, that you are in so much all and fear of the other person, that you can't use your mind anymore. A person loses his reason. He's perfectly fine otherwise, but because he's in that situation in front of some person. That's it, he cannot use his mind anymore. So So know that if you do believe in a careful verb, we will put fear into the hearts of those people who disbelieve.

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It is said that, after departing from

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the machine, they intended to return and finish all of the Muslims. If you think of it, they had just defeated the Muslims. So when they left, or what they intended, they should come back and attack the Muslims and finish them off completely.

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You know, when your enemy is weak, when the enemy has just suffered a huge loss, that's the time to get the enemy.

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So they intended to do that. But then they got terrified, and they did not return.

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But isn't it amazing? You just defeated them, but still you don't have the confidence to come and finish them. So this was to help him a muscle, that he put roar in their hearts, Lord of the Muslims in their hearts, that they didn't have the confidence to come and finish them, despite the fact that they had just defeated them.

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Why? How come they have this orb in their hearts Bhima ashinoko Villa, because they have done check with them. Because they are worshipping idols, who cannot even SWAT a fly away.

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If the fly takes something on them, they cannot even take something back from the fly. So if a person is worshipping an idol, who is inanimate? How can such a person have confidence?

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If he's relying on something inanimate? How can he have confidence, so we might ashinoko biLlahi melamine as a piece of iron

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man, that which will be so funny. So time is authority. And it's also used for evidence, it's also used for proof, meaning a lot has not given anyone the authority that they should associate partners with Allah.

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And Allah has not sent down any evidence that he has partners. There is no evidence in the Scripture, that a lot of times Allah has partners. So people have no authority to associate partners with Allah. So if a person commits a major crime, then what happens? He loses his confidence.

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If a person commits a major sin, what happens? He loses his confidence.

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For instance, if a person lies, then he doesn't have any confidence left. He has to keep swearing in order to make other people trust Him,

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isn't it?

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And he has to keep assuring in different ways that other people trust.

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Because when a person commits sin, then he loses his confidence.

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Well, not well, women know. And their abort is Hellfire will be semeth What does it mean? And how terrible is the abode of those people who do have one? What does roll over here? Me ship? Because in the shilka, the woman early

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but worse when the real veteran comes out? Well, yeah. And our is to go join with someone.

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Our is to take shelter. So Manuel is a place where one takes shelter. It's an abode

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a place where one lives but it gives meaning of shelter meaning you don't have anywhere else to go that's the only place that you can go.

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And the word mouthwash is also used for both but what's the difference? mouthwash from the real Petrus that Well, yeah, and as well McCann is to stay at a particular place for a long time.

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What does it mean to stay at a place to reside in a place for a long time.

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So my work gives a meaning of shelter that they have no other place to go. And Muswell means it's their permanent dwelling from which they will never leave.

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They have nowhere else to go. And this is a permanent abode. They're not going anywhere else they cannot leave from here. But why homeowner will be selected was it mean and what a terrible about it is for those people who do live.

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As for as for the fear, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I have been given five things which are not given to anyone else before me.

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I have been given five things which have not been given to anyone else before me. First of all, alone

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Made me victorious by all Allah has made me victorious how by all by his frightening my enemies for a distance of one month journey. Meaning even if someone is away from me a distance of one month journey, still he is terrified of me.

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And we see that the Michigan, although they had the power to come and attack the profits or about Islam and the Muslims, but they didn't have the confidence to do so. Secondly, the earth has been made for me and for my followers, a base for praying anything to perform a move. Therefore, any one of my followers can pray wherever the time of prayer is due to the entire dounia the entire Earth is a must.

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Thirdly, the booty has been made halaal for me, yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me, and mentioned this to you earlier as well.

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Firstly, I have been given the right of intercession on the Day of Resurrection, he will be allowed to intercede. Fifth, every prophet used to be sent to his nation only, but I have been sent to all mankind.

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So one of the things that were given to the prophets out alarmism exclusively was

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especially over his enemies. You know, you wonder that he stayed in Makkah for 13 years. And the people who oppose him so much, how come they didn't just have the strength to come up in killing.

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they persecuted the companion so much they killed an entire family, the family of a mob, and they persecuted so many other companions below the line. But what is it that prevented them from persecuting the prophets? A lot of them to that extent?

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Yes, they did persecute him a lot. But to that extent, they weren't able to because of the of the prophets.

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So what do we learn from this ayah that one of the ways through which Allah subhanaw taala helps to believers is by putting glory in the hearts of their enemy.

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And this is one of the greatest forms of muscle, one of the greatest forms of helping the believers that your enemy is terrified of facing you. He doesn't have the guts to say anything to you.

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I was just thinking of something. You know, sometimes you go somewhere and because you have the hijab on the collarbone, sometimes people are scared. And don't think of it as a negative thing is a positive thing.

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Also, we learned that ship and major sins, they make a person

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the makeup person superstitious and Eman makes a person confident.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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LCD TV Polo,

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Wabi Sabi walling me

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because life is full of difficulties, no matter what you're doing, you will face challenges. And it's a great blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that a person is going through difficulty in his way. Even if you were to sit at home, still, you could get a cold and you could become sick, you will get tired after the whole day, even if you haven't gone anywhere. But it's a big blessing, our loss of panel data that a person is suffering difficulty in his way Why? Because everything that he suffers every difficulty that he faces, and every time he does suffer, he is getting reward. He is getting rewarded. There is an iron out in which a lot of pantalla says into cornuta, Ramona for in noumea

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and amona cannot.

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If you are suffering from pain, in the way of a loss of data, then they meaning your enemy also suffers pain, and they're struggling against you. But what's the difference? What are Judah mean Allah He nailed you, you are hoping from a lower they do not hope for so anything that you do at night you will face difficulties. And if you have to face difficulty in the way of Allah, then be happy to show that upon that difficulty also there will be immense reward inshallah.

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And if a person focuses on the reward, then facing the difficulty becomes much easier dealing with it becomes much easier, provided that you focus on the reward.

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If you look at these verses, we learned that what came in the vegan cottolin

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Who would it be unikitty will be universal, knowledgeable ones. So, a person who has knowledge, it reflects in his actions and also in his words, a person who has even less physical the religion, then it shows the knowledge is shown how in his actions and also his words, look at their actions from our hannu melda. Well Mr. Kanu and then look at their words that will not forgive us for our resolution, our His love,

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to knowledge is reflected in the actions of a person. What else do we learn?

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We all have weaknesses, some kind of weakness. Sometimes we cannot stay away for too long. Sometimes you can't go without eating for too long. Some people have problems with attention. They can't pay attention to something for a very long time for them to sit for an hour is like, Oh my God, we need a break. an hour and a half is a big deal. We need a break. So we all have weaknesses. But what is the loss of hunger? They say to us, Bonilla, whom Allah

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Allah is your Mona and he is the best of helpers. Ask him for help, he will assist you.

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And we learn about the importance of moderation. Even when it comes to working or learning the deen of Allah subhanaw taala practicing the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. And what is moderation to do what is required? Not less and not more, because those who try to do more, they were discouraged by the prophet sallallahu sallam. And if you say that, no, you have to do more, then are you saying that you're better than the Prophet

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for the dounia sometimes you try so hard, and still you don't get it. Because when you did survive the dunya de minha. But as for the alpha, if a person strives for it, then inshallah third word is guaranteed. provide a better person is also sincere.

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Similarly, if you focus on the accuracy, you get one and you get the other free.

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What else?

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At times of hardship, we should be careful about our actions, we should reflect upon what we have done. And we should also be very careful about what you're saying.

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Because sometimes if we start complaining, maybe Allah will take us a week away from you.

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And life is difficult, there will be challenges but don't complain. Don't say negative things because if a person starts to be negative, then it's up to a mom.

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And some fears are natural. Abraham also felt scared when the angels came. So some fears are natural, but a person should not be overcome by that fear.